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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hairy Aunt Deb Part 2

first-time bloocat 2017-12-26

I didnt need to be asked I just got on my knees and pushed my tongue against the hard pink lump causing her to say "Oh Fuck" so loudly I was worried by s****r would wake up. I guess it only took a few mnutes with me licking and her pushing her fingers under my chin to play with her cunt before she said very quietly "Lick hard, baby I am going to cum" and a few seconds later she started grunting and shaking. It didnt take long for my cock to start burning with built up cum and then I shot my second load in only half an hour. Even after I did Deb said for me to stay inside her while she fingered faster and had her second cum as well.

My First Time

first-time AverageBloke 2017-12-26

I started massaging her neck and shoulders, marveling at the feel of a woman's skin -- something I'd never touched before. I was almost coming with excitement -- for the first time I was actually touching a woman's nude bottom! Jen was letting out slight moans by this time, which I assumed just meant she was enjoying the massage. With all the excitement I thought I'd shoot as soon as I was inside her, but for the next five minutes there was just the slapping sound of my cock sliding in and out, soft moans and groans from both of us, and the feel of soft skin under my lips as I sucked first one nipple then the other into my mouth.

My Sluttiness Revealed

first-time 2017-12-26

Am still sl**ping on the bed, placed my lappy on my lap and plugged the ear phones. He asked to show me the panty which is little wet with my pussy juices ad he pretended like he sniffed and licked it. I slowly lifted one of my leg and inserted the dildo in my pussy slowly ahhhhh hmm and pressed my nipples with one hand, it went inside. Then I un plugged my ear phones, left the dildo as is in my pussy, heard my friend is knocking the door and asked whats going on? My bf asked me why dont you let your friend come and get naked, we can enjoy.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 07

first-time BlewWater69 2017-12-26

Jason and Chad talked with Caitlin and Nina at one of the tables until the party really got going. Jason was having a good time with Caitlin when he happened to look over by the bar and saw Claire staring at him. Claire massaged Jason's balls as she watched Caitlin kiss and then suck on the head of Jason's dick. Claire's hand started stroking the part of Jason's dick not in Caitlin's mouth. Jason tried to concentrate on sucking Claire's cunt, but the tightness of Caitlin's near virgin snatch milked his cock like practiced farmer's hands. The deep penetration of Jason's cock and Caitlin's fingers on her clit soon had Claire cumming again.

First Encounter with J H

first-time coupleofus4coupleofu 2017-12-26

So she tells me her room isn't clean and figuring if the neighbors or anyone else already saw her give me head, they'd be in for a real show soon. She told me her sex tales were a bit exaggerated and that she was a virgin. She greets me at the door and tells me we'll be going to her room but we had to be quiet as her f****y was there (this included both parents, older b*****r, and younger s****r). After about 5 minutes of doing that and constantly asking if she was comfortable and ok, I let her know that I'd be going for a full thrust.

The Abduction Team - The Virgin

first-time spiritsoflondon 2017-12-26

"Come on, now, Lucy," Decker said to her, gently pulling at her arms. Brody went into the dining room and placed a coffee in front of Lucy, who ignored it. I don't know what you're talking about," she told them, but she couldn't look Brody in the eye, and it was evident to all of them, Lucy included, that she was lying. Lucy looked at him in surprise, then took his offered hand and let him lead her away. He admired Lucy's beautiful body, and started to imagine fucking her when Brody had got her ready. Decker started on Lucy's feet this time, until she was obviously enjoying it.

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 01-02

first-time Gary_Alexander_2 2017-12-26

There are worse thing in life, Paul thought, than sitting here under a fan, watching bad television and eating ice cream for dinner with four girls wearing the lightest t-shirts an the shortest shorts they own. Ellen and Cyn brought out their textbooks and began their respective homework assignments, while Cathy washed the evening dishes (it was her turn), Greg read a novel, and Paul and Gail played gin rummy. "Maybe you haven't talked me out of my shirt yet," she said in a near whisper, dropping her arm from her chest enough to "accidentally" let him have a peek, "but this was pretty close." She almost asked him whether he'd like to help her pick out something nice to change into, but she wasn't sure how much she could tease him before she scared him off.

Nailed the son's new girlfriend the wedding

first-time rodma 2017-12-26

I didn’t last long as I shot my load deep into her pussy whilst rubbing her clit hard making her cum as well, after a while we got dressed and walked back slowly towards the hotel, we could hear some muffled groaning and went to investigate, creeping closer we saw a man trousers round his ankles being sucked off by some women, we settled down and spied on them, we could see clearly from where we was but unable to see their faces, the women was giving this guy some serious deep throat going all the way up to his balls, she was near to naked, she stopped and laid down letting the bloke slip into her bald pussy, he had rather a large cock and thick too, the women groaned as he fucked her harder and harder, before they both cum, as the guy got up Sandra realised it was Carl, and the women was Mary.

Interview to ...

first-time 2017-12-25

My boss never said a word but he just kept going on and on. He told me to fuck him. He sloppy dick slipping out of me and his cum dripping out I cut the cake and took a piece. He then got into the tub with me and fucked me. He dropped me at my cousin's and told me to be ready at 2pm as he was going to continue where left off. After that he told his wife he has to go and took me to his bunglow and kept me there for 2 days. I told my cousin that i had met a frnd and i was staying with her for few days.

Team Spirit Ch. 02

first-time SexxKitten69 2017-12-25

As he pushed his hot pulsing rod deeper into my anus he kept talking and moaning, saying how sweet a girl I was, asking me if I liked having his cock up my ass. I twisted my neck as far as I could to look back and could just see Jason's contorted face, his teeth bared, brow all srunched, beads of sweat dripiing off his chin onto my ass cheeks where he had firmly planted his big hands to maintain leverage as he stuffed my anal tunnel with more of his Vaseline slickened rod. I guess that relaxed my rectum because Jason really started to hammer my butt then, railing into my tight ass like some lust crazy stallion, making his own sounds above the squishy, sloppy sounds comming from my sore, fucked asshole.

my first studio apartment

first-time 2017-12-25

He lifted my chin and looking into my eyes said, you my girl are going to be a wonderful new edition to the household. I wish I could sit and enjoy you all afternoon but that must wait for another day, he said he wanted to cum in my mouth soon and part of the deal was i must always swallow. My mouth was almost full so I swallowed and he kept cumming, he said he's glad I seem to enjoy cum becasue he has lots backed up in his balls. I tried but it began to roll out the sides and I hurried and swallowed, he pushed what had dripped back into my mouth with his finger and told me to clean up what had leaked down his cock.

Midnight Girl Scout

first-time HornyPup 2017-12-25

I started pumping her harder and harder, leaning over her back cradling her with my arms, hands squeezing her tits, fingers on her nipples, elbows against her hips holding her body, forcing my cock into her hoping not to damage her but wanting so bad to be deep in her. “She would probably think her poor little girl was being preyed on by a monster cock and that you had been captured and raped against your will” I said “But then you wanted that tonight didn’t you?” I said as my hips circled a little sending shivers into her pussy and a ripple of spasms through her body.

My First Couple

first-time honeybadger6985 2017-12-25

As he walked into the bar, Dianna leaned in and said "It's up to Mike what we do tonight, he has to be up in the morning, but I would love to come back to the hotel with you". We stepped in, and as the door was shutting Mike grabbed the straps to Dianna's tank top, pulled them to the side and out came her nice big tits. I could feel her pussy squeezing and pulsing against my cock, with a grunt and a light scream she came for me pretty quickly. As I fucked her slowly I could feel Mike stick his fingers in her pussy, stretching her tight as she moaned harder.

long ago my first time heavy petting/fingering in

first-time dropsoflotion 2017-12-25

"MMM yeah" then unbuckled her belt and unbuttoned her pants grabbed my hand and said "I like that rub it!" I slid under panties and rubbed her pussy lips, I found her clit and started massaging. "Yeah I'm coming home right now" She gave me a look and said "Come here" She began kissing me again and I guess she felt bad for me cus she opened up her blouse gain. We made out a little more in her drive way, I was tempted to pull my cock out and ask for a blow job again, but I felt she would have been uncomfortable so I was a gentleman and let go inside and have her dinner.

My First Time

first-time cbreez 2017-12-25

He'd hold my books and say things like" i dont know why they pick on you, your beautiful and special " i soon would believe him, He took me back to his house telling me my dad said it was ok, he asked did i think he was beautiful i said yes, We laid on his bed he asked could he kiss me nervously i agreed this would be my first kiss, he's lips were soft and tasted like cream soda and apple now&laters, he undid his pants unleashing this bronze sword my mouth watering and booty twitching i had no control and uncertain if i wanted any, He asked had i ever sucked dick i said no he told me" its like licking ice cream, do it slow no teeth" so i did, his eyes rolled backwards as he began to lick his lips, STOP!

Her First Time!

first-time shesmycherrypie 2017-12-25

On the drive home Kate chatted with Laura and acted like nothing happened but Alex was busting out of his jeans and couldn't wait to get home to set up the party and take his mind of his raging hard on. He couldn't hold on any longer, he wanted to shoot his load into her mouth and just as he was about to cum Kate took his cock to the back of her throat, swallowed and started to hum, Alex couldn't stand any longer and his legs failed him, he fell to the ground and Kate released him from her mouth. He slid her panties to one side and started to kiss her wet pussy lips, her juices tasted amazing and Alex wanted to ravish her with his tongue there and then.

And the Grand Prize Winner....

first-time 2017-12-25

I just don't have the heart to do this anymore... smadude09: hello heathers_cuckold: hello! smadude09: no one says hello here huh heathers_cuckold: You sir are going to be a classic! smadude09: btw..27 m here..u? heathers_cuckold: What are you expecting.... smadude09: female heathers_cuckold: What is my screen name? smadude09: well im confused with it..thats why i asked smadude09: you feel shy telling your gender? smadude09: your id smadude09: your id heathers_cuckold: What's confusing about it? heathers_cuckold: What's confusing about it? smadude09: read it for yourself smadude09: what do u think people should expect it to be? heathers_cuckold: It says Heather's cuckold... smadude09: so you are a male smadude09: correct? heathers_cuckold: Why would you say that? heathers_cuckold: Why would you say that?

First XXX Theater Experience

first-time wantssomefun 2017-12-25

As I whispered my comment to him, I couldn't help but notice that the guy across the aisle from him had his cock in his hand and was slowly rubbing himself. Jimmy laughed and said, "It ain't just me" and nodded toward the guy that was sitting in our row several seats away on my right. I slowly turned my head and sure enough, there was another guy with his hard prick in his hand staring at me. Let's just enjoy it." I noticed that Jimmy was squeezing his cock as his eyes were fixed on the screen. The man next to me reached up and tried to grab my cock as it shook with spasms, but I moved his hand away again.


first-time inarut 2017-12-25

Laid her down gently in front of me on the bed, I looked down as she scooted toward the center of the bed; I watched as she found her dripping pussy and started fingering herself while she gazed at me as I dropped my shorts and T-Shirt to the floor and keep an eye on my cock as it enlarge to full length in front of her. Stroking some more, feeling the full length of my hard cock inside in a few seconds, with her climbing to an orgasm as I reached the full depth inside her.  I felt her little pussy responding gradually, rising to an apex, then clasping my hard cock in its confines as she sighed out loud,

Discovering Diane

first-time Wm_Sexspear 2017-12-25

All fours girls at least flashed their breasts for me a few times, but we'd been pulling our pants down from such an early age, that I was well into my teens before I thought of asking to see their more recent female enhancements. Lowering myself until I was back at her breasts, my lips briefly expressed my adoration again, before kissing their way over Diane's upper chest then neck. If I'd allowed myself to think about how incredible it felt each time I pushed my penis a teeny bit deeper into Diane, I never would've completed our first attempted coupling.

What the step daughter saw..

first-time fruitandveg 2017-12-25

Now as all blokes know,the morning wood we get is caused by pressure on the bladder and after I had cum,the need to pee was overwhelming.I had to ask Louise to help me to the toilet (no,I don't pee in the shower.....not if there is anybody else there lol) and I tried to pee but was still a bit unsteady on my feet.Louise said"If you can hold yourself up,I'll do the aiming for you".More flashes in front of my eyes again,I will have to speak to the Dr. about that.Sometimes you see silly stories about what girls would do if they had a penis for the day and sure enough,Louise started to move my dick a bit,moving the stream of pee around the bowl,laughing at the different sounds that my pee made in different parts of the bowl and was amazed that I was still peeing after two minutes.Gradually the stream diminished and she asked me what to do next."you have to give it a couple of shakes"I replied,"to make sure the last few drops are out".....damn my bl**d pressure,there were more flashes.

The Flight of the naked Goddess - 5

first-time sushicook 2017-12-25

I want to deter him with my powerful beam of light from further insults, but the horny Habib is already behind me, caressing my bottom with passionate admiration whilst exclaiming: »But then, what a tight little arse we have here - what a joyful pleasure it will be for me to pay my reverence to that royal temple!« I'm deeply ashamed as he pulls my buttocks far apart with eager fingers to inspect the hidden goods, and to make his indecent intentions clear. But the huge black Sheik just throws his malignant grin into my red-hot glowing face that stings like a cup of warm piss as he mounts the little boy from behind, to show me exactly what crude rituals I have to expect from him in our future married life.

My Cousin Got Me Started Pt. 2

first-time 2017-12-25

I invited Kelly to come down and check out my tent but she said she had heard enough so we went to her parent's vehicle and got her duffle bag. She said that she had always wanted to get naked with him but it was like her parents could sense what was going on and they went out of their way to make sure they were never alone together. She seemed happy with that and Kelly grabbed my arm and said, "Keep watch for me." I had no idea of what she was up to but she ran back to her dad's suv and snatched two 6-paks of beer out of his cooler and giigled as she wrapped them inside a jacket and off we went to the tent.

the summer of 2002

first-time spunk85 2017-12-25

with a very long face i got on that bus , took my seat, pulled out my panasonic disc man and listen to music while praying for no one to come and sit next to me, and waited for it to leave. When I beautiful young girl looks at me asking me something, i find it hard to concentrate on the eyes. Alice: “you like my body?” she said with that ever so excited British accent . As we were in each other’s arms I brought my hand to her leg and explored my way upwards to her ass again, I got under her knickers sliding my middle finger in her vagina. Alice smiled, sat up right, and removed her night dress and laid down again.