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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Locked Up........

first-time mschoclate 2017-12-25

I said your name is Mexico and thats what the fuck Im gonna call you" he says. I think to myself what can I do I dont want to be killed or disfigured by a crazy assed Black dude. Open your mouth and put my dick in" he says. "Spit on my dick and get it wet Mexico" he says He starts to thrust his dick in my mouth in slow strokes. This dudes dick must be at least 9' and was fat as hell as he fucked my mouth I couldnt breathe. Before I could fully react to him fingering my ass, My dick started to twitch. Dude gets in bed beside me and starts kissing my neck.

What Should Have Happened

first-time sam_thelion 2017-12-25

Turning around so my back was to the street, I unzipped my shorts, pulled my hard cock out and watched as she reached over and touched it with one finger. "I like it, a lot", she said, not taking her eyes of off my cock and the little drop of pre-cum that had made its way out. Moving her hands aside, I finally got my first look at that little mound of downy brown hair that I'd been thinking about all summer. Just as I get ready to cum, I pull my cock out of her pussy, and with a couple of jerks, shoot my cum all the way up to her tits, and over most of her tummy, dripping just a little onto her mound.

The American Kiss

first-time sterlingdaydream 2017-12-25

We were in the middle of a game and something happened that had both of us laughing hysterically, and we both leaned in at the same time and bonked our heads together pretty solid, which only made us laugh harder. Before I knew what was happening, I saw her face coming down out of the darkness, and this time her lips came softly down on mine. Marisa and I had played a spirited game of racquetball with lots of lingering looks and agonizing body contact and had gone back home to take showers. When I got out of my shower I realized I didn't have any clean underwear, but instead of going to look for some I got the bright idea to wear tennis shorts with no underwear.

Camilla Ch. 024

first-time MawrGorshin 2017-12-25

"Look, if you never wanted anal, why did you so willingly show me your pretty anus--during your lap-dances, which you had only with me, and every time I saw you on the stage last night? "You want to have anal sex with me now?" she asked as she looked back at him with wide-open eyes and pursed lips. Wayne looked down at her behind, loving the sight of his long, thick phallus all the way inside her ass, seeing his pubic hair brushing against her anal cleft. At one point, she pulled out both toys so Jim could see the holes wide open, as when Wayne saw her gaping anus.

Pilot Cove

first-time Bob Clark Jr. 2017-12-25

Anything you want to do, we do." Jerry wasn't sure when it happened, but sometime over the course of the previous evening and that morning, Amy had become much more affectionate. Jerry and Amy left their things in their new cottage and made their way to the beach. When the sun began to drop and bleed into the horizon, Jerry and Amy gathered their shoes and drinks and began the short trek back to their cottage. Jerry looked out across the water and saw clouds moving in to cover the previously empty sky. Laying there, feeling her warm body, It felt like his first time. As her finger tips brushed the swollen head of Jerry's dick, it moved.

My First Virgin

first-time 123nik 2017-12-25

I thought for a minute, then said what the hell and dropped my shorts and took off my shirt and sprung around the corner suprising Josh. josh was trying to act like no big deal but his cock was rock hard and he could not stop staring at me. Then I told Josh he should do something with his cock before it explodes, it looks like it might hurt. As the warm shower sprayed over our bodys Josh pushed me against the wall and pushed his hard cock up into me. Josh made a few short strokes and then he pushed as deep into as he could, I could feel his cock pulse and throb as he came and pumped his young seed deep inside me.

Sex and Kara-Oke

first-time louise7033 2017-12-25

I don't know what happens in the rest of the Philippines, but in my village the best place to meet local boys is at the open-air kara-oke session they have every Saturday night in the basketball court. The boys don't seem to like singing very much, but they just come along to drink and pick up the village girls. And perhaps because I'd resisted the temptation for so long - confessing to the priest and praying for guidance - the feeling when his hard cock parted my lips and entered me once again was better - much better - than the first time. Edelita had told me many things, but she hadn't told me that girls should always carry a spare pair of panties when they go to karaoke on a Saturday night!

Crossing the Rubicon

first-time Stpl77 2017-12-25

"Lucas," she said, "we can...if you want to..." and she let the robe fall open. "Not yet," Anna said, taking her hand and squeezing the base of his cock to slow him down. "Oh baby...I'm going to come," she moaned and pulled his head deeper between her legs, forcing him against her womanhood, her clit against his tongue, and he could feel her pussy contracting around his fingers as he moved them in and out and he kept licking and then her orgasm took hold and her legs began to shake. "Oh my God," she said, " You were really excited." She looked down at her streaked breasts, the semen pooling there, her mouth open in amazement.

Unsuspected Encounters

first-time justanotherwriter54 2017-12-25

I threw on the first bra my hand touched, slipping on a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants (I personally didn't like panties; Jaxon wouldn't notice, besides), skittering out of my room and down the stairs. My blush turned so red I thought I'd die, but I shook my head, mouth opening up in silent protest as he bent down and began to kiss softly at my neck, "Would you like me to fuck you?" his voice got deep with lust, his teeth dragging slowly across my flesh. I gasped in surprise as he added another finger, slowly pulling them in and out, wiggling them back and forth, my body shaking violently as a feeling close to having to pee washed through my lower half.

A Dream Come True Part 1

first-time maxusx 2017-12-25

I was looking at my neighbour in the nude while she was sunbathing and I was totally jerking off. As I was looking through the window at Jill and jerking off, she peeled off her bra and I was totally enthralled. Just then, Jill looked up and must have saw me peeking through from the window. Many times during the movie, Jill would rub my thighs. Not sparing a second thought, I took hold of those fine tits and squeezed them. When my dick was totally hard, I decided it was time and I really needed to fuck her. I started guiding my dick to her pussy when she said, we should go to your bedroom.

Fantasy for the First Timer

first-time Thoran 2017-12-25

Karen slowly began to lick from the base of Seamus' cock all the way up to the head, making sure to get a nice taste of pre-cum each time. But just as suddenly as it had started it stopped; Seamus' body ached for more, his cock throbbed wanting to release already. Karen stood in front of Seamus and pulled her shirt up over her head, after unzipping the skirt and letting it fall to the floor soon he could see exactly what she had on underneath. A moan escaped her lips as Seamus took over and began moving a little bit faster. Karen felt this and quickly pulled off his cock, she lay down on her back pulling Seamus on top of her.

Taxi driver

first-time CrnaMaca 2017-12-25

I fell in love with oral sex very early, and for anal I needed a little more time to work up the courage, as well as to find a person who would be careful at first (I did not want to repeat the experience of losing my virginity...). I do not know how much time has passed when I felt his hands push my head and hot sticky liquid filling my throat. I left him my panties when I got out. Life here is still arduous and stressful, but bearable now that after a hard days work I can have a ride home by a taxi.

Climb on Klymonn Ch. 02

first-time HarveyMarcus 2017-12-25

Anna made a move towards Janie but Jake grabbed her arm. "You gonna tell me you didn't think about doing it with somebody else?" His arm around her back, Jake's hand was caressing Annie's breast. Seeing Anna naked and all this talk of Janie's tits and nipples had my erection throbbing for relief. Anna took my hand by the wrist and moved it towards Janie's cunt but I pulled away. Jake was squeezing Annie's tits, and she was pulling on his prick like it was taffy. Anna had taken a position, holding the washing machine with both hands, Jake fucking her from behind, matching Janie and me stroke for stroke.

A Damn Piss Bomb!

first-time ElderDirt 2017-12-25

I'll take your wet clothes but first let me find you something to wear." With that said, I quickly dashed to my bed room closet to grab one of my long-sleeve, button-down work shirts for Lauren to wear. Figuring that since I had blurted this much, I might as well go all-in and said, "Lauren, I've been looking at your tits for years...and love them." Then with wine-loosen lips, I proceed to tell her when and how I had enjoyed her boob sightings, even describing the small beauty spot on her lower-inside of her right areola. I don't love Larry anymore...and although I didn't want to admit was because I loved you, Stan." With that Lauren kissed me lightly before pressing my face to one of her breasts.

Midnight Maid Service 2 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2017-12-25

I was about ready to burst when, suddenly, she lifted her head and engulfed my cock in her mouth -- taking it deep as her tongue swirled around the underside. But with gritted teeth, I could finally hold out no longer as my eyes almost seemed to roll back in my head as a loud groan escaped my lips and my cock began to erupt in her mouth. As she began to get close to orgasm again, this time I moved my arms around to grab her ass, pulled her toward my face as I engulfed her clit with my mouth, and began to suck. With that, I grabbed her hips and pulled her body toward me and sliding my cock inside of her began to slowly fuck her.

Kitchen Counter

first-time alwayson_ 2017-12-25

Still kissing you I open your legs and I start touching you through your panties with my thumb. I then kiss your thighs going from the outside in and when I get to your pussy I kiss around it, teasing you, you can feel my breath just barely brush your sensitive clit. With my hands I open your lips and I go in deeper and deeper with my tongue. I start grabbing your tits and I pull on your nipples with my hands intensifying the pleasure. I too start to cum and you feel my juices fill you up completely. When I stop and pull out, my semen starts to flow out of your pussy which is pulsating from the climax.

My Girlfriend and Her s****r

first-time 2017-12-25

I was barely 18 at that time and i had a vey hot girlfriend, i really dont know her sizes but yeah she was a pretty hot babe with a big sweet ass and small round firm tits with big nippleS (lets call her alex). she had a s*s, 2 years elder and as hot as alex was with an ass almost as big as alex's and tits, a size or two bigger than her's (lets call her linda). she obviously saw of my rockhard 7 inch cock from my jeans and she took no time to get me naked and i started by kissing her passionately slowly careessing her nipple by my left hand and rubbing her wet cilt by my right .

My sexy room mate

first-time deathdealer01 2017-12-25

Cassie started getting wetter and wetter in her pussy watching Sammie rub her body with soap. "Right im gunna go, be back in a bit" and off she went walking to the door with Cassie's eyes glued to Sammie. Cassie took the vibrator, shut the draw, shut Sammie's door and went into her room. Sammie slowly and quietly went up stairs to Cassie's door which was slightly opened expecting to see Cassie with a man having sex but to her supprise she seen only Cassie with her vibrator in her pussy and rubbing her clint. Sammie started moaning again "Ohhhh god dont stop, rub that clint, get that pussy wet"

ME and David

first-time ragin_redhead13 2017-12-25

So he pulls down his pants and his 4 inch cock falls out, rock hard. I sucked and sucked and licked his cock until he shot his small load into my mouth. Then I thought to myself, "I wonder how good that feels?". So the next day, I went to his house and asked him what it felt like, he said "its a felling like no other...would u like to feel it?". SO I pull down my pants and my 6 inch cock comes out, David didn't waste any time. As he started to suck on my cock, I felt the shear pleasure of his warm mouth sucking and licking my most private part.


first-time wifeluvsbi30 2017-12-25

Its knowing that people are going to think it’s dirty, but you can’t help it because you know it feels so good.” “That one’s good for your husband to use on you, but if you want a toy you can use by yourself, you need this. After a few moments of playing her nipples I want her puss again, this time without a toy. I know that I've had my mouth and hands on her pussy but for some people kissing is very private and I didn't know if it would jolt her out of her euphoria. She sat beside me as I rubbed my clit I had her lean down and rub my cunt with her tits and then watched as she licked her titties clean.

How I lost My Virginty

first-time zimabean 2017-12-25

One night I spent with my friend Jay, I got up to get a drink of water and his mom was sitting in the kitchen, her robe was kinked just right to give me a wide open view of her wonderful red haired snatch, her lips open. I started to pound her and got a good rythum going, mom was moaning and I was watching her boobs jiggle when she grabbed me tight and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and she screamed, she was having an orgasim which caused me to blow my wad deep in her, I think that made her cum harder. She held me tight for several minutes, my cock stayed hard and I could feel another load building as Jack and Lisa fucking was making me horny.

Teen sex story... :)

first-time kenzee500 2017-12-25

According to Lisa, Bonnie did not enjoy sex with these guys as it lasted seconds. I splashed her several times and with each, Damn, Bonnie that must feel good, he is pumping you up. Dirty blond curly hair and a pussy patch that matches her head.) Damn girl that must feel good, now fuck her fast and hard; I speed up and I know thats not want Lisa likes. Of the two Lisa is the better fuck, Bonnie just has better feeling pussy inside. Bonnie is excited and Lisa has cum and her own juice running down her ass crack. I get off and Bonnie looks inside Lisa's gaped pussy. Lisa pushes it out and Bonnie looks deeper.

Awakening Amelia's Malomar

first-time Christian Black 2017-12-25

But Jane said that she had been in a porno shop downtown that had a whole wall of all kinds of stuff like that. “You need some help,” she said, then reached over with both hands and gave my nipples a good hard pinch until they stuck out as much as hers. It wasn’t until you got a closer look at the fleshy box covers or the strange devices hanging from the walls that you knew what kind of place you were in. I was blushing so hard I thought my face was going to burst into flames, but the clerk barely even looked up from his textbook. “I like how it tastes,” Jane had said.

Her perspective (part I)

first-time KinkyVinnie69 2017-12-25

Thoughts were racing through her mind, 'could she tell him after all this time of being together?' Well who knows when she will get another oppertunity, so here goes...she looked outside the car window at the city lights unable to look him in the face, when she answered her husbands question; "what is your oldest sexual fantasy?" Sandra took a deep breath and then said; 'When I was in college i fantasized about doing it whith one of the black guys on your basketball team. "Oh homey you look so hot tonight he said!" Feeling empowered like never before Sandra said; "Oh, you should feel between my leggs how wet i am!" Jim didnt need any encouragement and moved his hands down that hot black dress of hers.