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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Taste of Sin

first-time MsBond007 2017-12-25

Shaking my head, I replied, "I think I pulled it in my sleep." As I said the words, visions of our naked, sweaty bodies intermingled crossed my mind. "Ooooo," I continued to moan like a bitch in heat, and he moved downwards, his hot breath caressing my body as he took my left nipple in his mouth. Reaching down, I threaded my hand through his hair and shoved his face deeper into my cunt as I continued to buck my hips and groan like an animal. As he stuck his tongue in again, I felt my control leave and screamed as I climaxed hard, my body shaking and shuddering as I buried his face in my pussy.

Diving Doesn't Have To Be In Water

first-time SexySoxFan 2017-12-25

I jokingly replied: "I am waiting for you to arrive!!" Kristen gave a polite chuckle and as we were saying our good-byes she said "I'll see you in 90 minutes!" Never thinking she was serious Jeremy and I headed to the bar across the street. He must have thought I was completely trashed because he looked at me strangely and said "Come on, do you really think she is going to drive a couple of hours just to meet you?!" It didn't take long before there were no sounds coming from anyone else in the room and Kristen and I figured this would be a good time for another round of sex.


wife swallows cum for the first time true story

first-time csrburkevt 2017-12-25

She loved when he fucked her but he had problems keeping his cock hard during intercourse (so he said) so most times he would ask her to suck him off. Often times while she was sucking his cock he would tell her he knew someday she would let him cum in her mouth most times she either didnt reply or she would give him a maybe. Moments later is when he once again told her"i know someday you will let me cum in your mouth" this time was different because this time she nodded her head yes. He would always cum in her mouth and she felt used instead of desired after a couple months she lost interest in him and then we got together and sne was getting fucked multiple times a day.

An Evening of Firsts

first-time MacSwain612 2017-12-25

He began stroking his buddies cock until it grew huge and hard. 'Let me suck your cock', the voice whispered. 'Let me suck your cock', I heard a third time. I was loving having this massive cock in my mouth. I was almost there and stood and shoved my cock back into his mouth as I came hard. I loved the feeling of having you suck my cock' 'And you loved sucking on my big cock, didn't you'' Make love to my cock with your mouth.' He pulled on the back of my head until my mouth felt like a sausage casing. 'You're quite a young stud,' she told me sexily; so sexily that I felt my cock jump up to full hardness all at once.


first-time 2017-12-25

Me and mother in law was all alone in house, She is a teacher nearby school we both leave to office around same time in the morning and she comes back early to home whereas I’ll reach by 7 clock. After 10 mins I heard my bed room door was opening and I can sense that my mother in law came near to me but I dint respond as I was really not sure how to react or respond to her. I was also mentally exhausted and slightly my eyes were closing slowly her hand lifted from my tummy and her fingers were rubbing my left arm . then She slowly removed my pallu and started fondle my left breast …..goddd…it was so nice nobody treated my body like that even my husband .

In the Wild West of Ireland

first-time DoctorAmelia 2017-12-25

I would suck on their tits thinking about what Sinead's tits looked like, and when I reached into their panties for that first touch of their juicy pussies I was wondering if Sinead had much hair there. The girls giggled and said, "We'll tell Sinead you were asking for her, Robbie." Another giggled, "Yeah, we'll tell her you wanted her!" and they all erupted into peals of high pitched laughter. I continued my assault on her mouth and started to move her backwards onto the bench so I could get on top, moving the hand on her ass to the waistband at the side to start pulling down her panties, but she squirmed away breathing, "Robbie please...

Wedding Night – Olive and Liam

first-time tankengine123 2017-12-25

Olive was a sweet little femboy standing in front of the bathroom mirror getting ready. His master had shaved him once again just before Olive had started to get ready for this special night. At the time, I said to myself: “What a sweet little pervert!” I figured he did it to all the stuff being dropped off. She walked gracefully to me, offered her hand and said “I am Olive, nice to meet you.” Her voice was low and soft and very feminine. His little hands soon had my cock as hard as a rock. Olive grunted as her master’s big cock head popped inside. Liam pulled out completely several times and watched Olive’s sweet hole slowly close.

When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 7

first-time HankWilliams1956 2017-12-25

When Martha was bent over up on her knees and her head laying on the arm of the couch, I started puming my cock in and out of her pussy at a slow steady speed, as I motioned for Sarua to step over closer to us, and when she got close enough, I reached over with one hand and started squeezing her tits frist one then the other one and pinching her nipples lightly for a little bit, then I leaned over and downward and sucked a nipple into my mouth and flict my tongue over the nipple lightly, as I sucked on the nipple.

my Cyber Virgin 2

first-time adel5000 2017-12-25

After letting her have a few seconds to get used to something in her backside, I began to push again, and slid most of my cock slowly into her tight little ass. I just loved the sight of my cock moving in and out of her sexy ass, and that smooth feeling of being inside her, yea, there was nothing quite like it. She dropped her head back as she ran her fingers across the lips of her cunt and then, moving her legs slightly further apart, she allowed her middle finger to run along her slit, briefly touching her ass and then back to her clit. “Fuck me harder, faster,” she moaned as the head of my cock hit hard inside her, and then she shuddered and her cunt felt hot and good.

Jerry and Kelly

first-time jerrycruncher 2017-12-25

My parents gave me the go ahead to make some minor changes to the house if I wished but it was a already better than anything my friends had who were living on their own and all I did was a little painting, moving my stereo system from the basement to the living room, and adding a pool table to the basement where I kept my guitars. I think it would look great in your living room or the den." She placed both of her hands on my arm and said "you have a good eye." We arrived at her door where we hugged and she gave me a quick peck on the cheek like she'd done many times before but tonight it felt different.


first-time primipatchouli 2017-12-25

"I know you have a hard time with the ladies, being shy and all, so I was thinking your mom and I could ask a girl your age to babysit little Nina while we go out this weekend. Just as the bell rings, I hand her my response, letting her know that I will bring my car to the front of the school to meet her at lunch. On the way back Celia asks if I want a gift to get me through the afternoon, since we have no more classes together today. After, as we lie spooning together on my bed, Celia takes my hand and brings it to her mouth.

My first lesbian experience

first-time Hornylesbian123456789 2017-12-25

After a few moments of slow kissing, it turned really raunchy. I started to lick and kiss and suck one of her nipples, then did the same to the other. I gently pulled back her outer pussy lips with my fingers to expose her sweet throbbing clit. I looked up and watched her moan with pure ecstasy as her orgasm washed over her, and all the time I never stopped sucking her sweet clit. I took her clit into my mouth and started sucking it while licking it. I then layed fantasising about the next time I'd be able to taste her sweet pussy, while it still sank in that I'd had my first lesbian experience.

Personal Assistants first Orgasm

first-time Sarah-longlegs 2017-12-25

I stopped kissing and stood there looking over her very young tight body. I ran my hand down her side along with the other one and took hold of her skirt and pulled then up hard and swift. I couldn't believe it she started to moan hard and lift her bum of the desk and she came in my mouth for the very first time. I sat on the desk and put my legs on the chair back and pulled her in close to my wet pussy. She rubbed my now hard clit and I felt her start to slide a finger into me. I sat there and looked at her cum covered face and said, not bad for a first day.

jobsite surprise

first-time leadpencil21 2017-12-25

I didn’t understand her comment, but had no time to contemplate it as Angela laid her lips on mine, driving her tongue into my mouth as Tanya dropped to her knees and inhaled my bone to the root. Looking down, I saw Tanya gazing up at me, swallowing my whole member, spit rolling off her chin while her hand was busily playing in Angela’s bikini bottoms. Breaking our embrace, Angela stood, dropped her bikini and said, “I need some of that!” Straddling me, I watched as Tanya guided my rock hard prick to Angela’ soaking wet cunt. Tanya began to lick my ass, jamming her tongue into my anus with each stroke of my penis in Angela’s wet quim.

A Special Weekend With Alexis

first-time RogerK 2017-12-24

Alexis is a trial advocacy student of mine; we spent too much time too close together, and one thing led to another. I guess my affair with Alexis first started with hugs of support and congratulations at her successes in mock trials. Taking that as a very good sign, I lowered one of my hands from her breast, down across her stomach, and tucked my fingers under the waistband of her pants and into her panties. After I came, she didn’t stop, she continued to suck me softly and kiss my cock until I was completely limp. My private law office occupies a small, hundred and fifty year-old, two-and-a-half story brick townhouse.

my fantasy part I

first-time nebraskasissypussy 2017-12-24

I told him my girl is sure going to look sexy in this. I usually do my own hair but I wanted it to be really sexy so I decided to just brush it well and go to a salon to get it done and since I would be out I decided to get a mani pedi as well. The foot massage felt so good during the pedi and the lady doing it was so sexy I could feel my cock trying to break free from my tuck and it started to strain against my jeans. I gave her a good tip as well and when I WS walking out I remembered I needed more perfume and the store that had my favorite is the one I got the dress from.

My Friend's s****r

first-time sidhuputt 2017-12-24

I crept her to pussy she folded her legs on the bed now my head was between her thighs I used long strokes of my tongue and licked the inside of her thighs Mary told me she wanted her thighs to feel slippery with my saliva. After licking Mary’s ass-hole for quite some time Mary said she like my performance and she was going to give me a prize, saying this she turned again now her pussy was in my front. After Mary asked me to stop licking her she said she wanted me to drink her pussy juice so that all my life whomever I fuck or suck I should always feel her taste in my mouth.

Martina's Diary: Sunday August 7th, 2011

first-time 2017-12-24

One message from the priest, telling me to save myself for the marriage bed, and the other from the tender hands of my new lover. 18:00 As the night started to fall, and as the insects in the trees started to make their song - attracting a mate I suppose - I began to feel as if I wanted to go to bed and make love. He'd been playing with my kang-kang for a long time, putting his fingers inside my knickers, rubbing and teasing my opening, and as I became aroused I'd opened his robe and started playing with his cock. And, I guess, for only about the second time in my life, I felt a most wonderful orgasm that left our bed sheets wonderfully wet.


Part 3

first-time uktransvestite 2017-12-24

When dressing I always fantasised about two things, either having sex with a guy whilst wearing lingerie and stockings or being pounded by a big black guy with a 12 inch cock. As I said to him, pants are panties but the one thing that really differentiates make and female clothes are nylons - stockings and tights, which is why I like to wear them so much as I feel so feminine in them. The sex had been awesome and I felt so feminine in my lingerie, looking back on it I wish I had had cum in my bum rather than cumming on my face, I think would have been a more perfect ending.

The Coruption of Karlia Genovesi

first-time polyphemus 2017-12-24

She made sure that she was not followed, her bed packed with pillows to imitate her sleeping form, and the second decanter of brandy she got from her father's cook she gave to her nurse had been enough to leave the poor woman snoring loudly, as she crept out of her room. His long curly, blonde hair cascading down his muscular shoulders straining against the material of his shirt and his angelic face drew her attention, and led her to wonder who this handsome young man was with his fair hair that set him apart from all of the other men receiving communion. After they finished their meal and the servant was clearing their dishes, Enrico invited Karlia into the sitting room for a glass of brandy.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 10

first-time riverboy 2017-12-24

"Oh that's nice, you look so sexy like that," she said, running her hand over Nicki's smooth ass. I took one of Nicki's hands and placed it on Chrissy's pussy, and she gently massaged it while alternating her mouth between nipples. "Well, I guess it sort of was," Chrissy said, giggling a little, enjoying the thought of herself doing something so wickedly sexy. "He was this really sexy young musician," Chrissy said, and she told Nicki all about Penny and Johnny and our sex filled visit to the camp, complete with her wonderful version of our night of 'reefer madness'. Nicki thought hard about everything, and said to Chrissy, "You know, I'll bet Steve would be the best thing that ever happened to her.

Tricked into being a SubSlut

first-time bobbysue69 2017-12-24

I felt him pushing that huge cock up against my lil asshole at the same time telling me to relax, as I did I felt his huge cock stating to slide in me, it felt soo good but hurt at the same time, finally he was in me, I loved it I began to moan and he asks if I like his big black cock stretching my little ass, I said yes oh yes, he told me to beg for his cum and I did plzz I want to feel you explode in my lil ass plzzz I want your cum plzzz, he says he will cum in me but I have to finger it out of my asss and eat it if he does.


first-time mercander 2017-12-24

After sucking ther tits and rubbing her ass..i went for her pussy but she stopped me and told me that she wanted to cuff me the the bed and fuck like rabbits. Soon i felt a cock on my tongue...omg i opened my eyes and saw a 5and a half inch cock entering my mouth...I was so nervous and i couldnt believe my eyes that shes a shemale...i was excited but at the same time freaked out. After few minutes she told me that shes gonna cum and i told her to cum in my mouth then ill spit the cum in her mouth and soon after i told her that i felt a hot stream of cum entering my mouth.

The Menu

first-time Bad2Bone 2017-12-24

Jeremy was longing to "get physical" with Kim. He was sure there were permanent callouses on his right hand from the many years of self-gratification. Jeremy was only too happy to assist in this research on human sexuality that Kim wanted to explore. "You see, this is how it works." Kim continued, "I just asked you a simple question and you responded with a direct and simple answer." She further explained, "I don't care if at any time you wish to express your feelings with primal grunts, groans and the like, those are more meaningful to me in my research than your speaking." She again warned, "If you verbalize anything more than that, then this party will be over."