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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Happy Birthday to Me FEMDOM TRAINING

first-time 425olds 2017-12-24

Carol lifted my hard cock out of the way to see my little puddle that I started and in a little pouty baby voice said, "MMMM your pussy is so sensitive, it makes you all wet." Then she leaned over and sucked up all the precum off my stomach. I was moaning and writhing when the lacy bra rubbed against my nipples, and the feeling of nylon on my hairy legs and hairless cock and balls was making me leak pre-cum like a water faucet.  Carol leaned forward again, placing her hands on my tits and pinching my nipples hard, "Now that's what I like to hear from my little slut." With that she sat back up, reached under her pussy and poked her nailed finger right through the nylons.

Beth and Tate

first-time opus33 2017-12-24

A couple weeks after we started dating, Beth and I were lying in bed in my dorm room and things got pretty heated. She knows I've had sex with my ex-high school sweetheart and a couple girls since starting college. Beth rolls onto her back and slightly raises her hips, as I slip her panties off. After a little bit, I straddle her legs right behind her ass and begin giving her a gentle massage. Beth deepens the kiss, so I run a finger along the fold of her lips. Her touch is tentative, but soon she begins stroking my cock and it feels oh so good. "Oh Beth, you feel so good."

A surprise buildup fantasy for me and my horny wi

first-time alcapoony 2017-12-24

There were two other guys in the store and they kept looking at Lisa and I know she was feeling a bit nervous and uncomfortable. I found it exciting watching her dance with a stranger, but when I approached she moved away from the guy and came up to me with a look on her face like she was guilty of doing something wrong. She then pulled my cock out and continued jerking it while my hand went down and began rubbing her wet pussy. As I continued rubbing her pussy, I felt the guys cock hitting my hand. As we continued to kiss, I removed my hand from her pussy and grabbed the guys cock.

My First Ch. 03

first-time Hoping2makeit 2017-12-24

God, I want to feel his lips on my body again. He's still fully dressed in his work clothes, but he doesn't let that stop him. Soon, I feel his bare skin against my body. I'm straddling his waist, and I can feel his cock against my pussy. I feel his hands on my thighs, and he's pulling them apart. He pulls my lower body close, and then I feel his tongue on my pussy. I'm curious as to what it will feel like when he uses a condom. The condom is ribbed, and it rubs against me with every breath he takes. I barely feel his lips against mine as I ride wave after wave of pleasure.


Trailer Trash Ch. 02

first-time blndEE 2017-12-24

As I was bending over the bed opening the gift he came up behind me and started to grind his cock against my ass. At first I was shocked and started to jump up but Mikki then put the tip of the vibrator in my ass. He started to push the head of his dick into my ass. I enjoyed having a dick being plunged into my ass and one in my mouth at the same time. I then bent down and started kissing Mikkis’ dick while rubbing Jakes shaft. He saw how hot this was getting me and bent over my body and started to run his tongue on my clit. This was all Jake could take he started fucking so fast he felt like a jackhammer.

Playing with fire: My wife and BBC

first-time cumslutcouple 2017-12-24

Soon the small talk started getting more personal and my wife told John how she thought we had a fantastic sex life and really never thought about doing this kind of thing until I came up with the idea but now the thought of it was driving her crazy and she just couldn't wait to have both of us at the same time. It's probably not the first time a hotel worker has seen something like this, but my wife was not trying to hide anything, this was her night and she was letting her true inner slut come out.

A Son's Summer Awakening - Book One

first-time DizzyD427 2017-12-24

Back to the present, Jimmy was about to ask for details of what Sandi looked like naked when the screen door opened and out she walked, along with her best friend Carla Jones. Jimmy opened one of the magazines and said, "Wow, look at this one," as he showed Billy a picture of a beautiful naked woman with a man's hard penis in her mouth. Carol's hands soaped her full round breasts as she closed her eyes and tried to imagine what her little boy's cock looked like. Incredibly, Jimmy felt his penis getting hard again, but since he had already cum three times, it was a little tender, so now he decided to concentrate on helping make his mom feel as good as she had made him feel.

Classic Mile High Club Story?

first-time TunaFreeDolfin 2017-12-24

I want you here, sitting in the middle seat while I lean against the window, and you slide your hand under my blanket to my hips, then across my tummy to my inner thigh, moving between them and over to where the heat radiates between them pressing through my clothes and massaging my little puffy mound … rubbing it, pinching it, slowly feeling it get hotter and hotter in your hands … feeling the juices from my pussy soak through my pants, since you know I don’t wear panties …

Military Manoevers

first-time Tim Piers 2017-12-24

Was it the look on Roy and Tina's faces as I took Fran away? We have lots of time and I want to be sure that you know what you are doing." "We can have lots of fun without going all the way." "I want to know every inch of your body and I want you to learn about mine" I pushed my hand back into her panties and ran my finger through her pubes. I grabbed and lit a cigarette and as I savoured the smoke and planned what to say to her parents, looked at Fran's lovely body spread on my bed.

A Very Happy Birthday

first-time GIbeast 2017-12-24

But he thought "What the hell, I might as well go for it." So he went in for the kiss; As he bent his head down a little so that their lips could meet he watched her close her eyes and so he closed his too. "Ohh tsk, tsk James this won't do at all." "Let's see how hard that dick can..." She cut her ownself off as she put her luscious lips on to his throbbing manhood--he let out a soft moan as she did. James makes one last thrust into her with on hand supporting them and the other on her beautiful supple breast while she came on his rock hard dick and he came inside of her.

The joy of chastity

first-time 2017-12-24

After a long discussion she said that she would put me in chastity and I would be her fuck toy, the first day was very painful and the lock kept jangling on the metal cage pressing on my cock, which was embarrassing at work but I couldn't stop getting hard at the bl**dy sound of the thing! When I Got home that evening after the first day of nothing but painful erections and constant teasing from my partner 'the ice queen' I was just happy to be home with the only person who had the key to release my small white cock, or so I thought! As I came onto her pussy she lay there grinning and I couldn't help wishing that this cum was from that big black cock just moments ago been inside her.

Amature Photographer

first-time jhoney67 2017-12-24

I wanted to snap a photo right there but waited until we got inside. I took the photos from a few angels and instructed her to spread her cheeks to reveal more of the lace covered crevice. She took my cock and placed in on her face next to her lips “aren’t you going to take the picture?” she asked. She backed up with my cock between her ass cheeks and took the photos. As soon as I could take a step I reached for my camera and took pics of her smiling face and tits covered in cum. Each time I was instantly hard thinking how close I had come to slipping my cock deep in her wet pussy.

3some with matured couple

first-time bab4u2u1985 2017-12-24

So next day morning Madhu told his parents that we have a business meeting and Selvi also joining us. After sometime Madhu turned bask and told me "I didnt sent Selvi to back seat to talk with you". When she started opening my pant, Madhu told to stop and asked us to arrange our dress, we will have some snacks. Madhu opened his pant zip and took his cock out and asked Selvi to hold it. Madhu arranged his dress and told selvi to go back seat. After 10 mins Madhu came to my room and told Selvi was sl**ping and lets go out. After sometime Madhu went and sat near Selvi on the bed. I started kissing Selvi, while Madhu was licking her pussy.

Madison Wasn't a Virgin

first-time togar8 2017-12-24

Now things are starting to heat up during our nightly calls, and soon we're on a date, going to the movies. By this time our breathing was getting pretty heavy, and my balls were filling up with cum that I felt the need to release! I started grinding and making short up and down movements with my hips so my cock would help her tight confines adjust to the size of cock trying to invade her. But I could help but think that the tightness of her pussy reminded me of the virginity I had taken from a couple of other girls in the past. I started bucking my hips up like a wild man, and could feel my self swelling inside of her and my cock began hitting her cervix.

Love Lessons Ch. 02

first-time KenJames 2017-12-24

It felt so good driving between her buttocks, feeling Joe's cock moving in time with mine through that thin layer of Maria's flesh, listening to her scream as she came over and over, finally shooting a big hot load up her asshole while Joe came in her cunt. With Kurt tongue-fucking your hot wet snatch and me sucking your clit, you cum explosively, screaming and bucking so hard I have to use all my weight to keep you from flinging yourself off the bed. I want to thrust into your mouth, fucking your face as violently as Kurt is fucking your cunt, until wave after wave of hot cum bursts from my straining dick and floods your throat.

My First

first-time Hoping2makeit 2017-12-24

His hands slowly caress my body, making me want him even more. I feel hand press down on my hips, and I realize he is trying to keep me still. I try to limit my movements, but then I feel a single thick finger slide into me. I can feel the sensations building in me as he continues to use his mouth and finger to pleasure me. He breaks our kiss and says, "It will hurt less if you relax." He moves his hand to my back and starts stroking it in small circles. He kisses them away, and I feel slightly touched at the gesture. Plus, he wanted me to feel the real thing my first time.

mother desire

first-time savita009 2017-12-24

He turned to Lori and said, "I need some rope. Kevin guided me into the living room and ordered Lori As Kevin turned and walked away I looked at Lori. large hand came up and reached between my breasts. Kevin took more pictures as Lori slid my panties down. Kevin took a knife out of his pocket and ordered Lori camera back to Lori and said, "I'm going to punish her came closer and began taking pictures with Kevin's When Lori had the camera ready Kevin instructed me to to look at my pubic hair for the last time I started and he took the camera back from Lori and said, "Okay He looked at our naked bodies and smiled and said,

My First Time Was With Gran

first-time nckboy 2017-12-24

There was one where she was laid on the bed holding her stocking legs up and wide apart and her fanny lips were open and hanging apart like two big tongues and you could see her tight arse hole. I was getting through the pile now and there was gran sitting outside in a black girdle and stockings with her hairy fanny covered in white creamy spunk and a blob attached to her leg as well. Her legs were tight shut making her hairy fanny bulge outwards between her pale naked inner thighs at the top of her black stockings, then there was the lacy stocking tops that I had played with, held with white suspenders all taught going to her girdle.

After the Pool

first-time PnkOcelot 2017-12-24

I remember the feel of your wet hair on my chest, the long white coolness of your sister's legs on my face, and the way the sweat and water beaded on your nipples when you straddled me. I remember the jealousy in your eyes when your sister's fumbling produced those first pearly beads into her soft fist, the look on your face as she touched them to her ripe lips, tasting what was not hers to taste. I remember too, your pleasure when you mounted me for the first time, nervous, the gentle moan as you lowered your featherlight body onto me, and the shock and disbelief in your sister's eyes when she realised that I was actually inside you.

Decisions Ch. 03

first-time Maddog14 2017-12-24

Rob lost next and stood up to remove his shorts, Jill saw he was getting aroused and slyly looked at Joan who was paying rapt attention to his groin area. "Otherwise I would not have Kurt's cock stuffed in my mouth; although, I am enjoying this!" She heard Rob groan with pleasure and knew then that Joan was a good cocksucker also. "Oh Kurt that feels so good!" She sneaked a peak and saw that Joan was laying to her left and Rob had his head buried between her legs. "Man is she wet," thought Kurt, "Rob is going to bust this cherry and it looks as if he has Joan just as hot.

A New Lesson

first-time MPowered 2017-12-24

Besides, who would teach it - could you imagine Mr McDonald taking the class?" I chuckled at the thought - the teacher I'd named was not a favourite of the younger women on staff, who felt a little uncomfortable around him for some reason, and I'd learned several years before that this feeling was shared by most of the female students at our school as well. I let Cathy go and took Becky in my arms, lifting her from the floor and then kissing her as I had kissed her best friend. I could feel Becky gently massaging my dick with one hand, and kissing the skin around the general area, but it felt so far way - my main focus was now on giving Cathy the best eating out of her life.

The Pool House Ch. 03

first-time fin 2017-12-24

Nora and the swimmer were stretched out in formal-looking poses on a canvas mat that covered the entire floor of the den-sized room. The door to the shower room opened, and Edward walked in, somehow managing to look stylish even when he wasn’t wearing anything. Edward made a liquid transition to a tangled-looking pose that balanced on one leg – showing off a little, Yvonne decided. To her right, Nora handed Edward a scratchy-looking sponge and stood near him with her back turned, expectantly. Yvonne looked away quickly when Edward’s hands started roaming over Nora’s body. Then, chuckling lightly, Edward got up, leaving Nora sprawled on the bed, hair disheveled, legs spread, skin moist with sweat.

Personal Training

first-time pleasure2serveONE 2017-12-24

Monday came, and Rachel could hardly wait to talk about the letter I'd forwarded her. Our friendship continued, and then on a girls' night out with a few gym regulars, Rachel had a few drinks too many, and finally admitted that she didn't want those things done to her. I was at a slight disadvantage by having my hands tied, but Rachel told me exactly what she wanted, pulling my face this way and that, and instructing me to get my tongue as far inside her as it would go. Rachel continued her assault on my cunt with the dildo, but now I was f***ed to lick her pussy again, this time from a whole new angle.


first-time JayDavid 2017-12-24

I hated having to wear that dress," she said, her face involuntarily mirroring the pout I remembered seeing exactly four years ago to the day. "When my mother asked me to invite you to my birthday party the next day, you looked like you were going to throw up." "Somehow, I don't think that our parents going away this weekend together was a complete coincidence," she said, with that mischievous smile I remembered from that first day. We cuddled quietly for a few seconds, and then she said, "I remember at the beginning of the next school year when my mother told me that you were at the door, and I couldn't figure out why you didn't text me, or call me, or just walk in, like you usually did."