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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The 2 Part Trilogy (Part 1 - The First Flower Falls)

first-time MrNiceguy888 2018-11-04

I used all the key clichés that sounded so useless when I’d heard them directed towards me: “It’s not you, it’s me"; "I just like you more as a friend"; "I just don’t think we’re looking for the same thing"; etcetera, etcetera... I don’t like to complain about things when I’m having my cock sucked, because even a bad blow job is still pretty good. At which point Tori pulled away from my cock, brought her hands to her face and in a weak voice said, “Sorry, I've never done this before.” “Yes, I’d love to watch you jerk off,” she said, Then added, “Do you want to cum on my face?”

Repopulating the World 3

first-time alliet14 2018-11-04

Allie didn’t want to rush her new lover and did not even mention Tina being with one of the guys, even though Rich and John both were aching to be with her. Tina opened her mouth and began to suck on his head, while her hand stroked him. He kissed her lips and let his hands roam down her back and ass and pulled her even closer to him, his hard cock pressing into her stomach. Rich felt his balls tighten and knew he could not go on much longer so he pulled himself out of Tina’s mouth and stood up off of the bed. Tina took the entire length of Rich’s cock into her mouth as Allie’s tongue sent electric jolts in her pussy.

Loving Zach

first-time romancefox 2018-11-04

He gasped, and then, I drove the full length of his cock into my mouth, and sucked harder and harder, faster and faster, when- “Kels, I’m going to cum!” Zach said breathlessly. “I’m on the pill, and I want to feel the ropes of your cum warming the inside of my pussy.” His cock wasn’t entirely hard still, and he looked at me expectantly. The hot, steamy water was unbelievably refreshing, and it wasn’t long before Zach powerfully shoved me up against the wall and began to fuck me so hard our orgasms were explosive. However, before the throbbing could subside, Zach swooped in and pushed the showerhead back into its place, murmuring, “Baby, I want you to come.” Not long after, my sweet juices puddled on the chair, and I convulsed in powerful orgasm.

Medical student next door

first-time smartguy20o9 2018-11-04

Our house happened to be close to a big medical college where Debbie was studying and Jenny was a trainee doctor. Just when I thought she was done, she started pressing various places in my chest and abdomen asking "does it hurt here" or something like that. "I need to check this further" she said and she cleared the dining table and asked me to lie on it. With her face very professional and like a real doctor, then with no warning she pulled my boxer down in one go. All the while, she was stroking the dick, pulling the foreskin back and forth but with a professional look as if a real medical test was going on.

The tainting of the May blossom

first-time DanielleX 2018-11-04

Judy could feel the tingling in her pussy as Nathalie showed her the lacy bra that she was wearing. Judy didn’t like the way he kept looking at her, his eyes constantly flicking down to her breasts. It was a warm day and Nathalie was wearing a light summery dress, not to short, but short enough, so that her lovely legs were distracting Judy, constantly. Judy looked into Nathalie’s eyes and Nathalie saw the way her student’s light brown eyes had become dewy and searching. Judy wanted to kiss her tutor so much, her brown eyes willing Nathalie to do it. Judy sat up on the bed and she closed her eyes as she rubbed her nose on the front of Nathalie's crotch breathing in her sweet, sexy bouquet.

The Ritz

first-time llwas 2018-11-04

I pull back and place my soft, full lips gently over the head of his cock and take it into my mouth. I manage to find a little room to work with and begin sliding his big cock in and out of my mouth, making sure to wrap my lips tightly around his shaft and sucking, sucking hard. And with that he begins to pump so hard, hands in my hair, holding my head and burying his rock hard, aching cock further back in my throat than I have ever experienced. I squeeze his hips, sucking him harder and pulling him deeper into me, not wanting to ease up on the intense pleasure he is experiencing in my mouth, on my tongue.

Of Love and Lust

first-time MzKittin 2018-11-04

With a shaky breath Jaren encircled my waist with his muscular arms, giving me the out of place feeling of comfort and protection.   I could feel his erection begin to grow against my right thigh and while he continued to suck my breasts I glanced down to see its size through his jeans.   Jaren paused his shower of kisses to reach down and pull his jeans off, revealing himself: a body made of pure muscle, running on nothing but love and lust. I let my body adjust to his large size for a moment, Jaren watching my face intently. I felt him nuzzle his face into the crook of my neck as he worked, and I could feel his moist breath on my throat, sending shivers of goose bumps across my skin.

Let's Surprise Him

first-time candytales 2018-11-04

It wasn’t quite eight-fifteen and I was looking forward to more sex but Jack said that, as much as he wanted to stay with me, he needed to meet a deadline for filing some reports so he’d be going soon. Jack’s thick shaft seemed to be much bigger than she could take but, after I’d spat on it a few times and her vulva started to open up, I was able to ease his cock into her luscious young cunt. I’ve still got the wonderful image in my mind of Molly’s beautiful vagina gradually consuming every inch of Jack’s hard cock.

The Rainbow Lounge

first-time mranonymous7 2018-11-04

After about an hour or so of bullshitting with me, he told me his name was Nelson and asked, “Would you like to go to my house and have a beer?” Nelson went to turn out all the lights in the house and when he got back to the bed room, he found me lying on his bed, still in my clothes. After coating his mushroom head with baby oil, he used one hand to spread my butt cheeks and one hand to guide his cock into my ass. Once he eased the head past my sphincter, Nelson gave a hard push and drove it in all the way to his balls. Nelson liked to screw my ass, then pull out and finish in my mouth.


Grey Made Everything Bright

first-time lovelyvampire 2018-11-04

I so badly wanted to slide my fingers deep inside, to stroke that special spot, and give myself earth shattering orgasms. My mouth slid over his cock, and with only a bit of effort, and trying to ignore the want to gag, I felt the base of him on my lips, and his head in my throat. When he came completely, I took my mouth off his cock, and moved from my knees, to sitting on my ass, with my left leg under my right thigh, that was stretched across the bed. We will fuck in a bit, but for now you’re going to experience what it’s like to cum from another person’s touch.”

Hotel sissy slur blowbang

first-time hornyTVluvr 2018-11-04

In the 'showoffs with webcam room' ill call him tom as im not sure he and his friends would want me using real names on the web. He was totally into the kinda stuff that gets me off (sissy humiliation and cum eating) so eventually i cammed for him he watched me dress up girly, toy my ass and finally blow my sissy load into my cum cup before guzzling it down like a crazed slut. "Fucking hell tom...the fuckin slut is eating your asshole" he said Tom....who had been wanking the whole time i was eating his ass...suddenly spat "fuck im cumming" Harry was sat next to him at the top of the bed grinning ear to ear, tom said 'jesus baby....i think im in love with you"

My First Time Part 2

first-time sexyfun77 2018-11-04

My suitcase dropped to the floor along with the plastic bag in his hand and John threw me onto the bed, letting me breath for all of about 5 seconds before he crawled onto the bed with me and positioned all of his weight over me so I could escape. J: I'm sorry that I left this morning without telling you and without leaving a note.I had some errands that I wanted to run before you woke up. John went back to slowly and passionately kissing me before pulling my sweatshirt off over my head. After another few minutes, when I am close to cumming, John removes his fingers and begins rubbing the head of his swollen cock against my soaking wet pussy.

Waves of pleasure

first-time adhoc18 2018-11-03

Gasping for air, I grasped Jeremy’s head, pulling him away from my love bitten neck and passionately embraced his lips with mine. With his mouth still caressing my breast, he continued to insert his finger deeper and faster inside me, making me gasp loudly for air. His eyes melted into mine, as he leant over my body and slowly kissed my mouth, then instantly lowered his head back down, making me squirm with excitement. Suddenly, Jeremy starting edging closer towards my opening, causing the build of pleasure to slowly break, sending vibrations over my entire body. He began slowly kissing me and I could feel his love flowing through my lips making my body tingle at his soft touch.

Dear Diary...March 18th

first-time sweet_p 2018-11-03

His hands seemed to be everywhere and once and they were touched all the right places.  Oscar guided the tip of his cock to my entrance and slowly slid in.  I was so comfortable in his arms and wet from all the foreplay that entry was easy.  Once inside me, he stopped and asked me how I am doing.  I tilted my head back and smiled.  He kissed my nose.  I felt him slide out slowly then back in.  He was so gentle with me, slowly moving in and out.  The love juices flowed like water from a tap.  He continued to pleasure me with a steady rhythm.   In a few moments, I felt my muscles contracting around him.

My University Male Relationship - Part 2

first-time purplepal 2018-11-03

My cock end and cum slit moved in a little stretching his ring slightly. So I moved in further and my cock head started going into his ass. Another little shove and my cock-head was fully past his ass ring. Things i.e. his ring, seemed looser this time so I pushed a little further into his ass tunnel and then another fraction as I slowly moved in deeper. Mike was slowly getting used to the swell of my cock in his ass, filling him, stretching his anal ring. I tried to wank him but it wasn't the best position so after massaging his balls for a while I sat back up straight again, kneeling between his thighs with my cock deep in his ass.

Special Delivery Pizza

first-time Daveindenver 2018-11-03

With a sexy look on his face and a glint in his eye, he said, "That won't be necessary, if you want to pay another way." Leaving the door open still, he walked over and set the pizza down on the table, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled out his cock. She had taken a cock in her mouth, but she hadn't sucked it, stroked it, or really made love to it, and she sure hadn't tasted a guy's cum. Then, bending over, she licked the droplet of cum from the tip of his now-limp cock, then opened her mouth and took it into her mouth again, and sucked gently on it one last time to drain the last drops of cum.

My Older Lovers

first-time ellii 2018-11-03

She led me up to her bedroom and we both got on the bed, still hugging and kissing each other like we'd been lovers for years. I lay on my back and Vivian moved a hand to one of my breasts, gently massaging it and pinching the nipple. Vivian let out a scream that she was cumming and within seconds I felt my own orgasm take over my cunt and then my whole body making me shake and shiver in ecstasy. While David concentrated on giving me my first cock Vivian moved down to my firm, young titties and sucked each of them in turn, then alternated between them every few minutes. David kept moving in and out of me, moaning how good my tight, little cunt made his cock feel.

The Artist

first-time LarsKaiden 2018-11-03

She knew that she needed to be discrete, but so long as she wasn’t actually caught looking through his things, he wouldn’t mind finding her in his flat under the pretext that she had found his keys and was concerned about him. She considered Tony a good-looking man, and if he was as good at real-life sex as he was at making drawings then she wanted to live that experience. Tony looked over at her for a second, saw her standing there half-naked, and turned his head away quickly. Nikki pulled aside one of the dining room chairs, slipped off her robe, pulled down her panties, and sat down with her legs splayed, revealing her cleanly shaven pussy.

A Night Out

first-time lugnut1369 2018-11-03

He was just about to lay some queer out to turn around and see the gorgeous green eyes of his new lady friend, Tammi. In a hushed voice Tammi says, "How can a man your age go to a comedy show with all of that built up tension?" Ed moved down and started to worship Tammi's ample breast by taking her left nipple in his mouth. Ed had resumed his assault on her nipples and now one of his hands had worked its way from her ass to her inner thigh. Tammi gently grabbed his shaft and begin to lick from the base of his testicles up to the tip, and Ed's worst nightmare came to realization.

It's Always The Quiet Ones!

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-11-03

A few days later, Emily was opening a shipment of books and in one box, sitting right on top, was a copy of "The Lost World" - the book Thomas had ordered! But if it's a kiss you want..." Thomas took her face in his hand and pulled her to him. He pulled his hand away and Emily opened her eyes looking at him puzzled for a moment. He moaned as she wrapped her soft warm lips around his cock and Emily knew he was enjoying her. After some cuddling time, Thomas got up and went into the bathroom for a washcloth and towel so Emily could clean up a bit. "Emily, would you like to go to dinner with me?" Thomas said.

One Hot Sexy Night

first-time Chelle75 2018-11-03

As I was sitting on the patio to enjoy the beauty of the night, a bottle of Chardonnay by my side—the smell of sex was in the air. Instead, I pressed his face harder against me to make sure he had a generous taste of my sweet sexy flow. While he was clinging to the softness of my clean shaved pussy, I wondered about how hot it would be to taste his sexiness. Oh please fuck me!" I screamed as he pumped harder and harder and harder...until my creamy love flow results builds to orgasm. At that moment I began anticipating our next escapade because...This was one hot sexy night!


My Reawakening - Kinky Thoughts and Dirty Desires

first-time voluptas 2018-11-03

Sitting on the left side of the couch I could hear magazine pages being turned, a young lady snapping her gum and occasionally my phone buzzing with texts from my husband Dan adding to my list of errands he wanted me to take care of on my way home. I took a deep breathe, got down from the table and quickly slipped off my black strapless maxi dress, white and black satin thongs and matching bra and placed them on top of my things already on the chair. Sitting back on the exam table I placed the white drape on my lap and within minutes there were two knocks on the door and Dr. Motelli entered the room and quickly closed the door behind him.

If not Tracey, Mother will do

first-time alexcarr 2018-11-03

We chatted on for a bit and he told me what he thought of Tracy, that she was very nice and he was privileged to meet me. I crossed my legs once or twice and hoped he enjoyed the sound of stockings rubbing against each other. He gulped and almost choked on his coffee, trying to eat and drink at the same time. I massaged his balls and went for it, feeling the joy and the utter thrill of good hard cock prize my tongue, teasing and tasting its tip, wrapping my tongue around that gorgeous bulbous head and for a whole while we were both enveloped into the sweetest of mutual sucking, for he was like a natural and that first sixty nine was something very special.


first-time misteryme 2018-11-03

So tonight will be a good night like he said in his first text, ‘To unlock floodgates of desire.’ Boy she couldn’t wait. Picture perfect as she looked in the mirror for the last time before closing her door to meet her valentine in the lobby. “Judy, its like I said, to a night to unlock floodgates of desire and I know that you have plenty of them.” And he put his hand over her hands that lay still on her lap. She took his cock in her hand again, and it started to get hard and rather a good size for her to get on his lap. Judy started bouncing on his cock again, each bump sent shock wave to her pussy and she slipped her hand down to stroke herself.