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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Morning Surprise

first-time drew1207 2017-12-24

I realized it was time to make my move, since I had a head start from the reception and I didn't want to have any performance issues. Time for proof, so I roll, slipping one arm under her pillow as a distraction and drop my other hand to the thong covered crotch. She rotates into the 69 position this time, engulfing my cock with her soft lips. I make a split second decision in the heat of the moment and drive two fingers into her cunt as I start to stroke and suck her cock in earnest. She bounces on top of me and I switch my hands to her ass, helping her ride my cock, with an ulterior motive of sliding a finger into her backside.

My Mother Educates Me about Sex

first-time nckboy 2017-12-24

My squirts started to subside and my legs were starting to strain with lifting my bum off the bed and I fell back down, Momentarily my cock left her lip and leaked some more cum on to her hand, now more determent she sank back down on to my cock, sucking madly. My mouth was wide open and pressing in to her pussy as my tongue did it’s work, I must be doing something right as my mother began moaning more and her hand came on to my head, pushing me more in to her fanny. My mother moaned with a mouth full of cock squirting in to her, her lips like limpets, sucking tight around my shaft and letting none of my hot creamy cum escape.

THe Back Packer Visitor

first-time johnluvsjapgirls 2017-12-24

“Don’t worry about it mate, we are all friends here, if it gets annoying take it off we will do the same okay?” Margret called out to him to grab a plate of sandwiches which he did then as he walked back to the dining table his gown unclipped and opened. “Margret dear why don’t you lean over the table and let Randy fuck you from behind like a dog” I said as I pounded his arse. “Are you having a good time ole mate?” I said as I licked and sucked his black skin while I fucked him. I want him to move in with us, I want to go to sl**p tonight cuddling that black meat, OH RANDY FUCK ME HARD DARLING…I AM CUMMING AGAIN OH MY GOD …OH!

Sissy Tranny Annie Slutty Fantasy

first-time danny241976 2017-12-23

I love how my cock looks when im dressed as a sissy slut and from that early age all ive ever wanted is to have a horny guy in front of me, with his cock hard knowing that he wants to fuck me. I have told him my fantasy is to wear some black seamed hold ups, high heels, my wives underwear and sexy tight dress. I hope to get fucked by him in my marital bed, then whilst im dressed as annie the slut, riding his cock, saying how much I love his cock and all I ever want is his cock in my arse because im a gay sissy tranny.


first-time Susan McK 2017-12-23

He was kissing my neck..then I felt his hands opening my bra. My friend was all over her boyfriend, lots of kissing and at one stage in a corner of the club he clearly had his hand under her top. I had more to drink than usual and I suppose seeing my friend so intimate with her boyfriend had got me thinking, so when the guy moved to kiss me it felt OK and I kissed him back. As he kissed me, he pulled my panties to one side and for the first time I felt a mans fingers on my pussy. He sat up, started sucking them , kissing them, nibbling them all the time moving himself inside me.

Alice’s New Friend

first-time Plato5v 2017-12-23

“Oh, that no good, living in a motel,” Alice said trying to decide whether she should ask Tony to stay with her. “No, I just did not expect to see you sitting there like that,” Alice said trying not to look a Tony’s perky firm breasts. I did not know you were in here,” Tony said as she looked directly at Alice’s body, her eyes moving down to the large patch of pubic hair covering Alice’s crotch. Alice began to move backward but Tony quickly said, “Stop, stay right where you are you little whore.” As Tony sat on the floor looking at Alice’s body she began to formulate a plan that would continue this strange relationship.

Night At The Drive In

first-time Raiz3R 2017-12-23

Well my parents were going to take my s****r and I to the drive in theater to see the Disney movie, Cinderella. So as the day went on, my s****r and I talked on how cool it was going to be, to finally see a movie at the drive in theater like our parents always did. But we were told that we were too young and most of the movies our parents seen at the time were not intended for small audiences such as ourselves. But at this point I just wanted to see a drive in movie. But as the movie got further, I noticed they were starting to use naughty words. Silvia the k**s are young, they won't remember this shit.

Judge Not 02

first-time JayDavid 2017-12-23

They approached the church entrance, when Nathan felt compelled to turn his head, looking back to the lot, and he saw Shelby getting out of her parents' car, looking beautiful in a patterned dress that was more appropriate for church than her usual outfits. Everyone in the congregation who had heard about Nathan and Shelby's meeting with Pastor Cullum, and that was likely almost everyone, understood the meaning of the text chosen, and waited to see what would happen. The service ended, and Nathan ran out of the church without engaging in any pleasantries, but when he got outside, he saw that Shelby's parents' car was gone. "He basically tried to intimidate me after church today." Nathan chose not to tell Shelby exactly what Pastor Cullum had said about her.

This is a true story..........

first-time smooooothone 2017-12-23

Again never having experienced a 3-some I said ok and jumped on their bed and just did what came naturally. After 3 or 4 minutes Terri jumped up and said I need you to stick your tongue in my pussy and lick it dry. Terri just lowered her pussy on my face and I licked and sucked till she came all over me, and not knowing she was a squirter took me by complete surprise. So I jumped up and had Terri get on her knees and I fucked her doggy style while she then started eating Marie's pussy and that turned me on even more as I had never experienced that either.

"Prim & Proper Goes Bad"

first-time johnnycumlater 2017-12-23

She tried to turn the tables on him and asked him what he wanted for their anniversary and he said, according to him,now, "a nineteen year-old college cheerleader and four hours alone." Nancy chuckled. She asked if the sink was something that we needed a handyman for and I lied and answered, "probably so." I placed the call and he said he'd be over in fifteen minutes to give an estimate as he already had other jobs waiting. Without consulting Nancy, I surprised her by answering, "okay." He said he and his partner would be there tomorrow around two in the afternoon. Nancy stood, then bent at the waist when Johnson said, "this is really clogged." Her breasts nearly fell out and her nipples were clearly seen.

Anonymous and Loving It

first-time c7racer 2017-12-23

I watched that gorgeous mushroom headed cock erupt right into my face – this was a first – us hot teens don't like our hair messing with, but this guy wasn't going to take no for an answer and this was him claiming his prize. The situation looked like a blow out when we were interrupted by a gorgeous blonde MILF (I watch porn too...) who announced that she was glad she had finally found me and that the champagne was getting warm, before plonking a bucket of bubbly on the bar, giving the guy one quick glance that said 'fuck off now' and pulling up a stool right in front of me.

Lesbian mother in law, my side of the story.

first-time jackelaine 2017-12-23

At first I was embarassed by it,and I thought about politely bringing it up,until one day Adam was away fishing,and we had a girly night in watching Ghost and then Grease on D.V.D., with a bottle of wine.We were both in our p.j.'s on separate sofas.Her top was a loose and she wore no bra underneath.As she watched Patrick Swaze and Deni Moore make pottery, I watched her every move,gazing hungrily as she changed position occasssionally to make herself comfortable,every inch of flesh I saw making me more horny.I didnt even realise my hand was down my bottoms,rubbing myself,until she bent forward to get her glass of Aldi's Albarino off the floor.I saw more and more of her fabulous tits until,oh my God, all my prayers have been answered,I saw her pink puffy nipples.For the first time in years I actually gushed.I struggled to not cry out as I soaked not only my bottoms,but my sofa.If she had looked over I would have been caught.Minutes later at some funny part of the film she looked over and said something.I couldn't hear her,and I couldnt speak.I just nodded and smiled.

First time with another guy

first-time D_Dan 2017-12-23

My comfort level grew to where I would with no shame watch porn in the same room with him, feeling comfortable to stroke my stiff prick. As I was sipping the beer and stroking my cock, I realized that I had stopped watching the movie. My eyes as they were alot recetnly were fixated on my uncle, sitting naked in his chair, his stiff dick in his hand. His one arm slipped over my shoulders, his other hand gently wrapped around my hard cock. I remember closing my eyes, his touch electric, his left hand on my shoulder as he increased the pressure on my dick. still trembling I watched him lean back, his expert hand going to his own cock, stroking it to his own conclusion.

A First For Melissa

first-time Jizaz_Jester 2017-12-23

I let her go after looking her up and down again and noticing not for the first time the little winged skull resting just above her B-cups on a black cord, and she turned back around, still fidgeting with the cuffs, and I got even closer to her, pressing against her back and her ass as she bobbed to the blaring songs on the stage. Still howling out her orgasm, Melissa drug me up by my hair to her face and kissed me, sucking on my tongue, moaning, and grinding her now dripping wet cunt on my stomach brushing her ass on my dick each time she sank back to the bed.

A Touching Moment

first-time steamy_4 2017-12-23

About 3 quarters of the way through the film, Cameron got up to grab a tasty beverage, so he reluctantly let go of Ellen’s hand for the first time in and hour to grab them. Returning minutes later, he sat back down again, snuggling next to Ellen and she took his hand in hers, placing it delicately on Cameron’s lap. His throat very dry, Cam started rubbing her jeans softly, and noticed Ellen’s mouth open a fraction as his fingers grew in confidence. Her breathing had grown much harder, and as Cameron quickly rubbed both his fingers into her pussy, she could not help let out a moan as his fingernails occasionally scraped her clit.

Brother Spies on Sister

first-time writing_guy 2017-12-23

I thanked their civic mindedness as I darkened the lights in my room, opened the door to our shared bathroom, and set up the tripod with camera peering through the cracked door to my sister's room. I had heard her come in not a minute ago and already the beautiful black stud had her top off and was licking and sucking my sister's ample breasts. I watched as he grunted, imaging that first spurt of milky white cum erupting in my sister's mouth. His hand softly rested behind my neck, lightly urging my lips to kiss the beautiful head. "You're a wonderful little cocksucker." he said before taking the memory card from the camcorder and handing it back to me.

Laundry Luv

first-time justavirginme 2017-12-23

So, on this day that I was doing laundry with the wash machine and dryer both going, I heard a basement door close and then a female voice say, "Oh damn." Sara said, "That was good for starters, but we should go to your bedroom where I can teach you more." So, both of us naked, went up to my bedroom and Sara lay face up on my bed. She said, "Now you lay on your back." She took my penis in her mouth and massaged my balls until I came in a few minutes. Sara then stroked my penis again until I was hard and she impaled her pussy on it and rode it up and down until I came for a third time.

as time went on

first-time amitokinki 2017-12-23

I would be atop of her and would drive my throbbing cock into her soaked pussy ' pushing her legs back so I could suck her toes through her pantyhose ' loving the taste and the smell of her sweaty hose. I would drive in faster , her maoning for me to fuck her harder as she rubbed her clit or held the vibrating bullet on her clit bring her orgasm after orgasm as her pussy swelled and and clenched and unclenched my cock to a point I couldn't hold off much longer. She thrust her hips up and down fucking my mouth all the while finger fucking me and telling me to suck her fucking cock like a bitch .She took her fingers out of my ass and pulled the dildo out of my mouth .

The Young & The Beautiful

first-time jpw33345 2017-12-23

"Well, " Norine said feeling her bikini bottom slowly moisten and her nipples push against her top. She was a virgin who had never experienced a man before, but now was as good a time as any and Patrick was just the one to take her. Patrick ran his fingers through her bush and over her pulsating clit making Norine gasp in surprise. He slowly slid one finger into her very tight pussy making Norine squirm with pleasure. ahhh!, " cried Norine and before she could finish her sentence Patrick thrust his cock in about 3 inches before hitting a block. Patrick eased out a little then gave a very hard thrust so that his hole 8 inches were plugged deep inside the petite Norine. "!" said Norine between breaths.

The Pool House Ch. 01

first-time fin 2017-12-23

She was preoccupied and didn't notice Jim step out of Kate's room, heading back down the hall towards the bathroom. Jim, still naked, was facing away from her, headed back towards Kate's room. Yvonne wished she could see Kate's face, but she'd have to move closer to the door to do that, maybe even push it further open. Yvonne couldn't really see what was going on down there -- all that was visible of Jim's head was his shaggy hair. She looked up from a portrait of a nude woman kneeling, her long hair falling elegantly to one side to see Nora standing in the center of a small, glittering circle.

I had a surprise last night.

first-time techrod 2017-12-23

I was down in my office watching some porn on my computer my girlfriend was upstairs with one of her girlfriends talking about girl stuff and making plains for the weekend. The guy had his cock in this one girl’s pussy and the other was licking his balls and a finger in his ass. The third girl was playing with herself .When my office door flew open! My girlfriend knew what I was doing and decided to show her friend my new office. My girlfriend started to suck me as her friend played with my balls. It must have given her friend an idea that I would like a finger in my ass.

The Tutor

first-time ravenmaster 2017-12-23

I don't need a tutor!" Jordan said "Hi. I'm Anna, Jordan's tutor." "Ok." Jordan said staring into her eyes. "Jordan..." Anna asked. She took a step and kissed him. Jordan was surprised at first, but then returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around her. think I'm in love with you Jordan." Jordan moved his hands down to her hips. Anna began to massage it with her hands. She stood up straight, turned around and kissed him again before laying on the bed. He began to fuck her harder and faster shoving his cock all the way in then out again. He shoved his cock in her one last time and they both exploded into her pussy.

Elaine and Diego

first-time limitless_lover 2017-12-23

After exploring the room and various positions throughout the two lovers had shifted back down a gear, and now the two where kissing passionately, Diego's tongue caressing Elaine's just as his hands had caressed her body all through the night. Squeezing her breast lovingly with one hand and moving his other hand to press his palm into the small of her back, Elaine loved the way he was holding her, yet she felt her body hunger for even more attention. Elaine bent her head forward again and kissed her lover lustfully, at which point one of Diego's hands left her waist to hold her cheek in a soft embrace and guide her lips to his.

Such Stuff as Dreams are Made Ch. 01

first-time solvemymystery 2017-12-23

One can observe a scene with one's own eyes -- a bag wafting in a breeze, say, snow falling from a black sky, or two lovers filming themselves in bed -- but without knowing the context, one is little more than a voyeur, and what one sees will likely fade from memory before the day is through. Well, when I say 'lying,' what I mean is that I was sprawled out, semi naked on my bed, legs splayed wide, right hand glued to my pussy while my left hand danced its way up and down my body, stopping to caress my breasts and tweak my nipples, bringing every inch of my skin alive.