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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

College Roommates

first-time jpln 2017-12-23

He sat up and explained that he wanted me to cum in his mouth but, before that, maybe I would like to play with him a little. I can't really explain it except to say that it was a little bit sweet tasting and, as Jerry had said, it was a sexual excitement to feel the cum pumping into my mouth. Finally, his climax was done and I just held his cock still in my mouth while I moved my tongue around, playing in the cum. Eventually, I pulled away from his cock with my lips closed and just played in the cum in my mouth with my tongue.

Stick in the mud

first-time NinjaScKae 2017-12-23

She was a short brown-skinned Ebony goddess with a great body, long black straight hair, and lovely brown eyes. Drew walked slowly to me and we danced by the fireplace. I kissed her beautiful mouth passionately as my hands roamed freely to every spot imaginable. As I relaxed and watched her do some provocative and erotic dances, I was hot and aroused beyond imagining. Her sweet love juices continued to flowed, and like a cool spring breeze that blew on money-green trees, I knew Drew loved the way I pleased. Moaning passionately and her body twitched in total ecstasy I watched as her eyes slowly closed. Drew woke up from her brief sl**p; she climbed on top of me and lowered herself on my dick.

An Asian Girl

first-time gflatman53 2017-12-23

She had talked about the wonderful feelings sex could bring to her, and in her own vulgar words had suggested to Annalez to go out and find a man who would put his big hard cock inside that tight little pussy of hers and fuck her brains out. Her sister had called to her into the kitchen, where she had prepared an early diner and left it on the stove for her to re- heat when she was ready to eat, and than had told her that she was going out and would return home later that night, and if the man, who had come over last night, should visit, to tell him that she would contact him tomorrow.

Me, My dad and the restaurant Waiter!

first-time yevedj 2017-12-23

He had a deliciously caramel coloured cock and I too wanted to taste it, but was happy licking my way down through his gorgeous chest hair, smelling his scent and sucking his nipples as Dad sucked on Hadi’s rock hard cock and stroked my own cock with its ample flow of precum to self lubricate. Hadi’s hands found my hard cock and he was gently stroking me, while my Dad had swapped and was now probing my hole with his tongue sending jolts of pleasure that seemed to echo around my body. Hadi released one hand free from mine and began corkscrewing his hand deliciously around my cock and shaft in a slimey lather of precum and lube in unison with his thrusting into my deepest recess, followed by the additional thump of pressure as my Dad went into him.

A tribute to Ms. K

first-time Xtra007 2017-12-23

In big bold letters Joy said that she was aware of me spying on her. In return Joy open her lips to let my cock through. I knead and got between her legs and started to kiss her leg and thighs, as I drew closer to her pussy my mouth came into contact with her pussy she said “I hope my pussy pleases you”. It was not long before Joy said "Oh God Damn, this is to good!” As she slams her closed fist on the bed several times in exhilaration! If I wanted to know anything Joy would take her time and explain and break it down to me. Many times Joy and I would spend from Fri. afternoon to Sunday evening together in a upscale hotel room.

The Maseur

first-time cindyusa58 2017-12-23

“You are smaller than most men I have jacked, but you have a large glan head.” Carl touches the underside of my cock and rubs it lightly. I looked at him liked he’d lost his mind before he continued, "Yea, you give her oral by licking her pussy where she pees, and a men gets oral by sucking his cock where he pees. He continues, “She feels pleasure with your lips on her clit, and he feels pleasure with your lips on the head of his cock.” “You told me you had a woman orgasming and squirting cum gets in your mouth. I know I wanted to jack off Carl again, but his statement about sucking a cock and eating pussy being the same still bothered me.

May's First Day Pt. 02

first-time Laurieandme 2017-12-23

She slipped a hand down underneath her panties, feeling her wetness, slipping a finger inside to stroke herself. She was immediately rewarded with a text, 'OMG you're beautiful,' and a picture of him, indeed naked with his cock grasped in his obviously strong, capable hands. May thought of how much Nick wanted her, and how good it had felt to let him use her last time, and then she came, waves of pleasure rolling over her. Good girl," he murmured into her ear, his hands moving forward, running over her folds, feeling her wetness. Nick moaned in response, his arms behind his head, thrusting gently into her mouth. Nick stroked her clit, and May gasped as he pushed a finger inside her. Nick started thrusting gently, kissing her lips, ears and neck.

Three's Company

first-time chocolategoddess89 2017-12-23

She licked, sucked, & circled her tongue over & over my hard clit, after awhile he told me to stand up and open wide, again I did as I was told while both of them got on their knees & looked up to me with hunger in their eyes. "Taaj, get yo ass in the bed!" She got on her back with her legs straight up in the air, I opened em up and licked her wet pussy mmmmm, it tasted so good. We both got on our knees & looked up to him and his big dick, I took all of him into my mouth as she licked and sucked his balls, he grabbed my head and pushed it deeper until I could hardly breathe.

Breaking the rules and very happy about it

first-time andrea0817 2017-12-23

One of those ladies who told me about his eye for me turned out to be a much older second cousin Maddie who is now telling me how good we look together and how beautiful our c***dren would be. I start at the base pressing him with my left hand to wrap his cock around my face while I work my tongue up the underside of the shaft to the head. I'm on my back with legs spread wide, Ken starts rubbing his cockhead between my lips soaking his cock in my juices. Maddie comes to me, kisses me on the forehead and said "I told you so, I could see it, beautiful c***dren." I stand in my nakedness and she is just looking me all over, inspecting.

a nite with a heavy weight cutie.

first-time Labouroflove 2017-12-23

Once she got me all steamy, she ordered me to.stand on the bed n position ourselves closer to the mirrow, I sttod up n she sat in front of me n started a bbbj, she keeps bbbj n looking up n say dont u.feel like a pornstar, n poor innocent girl like me have to bj.n.choke on yr big Dick, she even stop halfway n ask me take a top vieew shot of her bbbj me, I thinking some other guy will likely get a whattapp photo of it, its was porn stuff , bbbj, deep throat , gagging n saliva all over me b*o, tounge slapping, at 1 stage she begged me to Dick.slap her on the cheeks.

Jerking for the Boss: Part I

first-time ouchfrancisco 2017-12-23

"Fuck no, you don't know my style buddy, I even take my time jerking off!" I said with a laugh. After a few hours of nothing but masturbating, it's pretty fucking intense to just unload all over yourself. Liquored up and intensely horny, I felt the pressure of my rock hard cock pressing f***efully into the front of my pants. Fully nude and rock fucking hard, I began to gently stroke my pale turgid dick. My right hand casually teased my cock when he finally finished up and turned around. He stood silently with a drink in each hand eyes locked on my body. I use my thumb to gently cover my cock head with precum before breaking the silence.

Statues in the Snow

first-time fridayam 2017-12-23

Her hand then took mine lower, down the gentle contours of an adolescent belly and up onto the proud haunch of a woman unafraid of work and along the calf of a woman with the strength to keep going and down to the toes that I had always thought would look so beautiful splayed in orgasmic bliss. I must have looked like a goldfish, my mouth opening and closing as I searched for an answer to her aggressive questions, for suddenly she was laughing that rough laugh again. " 'Lie on the bed, on your back, arms above your head, crook your left knee open.' I did as he told me, and he sketched: quickly, violently, a page finished and ripped off the pad and thrown to one side.

Operation do away with virginty: Frank

first-time frank2013 2017-12-23

I kept virgin all the way to high school and even at the university, i maintained my virginity albeit with a lot of struggle. After the forum, a gathered courage and managed to get her telephone contacts.Thereafter we kept in touch until i went to Europe and she could no longer reach me. She could start getting dirty at times telling me how hot and wet she was and how her pussy was aching to have my pole inside her. One day she asked me whether i fucked girls in Europe and i said no "I want to burry my virginity in my motherland" i retorted. I struggled to locate the entry point of her sweet hole, until she grabbed my pole, teased it with her pussy then pushed it inside her.

my first sexual experiences pt.1

first-time ilike2stroke 2017-12-23

I can recall the feeling of his shaft getting really hard, and a bit bigger while his body shook slightly as his dry orgasm hit. As we got to the loft, we took our pants off completely, and Eric asked what I thought of the woman with a guys dick in her mouth. He retrieved a few polaroid pictures (I have no idea to this day where he got them or who he got them from) of two guys, they looked like high school, age but its a bit fuzzy in my memory, both with nice large hard dicks, in one they were sitting on a bed next to each other, in the second, one of the guys was kind of squatting over the other with thier dicks touching.

The Game Changer

first-time jeffrey16 2017-12-23

But the wine, coupled with the fact I had watched Kaley cum, and now with the dildo firmly inside my own pussy, I was beyond horny and beyond caring. Kaley looked astonished, but she quickly used her fingers to rub my clit, as the rabbit had flown out of my pussy at the onset of my orgasm. I had no idea where it had came from, and to be honest I later realized that it meant she wasn't as shy as she had let on that day in the sex shop, but she just smiled as it began parting my pussy lips. I was exhausted, but Kaley still wanted to fuck me, so she rubbed the head of the strap-on dildo on my pussy to lubricate it, and then thrust it in with reckless abandon.

Wrong Time for a Trip to the Bathroom

first-time klammer 2017-12-23

I see your pretty face smothered in way too much brightly colored makeup, loads of cheap jewelry just dripping from your ears, fingers, wrists, neck and ankles as you lovingly wrap your lips around me and suck on my big black dick... Loads of rings will adorn your fingers and your pretty wrists will be covered in loads of loudly jangling bracelets, their noise, along with that from your large chandelier earrings will proclaim to everyone that a proper little sissy is coming their way..." Just imagine the creamy pink of your little virginal sissy lips engulfing my throbbing nine inch cock, letting my meat slide all the way down your tight little throat before I shoot a full manly load of hot white cum into your belly.

Ceres Calhoun's first time

first-time camay1997 2017-12-23

Ceres began rubbing her freshly waxed pussy thinking how long before Wade would be able to fuck her when the door opened. Rather than be embarrassed Ceres was determined and said, "Well Wade didn't pop my cherry anyone else want it?" Ricky and two other boys came in. Micheal upon sight of Josh nutting, came in Ceres mouth, but it was only a little. Ceres got up and sat on the bed, spreading her legs, beyond the point of comfort, and began finger banging her freshly waxed pussy waving Ricky in. Thinking that's what they liked, Ceres began to finger her anus, when three more guys walked in.

little bl**d around my cock

first-time adel5000 2017-12-23

With tears in her eyes, Tina walked over to the tub and started pulling her clothes off. cum at the tip of my cock, and slowly taking me into her hungry mouth. Tina took my cock further and further into her mouth, moaning softly as she did, until I fucking good!" Tina had her hands at the sides of the tub and was wiggling her hips school for a very long time." She said with a sexy giggle. fucking wonderful!" She said as she started moving up and down. Cum for your little slut, Daddy!" She yelled. My softening cock stil inside her pussy, she moaned, Daddy, I don't She stiffened and jumped up off my soft cock, cum dripping from her pussy and out of

Rudy Goody turns Rudy Woody

first-time Rockwell 2017-12-23

A week later, Debbie run to Rudy Goody's house on roller blades, clad in shorts, teeny tank top and lugging a back pack. Debbie moans and holds both of her tits together making her nipples more closer together and Rudy can go from one to another within a short distance. "Rudy, you have pussy fingers," Debbie says breathing raggedly. Debbie starts cupping Rudy's balls with one hand the other one glides the heel of the palm up and down the underside of his dick. "Rudy, I like the size of your dick, not frighteningly big," Debbie says as she forms a thumb and forefinger ring and strokes it from the top down to the base.

Oral Values: Aficionada's Anamnesis

first-time Global Carol 2017-12-22

It was the turn of the phrase "errant seamen" in her book she was reading on late Seventeenth Century England that caused her to fantasize about errant semen slowly dripping down her chin to land between her overlarge breasts, there to be saved until she had slid into her mouth all the cum that remained on her face and would delight in finding some more of the tasty orgasmic substance. Rolling the semen around her mouth, she felt tingles at her nipples and between her legs, and her body continued to shake, her breasts reacting like Jell-o molds, quivering on her lovely naked chest.

New Virgin Escort's First Date

first-time KissedMany 2017-12-22

The young student had spent many evenings masturbating her throbbing pussy thinking about the wonderful thick black manhood of Fran's husband that she had once tasted in her mouth and the heavy balls she had held in her tiny palm. When Celeste's cell phone call came from the driver, she was ready and with her cello went out of the student's residence to the waiting limo. "Yes boss I am unzipping my pants and taking out my hard cock to stroke while I look at this beautiful young lady." Bradley opened the limo door and with a tip of his hat he simply said, "Thank you Miss." and silently carried her cello beside her to the door of Mr. R.'s penthouse apartment.

Sluts In Training pt.1

first-time 2017-12-22

My cock was about half way out of Becky's cunt when mom stopped and stared as she softly said, " god." I looked towards her then realized her gaze was locked onto my pussy juice coated shaft where I pierced my s****r. It's just that........holy shit son, I've NEVER seen one as big as yours and you aren't even hard." I started to cover back up but mom placed her hand on mine as she very softly said, "No.....don't. Mom's face turned down towards my cock in her hand and she gasped "Oh god," just before she took my tip in between her lips and flicked it with her tongue.

Better Then Before: Charlie and Michael

first-time juanwildone 2017-12-22

This is fine.” Charlie's knees were still bent and Mike couldn't help but look at the junction between her legs. Mike kept working Charlie's knee and stretching out her thigh - the wet spot was growing larger. “What am I supposed to do about that?” Michael wanted to think that Charlie felt the same way about him as he felt about her – how could it be though? Charlie alternated between looking up at Michael and feeling this was the best decision she’d ever made and closing her eyes. She felt his cock swell and prepared herself – this too would be a first, allowing a guy, no wanting Michael, to cum in her mouth.

Mature and the ass virgin

first-time smallcock 2017-12-22

A few weeks later I saw him walking home from school, "Jay" I shouted, as he came towards me I said "You sure you're gay", he said "No not sure I just think I might be", I said "Come down to ours and we can talk about it" "Ok" he replied. With that I unbuttoned his shirt slipped it off his shoulders, leaned forward and licked his nipples, he was sat there looking bewildered, as I moved up to his neck and then onto his cheek, lifting my face away I turned his to face mine and ever so softly I kissed his lips.