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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

How Bimbo Felecia Got Her Start!

first-time BigBoobiesBasement 2017-12-22

As she looked over her body she started to feel herself getting wet. She was getting very aroused by the look and feel of her new body. As he stood before her, dressed in a perfectly tailored suit, her mind suddenly turned to thoughts of cock and getting fucked. She didn't know who he was but her urge to drop to her knees and worship his cock with her inflated lips and tits was impossible to resist. You probably thought you need to be smart and successful when all you really wanted was to be sexually desirable to men. As her warm lips parted and his cock filled her mouth, the last thing she remembered hearing was his voice telling her, "Ah yes, we shall call you Felecia!"

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch1

first-time 2017-12-22

Even thought he was mean to his s****r, looking at her tits would give him an extreme hard on and we would jack off to her boobs at night, laying in his room, thinking about devouring them and mashing them around on her snow white chest and just suck on her small, red nipples for hours and hours. Just like all guys, he gets really turned on by their bodies, especially their enormous jugs, especially when they hug him and they press their big tits on his chest, his cock feels like its ready to burst. After a few minutes of his big balls smacking her ass, his huge dick sliding up and down in her pussy, feeling her pussy tighten around his cock and his titty sucking, finally brought Brittany to cum and have more orgasms.

Timid Ch. 02

first-time ekm5 2017-12-22

She was kind of stunned at the audacity of him and a bit annoyed...Sure...he looked good...okay, really really really good...But usually guys got the message when they were ignored. She could either go back out like a trooper and try to talk to Anthony without looking like an innocent, inexperienced fool or run from the club as fast as she could and hail a cab...Yep! Sorry!" Ale turned to look at the guy she had just ran into on her way out of the restroom and much to her chagrin, it was Anthony. She decided that she would call it a night too, and hope that Anthony would ask for her number...maybe this was the type of guy that she could get to know.

The sperm donor

first-time john1195 2017-12-22

This day, a young good-looking technician appeared and told me to follow I sat on the bed, and said, "Hey -- it'll only take a short time At the same time, Peter started rubbing my cock. After the sperm donor episode with Peter I was hooked on guys. knew that I was hooked on guys and also knew that Peter did not want to his cock and hard pecs and running his open hand over the ripples of his He smiled and said, "Sure, guy, whatever." "Tony. you to do to me whatever gay guys do to each other." I looked at his shorts my eyes and pleaded, "please suck my cock, I've wanted this for so long." I

The First Time

first-time moll65doll 2017-12-22

Whenever Ken mentioned he wanted to know what I was wearing I ran away like a deer. I gave him a warning look and whispered him to stop but I think he took it the wrong way. I heard the earthy gurgling and laughed, remembering all the times he asked me online if I brushed my teeth after eating. I think we had a small cat fight right there as he tried to slide his hand too close to the skin, but eventually, my body had to surrender. I kissed him wildly now, on my own initiative, my mouth making his eyes close for a moment, and making me laugh, just as he did.

George and Ryan Ch. 02

first-time ReefBeach 2017-12-22

She had come in as George had had her first climax and she had seen Ryan's fingers in her friends cunt, seen her pussy lips contract with pleasure and leak her juices down her quivering thighs. When they both relaxed (there were now pearly white streaks around George's pussy lips), Erica realised she had been holding her breath all through both orgasms. Erica found herself sitting on the bed, arms still pinned, with Ryan above and behind her kissing and nibbling her neck and shoulders, and George... She panted with desire and moaned with pleasure as George's fingers pushed through her sodden pussy lips and stroked her sensitive clit. George started to wriggle her hips, working her way up the bed until her pussy hairs were rustling against Erica's fuller breasts.

A Medical Intervention

first-time Nakod Apa 2017-12-22

Medical students soon learn that they are looked on by many as a source of free advice, even before they really know anything; still he hadn't thought Cedric would be one of those. Many said Cedric was too young and inexperienced, too overcome with grief, to be the guardian of a young girl but, as always, he did his own thing and moved Tamara into his flat. Settled in the living room, the latest tidings shared, the beer almost gone, Roger said, 'And what's this problem you wanted my advice about?' Astonished Roger looked at Tamara, 'How come you're still a virgin?' 'Before everyone gets excited we need to check and see if it looks possible.' Roger wondered if Tamara was really willing.

I had to Find Out

first-time blondsubles 2017-12-22

I moaned around Ronnie's dick and pressed my body into James's hands as they massaged my tits. The stimulation of my pussy caused me to redouble my efforts on Ronnie's dick and I began to suck harder, my head picking up speed as I took about seven inches in my mouth. Crawling up, he looked me in the eyes and I felt the head of his cock push past the lips of my pussy. The sight of James fucking me must have aroused him again because the next thing I felt was Ronnie's dick pressing into me. I gasped as I felt the head of Ronnie's dick slam against my cervix, each thrust pushing my head further onto James' cock, which was coming to life again as I sucked it.

Claiming Isa Ch. 01

first-time kush25 2017-12-22

But I will pay what you asked for only after you get that place fixed." I said calmly, not wanting to argue with Isa this time. Knowing Isa, I didn't think she had gotten that place fixed but I was simply out of options and I had to make it work until I found a new place or be homeless. Isa continued to shout in pain and soon as I slipped into a rhythm, her screams of pain evolved into moans of pleasure intensifying with every pump of my dick inside her pussy. Isa would scream harder and her body would go in a sort of spasm with her torso arching up, head bending over and eyes rolling up and her pussy gripping my dick like a vice every awhile.

love letter from cheating girlfriend

first-time kateyoung 2017-12-22

Lets do this right this time. Knowing you, a few hours in a public place with me teasing you constantly will definitly turn you on. When we get back (either to your place or we could get a room)you will have hands down the best sex of your life - and i know you have had a lot - but trust me i will blow away the competition. I'll be begging to feel you inside me, all though this time I am on top. I'll make you last longer than you ever have by bringing you closer and closer to cuming, but I wont let you until i am ready. Then you will know what you have been missing. Thats round up for a second time.

Kissed her til she came

first-time Trim_Reaper 2017-12-22

As her breathing began to speed up, I continued to tease her tongue slowly and deliberately, all the while holding her firmly in my arms. I told her something to the effect of "I'm going to kiss you again and this time I'm not going to stop." I figured that if I was going to calm my nerves, I better do what I did best and that was to use my lips, tongue, teeth, and hands. I slowly licked her neck while rubbing on her nipples and then went back to kissing her deeply. As I continued to kiss her, she got tenser and tenser until she suddenly tried to pull away and breathelessly said "I cumming....oh my god....I'm coming!"

Dads Little Slut got pregnant

first-time 2017-12-22

“Yeah, that’s what you get for playing around with mommy and daddy and telling them you want to get knocked up” groaned Ashok as he shoved in and out and in and out, pulling Kavita’s hips against him, shoving his cock in hard and stretching her little brown asshole. “Mommy needs daddy’s first dose of cum, then baby girl gets one…” groaned Pramod as he pumped furiously into Geeta’s cunt, making Kavita bounce against her mommy’s t it as she sucked. “Now it is time to sit on daddy’s big thick cock, sweetheart.” Kavita looked confused for a moment, but things cleared up quickly when Geeta said “Daddy’s going to help hold you still so Ashok can pump his cum into you and keep you in just the right position to make a baby.”

Aliandre's Story Ch. 02

first-time aliandre 2017-12-22

As the kiss deepened, our tongues began to twine around each other, and he sucked my lower lip into his mouth as his hand slid to the back of my head. As his mouth neared my nipple, he began to lick -- his tongue moving very deliberately over my soft skin, tracing my tan line right down into my cleavage, and then following the lacy edge of my bra from one strap to the other and back again. Then I slid one hand down to cup his cock and balls -- again I was amazed at how hard he was , how big! And I want to suck you till you cum in my mouth, just like last time." As I spoke, our hands were working together to undo his belt and his jeans.

Virgin Guy's First (What If) Ch. 02

first-time lex8508 2017-12-22

A couple minutes later, "Holy shit babe, holy fuck, I just came one of the strongest orgasms of my life, and we are both still fully clothed and you aren't even doing anything to me!" With that she pulled back and looked into my eyes and for the first time realized, I was off in la-la land, my eyes were just slits, I was breathing very slowly, you could feel the very defined 'thump-thump' of my heartbeat, and there was no light in my pupils.

A Double Storm

first-time Rex Siter 2017-12-22

Peter's deep interest in the way nature looked or acted was often far away from the more down to earth interests of others his age. Even now, seven years later, Peter could remember the way eyes had looked at him pityingly, before turning away to continue their pleasures. Peter looked, and observed the corn swaying as it had earlier, and almost smiling, he dared himself to use the imagery he had already committed to memory, "Under a wayward breeze the corn moved with the sensuous undulations of an aroused woman." he said But as the breeze immediately dropped Peter was anxious to show off to this unexpected companion, "And moved on---a fickle lover to another field." Looking south, he noticed the charcoal line had widened.

Black Teacher

first-time RandomStorywriter01904 2017-12-22

When she got to the end, she lashed her tongue against my cock in multiple places, I started breathing slightly heavier, and she slowly brought it out of her warm, wet mouth. I got on my knees, placed my rock-hard dick in-between her massive jugs, and started moving it back and forth. I started fucking my beautiful ebony teacher's hot, soaking wet pussy, each push feeling as good as the last. The only person who seemed to be enjoying this as much as me was Alison-every push of my massive dick into her dripping wet cunt caused another moan of pleasure to leak from her mouth. "I'm glad my virginity was taken by such a fucking hot woman." I informed her, while she licked the remaining cum off of her big, black tits.

My Mom

first-time zimabean 2017-12-22

Kelly had never got my attention before, but seeing her naked caused my dick to get hard. The men got dressed and left and Kelly and mom went to bed after talking for a while. I got on top of mom and slid my hard dick into her tight cunt. I fucked Kelly again and we feel asl**p with my dick inside her cunt. I woke up the next morning with my dick still in her, it was hard as rock and ready to cum, I just let flow filling Kelly's cunt with more of my sticky cum while she was still asl**p. I got to fuck Kelly and mom all the time after that night.

Daddy's beautiful babe (part two)

first-time 2017-12-22

Daddy smiled and said "lick it anywhere you want, open your mouth and suck on the tip like you are eating a banana, but make sure your teeth don't touch it." He said softly. It drove him mad, I kept going till I felt precum seep from his dick onto my tongue, then I went faster with my motions, sucking on his head, moving my hand fast and hard til he exploded in my mouth. My father pulled his fingers out, and shut off the toy then said "open your mouth, I did and sucked my cum off of daddy's fingers then he released the bonds and kissed me like a big girl "up you did beautifully princess" he complimented, I looked down between my soaking wet kitty and thighs and saw the bed was soaked, "did...

BabySitter on a Hot Night

first-time Ashson 2017-12-22

Jeff was standing at the door, looking worried, but I saw that change to relief as he spotted Marie asleep on the bed next to me. I thought that a sweet young child like you might be nervous after that little accident, afraid that I might come back with evil intent." He pulled out of me and pushed back in, moving nicely and firmly, Jeff knowing exactly what he was doing, and it was a case of, fucking hell, that's why he wants to move. "On a hot, sticky, night like this, you'll find a cool shower will work wonders," Jeff said, helping me up off the bed.

My slave, My Hucow

first-time Pacemen 2017-12-22

I liked this idea very much, after a good long chat on how to get her to produce Milk without getting pregnant, I did a little reading on the subject at the local Library as there was no internet back then. From the time the pumping started I called her Hucow and she loved it, and her orders were that she would produce enough milk every day so I could eat my Rice Bubbles and have my cuppa tea with milk from her. Around 5 to 6 weeks after starting I was at work (can't remember the time frame exactly) and she called, she was very excited that was easy to tell, she got her first drops of milk at home on her lunch break.

b*****rly love

first-time yevedj 2017-12-22

I could feel the warmth of my br0thers body spooning with me in the bed, his hard cock warming my perineum and nuzzling my balls from behind, somehow he had got his briefs off and his cock fully between my cheeks. I raised my arm as if still asl**p and pushed against him, feeling his cock slide out from between my legs, he moved a bit, but was still on his side propped up on one elbow, his hand still gently stroking my hard wet slimy cock. With one last plunge I could feel I was about to blow and the warm tingling sensation of orgasm radiated through my body as I pulsed and contracted shooting load after load of hot cum into my loving Br0’s ass.

A new sexual encounter

first-time wifethatrocks 2017-12-22

We got to the Tom's house and my husband turned the car off, I said what are you doing and he replied going inside to hang out and have a drink. My hubby said Tom go tell him its ok and he can come watch if he wants. My husband sat up, I looked over and said no I want Tom to try it, if that is ok. It wasn't like the movies, I kept trying to put two in my mouth at one time and only my husband acted ok with it, the other two didn't want their cocks touching.


first-time HappyReading212 2017-12-22

Cate has also had a normal life until that one day that everything will have changed for her. Cole laid down on the bed and Cate got on top of him. "Oh good thanks Cole!" Sarah answered. Cate and Sarah started tongue kissing. Cate sat down on my penis again an started the bounce. Cate got going so fast she started moaning really loudly. Cate got off and came over to me so i could suck her breasts. Cate sat down on my stomach and started rubbing her breasts against Sarah's as they Sarah bounced on me. Cate wanted another turn so we laid on the bed all day and all night having sex until we were exhausted.

The Banquet, the panties,the Agent, the wife

first-time morepantiesplease 2017-12-22

My wife just seemed so distracted that Friday when she came home from work. Trying to spark some kind of conversation I asked if it wasn't getting close to that time of year for the “Agents Reception” My wife works in a highly specialized area of insurance as an agent rep. what the hell is happening here?” Carol told me that about 9:45 my wife had shown up at her door and was sobbing so hard that she could barely breathe. Carol asked me to sit and my wife started to talk. “I wasn't going to fuck him and I didn't...but he did want a set of panties that I wore to the banquet.