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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time john1195 2017-12-22

Nick could clearly see the outline of the boy's balls and cock. boy's eyes strained to take in the huge male pouch, Nick's cock As Donny climbed out off of Nick Cummings's bed, he Donny felt Nick's big solid rod rub up and over his balls, up with his other hand and began feeling Nick Cummings's big Donny couldn't resist placing his mouth over Nick's cock of the way and he sucked Nick like an experienced cock sucker. shooting a load of fresh hot cum into his cock sucking mouth. Donny's cock shot hard into Nick's mouth. Todd saw that Donny's briefs were soaked from pre cum slid his hard, pre-cum dripping cock into the fly-slit of Donny's


first-time chrissieCD 2017-12-22

He reached out and grabbed my wrist pulling me closer toward him saying "Chrissie you have all day to work and I'll only be here a short time." "I don't hate that idea Chrissie, but I think I'd rather fuck you." he said pulling back against his hard body. "Oh God yes Chrissie." he said as he began to rim the edges of my "pussy" and occasionally slip the tip of his tongue into my tight little hole. Colin let out a soft moan as he began to shove the head of his stiff cock into my fuckhole. stiff member up my "pussy"......until I said........"Yes Baby shove that fucking cock in my "pussy".......I want to feel all of you inside me!

Swing Time Ch. 04

first-time l8bloom 2017-12-22

Jake coaxed the cymbals a little higher and Allison didn't know what to do, so she held the last wail like a woman in the throes of passion, which she was. By the time Hillary asked her teacher for a ride home, he was feeling so good he didn't care. She had fantasized several times about this moment: Jake Olaffsen in a tux, herself dressed to kill, as the two of them tore down the road in his black sports car. "I want you to look at my legs." She lifted the hem of her dress to reveal the tops of her stockings. "Do you know what you've done wrong, Miss Fairchild?" He rubbed his hands over her ass, soothing her skin beneath the velvet.

I Lost It

first-time Tunak Mizaz 2017-12-22

After that I would retire to my bed, fantasize about her in all the possible nude postures and shake myself well till I shoot the cum all over my bare tummy, wipe it and doze wake up again next morning dreaming about the cunt, I could only get a distant dim view of in the hours of midnight. Soon it was time for bed, and the two women retired inside, and I was left to toss and turn on the couch in the living room. This was the first time my cock had got so much attention, otherwise till date I was only stroking it in the dark of the night, dreaming of the cunt hole of my Queen.

University Life

first-time mainmaned 2017-12-22

Liz starts to moan louder and louder then starts to grind on me, I roll us over so I’m on top on her and rubbing my cock on her pussy through her thong. Liz is moaning louder and louder and grinding my face, “Oh fuck Jason, oh my god yes, keep doing it just like that baby,” she wraps her legs around me and tries to pull me in even closer. “Oh my fuck, right there Jason holy fuck, I’m cumming soon, don’t stop, fuck fuck fuck, yes baby!” Liz screams, shes riding my face so hard and turning me on so much. “Fuck Liz, keep going baby, I’m close to cumming baby, ride that fucking cock baby”

At the pub (in de kroeg TRANSLATED)

first-time dutchick 2017-12-22

Z pulls hit dick out of my mot hand sais to me: ‘are u ready..?” i look at him and ask ”ehm for what?”. Before i feel the sharp pain of his big dick crushing my pussy, he pulls him in even further and starts to go in and out. He pushes it in deep and sais: “you wanna get my dick in already, or should i warm u up first?” Just the finger was such a shock already, so i asked him if he wanted to warm me up, whatever that may mean. i didnt notice J putting his dick inside me, but when he does it feels like all orgasms i’ve ever had, emerge to one big feeling of extacy.

Dream CUM True First Time Strapon

first-time 425olds 2017-12-22

His fantasies were so real, he could see himself, on his knees, with his face in the pillow, looking back with desperation in his eyes, spreading his ass cheeks, waiting for her to use his hole, to fuck him hard and make his scream like a bitch. He could hear himself begging and whimpering to get fucked, for her to do it harder, for her to use his slutty asscunt for her pleasure, using his body like a toy with little regard for his façade of manhood. Too bad, I was really in the mood for some boipussy tonight and my dick is really hard but I dont fuck newbies, I only deal with real sluts that can take every inch of my black strapon and beg for more.


first-time hellen555 2017-12-22

As i stood looking stuck to the spot he grabbed his penis and began stroking it.He then spoke to me and asked do i want to see closer.I nodded and moved in closer to him.I stood mezmorised as he held his cock,masterbating in front of me.After what seemed an age he spoke again " do you want to do this for me" he said.I nodded again held out my hand and gripped it,i could only just get my hand round it.He put his hand over mine and began to move it,up and down the huge shaft.It felt so hard and hot in my small hand,i thought it would burst into flames.

Ashley's first time pt. 1?

first-time ashleysrecret 2017-12-22

Then a picture of this really hot girl with a face covered in cum caught my eye and i clicked on it without reading the title. The video started with a seductive girl walking over to the man holding the camera, after taking his cock out and sucking it for a moment she stood up to reveal her perfectly smooth sweet cock. i grabbed my laptop and went onto omegle chat to see if i could actually pass as a girl, and the very first guy right off was all over me! i layed back in my bed and just touched myself to cumming all over my outfit and in my panties to the thought that i just had a man cum to me, and a hot one at that!

When i took my s****rs virgin best friend !!

first-time tricky2010 2017-12-22

when i went to visit my mums house at Leeds i found a photo of my s****r & her best friend at the time.. I took notice of what my s****r was upto and when she said one day i'm going to the park with joanne.. Joanne arrived at my mums house and sat in the living room waiting for my s****r.. we did this and while plying Joanne with cider, i got her sat next to me with a blanket over us both, my s****r and mum was in the room. said 'you pair of dirty fucks' and walked out of the room to her bedroom.. All got confirmed the following day because my s****r told my mum..

My favorite time with a man as a Tgirl

first-time JackieRosa 2017-12-22

It was low on my big boobs and very tight so my boobs looked like they have coming out. I was told by my friends I looked hot and like a real girl. I ask him to go with a party my friends invited to after the club and he went and in the car we kiss and I touch his dick. I like his house and he tells me he is horny too. I kiss him more and we roll in bed and sideways and he grabs my tittys and I pull them out my dress. He is touching my body and I rub my small cock in my pantys and he sees and tells me he is more horny.

Ella's First

first-time ChloeBea 2017-12-22

Besides, I kind of like spending Saturday nights at home." My eyes wander to the books stacked high on my bedside table begging me to snuggle down deep in the covers and become immersed in their pages. With Becca gone I start to feel exposed sitting alone at the bar so I order a vodka and lemonade, thrusting my money quickly into the bartender's hand, and take it over to a group of lounge chairs in the corner of the club. I look up into dark blue eyes and my breath catches in my throat, all thoughts of comparing Arthur to every man I meet suddenly disappear. I pour a glass of vodka for myself and gulp it down quickly trying not to think of his hands engulfing other things, like my arms, my wrists, my thighs...

Beth Tries Something New

first-time thinkspw 2017-12-22

At first the guy didn't pay any attention to her, he just grabbed the lady in the hall by the arm, jerking her to her feet, swinging her into the room behind him growling, "Get in here bitch, you're missing it." After swinging the bitch into the room he looked back as he was closing the door and then noticed Beth standing there watching. The moans that came from the woman were a contradiction to her face that looked agonized, they were sweet and sexy and Beth wanted so much to experience what made that whore so happy even with the way he was treating her. A hard slap on her ass made Beth gasp, she was pushed forward allowing the cock to hit home striking her in the back of the throat.

Good Neighbours

first-time deepemerald 2017-12-22

"Hi Denise," he said with his eyes wandering the length of her body, from her sweet face, past her firm breasts in the C-cup bikini bra, past her thin waist, on to her rounded hips and the wet material that indicated a very trimmed bush, and along her curvy thighs to her feet. Then he started kissing his way down her lightly tanned body, running his tongue along the white lines where the bikini bra had covered her breasts. They panted louder and louder and Luke licked his finger before reaching down to massage her clit that was poking out like a red berry from her pussy lips. Denise's moans got louder and louder and Luke squeezed her tits hard.

The Maintenance Request

first-time needthatstuff 2017-12-22

I mean she practicly fucked me, sucked me, and drained me with a glance and my little nasty ass loved it. She comes back into the kitchen and smiles real big while looking up at me on the ladder with my dick just inches from her face. She asked, "You wanna fuck me in the ass while I play with my pussy?" That one was new! Now about that time I hear my super on the radio telling me he is headed my way. I pat her on the ass, kiss her raw kitty and tell her, "Sure I would love to eat you tomorrow for lunch." She chuckles and walks off.

To Ma'am with Love

first-time dashyashy116 2017-12-21

They looked like a orange slice, filled with juice, just waiting to be crushed in my mouth. "I have seen many men in my life, the handsome ones filled with over-confidence trying to take me to their bed, impressing me by their beauty. And she was just closing her eyes, absorbing all the pleasure she could, like a black hole absorbs matter. I figured that I could suck at her boobs till another big bang and still couldn't fill my pleasure storage tank with it so i decided to move on. My nose started processing that strong, sea-like smell which might have made my cock burst just to release the blood pressure it sustained.

Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #1

first-time petdyke 2017-12-21

Stella invites her best friend Marina to share our hot holiday in Spain. We both smiled as Marina told Stella not to wear a slip tomorrow, also as her sexy Servant. Day 1: Mistress Marina and Servant Stella slave Peter Marina smiles, as Stella slaps my face and tells me: Serve your Mistress and me, you slave. Marina sees how fast Stella comes from being fucked with no way to escape. Marina wants to know all the dirty details of our earlier role-play love life from Stella. Marina moans as her hot sexy Servant eats her out till her Mistress comes hard in her face. Marina wants her Servant to lick her till she comes, while her slave shall bang her holes.

My first time :)

first-time 2017-12-21

She liked watching chicks getting it on, along with any porn movie that showed the over-muscled, Viagra-overdosed men trying to have sex with women who owned expensive pairs of tits. I told you this probably wasn't your type of movie." She replied with "No, I'm so fucking turned on right now that my underwear is soaked!" This had never happened before while we were dating, so I asked her to show me. She asked me not to be so rough with her, but I pulled her by her hair and said softly to her, "You begged me to use you, so I'm going to fuck you like I want to fuck you.

My grateful niece

first-time Ticlem69 2017-12-21

"Well thank you uncle, I feel like a lady having a man hold the door open like this for me". She got closer and kissed me on the cheek again but held my face, all the while my arm brushing her firm tit. She wouldn't move back out and looking into my eyes said:"Let me thank you" and kissed me full on the lips. Still kissing me, she took my left hand, on her stomach and put it on her right tit. She started to breath a little harder and looked into my eyes - let me thank you. And having those hard little nipples in my hands didn't do anything to stop her either.

In the Paddy Field

first-time maanmathan_playboy 2017-12-21

Meanwhile, Anand took two days permission from his company and reached his home just in the wee hours of the Big Day. Their joy knew no bounds and it wasn't a long wait before the appointed time. The calm and stillness of the approaching night broke with Anitha's shrill screams and moans of pleasure as Anand's tongue expertly dug deep inside her craving pussy. Finally, when she came to her senses a bit and saw Anand shirtless with a loving smile kneeling in front of her widespread legs, Anitha couldn't protest further and willingly readied herself to lose her virginity to the man she loved the most. "Ahhh...mmm..." Anitha couldn't help but moan each time Anand thrust deeper inside and she wrapped her legs tight around his hip to facilitate his moves.

My first time as a BBC sextoy for a white couple!

first-time domblkbullmt 2017-12-21

She then completely undressed, and climbed onto the bed and spread her legs and asked me if I wanted to eat some hot wet white pussy. I said yes, then climbed between her legs and started licking and sucking on her clit slowly. When I was ready to explode my hot black seed, she asked me to pull out and to shoot my hot cum all over her big soft white that moment I pulled out of her fast and exploded all over her tits......then the hubby came over and licked them clean.....I was amazed to see a white man do that, but was also turned on by seeing it.

An Awakening

first-time kathyd 2017-12-21

I liked the way Michelle knew what I was intending, because she leaned forward and took the strawberry into her mouth without using her hands, allowing my lips to touch hers. I opened my eyes and saw that she had brought her face closer to my cock, perhaps six inches or so away, and she watched intently as my hand moved up and down, stroking my swollen member. She returned to the bed, quickly grabbed the shaft of my cock once more, and started pumping her right hand again. Michelle continued stroking me, and she watched the end of my cock intently as my spasms caused a third, fourth, and fifth spurt of ejaculate.

Meeting another chastity couple

first-time redunder 2017-12-21

I said when is the last time a woman, tied you face down across a table. As my wife slips out of the booth the other woman turns to me and twists my chastity cage even more. Your wife said you’re a good cocksucker the other woman told me. How many times do you think my boyfriend should cum today the other woman asked my wife. Her boyfriend tied my hands to the legs of the table while she pulled down my pants and underwear and left them hanging around my ankles. As I sucked his cock, I saw out of the corner of my eye my wife had gotten dressed and was sitting on the couch, with the other woman, and they were sipping cool drinks and watching the floor show.

College is a Time to Explore Ch. 01

first-time ddogg44 2017-12-21

I almost always fantasized about fucking Kennedy and cumming all over her face like a porn star. But all I could think of was Daddy's magnificent cock, and when I came warm spunk all over my face I imagined it was raining down from his. He pulled my cock down between my legs and swiped up a glob of my precum and reached around shoving his fingers into my mouth. Once he finished, he oozed the rest of the cum out of his shaft and dragged it across my face, and gave each of my cheeks a couple smacks with his hefty cock for good measure.