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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fantasy becomes reality with a BBC

first-time santacruz001 2017-12-21

"You always say you wanna be able to talk about sex so tell me why it turns you on thinking about a big black cock fucking your wife?" she asked before letting out a long sexy moan. He says he wants to see me get fucked by a big...she reaches to rub his erection through his pant never breaking eye!" "Isn't that right honey?" she asks once again teasing him. She pressed her hand down onto Michaels erect dick thru his pants with light pressure and moaned into his ear with her mouth opened as Alex slid a finger into her pussy.

Hot Tub, Beer & 3 Girls

first-time 2017-12-21

I was just sitting back enjoying watching Debbie & Lori get chip out of the swim tops. When Debbie stood up & faced away from me to remove her top to clear chips I developed an instant hard on catching sight of the side of her right tit. Debbie reached over & felt my hard cock & let the other girls know about it. Since Brenda & I were naked we both felt that it was only right that Lori & Debbie a least take their tops off. That summer was great, I loved when Lori, Brenda & Debbie would come over & bring a friend that needed to know about the male body or just see a naked guy.

I've Never Done Anything Like This Pt. 02

first-time Joshua94 2017-12-21

By this point Sarah's body was bucking against his hand and face causing him to get creamed by her pulsing juices. Going faster and faster Sarah started to moan louder once more while Marc could only hold on from the slippery surface of the platform. She ground him into the platform as she moved his left hand to rub her clit which Marc was happily able to do for her increasing her pleasure ten-fold. That was it for Marc, he exploded into her but the pleasure was something he couldn't even comprehend...Sarah then orgasmed right after him the pleasure bar that she had set was obliterated as she felt her orgasm rip through her body like paper.

My First - and Only - Threesome

first-time damonaffleck 2017-12-21

Kneeling on the bench of the table, he started kneading my tits and playing with my nipples, his cock and balls dangling near my face. I took Jeff's cock in my hand and proceeded to suck the head into my mouth, as I'd done his b*****r minutes before. I sucked Jeff's cock as Jeremy mercilessly fucked my cunt. Jeremy pulled his now-deflating cock out of my cunt and Jeff did the same from my mouth. "You're beautiful with a cock in your mouth", Jeff said from on top of the table, between my legs. Cum oozed from my pussy and my mouth as the boys pulled their cocks from my holes.

Mike's fantasies About his best friend's

first-time XXXNoBounds 2017-12-21

Nevertheless, there was one thing Mike had never told Justin or Kelsey--that he would beat himself off at night to fantasies about Lauri sucking his cock and the two of them having wild sex. You like taking this young cock up that hot pussy?" Mike panted, not missing a stroke as he fucked her. As the two best friends went to the gym not long after, Mike thought to himself that Justin's little s****r may have been hot and a great kisser, but Lauri was certainly the best pussy he had had to date. " love it in the back, your ass is so fucking tight and hot!" Mike called, pushing more of his prick into her pink asshole.

Taking Advantage of my Teenage Babysitter

first-time Acebottom 2017-12-21

I'm making myself so horny that it takes me a moment to realise that Olivia has eagerly accepted my offer to help and is bending over the other sofa picking up her handbag from behind it, and I get to see that in fact today she is wearing light pink panties, and unbelieveably they are a little damp on her pussy lips. Soon she starts to moan again and I once again I can feel a f***e building inside her as her second orgasm slowly works it's way through her body and as she screams out loud her pussy starts squirting out even more than before and I can not stop myself from cumming so I f***e my full lengh inside her and release my seed deep inside her pussy.

Daddy's friend

first-time 2017-12-21

Dave let out a long low moan and whispered ' Thats it baby, like a woman does it' Knowing i was pleasing him inspired me to go further so i opened my mouth and fed as much of that meat as i could into my warm wet mouth. just as i thought i was going to pass out with pleasure he thrust hard and fast into me three times and with a gasp and moan i felt him release his come deep into my snatch at the same time an orgasm, the power of which i could not fathom, ripped through me and i collapsed forward onto his back seat and let the waves of pleasure wash over me.

Awesome Sexual Immersion

first-time egmontgrigor2010 2017-12-21

He knew a little about sex because after he turned eighteen she'd educated him in that direction and if he wandered into his parents' bedroom when they were engaged in sex his dad would pull the bed covers over them and they would resume their writhing and grunting and his mom would smile at Alex before closing her eyes and her face would radiate happiness. Alex's mom had told him after high school graduation that males in their late youth experienced sexual connection through the administrations of a thoughtful mother or eager sisters to build their experience before they hit college.

Schwänzchen klein blieb allein...

first-time Heidrun1968new 2017-12-21

Mit Mädchen hatte ich gar nichts zu schaffen und die einzige Person, der ich mich anvertrauen konnte war meine Tante Hedwig. es geht auch ein bisschen weniger, aber ich meine, wenn man wenigstens 14cm hat, dann ist es doch o.k. und was Kleineres habe ich auch noch nie gesehen...., also mach Dir keine Sorgen, ihr Jungs macht Euch da zu viele Gedanken..." "Aber.... dabei muss ich so oft daran denken und mal es mir aus, aber dann denke ich, es geht nicht..." "Jochen, dein Schwänzchen ist winzig... deine Scheide nur einmal..." Und weil Hedwig mir keinen Wunsch abschlagen konnte und es nur gerecht war, dass ich sie ansehen durfte zog sie ihre Rock hoch, ihren Slip darunter aus und schob einen Stuhl vor den Tisch auf den sie sich setzte.


Green Eyed Beauty

first-time MeatMrRock 2017-12-21

I leaned halfway out on the table and took her hands in mine and said thats ok honey.Good game now show him your best moves yet. At this point Luce had pulled his wallet from his pocket and slapped money on the table just in front of her eyes and said three hundred dollars and thats all i have but i want more than just a rub. She wiggled and shook her ass.She strutted around on those high heels and started unbuttoning her blouse and reached inside and pulled her bra out and threw it to Jim. He held it to his nose and inhaled and kept it at his face.

I May Be Small

first-time Ashson 2017-12-21

"Despite having a license," I said, "as far as I'm concerned you're acting like an unruly kid with your little spray-can, and if you don't knock it off I'll treat you like an unruly kid and spank you. "An adult woman who gets a spanking can expect to get it on her bare bottom," I pointed out, and this time I gave her a pretty decent spank on her bottom, leaving a nice red handprint. I handed her the memory stick and she stuck it in the side of her TV, and then watched in shock as a clear picture of her tagging the fence and looking at the camera was displayed.


first-time cocklover47 2017-12-21

So i started helping her undress , had her shirt off , undid her bra , and started licking her nipples getting them hard in my mouth , working my way down her belly i started tonguing her belly button , she said it tickled , i worked my way to her panties , i noticed there was a wet spot there i said wow u are getting wet , i pulled her panties down , and started to sniff her panties , i asked if i could keep them , she said yes , she was quivering a little i told her to relax and just go with it , i gently placed my tongue on her clit , and was licking it , oh it was so nice and hard , and tasted great , as i was swirling my tongue all over her clit i was pinching her nipples , she was moaning with desire , i worked my tongue down to her quivering pussy lips and inserted my tongue into her sweet pussy ,oh she tasted and smelled gooood , i was rubbing her clit as she exploded into my mouth , oh it was so nice , i cant believe i got to suck my neighbors pussy and cock without either one knowing about it.

Food Fight And First Sex

first-time sexharvester 2017-12-21

It was while she was washing my boxers that I picked up a carton of juice and poured it over her bra and knickers, for a moment I thought I had gone far but she gave out a belly laugh and stripped out of them and placed them in the sink with my boxers. She then got my cock trapped between her legs and gave it a friction burn, I was so exited by now that pre cum flowed freely and mixed with the cream cheese already smeared over her legs. I was wrong, a couple of minutes latter she returned with tube of lubricant a pack of five condoms, she gave a coy smile and said that we might need all of them.

Helped by my coach

first-time happy_manwhore 2017-12-21

I got approached by guys in the shower who said they wanted to see my cock hard so they could see how big it really could get. Coach was facing away from us and Cathy giggle a little when she felt my cock swell. Coach had stopped talking, I suspect he was sitting on the couch watching his wife pulling out my cock and start stroking it as I sucked her nipple. This time I was not surprised, I felt it build up and grabbed Cathy's wide hips as I started to cum, I drove my cock deep and told her that I was cuming again! Cathy kept asking Coach if he thought it looked good when I fucked her.

The Babysitter

first-time fotisampini 2017-12-21

Ben turned around to go down the stairs, Sophie looked in aura as his firm bum went down the stairs, she couldn’t cope, she had to touch him soon else she was going to faint. Sophie closed her eyes and let his tongue wander up her leg, her pussy was tingling with anticipation, the thought of Ben touching it drove her wild. As soon as that happened, the feeling of his was cream inside her sent Sophie back over the edge, she let out a large gasp, held Ben tightly, digging her finger into his back, as she tensed all over with pleasure, and had another orgasm.

First Bi Sex experience

first-time tone3270 2017-12-21

In recent times, I have also had thoughts about some of my first sexual experiences, which turned out to be with a male friend, jerking our cocks whilst flicking through porno mags and triple x movies on vas. It got hard and I started stroking it with pre cum oozing out. I am cut and he wasn't so it was cool to see his foreskin moving over his head as he slowly started stroking his cock. it felt warm, soft and hard at the same time and I stroked it slowly getting used to the feel. i could feel every pumping action as the cum shot out and then oozed out of his cock.

Crazy night

first-time commerciale63 2017-12-21

My dad and I went out for a drink the day he got off probation. him if it wasn't for all the beer in my system, but my dad's cool guy, outside the bar, I think my dad started to get the impression that I by the look on my dad's face he now solidly believed this was my place g-string and told my dad the manager paid for him to have a lap dance. We laughed and I told him, "Nah dude, my dad couldn't handle that." "This guy really your dad?" my co-worker said. "Yeah dad I remember." He'd told me that story before once. I laughed and said, "Nah, dad I bet you still look hot as fuck in a

the pool cleaner

first-time m4gnum 2017-12-20

we were into the 2nd wk of our summer holiday.i had rented a private villa with pool and all though not totally secluded it was comfortable enough for my now ex-wife and i to get that all over tan all i could see was his buttocks clenching each time he thrust into her,she started to moan ,i knew she was on the verge of cumming,its something she liked to do when taken from behind,i could that she had got his balls in her hand and was rubbing them quicker and quicker,he was close ,then he came,she came and as he dismounted her,you could see her cum deep inside her pussy HEAVEN

Angel, a ficticious story about Daddy's girl

first-time 2017-12-20

Feeling as if I was teetering on the verge of a precipice, I slid my right hand from underneath Angel's and reached out to trace the curve of her perfect breast with my fingertip. Angel gasped at the feel of my lips pulling at her nipple but her hand went to the back of my head holding me there where I continued to feast. Angel jumped as though she had been slapped at the first touch of my lips on her inexperienced clit but as I continued to gently suck it and let my tongue slip feather-light over it she began to relax and move her hips in rhythm with my sucking. Pulling my fingers from her tight ass I held onto her waist and let the head of my cock press gently against her rosy asshole.

Multiple Melia Part 2

first-time realityischoice 2017-12-20

Her moan grew in intensity and turned into a scream of pleasure as I penetrated her pussy with a finger, listening to her body tell me how to best please her, taking a wet finger of my other hand and slowly, gently entering her ass as she exploded, grabbing my head, grinding wildly on my face as she climaxed, soaking the sheets and my face as spasm after spasm wracked her body. She took a quick deep breath, then looked at me with fire still in her eyes; she reached behind my neck, pulling me f***efully to her, kissing me and grinding on my hard cock-jeez, a little wildcat!

A Real Surprise Party

first-time magas911 2017-12-20

I told my wife, Emily, that my seminar had ended a day early, but I couldn’t switch flights. The deck was dark and the room was lighted, so no one on the inside could really see anything outside, and Emily and Jeff weren’t looking. Those on the deck were sure getting an eyeful as Jeff rammed Emily hard and fast. I could see Jeff thinking that Emily was correct about me offering him a beer. There was no time for Jeff to reply as his wife stormed into the room from the deck. “So inviting folks to my place for a little surprise party for my loving wife is worse than fucking someone else outside of my marriage?” I asked.

Mother-in- law Motel 1st full encounter

first-time Jamie74c 2017-12-20

I went down and started kissing her, laid her back and slowly made my way down between her legs to her pussy which was glistening from being so wet! Her breathing got heavy, i ran my fingers across her dark skinned lips, slowly opened her up and pushed my tongue up into her hole which instantly turned dripping wet " OH FUCK" she said grabbing the back of my head pushing me down onto her hot, wet pussy, thrusting upwards.. " OH FUCK, I'm GOING TO CUM" she screamed as she pushed me away, she fingered her clit hard and fast, let out a high pitched grunt then EXPLODED! " WOW, fucking amazing she said, kissing me and still thrusting her dripping wet, cum filled pussy..

Wild Child Ch. 03

first-time TxRad 2017-12-20

Rita's head flashed around to the back window and she said, "Oh shit," as she quickly lowered her legs and pulled the shirt over her knees. Mary's eyes ran over the front of Rita's tee shirt for a second and then she glanced up at me with a grin. Rita giggled and nodded, "My panties to, I'm naked under this tee shirt." Mary's eyes got very big and her mouth opened slightly. She giggled, looked back forward, and said, "Yeah right, I forgot, you're an old man that no girl could possible want to have anything to do with." Rita giggled and asked, "Want a taste?" She dropped her hand back to her sex and touched a finger to her opening, slipping it inside to the first knuckle.

Happy Halloween Cuckyboy

first-time nigosheeater 2017-12-20

She would allow me enter her cum filled stretched pussy of which she can’t even feel me inside her, I cum almost immediately due to my own excitement having watched my wife getting royally fucked by her black lover. My wife was so excited and couldn't wait for the weekend to come dressed as his personal French Maid, to serve him his fantasy all night long! Clever I though to myself., she knew all along she was going have me sl**p down here so she could be alone up in our bedroom with her black lover serving his fantasy of having a French maid whore to do what ever he wants happily with no questions asked.