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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Roxann Prepares...

first-time Monkeys_paw 2017-12-20

The way your fingers explored my body that night, gently caressing every inch, it felt like sparks were shooting from your fingertips to my skin; you made me feel so beautiful, sexy and loved, then. On the other hand, I could call you in the middle of the night, you would listen to all my moaning and complaining about my love life and then ask me to come over, sit me down with a good movie and a bucket of popcorn, and we could enjoy being together, thereby making me forget my troubles. Not long after that, you took me to a party and I needed some instant gratification to quench my sexual hunger, so I ended up getting drunk and started French kissing a random guy in a back room.

She Doesn't Pt. 03

first-time barnabus 2017-12-20

By now, I knew that she was totally love-starved, but I still wanted to move slowly to allow her the maximum opportunity to enjoy our time together. When she was finished, she put the bowl into the sink and ran water into it, and started roaming the room, looking at books, CDs, and videos. Admittedly, I had no choice, but it was a pleasant experience feeling her against me, even though she insisted on keeping my arms wrapped around her, virtually without moving, the entire length of the movie. He took his hand from my panties and wrapped it around me, holding me also. We held each other and talked a little, and cuddled, but the action was finished for that evening.

My first cuck experence

first-time 2017-12-20

I got up and asked if they want to go to our room she took his hand led us all in that's when he asked if I was ok with him fucking my wife she told no to worry about me as it was my idea what transpired over the next two hours was out of this world his cock was well over 9 inches (mine is 3at best) she cried with joy at the way he used her mouth and pussy . With very mixed feelings I sat there and waited till they returned at some point I fell asl**p woken by the sound of the door opening she came and kissed me full on the mouth and she both stank of and was full of cum later she told three of them used her one in her mouth at all times while another fucked her .

Lost and Found

first-time stonedcrab 2017-12-20

Nine days into this I was sitting on the stoop having a smoke and drinking some Old Forester when an absolutely glorious young girl came walking up to me. "I'm Amy. Do you need any help, like washing the dishes or cleaning the house?" she said. "I don't know, like maybe five dollars if I come to clean the place." she said. It was all new to Amy as she felt my cock and scrotum, going down to smell and kiss my sex. When I sat with Amy she said, "I feel sexy when I have my period. "It's ok, do what feels good to you, Amy. You don't have to do anything you don't want to." I said.

My first teacher

first-time Madhat990 2017-12-20

this was such a turn on to me as i grabbed my dick and started to beat it as she told me sex stories.. she then went down and started to suck my dick and lick all up the shaft.. she started sucking my dick and telling me how bad she wanted to taste my cum.. she told me how she would rub her clit in class looking at me thinking how bad she wanted to fuck me.. the next day at class she acted like nothing had happened but everytime i got up to do something you could see her lick her lips and stare at my cock through my pants..

Freshman Year at Band Camp

first-time thirstygirlll 2017-12-20

Kiss me," I breathe, and Dan leans down and puts his hands on either sides of my face, taking his time. "Hang on, baby." Dan says, and adds another finger to my vagina but starts licking and sucking my clit while ramming into and circling around my vagina. "Okay, Jess, trust me, this will be fun," Cassie says and pushes my legs apart again. I feel her fingers inside me, and she starts to lick me and touch me like Dan did but at this point it feels a thousand times better. While she's tongue fucking and finger fucking me, Cassie looks up at me and asks, "So, Jess, how do you like band camp?"

Amanda's First Time

first-time quietlycrazy 2017-12-20

He sucked one of them into his mouth, teasing it ever so gently with his tounge, and rubbed the back of his fingers across the other in the way he knew drove me wild. I untied and started to push down his pants until my arms couldn't reach anymore, and then my feet took over the job. He looked into my eyes and I realized that neither of us really knew what to do, so I grabbed him and ran his cockhead through my soaking and wanting slit until he was positioned just right at the beginning of my virgin canal.

Sarah's First Time [true story]

first-time blackrockerchic92 2017-12-20

First cupping sort of, and slowly rubbing her entire pussy, she started to moan again slightly, so I parted her lips felt even more moisture come out of her impossibly wet slit. I was biting my lip, suppressing a moan, now it was time, I was more than ready to delve right into that sweet hot little pussy. Repeating this and going faster, Sarah began to breathe heave and felt how deliciously wet she was getting, so I stuck my middle and my pointer finger in, making her moan so much louder. And right on cue, the door bell rang, our other friends had finally arrived, I kissed her one last time and let her taste her self on my fingers.

The Human and The Gliesen

first-time qudduse 2017-12-20

“Can I eat the dinner meal with you?” Annie asked as Ryan walked away. The two of them walked for about 45 minutes when Annie asked Ryan, “Would you want to walk next to me to my living area?” Ryan smiled a bit as he watched her walk away, noting how pretty her hair was and how practically human her hips and waist looked. Ryan sat, taking in his surroundings, and noticed how human-like her quarters were. “I would like more of this also,” Annie said and then slowly stuck her long tongue out and licked his cheek, her half closed eyes gazing into his.

Wife Made Me a Cock Sucker

first-time 425olds 2017-12-20

My wife Sara had expressed her interests in watching me suck another man for the last couple years. Sara's hand pressed my head forward, forcing me to take a lot of dick into my mouth. I felt like I was performing and I didn't want to let my wife down so I tried my hardest to re-enact porn movies. Sara smiled as she gripped the lower part of Jamal's cock with her latex hands. Jamal watched her pushing 3 fingers deep inside her wet pussy I reached my hand up and started to pull on Jamal's balls I could feel them tighten. Swallow like a good cock sucker." My hand pumped his shaft to get the every drop of his black sperm.

Stormy part 2

first-time 2017-12-20

Steve spreads your legs further apart as his head gets Steve moves back down your legs, and legs further apart as his head gets closer. Suddenly, you feel a warm, wet mouth cover your freshly has you in his mouth and you feel his tongue slowly licking With no more encouragement needed, you feel steves tongue Suddenly, he sucks your clit hard, rubbing his tongue You feel Steve getting into it, and he gently pushes your head down his shaft while he pushes towards you with his hips. You feel him slide slowly inside you, firstly his head, then his shaft, inch by inch. You feel steve lean over you, gently pumping his hips into you, making sure every drop is out of him.

Sex with the foreign neighbor down the hall

first-time Raiz3R 2017-12-20

And as I would come home, I would walk pass the laundry room every night only to hear and see stracy humming as she was folding cloths and listening to her music on her headphones. Yes my floor was basically the laundry basket at that time. I open the washer door again slowly and start handing her, her cloths. Jue like girl who wear dee's nasty cloths? As I slowly hand down the basket to the floor right behind her I am staring straight at her ass. She pulls down her pajamas and says, now jue eat ma ass jes? Come home the next night and realized she had washed my cloths and left them in front of my door.

Sally’s virginity

first-time mason_grove 2017-12-20

“If you only knew how this makes me feel, this would be a lovely way to pop a cherry.” She said, before burying my face between her large soft boobs, and began to fuck me, hard. Terri pushed me back onto the bed and I watched on the TV screen as Sally crawled towards the bed and rapped my hard cock in her big soft tits. “Go for it Ben, fill her up with your hot cum.” Terri cried with excitement as she filmed my cock, now banging hard and deep into Sally’s hot wet pussy. “Do you want some?” Terri asked, offering my cock to Sally, who poured some more champagne before sucking me into her mouth.

Wife gives in and loves it

first-time thisboneris4u 2017-12-20

When her husband would get home from work and get into the shower she would call us to come to the back door she would let us in my wife would strip naked and wait on the bed for her husband when he got out of the shower. We made out that next couple nights and talked about it and it made us so horny we caressed each other and fondled each other kissing and licking each other but my wife refused to let me have sex until this was over. Jill and I left drove home went in the house stripped her naked and lay her on the bed I stuck my raging hard cock in her cum filled pussy and fucked about two minutes before I dumped my load in her.


Jade's Choice

first-time WalterCie 2017-12-20

You turn and touch your lips softly to the back of my hand, then close your eyes and sigh as my fingers trail down your neck and center of your chest to stop short of the swell of your mons where I open my hand wide and cover your stomach almost entirely with my spread fingers. My eyes drink in the incredible beauty of the gift from God that is your body before my hands move slowly up the front of your legs, stopping to squeeze and feel the soft smoothness of your inner thighs, then on up to graze the inside of the top of your thighs at the point they meet the soft swell of your pussy hiding inside panties that have become moist with your excitement.

A Little Fun With An Old Friend

first-time greenside80 2017-12-20

I looked to see what my coworkers were doing and since they were all out on the dance floor, I decided to sit and chat with Mario for a bit. Normally, I wouldn't allow anyone except my husband to dance with me like this, but being in such a great mood, I went with it and enjoyed myself. As we danced, I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass through my jeans and knew that he was excited. He began to thrust, taking his time and enjoying the feel of my pussy as I moaned softly. I came very hard and held Mario very tightly as I enjoyed the feeling of one of the strongest orgasms I had experienced in a long time.

Salenna Ch. 01

first-time westaussie 2017-12-20

" Don't stop……..please don't stop," she was begging now, then it happened, her bum came off the pillow, her cunt grabbed his fingers like a fleshy vice and she screamed one long word "Ffffff uuuuu ccccc kkkkkkkkkkk…………………." her cunt shot out about a glass full of cum, wow he'd seen many a woman come before but this was something else, she was crying as the convulsions got weaker and she held him close for a long time, when her breathing had returned to normal she looked into his eyes and said "If you want to lick my cunt anytime, you can, you don't have to ask" then with a twinkle in her eye she asked "Is there anything else that you would like to do to me"

The Meeting.

first-time 2017-12-20

chest.....tummy and skipping over to her thighs......his lips sliding down the inside of her thighs....kissing that sweet flesh through the silk they are wrapped in, all the way down her her knee, where he stops to look at her and wags his yummy tongue at her before placing it against the back of her calf and sliding it all along her leg to her ankle and her heel.......moving onto her shoe........licking her heel all the way to the tip of the spike there.....watching her intently as he takes that spike into his mouth and sucks it into his mouth.......closing his eyes in ecstasy......moaning as he draws it back out and winking at her playfully.

My First Lesbian Experience

first-time 2017-12-20

I think I woke up at about 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom, and when I came back to bed, I laid there for another 15 or 20 minutes, imagining what it would be like to touch her... I was almost too afraid to move a muscle, but I began to tell myself "Whatever happens, just pretend you're asl**p and everything will be fine." I managed to nudge my hand up an inch, and then a few more, till the side of my finger was touching the bottom of her breast. As the minutes went by and she continued to snore, I got bolder and started to brush her nipple through the pajama top with my thumb, pinching it lightly, and then a bit more.

Halloween Treat

first-time need2havelessons 2017-12-20

The host spun Julie to another guest and walked over to Linda where he picked her up by her hair and began to caress her ass. The first woman he fucked was Julie, he had her on her knees and while she was sucking another mans hard cock, the host ass fucked her wildly and then sprayed his cum all over her back. He took each of her wrists and tied them to a bar that had come out of the ceiling, then he walked back to the wall and he pushed another button that pulled Linda and her chair slightly off the floor. Suddenly Julie was under her, sucking her clit and finger fucking her pussy, then she felt a rather fat and rather long hard cock ass fucking the hell out of her.

The First time I Fucked my Wife

first-time jerktoher 2017-12-20

Laying side by side for several minutes and I began to kiss her deeply as she let my tongue explore her mouth while I rubbed her arm, shoulders and neck with my hand. I sat up and wiggled her pants and panties off her and then I moved to kiss and lick the inside of her thighs, taking my time before putting my tongue on her pussy lips. I asked her to roll over onto her hands and knees and I told her I would need to get my cock wet in her pussy to help with the penetration of anal sex.

First Time with Erin

first-time AE_Maccailin 2017-12-20

She let out a soft throaty breath, and Val felt her legs tighten around him a little more. Val looked directly down for the first time and saw her legs wrapped around him, her pussy was inches from his hard, pulsing cock with only his thin shorts and her flimsy bikini bottoms separating them. He felt the damp heat of her pussy right through what little clothes they were wearing as she pressed back hard against his cock and moved her hips, just a little. He slid back with one long, luxurious stroke until just the tip of his cock was still inside her and then pushed back in all the way, grinding their bodies together, and kept going.

Mutual Masturbation: Part Five "A New Friend&

first-time Theo35 2017-12-20

My cock was starting to get hard and being right next to John was trying not to let him see the bulge forming in my shorts.  I looked over at Johns dick as he played with it and told him that he had a great looking cock. Jeff was the first to cum with a nice big load oozing out the tip of his throbbing cock and running down over his hands. As I stated to relax I looked over to see Jeff and John watching the last drip fall from my cock.  John asked a few questions about our previous sessions and then said he had done it once before with one of our other friends.

Love, Mrs. Ayres

first-time DevisPixi 2017-12-20

To his horror, Teddy realized he was listening to Tom fucking Carol and he retreated to Jimmy's room, not understanding why he was short of breath, sobbing, and yet sprouting a hard-on. Unable to repress or delay the surge he felt welling within his loins, Ted rushed into the basement bathroom, dropped his pants, and squirted a load of jizz in the toilet, whispering the name of his true love, "Oh, Carol," until his penis went limp and shrank. Like so many other weekends, Timmy took off with loopy Lauren, sexing and drugging somewhere, and Teddy stayed at the Ayres's house alone—with Carol sleeping in the room across the hall.