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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Time

first-time rob67 2017-12-20

He removed his tongue and turned me round and sucked my oozing cock into his mouth, he held the cheeks of my arse and pulled me right into his throat. My body felt empty as I turned over, Mike held my legs up and Dave pushed his cock back into my gaping hole in one thrust he leaned his chest on mine and started to kiss me. As he pulled his softening cock from me I could feel his cum start to run from my no longer virgin arse, I felt Mike's mouth cover my gaping rosebud and his tongue gently enter me and start to lick the still warm cum out of me.

The Crimson Cello

first-time xtcnymphette 2017-12-20

Would you like that sugar?" he could only nod and moan because she swallowed his cock deep down her throat and the flurry of finger tips, lips tongue and hot sucking drove his cock ever closer towards insistent uncontrollable throbs and cock aching swelling. In moments she had brought his cock to a distorted hugeness, covered it in excited lips, tongue kisses, and now he felt his orgasm filling every pore of his body, every muscle was directed towards streaming cum into this angelic girls mouth. "OH God its sooooooo Good baby so fucking hot oh God Yes Yes, Yes!" He exploded in her mouth and he looked down at her as she swallowed the first thick spray of his cum then saw the satisfied smile on her face as she let the next spurts spray her face and tits.

Son win's Prize but He really wants his Mum (

first-time 2017-12-20

“Plus, I’m not really that bothered about going to Paris son so you would be doing me a great favour if you help your mum see the sights” Dad continued “But this will be the first time I’m meeting lots of new people in the field I want to work in, it won’t look very professional or grown up if I am there with my mum!” I complained “I would love to go with you mum but I would feel really embarrassed and awkward if they all knew you were my mum”. “Mike does have a point Luke” Becky butted in “your mum does look a lot younger than she is, they won’t think she is your mum at all” she said trying to get into my parents good books.

The First Summer

first-time Alibaba 66 2017-12-20

Through half open eyes, he saw a figure come out of the bushes a bit further along the beach and walk in his direction. They walked together up the beach to where they had left their towels, dried themselves a little, and lay down on the sand. As they were walking back home he mentioned that there was a movie showing in the open-air cinema that night, and asked if she would like to go with him. Then she said 'meet me here tonight at 8 o'clock', and she turned and ran down the beach. They sat on the sand and talked for a while, and then she said, "let's go for a swim!" Before he could reply, she stood up and pulled off her T-shirt.


He Came, He Saw Ch. 05

first-time cumallday 2017-12-20

"I thought we could celebrate by renting a hotel room over the weekend, some romantic getaway somewhere and, well, maybe make love for our first time?" She looked as though she had just given her boyfriend the best present he had ever received, grinning enthusiastically in anticipation of his response. With his arms wrapped around his lover taking in the cool night air, Pete told Katrina they had better board the pickup as the ferry neared port. Katrina's black hair coiled softly about her head covering eyes that glimmered with a desire and love of the most primal kind and for a brief, but glorious second, Pete mirrored the look back.

first-time braxskhan 2017-12-20

Almost in tears David pleads with his friend,” please.” Rolling his eyes, the aggressive eighteen-year-old looks at the crotch of Langdon and says,” okay. Using a f***eful tone, he says,” you get on your knees and suck Weston off.” His eyes get round and large David looks back and forth at the older buddies. Large round brown eyes with long nature lashes stare up at Weston, the older boy blushes and pushes away pulling up his pants. Zipping up his trousers Langdon hugs Christopher with one arm around his neck saying,” now, if you don’t want anyone to find out about this or you two, meet us here again tomorrow.” With a huge grin he says out loud,” this is going to be a fun summer.” David rushes from the cover of the trees across the creek and up the other side before Christopher can react.

My trip to the UAE

first-time grain1000 2017-12-20

I started letting my hands wander a bit more about her body, and she did the same, we moved to the bed where we just lay there for a few moments, while I stroked here arms and lower back, she cuddled up to me closer. After her work she came back to see me at the hotel, we had been texting all day and she was telling me how much she enjoyed the new life experience. We started off by sitting together on the bed and talking, one thing let to another and we where kissing, touching and feeling eachother, now of course with one night of adventure behind us it was all easier and more relaxing.

The Tree

first-time Tubatickler 2017-12-19

Then she said, “You must be very gentle with my peach and be careful not to make the entrance to my vagina any larger.” Then she leaned back and spread her legs around the tree trunks again to give him full access to her sex. The young man reached out with his large beautiful hands, placed them on the insides of her thighs next to her crotch, and rubbed them up and down the soft skin of her legs. Then Terri said, stop making me laugh, I gotta pee.” The young man smiled mischievously, and began to tickle her sides and her stomach. Terri traced kisses down the man's neck and chest and tight stomach until she felt his penis touching her chin and then she engulfed him in her mouth.

The House of Falsa

first-time No Panty Girl 2017-12-19

I was attending Laurier University studying Chemistry and Samar was attending King Fahd University in Dhahran close to the Persian Gulf. Samar was studying Petroleum Engineering and hoping to land a position with Sauidi Aramco, a large petroleum refining company nearby. Samar stood next to his father, Abdul Rahman bin Falsa, a truly impressive man in is senior years. As I stood naked before them one applied a warm lather to my pubic hair whilst the other skillfully shaved off my bush with a gleaming straight razor. I did not have to wait long before my boudoir door open and in walked Abdul Rahman bin Falsa still wearing his splendid thobe. I know not how long I had been asleep when I felt Samar crawl into the bed beside me.

April Showers

first-time bluechick1976 2017-12-19

I tried to savor my freedom to move in this place, feeling like I belonged here more than I did in my own house, but before I knew it, I was at my hot spring. He said, "My name is Ben. I didn't mean to startle you – I just thought that a dip in a hot spring looked like a great idea." My teeth chattered as Ben pulled me back into the hot spring with him, cradling me like a baby in the warm water. But as Ben slowly moved his fingers to the place his beautiful, thick penis had just filled, I couldn't believe I used to think dancing naked in the rain was the best anyone could ever hope to feel!

The Auction

first-time ainu2 2017-12-19

"Even harder Sam." I'm already banging into her like I'm going to hurt her but I try to throw my weight behind my shoves and start really pounding, my cock pistoning in her as fast as I can make it. She sort of catches her breath and spreads her legs a little so I kiss down into her crotch as much as I can and use the fingers of one hand to try and pull her bathing suit to the side and kiss her pussy. Maybe it's best to start sort of playing with my cock a little, kissing it, licking it, checking it out.

Happy 2013 Newyear

first-time waxbat 2017-12-19

then quietly i lean over your sl**ping body, slipping my fingers through your soft silken hair, gently i brush my lips across your exposed rosy cheek, kissing it lightly. as my hand twists and tugs at your hair, you giggle saying, “I'm getting goose bumps, how ‘bout you Hun?” with a really good tug, i groan, “oh yeah, i got ’em too baby!” even though your hair is silky soft, they make little crackling sounds as my lips bend and brush them in numerous directions. your ass applying pressure against my cock’s head into penetrating the tight muscles of your pink puckered asshole(this I've dreamed of wanting to do for you, you too i think, ever since the time i got you to cum like a screaming banshee, by just massaging and licking and poking into your anus with just my tongue and finger).

A Baby for Elise

first-time 2017-12-19

I felt James's cock getting really hard and I knew he James stopped fingering me and said "You wanna come you thing that kept me from screaming was James's big cock James was coming, too, and the feeling of his big black James had a man-sized cock and he took charge to know what James's cock would do to my virgin pussy. Like all black men, Ellis was a wonderful Ellis had already felt my ass and his hands went right "Come here and feel it." Ellis lay down with his body strong black man's hands, how badly I wanted to give "Let me suck your cock and make you feel good," I said when he comes, but Ellis filled my mouth like James.

Brotherly Love Ch. 01

first-time wannabeluver1991 2017-12-19

He twisted his neck and turned his head causing the hair to rub gently against my fingers. My heart pounded in my skull as my body physically shivered from head to toe as I longed for his lips against my body, against my skin, my chest, my toes, and my vagina. "I'm sorry love," he mumbled as I moaned into his ear from the pain that gripped my waist as he began to pump his cock in and out at a rapid pace. My legs wrapped around his waist, but did not hold on tight as he leaned back to fuck my shaking body. Within seconds, he let out similar moan and leaned back as his cock twitched deep inside my body.

My First Blowjob

first-time virgin20yearold 2017-12-19

So sofie who had attented the elections informed us (me and the guy we were talking with) what the wining party did, she said: however about a minute of face fucking i removed my dick and while i was still grabing her hair i leaned forward and kissed hair passionetely, our tongues touched and at the same time i could taste my own cock. -mmmm, she moaned too, and at the same time about five long streams of cock juice sprouted out of my cock repeatedly and landed on and in her mouth and hair, she didn't much like the taste of my cum.

Better planning

first-time tysho 2017-12-19

While at the party I was talking to some new friends I met and one guy told me he thought that blonde was hot. I went to my girlfriend and after a while told her what he said. I walked back to my new drinking pal and told him he got me in trouble. Wow. The day came and after dinner and a few drinks and some pot, my wife excused herself saying she felt the wine was getting to her, she only drank g**** juice and didn't smoke at all. Look my wife is naked want to see her blonde pussy? My wife was in bed totally naked and her legs spread wide open enough to see her pussy lips.

First Time W/ A Fatty

first-time horne33 2017-12-19

"Play with my pussy!" I bring up one of my hands and start to play with her clit with my finger while I continue to lick the rest of her pussy. "Patience is the best aphrodisiac." I keep getting close to her pussy with my covered dick and she tries to move her body closer so that she can feel it with her pussy. So after loosening up her hole a bit, I pulled my dick out of her pussy and lubed it up some and slowly and steadily entered her asshole. She then starts to lick to head of my dick and play with my balls. "MMMMMMM," she says and starts to lick up all of my cum off her hand and my slowly softening cock.

Size Matters Ch. 02

first-time mondotoken 2017-12-19

The chubby girl simply nodded in acknowledgement of her aunt's demands and weakly smiled as she watched her exit the house for church half dragging her sad looking cousin along. "No, I haven't ever FUCKED anybody before OKAY ANGIE?!!!" He was confused when he saw the chubby olive hued girl grinning at him figuring she would laugh in his face. "Fuck, you're going to make me cum Angie." She responded by pushing her face directly into his bush and contracting her throat while digging her nails into his taunt ass cheeks. "If you want a girl to REALLY like you Jose, you've got to eat their pussy and do a good fucking job.

My Wife Made Me Her Cocksucker

first-time 425olds 2017-12-19

Yes I’ve told you how I used to suck off my boyfriends and swallow all their cum, deep throating them, letting them fuck my face, or jerking them off onto my tits, and all that, but I only did that because I was experimenting or trying to please guys who turned out to be assholes. I wouldn’t have wanted to jerk off anyway, as I knew right then that my wife was turned on by the thought of her friend getting sucked off, any probably even more turned on if it was me. I bet that husband had so much fun sucking that big black cock while his wife watched,” Sarah said while I tried not to cum. OK, honey, I want you think about Jake’s big black cock invading your mouth and shooting its sperm down your throat!

what do they want....Part # 1

first-time mariafatima 2017-12-19

My husband likes me to dress in sheer revealing tops, go braless in the house and wear short micro mini skirts with no panty or just sheer and even crotchless panty.I never had suck clothing articles and the feel of the material was in itself arousing against my nipples especially. One night after we got home and had been to a park where a local baseball games was playing then to a mall and finally a grocery store I felt as if there were two men for sure watching us and following us. I was naked with only a towel and here were two black men bigger than my husband in height, across their shoulders, huge hands and I asked "please I don't want to do this".

I had a story written for me! *squeal!*

first-time serenastorm 2017-12-19

Fuck you look beautiful as you wank yourself with my dick....holding your gaze, I watch your head tilt back as your rub faster...your moans a little quicker.."Cum for me gorgeous...cum on my cock" don't need asking twice as I feel your body shake and you spasm over my shaft. Faster and harder my cock fucks you, until I'm close..."I cumming"..and as I try to pull out you grip me tighter..."Fill my cunt with your cum" you demand as you feel your second orgasm approach...I love filling your cunt and I fuck hard, grinding down on you til you feel me spurt my load inside hold my hips and fuck against me...rubbing your pussy on my cock til you cum again as the sensation of my spunk trickles down your gorgeous thighs, as I lean forward and kiss you...gorgeous xxx

The Accidental Virgin

first-time CarolinaPeach 2017-12-19

I bent over rather far to get the spoons out, stretched up very sensually to reach the coffee jar on the top shelf, giving him a good view of how tight my leggings were, how thin the material of my shirt was, how erect my nipples were, how my ass moved. I brought my hand up to stop his shaking, took the coffee from him, scooted closer and snagged his darting blue eyes with my own. At last he loosened up a bit, returned my kiss and brought his hand up to touch my breasts. I worked my way down to lick his nipples, running my hands over his body, shoulders, chest, waist, ass, and legs.

Finding a fuck buddy

first-time 2017-12-19

Hubby returns with some nicely filled wine glasses and I notice his demeanour – he looks very hung over which explains why he agreed to share you! I cough, lean forward, swap my wine glass from one hand to the other and slide my hand behind your bottom – you look to see if hubby has noticed, he hasn’t - so you settle back and lift your bum slightly so that my fingers are between your legs. This time I have a bit more freedom and can slowly open your lips with my fingers – just as I do that I ask how long have you lived in this area – you seem unable to talk but hubby says, without turning round, ‘a few years’.

Francesca Schiavone***&*** Williams s****rs

first-time abigblackdick4u 2017-12-19

Francesca Schiavone**** age 29 Almost the whole world, didnt think she had a chance.She is the first Italian woman, to win a Grand Slam single. 6-4 7-6 at the French Open. Also Venus and Serena Williams won their fourth consecutive major doubles title Friday at the French Open. Serena is #1 Venus is now #2 in singles. Also the Williams s****r are now #1 in doubles. Schiavone #17 will be rank in the top 10 after the great job she did at the French Open. A few pictures on my page.