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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Punk Rock Princess

first-time Draga21 2017-12-19

After a few minutes, she gave me a concerned look, "Luke took your car home for you, I guess he thought you would be going to the hospital." I groaned and put out my cigarette. I chuckled, "I guess you have a pretty open lifestyle then huh?" She shook her head, "no, I'm actually a virgin, but everyone loves irony, so they call me slut." She seemed embarrassed, and her cheeks turned a rosy red. After a few minutes, I felt an orgasm building, and tried to pull her off, not wanting to be rude and cum in her mouth. After another minute of kissing I began to stroke her through her pants, causing her to sigh.

Sharing her like she always wanted

first-time classynsensual 2017-12-19

Kane responded by grasping her waist with his hands and leaning back with his chest as Dee gently teased him to make his enormous cock swell by slowly stroking the shaft up and down. Kneeling and looking straight at me Dee gently masturbated it and stroked his hair with her right hand, then stooped and took the head of his cock in her mouth and took his cock as deep into her throat as she could, causing her eyes to close. Moving slightly away his swollen head dropped into position and he slowly started to ease forward and press the tip of his enormous cock into Dee. He broke off the kiss to look down at himself entering her and I stared in fascination at the same thing.

Holly's Party

first-time hotdoll 2017-12-19

I took her tongue again and we kissed hotly with her horny moans blowing into my mouth, Holly wriggled a bit and managed to get her legs onto my shoulders, her heels stabbing me in my upper back, they felt really hot as they banged into me in time to my thrusts. I needed to cum so bad and began to fuck Holly harder, she fell forwards and I pumped her hot pussy fast at first but then slowed as I was loving the feel of her and thinking about Jessica on my cock but taking Holly's tits in my mouth.

s****r Fucking

first-time adel5000 2017-12-19

After about an hour or so Aarti started feeling asl**p and said that she is leaving for her room. She was calling out my name...."ooooo mac...fuck me...fuck me ooo mac do it..." then I laid on her and started kissing and fucking her at the same hands rubbing in her was soooo great...then she got on top of me and started jumping on my dick... Ooooooooo she is the best cock sucker...uuuuuuhhh she just sucked it sooooooo fast, without stopping for a arati, arati...oooooooo I was holding her hands sooooooooo tight now....oooooooooooo and then suddenly I came on her...she licked it and eat it... When she came back from toilet she gave me along kiss on my mouth and a deep hug and said, Now I want you to fuck my virgin ass.

A Saturday Afternoon

first-time n00bb00b 2017-12-19

On her way down, her older sister Tracy yells from behind, "Please put on some clothes if you're going to answer the door." Allison rolled her eyes and continued on her way in a t-shirt and boyshorts. I guess" says Allison as she turns back to watch the dvd, but she can't stop looking back at Jason's erect cock sticking straight up. Allison takes this opportunity to try to clear things up and stop it, but before she could, Jason pulls down his shorts again and starts stroking his cock towards her. The feeling of a man's touch on her innocent body for the first time is too much for Allison as she reaches a climax for the first time, all the while holding onto Jason's cock.

Wife's Intro to Pussy, My Intro to Her Girlfr

first-time korpus1957 2017-12-19

Suk told my wife that no man had touched her "there" since before her divorce and said it felt good. That excited my wife as well and Suk did not mind when my wife touched her pussy. Their curiosity and nerves getting the better of them, within a couple of days my wife went down on her. Neither she nor my wife said a word as I fucked Suk. A ten minute or so fuck had my cock exploding and filling her pussy with my cum. Using tongues, fingers, a 6" strapon and some real cock, she now loves having her ass fucked as much as my wife does, She takes it like a champ.

Deep Throat Prove IT!

first-time 425olds 2017-12-19

"So you want me to suck your cock and take this big thing all the way down my throat do you?" Lori spit on my dickhead and rubbed it in. Lori said, "Lick my big dick all over and get it wet before you suck it." Lori got the ruler and announced, "Well done lover, you just got five inches of man meat in your mouth." She said, "I think your dick licking inspired you to a new record. I licked her big cock until it was sloppy wet and then started sucking on it, all the while pushing the rubber band up it's length. Lori strapped her big cock on and said, "I'm watching you honey and I'm going to see if I can tell what turns you on in this movie."

Loosing My Virginity (Yes the true story with just

first-time 2017-12-19

I went down to the 9 Mile Road Army Recruiting Station in Detroit and joined the delayed entry program, and 2 months later I was in Benning Georgia for Basic training. I was 18 years old and away from home and out of Michigan for the 1st time in my life, being yelled at by Drill Sergeants. I was 18, blue black, 5’7” and 140lbs soaking wet, but this old woman caught my eye. Over the next few weeks of basic training, I sent Monica emails whenever I could, and called her whenever we got phone privileges. He breasts were flapping with each thrust and she hissed her breath in short gasps as I pounded her hard going towards my 1st orgasm inside a woman.

Friend with Benefits

first-time diehardfan 2017-12-19

Danielle had dropped her pants and was bending over a couch with her incredible bare ass facing me. I became pissed because I wanted to hold out so much longer but it still felt good to release all that cum and she took it like a professional. She turned around, laid her chin on the floor and stuck her sexy ass in the air and said "Lets go." I was frozen. "Ooooooo" Danielle moaned, "That feels so nice but we should start before your cock dries." I begrudgingly brought my head back. I started laughing as I fucked her ass, not out of humor but shock and realization of what I was doing. "My mom doesn't like me sleeping over girls houses." I said.

A Sucker for Big Black Cocks

first-time 00ran 2017-12-19

Joy could tell from my face that I wanted to suck Jamal's big black cock as she must have many times. I realized how it would look, the humiliation of me kneeling there, licking and sucking his big black cock while Joy watched. "Yeah, give me a good blowjob, whiteboy" said Jamal as he pushed the ebony head of his big black cock into my mouth. I have wanted to see a white sissy faggot suck a big black cock and swallow the cum afterwards since I was ****d and knocked-up by a gang of blacks while my husband watched and jacked off" the barmaid told me.

Quiet Girls are Always Easier

first-time los07 2017-12-19

I licked her beautiful, large nipples and had my hand on her panties. To my complete shock, after a few minutes of teasing she took off her panties, an assertive move for a girl who was embarrassed to have a guy in her room just hours before. Pulling her panties down to her legs, she let me see the most beautiful pussy. My hands soon discovered that she was wet enough for me to just slip my penis in, but Ellen had other things on her mind. I placed my dick on her pussy and could feel how wet she was. My head was barely touching the entrance of her pussy when she began moaning very loudly again.

iCarly: Elevator Surprises

first-time crystalwaters69 2017-12-19

Sam then took Freddie's cock in her mouth and started slowly licking all around his shaft, causing him to shudder with pleasure. Melanie, with both Sam and Freddie still steadily fucking her grabbed a hold of Carly’s waist and started kissing the pair of pert little breasts she had always wanted to get her hands, and mouth, on. "Fuck," Freddie moaned as he watched the two girl lick and kiss Carly, his not so secret crush, to the point of him almost ejaculating into Melanie Puckett’s pussy. Melanie started making out with Carly as both Sam and Freddie began to speed up in their thrusting of their cocks in her otherwise tight pussy.

The Wrong Ship

first-time oreolover13 2017-12-19

Did it seem like a good idea to come with out chaperone at night to a pirate ship? I walked behind the captain not blind to the lusty looks displayed on the crew's faces. My hip pushed out at one side and I gave a look that I often gave to my father when he stood in my way. I realized I had made a grave mistake when instead of a grim look the captain once again smirked at me. The captain walked toward the door we had entered and was met with the crew still in their huddle. But instead of feeling the Captain's groin against my I felt the warmth of his breath.


Suzie's Lessons Ch. 04

first-time BlewWater69 2017-12-19

They hurriedly parted but not before Suzie asked him if it was okay to start work outs tomorrow as her and Janie had talked of going to the mall together today. Suzie even bought herself one she liked a lot that Janie said she looked devastatingly beautiful in. Janie would have to be careful exiting the house for school like Suzie was being. "Kids wear jeans and t-shirts like this to school everyday," Suzie added. As she rounded the front of the house, Suzie spotted Janie already seated in the backseat of the Torino and she and Curt were talking while patiently waiting on her. "I'm afraid they aren't going to left you dress like that anymore," Curt said.

Breeze of Passion

first-time updown 2017-12-19

We relax, supine, and our passion mounts as we explore each others' bodies with our eyes, our hands, and our mouths. I feel, rather than hear, your gasp as I touch your essense with my mouth, tasting you, rolling your sweet flower across my toungue. I feel your response against my lips, taste the fluids of your pleasure trickling down my throat like a rare, sweet wine. By this time, your body is shaking under mine, and I claim you with an excruciatingly slow stroke, savouring the sweet look on your face. My hands seek out yours, and I hold you gently as my mouth finds your lips, and we share a slow, lingering kiss.

The Chance of a Lifetime

first-time Bigbbear 2017-12-19

Mellissa had come home quite a few times now, and even though it became more and more evident too me that we might just share the same feelings, I still had negative thoughts running through my head, for years I had been too afraid to tell her because I thought she wouldn't want too even talk too me any more. I softly and slowly continued my varied strokes, and finally inserted a second finger, now violently flicking my tongue back and forth and up and down her clit, pumping my hand faster, arching my fingers in a come hither stance, reaching to her g-spot until she arched her back so far that only her head was keeping her balanced.

Her Own Choice Part 1

first-time khalnayak01 2017-12-19

Safia found herself looking into the face of a white man, as he walked slowly images of male bodies, only now she saw the smiling eyes of the white man and She got to her feet and felt his hand gently catch her arm as he said “Don’t Safia looked at his hand and at his face, her mouth parted and her nipples Safia felt him press his erection hard against her choot (cunt) rubbing her with Safia closed her eyes and ran her hands over his neck and shoulders as he sucked Safia’s hand covered her pussy as he stared at her shapely light brown legs and moved her hand away and his eyes stared as he eased her legs apart to reveal her

I fucked my step s****r in the arse whilst she was

first-time sexysonofsam 2017-12-19

I took this as my opportunity and took some Vaseline and rubbed it on her but hole, sliding my index finger slowly into her butt hole, it felt nice and slippery and then I rubbed some vaseline on my dick, then I slowly inserted my dick into her anus until it was all the way in, I could feel my scrotum up against her bum, her anus was nice and tight and seemed to be "squeezing" my dick, I lay still and enjoyed the tight warm feeling of her anus, I slowly rubbed her nipples between my fingertips and then felt her pushing her bum towards my dick, seemingly trying to get more of it in her.So I slowly but surely started moving back and forth, in and out, picking my rhythm up, pretty soon I was but fucking my hot step s****r without abandon, the feel of her tight arse around my dick was driving my wild with lust as she lay asl**p(Passed out) on the bed next to me...I continued with the steady but slow butt fuck until I blew my load deep inside her lovely tight arse!

My First Time

first-time zimabean 2017-12-19

As I pushed the door open to enter the room I saw Mrs. Baker laying face down on the bed. I lifted her night shirt and pushed my cock into her again and moved it around very slowly for a minute and then released another massive load deep inside her. I tried to wake her and had no luck, then I slid my hand up to her hairy snatch and played with her pussy, pushing my fingers into her. I never saw the other woman again but I will never forget watching my cock slid into her hairy pussy. I will never forget how good Mrs. Baker's pussy felt as I pumped it full of my spunk.

Brutal b*****rs – Part 4

first-time 2017-12-19

They opened all the belts around my legs but left my hands tied i saw Raj sitting on the couch naked and stroking his dick he called me and gestured me to sit on his dick i immediately climbed over his lap and he pulled up my dress to my belly i sat on his dick and started moving up and down few minutes later i felt something around my ass i thought someone had come to take my ass but instead that dick straight into my pussy with Raj’s dick already there it was Manish he applied full f***e and succeeded my pussy was teased to the limits i screamed like hell o ah aha ah ah but instead everyone laughed at my loud scream i was double penetrated for the first time in my life and it was very pain full they fucked me in rhythm for several minutes and then and to add to that pain Jon shoved placed his dick over my ass hole and tried to go in and teased my asshole now this was unnatural for me tow dick in my pussy and one in my asshole was very painful


first-time tunemaker 2017-12-19

My hands pulled the material of my panties aside and I began to rub the wetness all over my cunt. "Suck it" he commanded, "suck it or I'll tell mom and dad I saw you peeking at them and jerking off." I went to my knees and he began to rub his cock head to my lips. I, like my mom, began to gag but for me it was on my b*****r Ken's eager young hard dick. His hard teen cock head pressed through the silky material of his shorts and the thin worn layer of my panties cotton. Ken sensed my pleasure and held his cock head still and hard against me until my orgasms subsided.


Saturdays with Janet

first-time Marty Eagan 2017-12-19

She took being handicapped in stride, never complained, and often made self-deprecating remarks like, “I’m just waiting to marry someone who appreciates great legs.” This was especially impressive given the fact that polio had robbed her of a normal lifestyle at a point in life where most women at the time were looking forward to marriage and children. But the years passed and Janet fell into a routine of helping her single mother, sadly believing no man would ever want her again. I began at her feet, her toenails now pedicured bright pink, and kissed and licked my way up each leg in turn, finally burying my face between her thin thighs.

I Took My Neighbor's Virginity

first-time 2017-12-19

Last summer in preparation of his 19th birthday I had Kevin do some stuff around the house for some extra cash cuase he he and his friends were going to Canada to celebrate. yelled up for Kevin to turn off the music, throw on some trunks(cause if I'm gonna be consoling a sad college k** I might as well have some eye cany),and come join me by the pool. I talked him into taking a dip, Kevin came out of the pool his muscles glimmering, and his bulge makings a prominent impression in his shorts. Really just wanting to get fucked I told him to stand up and let me have that hard cock. I'm gonna come he yelled." I hoped off and deepthroated the cum right out his cock.

Once a Whore, Always a Whore Ch. 02

first-time IrishDude3881 2017-12-19

My womb was crying out for another baby long before I recovered from giving birth for the first time, and I couldn't wait to experience all the wonderful sensations of pregnancy once again. I constantly longed to feel Daddy's skilled hands caressing my body, and his hard cock stretching my eager pussy. After spending hours being seeded by my new lover and accepting several of his loads inside my body, Daddy told me that I was all his for the time being. I felt recovered enough to have sex again during my safe time and as Mark gently fucked me, he whispered in my ear that he couldn't wait to make my belly swell up one more time.