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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Firsts: Chelsea's story

first-time slipperyblisses 2017-12-19

He drifted off almost immediately but I just stayed awake watching wispy clouds drift across the black sky while my fingers explored his body, the hard corners over bone, the muscles, the way his butt curled back in, I remember them all. I remember wanting to dig my nails into every part of him but he was trying to use his head and body as an umbrella for my face so that we could look into each other's eyes. The numbness went on until I could feel a wave of molten heat, it took me a few seconds to realize he was coming inside of me and the feeling of it was like nothing I could ever have imagined.

theater sex

first-time savita009 2017-12-19

Mala and me were sitting between Arun and Rahul The lights went off and the film started. He slowly made her lie down and entered his stiff cock in her and started moving in and out...It was a very hot scene. The couple sitting in the front row was also looking back and enjoying our cock play.Mala was also looking at me stroking Rahul's cock. Rahul too had become excited and had pulled out my boobs and was freely fondling them Suddenly I found Mala touching my left boob and Rahul playing with my right boob. Mala and Rahul were both playing with my boobs and now Rahul's hand was playing with my love button.

The Holiday... [Part Three]

first-time StephyX 2017-12-19

I knew we both probably wanted to but secretly I was planning on asking Mark something and I wanted to make sure he was really wanting sex before springing it on him. I knew this would be the dress to make Mark do whatever I wanted and I hoped that it would do just that, especially with what I was planning on springing on him later tonight after our meal. Mark put his arms around my waist and we kissed, his hands running over my bum and eventually his fingers started probing under my dress. After putting his tongue into my ass a few times, another strange sensation, Mark took the lube and put some on his finger.

Lazy Daze

first-time KingRicky 2017-12-19

"Don't sell yourself short little brother" she said, "I have already had about ten of the girls here asking about you while ya'll were setting up so have a good time tonight and don't get mad at Mike if I decide to let him get with me either. As the kiss became heated, she broke away, looked up at me and said, "I have wanted to do that for a couple of years now." Sara walked up to Mike saying, "look we know that ya'll are either virgins or have very little experience so we want to put your minds to rest before the party starts".

Hot Library Sex

first-time Lilll_Sugah 2017-12-19

I adored his hands touching my body for the 1st time, his mouth following as his lips & tongue toyed with my nipples as the teasing & anticipation of more builded within. The intensity heightened and right there atop the conference table amidst the array of books that surrounded us, I orgasmed with his lips on me, his tongue loving every bit of my wetness. the obvious bulge in his pants, my hands grasping onto his ass pulling him closer, I was wanting so bad to hear him moan and give him total pleasure with my lips & tongue. I could feel the intensity building, and my body sliding up and down the table as his hardness was pulled deeper into my mouth & hitting onto the back of my throat.


Innocent maid

first-time fooking121 2017-12-19

She took me to her room and showed me a big 8inch dildo which my dad brought to her to satisfy herself..she also had a strapon which she and my mom used to have sex.she also told me that u are really a good fucker than your dad.and asked me how did u last so long.i told her i took pill and added in your water i was horny listening to all this stuff and started to fuck her in her room i inserted the dildo in her ass and fucking her pussy really hard.she was screaming and this continued till i cummed in her..:)then i asked her are u in safe period or will you be pregnant.


first-time 2017-12-19

I'm lucky that my dad works a lot because when I get home from school I normally go right to the computer, look at porn, and jack off. This week I didn't have to worry about my dad being home to catch me, so I freely whipped out my dick and started jacking off while watching he undress. When my aunt got home she was all wet as it had been raining that morning. She then noticed me staring and said, "I guess you like what you see huh John?" I quickly answered, "Sorry aunt Michelle I couldn't help it, your so beautiful though." She didn't act surprised at all.

(For my Queen ) queenie73

first-time Cyberbeast 2017-12-19

The gown covered her breasts and fell to her feet in soft green folds, her back left bare to her lower waist. A c***d that would bring you and your wife wealth, prosperity and the love of the people around you." Princess lowered the cup and stared into its depths. Hands lifted Princess and carried her away, back to her tent to rest for the few minutes she could spare before the coronation demanded her attention. His hands waved over her body and a tingle worked through her, a remnant of the intense pleasure she had found in the night. No man was allowed within arm's reach of the new queen to ensure that the c***d swelling her belly was the product of the Midsummer rituals.

Julie Becomes John's Pet Ch. 17

first-time Johns Pet Julie 2017-12-19

I started to protest by just saying‭ "‬Caroline,‭ ‬I don't think...‭" ‬and she quickly shushed me,‭ ‬telling me to just lay back and enjoy myself while assuring me that I didn't even have to do anything and besides,‭ ‬nothing serious was happening.‭ ‬I silently agreed,‭ ‬since what she was doing felt SO good.‭ ‬Caroline went right back to work,‭ ‬kissing and rubbing my back and my legs.‭ ‬It felt like another line was crossed when she started caressing,‭ ‬kissing,‭ ‬and licking my ass cheeks but I didn't protest.‭ ‬I have to confess that when Caroline rubbed her naked body up against mine,‭ ‬it did not feel bad at all.‭

Daphne's Crush

first-time JoeDreamer 2017-12-19

I refused to look anywhere but at her face, yet Daphne's smile let me know that she knew what I was thinking. I didn't want Daphne to think I was asking her on a date, so I quickly added, "For moral support." She saw my expression, laughed and added, "Well, I haven't!" Daphne seemed like such a normal girl that I kept forgetting that she was brought up in a family where there was no such thing as a taboo subject. "Not like this," I sighed as I remembered one of Daphne's family parties I went to while dating Bette. Do you think there is a Hell?" my cousin Debbie asked Daphne.

The New Laura Pt. 00

first-time Reefkeeper 2017-12-19

The boy's name was Denny Leonard and as far as he was concerned it was a pleasant, normal, celebratory kiss...until he felt the girl's tongue snake its way into his mouth. He took Laura's hand and said, "Come with me." They worked their way through the mass of celebrants to the club's manager. On your way up tell Lou I said it was okay, he and some girl from Walpole were looking to get it on a little earlier. Laura put on a demure, little girl look and said, "Yes, sir." She walked up the stairs, swinging her hips and unbuttoning her jeans as she went. Laura opened her mouth enough to allow her tongue to emerge and begin to snake its way tentatively around the head of this new challenge.


first-time jjcole 2017-12-19

I took her to the sofa and gave her a long, soft, lip-licking kiss. Daphne loved it, she said, "I think that if a plant is going to have a flower it should be in all caps. She gave me a long kiss then knelt over me and aimed my cock at her pussy. I will let you know when I want to be a Mom. How many other girls have you fucked on that bed?" That Friday at home Daphne said, "Beth told me you are not kissing her back when she kisses you. "I am glad to see you do like me, I told Daffy she is lucky I prefer pussy," then Beth gave me a deep tongue diving kiss.

My first 3 some

first-time littlevixen 2017-12-19

I felt quite shy now, but by now I was already half way, I thought what the hell, I turned my back and slipped off my bra, then faced them hands over my boobs, then danced some more, I was told to move my hands, I dropped my hands showing my boobs to the strangers I felt very nervous, my tits bounced as I danced, I kept covering them but got used to showing, then I slipped down my knickers, I first danced with hand over my pussy and boobs then danced with my hands uncovered, I was full nude and dancing for a stranger I was so horny, then after 2 songs my boyfriend led me to the stranger and got me to kneel, to my shock the stranger took out his cock, I was told to suck.

Training the Intern

first-time databurst 2017-12-19

"We're going to need a better look than that," said Sheila, dropping her right hand from his chest to his pants and moving her left hand around to the small of his back. Sheila looked at Malaya then and said, "You need to know what it feels like to hold a man's dick in your hands. Whenever Jim felt close to orgasm, Sheila would recognize the signs and signal to Malaya to back off, sometimes helping to slow things down by pressing firmly on the area where Jim's dick projected out from his body. "Relax and enjoy it Jim. Sheila and I wanted to help Malaya and thought you could use a little fun, too.

The Dream

first-time parkerprose 2017-12-19

“How I have wanted you just like this Hanna.” His lips and tongue trailed down the slender column of her throat slowly until he was near one of her nipples. Once more his hand rose to his mouth, sucking off her dewy essence but this time he f***ed the finger between her own lips and she had no choice but to suck on it, tasting herself - tasting…him. Black eyes glittered as he repeated the motion again and again, finally taking his finger, now wet with her juices and rubbing it over her lips like a balm. “I want you to take my cock out, put the head in your mouth and give it a kiss.” At his words Hanna shuddered.

Indian Kajal Patel in her first orgy! MMMMF

first-time saddatey 2017-12-18

Myself, boyfriend Darren, and his friends Steve, Chris and James. Feeling naughty I turned on to my side slightly and stretched my leg out so my ball of my foot and toes were touching his hard cock. Nothing much else happened the rest of the day but by the time night came the guys and I had a few in us. By the time they had the blunt rolled Darren had me naked under the covers and was playing with my ass. Then I felt my feet being grabbed and a hard cock between them. James was now fucking my feet while Darren fingered my pussy. Before I could even finish licking my lips Steve shoved his cock in my mouth and came right away and hard.

Catching Up with Lisa

first-time Juwain 2017-12-18

They fell into the back of the car making out and - surprise - pretty soon Brad was pulling out his cock for the de rigueur fellatio session. Judy gamely performed as always, but this time it took over a half hour of concerted mouthwork to make Brad come. And sure enough, when we got close we could see another Wellesley girl sucking away on Brad's cock. And I bet that as Judy was coming to grips that the reality of her fellatio-based relationship, she resolved never to suck another cock again. "Well, I would love a quick taste of that naturally curly cock once again; want to come out to my car for a few minutes?"

Friends with Benefits...PART 6

first-time rocketstud 2017-12-18

I felt more comfortable, and my erection was growing, so I began to actively jerk my cock and watch her, though I was still glancing over at Mark from time to time. Admittedly I liked my own view – Diana, on her hands and knees between my legs, her luscious C-cup tits hanging from her chest and swinging wildly as Mark fucked her, all the while with my own erection disappearing in her mouth. I eased my hard erection into her pussy, and because Mark had just fucked her – and with her own juices and Mark’s cum – my cock slid in easily all the way until my groin pushed against her ass.

She want to try the real Thing BBC Blacken

first-time 425olds 2017-12-18

She gets wet every time she thinks about his big black cock in her white pussy. Joey leaves for work and after breakfast she starts getting ready for her black cock. She is almost cumming, thinking of that big black cock in her pussy. His cock head flares and hot cums fills her mouth. He pulls her astride his lap and her wet pussy touches his half hard cock. Soon his big black cock will spread her hot white pussy. "I want your cock in me, Your big black cock in my tight white pussy." Your big black cock is getting ready for my hot white pussy. His cock head flares and she feels his hot cum go in her sweet spot.

An Afternoon in the Pool

first-time amee086 2017-12-18

We were kneeling, facing each other and John just looked at me and touched the side of my face with his fingertips, his other hand was resting on my waist, holding me close to him, he was a lot taller than me and I could feel the end of his cock pressing hard against the indent of my navel. My biggest surprise though was once, when I was holding the ball in front of me, about to throw it to Bobbie, Brett came up behind me and grabbed me around the waist to stop me throwing it and I felt the length of his cock pressing against the cheeks of my butt, he held on to me for a while, even though I had let go of the ball and thrust his hips hard against me.

Sometimes Dreams Come True.

first-time 2017-12-18

Joanne and I had been married for alittle over four years, when one morning she told me about a dream...a dream that changed our sex lives. She told how in her dream, we were having sex....(I'm thinking cool)...then she says....with another guy. I couldn't help but notice Joanne giving Joey a wicked tit shot when she set his drink down, all the time smiling at me. Finally, Joanne said,"I will if Joey will". Joanne had jean shorts, white tank top(NO BRA) and sandles. Joanne won a hand, so Joey and I were down to our shorts. Now I had seen Joanne topless so many times it doesn't matter, but to see her topless infront of Joey? I couldn't resist, so I grabbed Joey's hand and put it on Joanne's tit.

KattieLynn & Tucker - Tucker's Story

first-time KattieLynn 2017-12-18

It was available in the price range I could afford, so I signed the lease for the full school year, moved my stuff out of the dorm room and got set up in my new place. "When she's ready, she'll let me know" I kept thinking, as each date ended about the same way -- me going home sexually frustrated, her kissing me good night out on the quad. The sight of her here, sitting with her legs drawn up and folded so her feet were under her, the look on her face as I just gazed into those bottomless eyes of hers, her laugh at my lame jokes was about as close as I can come to telling you what having her here was like.

My Freshman Roommate

first-time Jenny1965 2017-12-18

Friday night when it was time to turn in, their clothes came off and even in the semi-dark of the room, there was no question of what they were doing to each other. I told her I was happy for her and Mary, but I wasn't like them, and it was time for me to go. Jane started talking about sex, and asked if I were a virgin, and had I ever though about girls, and had I ever kissed a girl, and then somehow we were kissing. And she and Jane are, like, totally normal. Mary licked my pussy while I was licking Jane, for the first time, and I even had an orgasm while I was doing it.

Sharing Dick with my Girlfriend-Part 2-True Story

first-time bmckzi 2017-12-18

then Rich stood closer and told her "I got something for you too" and leaned back so his hard dick was sticking straight up in her face-It looked so Good I was tempted to suck it ! Bruce was smiling now and I asked him if it was good and if he liked her and he said"She could suck my dick any time" and Barb giggled her cute giggle and went to suck Rich again. I said that they both fucked her good and she loved both of them and got on my knees and pulled out Bruce's dick and sucked him hard and then sucked up and down until I could finally taste his cum from his cock (I had tasted it in Barb's mouth after I kissed her good bye).