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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Doug's Fantasy Ch. 01

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-11-03

As she kept the head of his dick in her mouth, Doug groaned and squeezed her breasts, pulling on them a little. Doug moved his mouth to her other nipple as he slid one finger inside her exquisite tightness, feeling the heat of her desire and the way she gripped him... Gripping the sheets, Mary's head thrashed back and forth as Doug began eating her out, his mouth eagerly sucking down her juices as he began to push his tongue into her pussy hole. Doug's fingers dug into her back as he started thrusting harder, taking the time between each stroke to rub against her pussy, making her tighten around him as he pressed against her clit.

After Hours [Part One]

first-time trix81 2018-11-03

My breasts were almost touching him, he leaned close to my right ear and said quietly, “You need to live a little.” And with that he began to kiss my neck. I was so taken back but at the same time I looked into his eyes and felt him draw me right in; a hunger took over me, suddenly I wanted more! He straightened up, “I want you to suck me off.” I sat up and got onto my knees while he stood before me, I took his cock in my hands, not sure what on earth I was doing, and gently moved my hand up and down it. I suddenly felt the throbbing cock hit it’s limit and explode in my mouth, my first instinct was to stop and spit it out but I just swallowed and let him keep cumming.

Summer Of Firsts - Chapter 7

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-11-03

It was a small pink vibrator that had two attachments that slid over it like a sleeve, one was dark purple and shaped like a dick, the other was yellow and had a long 5 inch tip on it that looked like a thick antennae. I pushed the full length of the attachment inside me till I could feel the tip of the vibrator underneath press against my opening. As I pulled the toy three quarters of the way out the sensation diminished slightly, my breathing relaxed bit and my leg muscles relaxed. Once again my legs began to twitch my pores opened from the heat my body was now generating, I felt slightly itchy as some sweat began to break on the surface of my skin.

A Night to Remember

first-time Phantomrose 2018-11-03

Mmm, suck my nipples, feel my breasts, stick your cock...gently in my wet hole. I licked my lips nervously and kissed him gently on the mouth before venturing down toward his hard manhood. I wanted his cock as deep inside my mouth as possible. I wanted to feel his hot, salty white cum in my mouth. I licked my lips and kissed him hard on the mouth. Without another word, he gently eased his cock into my tight pussy, and kissed me hard on the mouth as he did so. Fuck, it did hurt, and I squirmed and wanted to cry out in pain, but his kissing was distracting.

The Professor's Daughter--Part IV

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-03

Just as I thought I the final release had arrived and I was heading for a huge orgasm Stephanie completely pulled her mouth away and moved her body up to snuggle up against me. The tight white and silvery club dress was molded to her body, emphasizing her hips, rounded firm ass and her nice handful sized tits. I moved up to the headboard and got Stephanie to straddle my face with her knees, placing her pussy right above my mouth. Stephanie was in complete control of her own stimulation as she slowly moved her hips and positioned her pussy to get just the amount of pressure and contact that she wanted.

Policy delivery

first-time Denny62 2018-11-03

Her ass looked fantastic in those pants, and I'm pretty sure she knew I was watching as she walked ahead of me. As we completed the business I stood to walk her to the door, but instead, she stepped to the side of my desk and threw her arms around my neck. “I made sure I didn't put a bra on, since I know you don't like them.” She smiled as the third and fourth buttons came free. But there's one more thing.” I slipped my hand over the top of her thigh, and slipped a finger over the soft, hot, wet lips of her uncovered pussy. I lifted her knees in my hands and slipped my cock against her tight hot pussy.

John and Leah

first-time alexandraLacy 2018-11-03

Leah's heart was racing a thousand beats per minute when she saw he boyfriend fall to the ground with the other player, at first she thought he was hurt, but then John picked him up and body slammed him into the wrestling mat. He put his strong hand on his girlfriend's thigh and said calmly, "Will, power, strength," Leah thought he was getting into his cocky phase again, but then he continued, "And I thought of you..." John's voice trailed off, and she wanted to melt in her seat. You don't like them, do you?" Leah said with worry in her voice while trying to shield her chest with her hands, but John stopped her.

Checkout Girl

first-time rafael 2018-11-03

My dick suddenly bulged and went harder still feeling so damn sexy and bursting with pussy desire - her hand was stroking my thigh - turning me on more on and I could not resist going deeper still - probing into that warm slippery tight heavenly private space searching for total sex fulfillment for my unsatisfied rock hard cock. The thought of my muscular hairy ass ramming  my dirty young cock and shagging her pure virgin pussy just exploded my mind with sexual pleasure and the tip of my animal dick jerked wildly to the caressing touch of Jenny's warm moist internal flesh.

First Time Fucked

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-11-03

Tommy slowly began to force her to stuff his cock in his mouth and Tawnya tried to resist the choking and gagging, but it was no use as she pulled out by instinct of throwing up. It wasn't long before Tommy's body suddenly tensed and his cock began to swell as it exploded, unleashing strings of hot cum into Tawnya's mouth. Tommy leaned his body forward and kissed her pink, hard nipples causing Tawnya to buckle with ecstasy until she felt a burst of tense muscles in her stomach and thighs. Tawnya slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Tommy, gasping and cringing slightly at some hard pumps he was forcing into her pussy.

Good Lodgings!

first-time OldGeezer 2018-11-03

It manifested itself in various ways, but was more of an attitude than any specific action, although I think overall Susan was less guarded in the things she would say, sometimes being critical of Fred, and then laughing and saying that she was glad he wasn’t here to hear her go on like this. "This has to be our secret," she said, "Fred doesn’t know I have such wicked thoughts, and ever since you came here, I have wanted to touch you." Saying this she did just that, her hand reaching down to encircle my erect penis, and to draw it out of my pyjamas.

Summer in California

first-time ohjohn 2018-11-03

Slowly and deliberatly her finger tips inched closer to the side of my gym shorts and moved inside only to find my white briefs covering my now semi-hard teenage penis. Kelly now continued her magic inside my gym shorts lightly caressing the shaft of my penis while she also kissed and nibbled on my ear. Kelly was half naked, my cock was hanging half out of my gym shorts, and the entire room seemed to smell like Kelly’s pussy (which was not a bad thing believe me!) Fortunately her mom did not come in and we had time to get things back together and I gathered my books and gave Kelly a very long french kiss before she walked me out to the car and told me good bye.


The 2 Part Trilogy (Part 2 - The Final Flowers Fall)

first-time MrNiceguy888 2018-11-03

Then bending down to give Tori a kiss, my finger began running circles over her little asshole and I whispered, “I going to love being your first, but before I fuck your pussy, I’m going to fuck you somewhere else.” Sliding my fingers free, I got down behind Tori and began licking her ass once again in final preparation for my cock. I pointed my cock past Tori ass and at her virgin pussy, rubbing my rock head between her wet lips. As I worked my cock in I lightly mentioned, “I bet there aren’t too many girls that get fucked in the ass before their pussy.” Tori snickered a little, but at the moment she was clearly more focused on the subject’s practical application.

Foxina, the Girl Gamer

first-time JuneFernan 2018-11-03

I didn’t assume I was invited to something like this, as I was only Matt and Micah’s Halo buddy at the time, but Daniela directly asked me, “Ivan—you’re coming too, right?” Griff had been talking favorably about Daniela, and they seemed to hit it off more and more each time she came over, and there was no way her friend would be into me. And right as I started to think I was getting somewhere with her, she went outside to tell Kacey and the others what I said, and she didn’t come back in. Once we sat back down on the bed, she started talking to me, about how I shouldn’t let Matt and Griff poke fun at me without firing back at them.

Lily's First Time

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-11-03

About halfway down his dick she hit her gag reflex, and try as she might she couldn't get past it, but rather than worrying about it she just put her hands around the bottom of his shaft and began moving them up and down in rhythm with her mouth. As she moved more and more rapidly up and down on his dick, her hot innocent (although admittedly getting less innocent) mouth sucking and teasing, she was rewarded with a pulsing under her hands and then he began spilling his cum into her mouth, groaning her name as she did so. keep going..." It was his turn to nod, and he caught her lips in another kiss, moving his tongue into her mouth as his dick started to move in and out of her pussy.

My Wife on the Couch

first-time tcg 2018-11-03

As I looked down at her bare back lying there, knowing that Eddie was getting a good view of her panties, I became very excited and my cock grew as Keri laid her head on me. As I was rubbing her lower back my hands pushed her shorts down a little and my wife’s satin dark purple bikini panties came into view. I watched as Eddie's fingers rubbed Keri's ass and pussy and then saw him pull her panties aside. Keri finally looked over at Eddie at one point and I could see her eyes went straight to his lap and watched as he jerked off his cock with her purple panties, and said something about us being bad.

First Lady

first-time Bob_6 2018-11-03

She had her head next to mine and said, “You want to fuck mummy now, you ready to fuck mummy’s tight little pussy with that big cock, son?” She grabbed my head and lifted it off her tits, she made me look at her and she said, “Well, just hold on there son, I know you want to get it in and blow your load. She smiled, winked and moved her face slightly closer; she kissed my lips and said, “My little innocent boy, you’re going to fuck me every time Mr Brewer is at work, almost daily form today.”

Magic Part 1

first-time Kandikiss51 2018-11-03

Oooooooh fuck, your lips, fingers and cock worked their magic on me until we were both lay in each other’s arms panting with exhaustion. She started to tremble and his lips clamped down on hers, he thrust his cock deep inside her, and she screamed, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!” As you continue to take my vitals sucking and licking, your own arousal begins to peak as your breasts crave attention and your nipples are stiffened with excitement wanting to be sucked and played with and your pussy burns hot with desire as it becomes so wet you feel your juices run down your legs.” You slide two then three fingers inside me in hard fucking motion as your lips work their magic.

The model

first-time irishmik60 2018-11-03

She looked as if the finest engineers had sculpted her body, Tight bikini panties, black like her bra, accentuated her ass. As I posed her on her hands and knees, her pussy aimed at me, I saw for the first time a creamy moistness seeping from her cbetween her legs. When my tongue was deep inside, and my hands on her nipples, Anne began to move back and forth, fucking my tongue on her own. As she laid her head in her hands, I stood momentarily and dropped my sweats, my cock standing out like it hadn't in years. The next hour I shot a 2nd set of photos as she took a hot soaking bubble bath cleaning the sweat and juices from her body.

He made me do it

first-time MuchoCurious 2018-11-03

When he said yes I told him I wanted to give up my virginity to Big Dick. "Dick," Bill said, "She wants you to fuck her good, cum big and then leave while she's still juiced up for me. "When I start fucking you, will you return the favor and tell me what feels good for you?" he said. His hands moved up to my ankles and he pushed me back like a pocket knife, giving his dick a better angle to get in deeper. I had this enormous feeling penetrating my pussy like 5 dildoes at one time, and that was when my orgasm started approaching. I could fuck as many men as I wanted and let him watch and eat the cum from my pussy.

Allison & Clark pt2

first-time tcg 2018-11-03

As her face was nestled into his soft pubic hair, he felt his dick swell in record time in her hot mouth. Right as the head of his prick left her steamy opening, hot jets of cum began to shoot out, splashing on her thy and shooting only inches past his face. His mouth felt like he had been sucking on a roll of socks the whole time, and he needed something to drink. Wrapping her legs around his slightly flabby waist, she cried and moaned with every thrust, cumming hard every time he would press his length as deep as he could go and grind his pelvis against hers.

First and best time ever, Part 2.

first-time Justine69 2018-11-03

I reached over and took Mark's rigid cock in my hand and started to stroke. "Oh, oh, oh, oh" Launa gasped as she climaxed, I could feel her clit throbbing against my tongue and her pussy gripped my fingers rhythmically it dribbled her sweet come down my hand. "I think it's about time you showed Justine what a good hard fuck is like" Launa said to Mark. My lips parted as Mark slowly began to inch his way into me, little by little, slowly but surley he went deeper and deeper until it started to hurt, "Ouch" I said as he pushed. "I think its time we took Justine to bed don't you?" Launa said to Mark.

The Casting Couch

first-time Soul_Purpose 2018-11-03

I wanted to see someone famous but most people I saw looked liked actors and actresses, but I didn't recognize them. My heart was pounding like crazy, believing I was going to audition for a big movie. He's really set on going with an established actress." My heart sank, I felt like I was wasting my time. "Take your time," he said as he put his hand on my head and ran his fingers through my hair. He pushed my head back down in his lap again though, I sucked on him like a hungry animal, rubbing his legs, entranced by his moaning. "Ask me what?" I said, I wanted to hear him tell me what I'd have to do, but I knew.

Me and My Girlfriend

first-time B12 2018-11-03

I felt her hand wrap around my cock, pulling me in closer to her face. Suddenly, my cock popped out of her mouth and she let out a squeal, her crotch puched into my face. We got upstairs and started to make lunch, and as she leaned over the stove, I came up behind her and grabbed her around the waist and stuck my cock between her legs. She started to grind away on my cock, moving her hips aound in little circles, while she furiously rubbed her clit. Then she moved her hands down to grab my shoulders, and looked deep into my eyes.

Virtuous Vices

first-time SalaciousLibertine 2018-11-03

Sitting under the huge oak tree at the bottom of the school grounds with my eyes closed and dreaming of tall dark handsome strangers like in my books, I couldn’t help but notice my unusual unease. Running home I double bolted the front door, checked the machine for the usual messages from Dad, read the message attached to the still warm cookies from the cleaner who came in during the day, ignoring their lure, and ran straight for my bedroom, locking that door too. After all it had taken a long time to abolish the feeling that I was disobeying my Dad’s trust by going to school without knickers on and strutting around the house naked, so maybe this newer, naughtier book was tugging at my conscience.