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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

loving foreplay

first-time alex_DeLarge 2017-12-18

Above that spot of hair, that couldn't just have grown per chance but was a nicely looked after piece of art, his eyes found a bellybutton. Of course there was the one or other occasion when he told her how beautiful she looked whilst closing her necklace and tenderly kissing her neck or burying his face in her beautiful long, black hair, but just now he realized, that the necklace was a masterly crafted piece of art, little gold rings perfectly linked together. He moved his head closer to hers, until he could feel her warm breath on his face, and started to do circular motions in place with his hand, that was still not touching her pussy at all.

Eliza Dushku I found this story and like it

first-time bradfry2005 2017-12-18

“Well,we hadn’t forgotten,Eliza.And we’ve also came over to invite you to join us on a little ride.”,said Jaime,after she had taken a jacket out of the hall closet and handed it over to Eliza,who had looked at her friends with curiousity in her eyes and asked,”Really?Where are we going?” However,after Jaime had started licking all over the birthday girl’s body–all the way down to her suddenly hot,wet pussy and carressing her suddenly firm breasts and David had started pumping his stiff cock in and out of his beloved wife’s asshole,Eliza’s eyes had grown as wide as saucers,for she had suddenly realized that they’ve started having sex on a bus full of witnesses,causing Eliza to place her hands on Jaime’s bare shoulders and say,”Aaaahhhh!Please,Jaime!We can’t do this!Stop it!Oooohhhh,please don’t stop!Yes!That’s it!Touch me!Touch me there!Suck my wet pussy dry!Aaaahhhh!”

Seduced by an older woman

first-time 2017-12-18

so one night i was at home jacking off to some magazine and her husband came by and asked if i would come over watch some tv with him while she was asl**p i said sure, well as the night went on he got a phone call and had to go to work and said i could stay if i wanted to. I said i would and as he was about to leave he said theres some porn if you want to watch while im gone, so as was gone i went looking for the porn and found mature woman and boys so i started to watch and jackoff i forgot about his wife that was asl**p.

Emma Watson Pleasing Her Dad

first-time 2017-12-18

"Yeah." Nervously biting the bottom of her mouth, she heaved herself high above his stomach, lifting her curvy buns twelve inches in the air, and then drifted over the waiting head of her father's grotesque manhood. Blonde hair drooping over her face, she raised her weight in the air, drawing and skewering his cock through eleven inches of searing warm vagina and paused just when his head remained at the base of her red-lipped enclosure. She managed to fuck him again in a twisted and long stroke, uplifting her ass high to the ceiling and then dropping like a bomb, bringing a dazzle of intense pleasure for the both of them.

My New Life with Jon

first-time alexcarr 2017-12-18

But Jon, dear Jon came prepared, he'd bought some various anal vibrators which would gradually stretch me, it was so much fun feeling him gradually insert each one into me down there, all the time kissing and caressing my cheeks, sucking down there between insertions, when we got to the big one, the one he said matched the size of his vessel, I worked to help Jon push it into me, it hurt for a while, I held it there as Jon instructed and then the initial pain seemed to numb, he whispered that the feel of his prick would be much nicer because it was more pliable, and when at last I was treated to raw ripe penetrating throbbing cock it was a real thrill to be fucked ardently like that, his cock thrusting deep up inside and I felt each thrust so deep up inside me, making me yell and shout, wanting more and more of his ripe fuck!


Lost my BBC virginity (Part 2)

first-time blcking 2017-12-18

He kissed his way back up to my lips and his big cock was laying on my stomach. I clinched my legs and tighten my pussy around his cock as I wanted to run, but this was what I came here for. I looked down at him and he had a big smile on his face and said, “told you it would fit.” His cock was so deep inside me I swear he was reconstructing my inside. He spread my legs open, grabbed my waist and pulled me back against his cock. With his finger still inside my butt hole, he shoved his cock deep in my pussy. I wrapped my arms around and pulled his head between my breasts and start riding his big cock.

My First Time Ch. 02

first-time isadore 2017-12-18

The stud was running his hands over my exposed ass and legs, every once and a while teasing my balls with a finger or sliding one in my tight asshole. That also made the cock in my mouth go deeper into my throat, I could feel his balls on the bridge of my nose, I had never had that much in my mouth but it felt like there was still room for more. When he knew that I was stuffed he let it rest in my ass for a moment so that I could get used to the stretch, while he waited someone else took Levis' place at my mouth.

The Friend - a true story, a Homegrown Moment

first-time 2017-12-18

In fact, he wanted her to make videos to send him so he could watch her having sex with guys and girls while he was away. I had agreed to let her girlfriend be on set in order to offset that feeling which oftentimes can get in the way of making sex videos; very few like that "deer in the headlights" look and those that do usually are the sorts that make porn scary to the average person, the ones that don't blow cumshots on faces and have anal sex every time they fuck. But again, I didn't want to be distracted and if ever there was a time to focus on the matters at hand, where I was, and who's ass I was fucking, this was it.

Eric's Internship

first-time Rheyn 2017-12-18

Eric sat fidgety in the metallic blue chair outside the daunting office door, with the name "Executive Mrs. Rose" in gold bold letters. He stood up, wiped his hands off on his khaki pants, straightened up his red tie that went nicely against his white buttoned up shirt and walked as confidently as he could into the office room, closing the door behind him. Taking a left at the cross section in between he enters the first door to his left, the small waiting room outside Mrs. Rose's office. Melody briskly brushed past Eric and grabbed most of the papers from Mrs. Rose politely as she could, turning she grabbed one of the papers off the small table on her way out.

Valentine visit in blue jeans and black belt

first-time petdyke 2017-12-18

You know I love to grab your bare bums as soon as I take your jeans down to your thighs my dear! I am not surprised that your pretty pussy gets already pretty wet - starts to smell so sexy sweet You feel my hot kisses lapping my own love juice from your face - we tongue for very long my love You wish you could open your legs wide for my left hand - feeling down at your swollen love lips You will feel very clean and very hot beautiful baby - just trust me, I know what to do with you You will soon be surprised how hot and horny that is my cute tight anal virgin Valentine present"

A College Education Pt. 01

first-time captain_kinky 2017-12-18

Josh groaned with every touch and stroke, his heavy balls ready to burst as Lexi teased him, tracing his full length with her hands, yearning to see it in all of its glory. Lexi looked up, giggling as Josh stood with his eyes closed, a look of concentration on his face as he desperately tried to hold off his oncoming orgasm. Josh groaned loudly as he braced himself on the desk, feeling a rush of electricity over his body as Lexi pumped him relentlessly, moaning softly as the first burst of cum shot across her cheeks. His orgasm lasted for what seemed like hours, blasting huge wads of sperm from his swollen balls, coating Lexi's face and body with his fresh cream as she purred, licking her lips to catch as much as she could.

My Girlfriend’s Mother

first-time purice 2017-12-18

My mother held the back of Kaitlin’s head and told her, “Let it slip out just a little but keep letting him cum in your mouth. Kaitlin did tell her girlfriends that she had sucked my cock twice and swallowed my cum. I stood there as Kaitlin lowered my pants to my ankles and then my underwear, exposing my hard cock to the other girls. Kaitlin’s mother craved a cock in her pussy and decided that after thirteen years and eight months that it was high time. When we got married Kaitlin started calling me Daddy and told all of her friends that I took her virginity.

Brotherly Love Ch. 10

first-time Myalyn 2017-12-18

"Marco!" I hissed across the hallway at Mark as he stood there looking absolutely horrified that he'd been told to stay away from me. I had an idea of what he was about and was getting excited thinking that he'd actually try something as naughty as that with the officer right there, ready to toss Mark out on his ear at his first chance. "This," Mark then reached his arm that was closest to me through the bars – hidden from view of the officer since both our bodies were together – and reached his hands into the back of my pants. "Hey, bro, let your wife breathe huh?" Derek came over and gave Mark a friendly elbow to his ribs.

Nights of Alsitor: Hades and Persephone Ch. 01

first-time Synovex 2017-12-18

Those sent to the Ephaemeryl nation were always returned a month later, alive, but never speaking about the strange Ephaemeryl race- oddly twisted bodies, piping voices with the power to rob weak men of their sanity, eyes that can warp a man's willpower- but would often be summoned back, sworn by fear to silence of ever speaking of the dread 'moon of honey.' His muscles taut, Hades curled his lip- he had no idea what to expect, but he was determined to face it bravely. They were shorter than the men of his village, and with weaker jaws, but something about this creature, with bronze skin and long brown locks of hair curling and tumbling down her shoulders made Hades care very much about how she felt about him.


first-time qrystofer 2017-12-18

replied with "all done." then kit said "you know i've been with boys before, but we just kissed and a little touching here and there with our clothes know last night when lyn took off your pants that was the first time i ever saw a penis or cock and other than pictures and videos as we continued to make out i slowly let my hand move down her body, barely making contact as my fingers brushed over her breast and nipple then her stomach and naval and over her cotton covered crotch then fnally where her shorts came to an end and her bare thighs started.

Me and Mr. Smith (Not true story)

first-time 2017-12-18

Mr. Smith soon introduced himself as Mike, and we got to talking about school and stuff. Mike quickly smiled and then I felt his hand rubbing my crotch. I felt an instant reaction and my 6.5 inch cock slowly started to grow in my pants. Mike reached over and grabbed my cock, and I felt an instant reaction. That feels so good." He said, as he thrusted his hips to move his cock in and out of my mouth. "I'm sure, now fuck me Mr. Smith." I said, smiling. After he slowly pulled out and pushed back in, I felt my tight ass loosen up as we got into a rhythm.

Studs Ch. 03

first-time LeonaH 2017-12-18

His insistent torture of her clit continued until he brought her to another climax, her body shuddering again and again until she was spent and lay back on the bed, trembling. After that, it had been easy to lay her back on the bed, running his fingers gently over her face and body, kissing and caressing her until she was sighing, moaning and finally climaxing under his ministrations. Tony, like all Studs, had masterful control of his cock. "Would you like to touch it?" he asked Katie. Rex, blond, slender and muscled, had stood in the glare of the lights, his body oiled, his cock erect, as they bid for the chance to be his first fuck as a Stud.

Toni is taken by a traffic cop

first-time fotisampini 2017-12-18

Toni was racing down the next block when she saw the flashing light and siren from a police car. Another part was scared. He had a deep voice, kind of gruff. His size still scared her. "We have a couple of choices here, ma'am." Probably take a few hours assuming you have the money." Besides, she knew she didn't have that kind of money. you said there were a couple of choices. I would do anything, Mr. Policeman." "Oh god yeah, baby, that's it... yeah... "Oh, Mr. Policeman, punish me down here between her legs. "Yes... yes, Mr. Policeman. His cock plunged deep inside her pussy over and over, slamming her up against the car on each thrust.

Cock to Cock Encounters

first-time sunpuwar 2017-12-18

It was two nights later when I again rolled out of bed and made my way in the dark to the bathroom in a sl**py stupor. After relieving myself, I walked out of the bathroom and my cock slapped against another cock. Our dicks battled it out for a few moments, then a surge of adrenaline coursed through me and I rammed my balls against his and pinned him against the wall. I grabbed his wrists and pulled them off my butt cheeks and held them up above his head while pinning him against the wall--groin to groin. Then I pulled away and pointed my cock head toward his defeated dick and drenched his semi-hard prick with my victory juice.

Her Wedding Surprise

first-time anon_ymous1 2017-12-18

Unlike so many of the girls she had grown up with, her new husband was only ten years her senior, and considered among the best looking men in the tribe. The maid again began to raise Jemma's gown exposing her most private area. The maid gently began to run a finger along Jemma's pussy opening, from her clit to her ass, back and forth. She began to gently flick he tongue against Jemma's clit, eliciting a shriek of pleasure from her. She continued her ministrations, licking Jemma's pussy lips as well as her clit, smiling as she heard the lady moan in pleasure. She began to feel moisture build in Jemma's pussy, and lapped it up as fast as it gathered.

Not Every Cloud...

first-time johnmck 2017-12-18

The summer was unusually hot, and most days were spent out doors with a group of friends on bikes and playing football, that's when John met Tina, a beautiful and very quiet girl from the other side of the town, she had black hair always with tons of gel or hairspray and rock hard to touch, by accident, John fell in love instantly, and she the same, summer went and they both started college in the same class, the two were inseparable on a daily account, they had only kissed during the start of the year, later in the year it went to touching outside of their clothing and in third year touching underneath the clothes , they were the perfect school couple,

The Recluse: Version Two

first-time unpublished 2017-12-18

Jeremy began to stutter a little as he spoke, his voice quiet, “M-M-Mrs. Bradford, W-What are you doing?” Jeremy looked down at her hands on his stomach and he thought she could surely feel his heart beating a mile a minute. Jeremy just nodded and Elaine took his hand and guided him into the other room, he shyly followed like a young boy being lead by his mother to his room for being naughty. I would love for you to try.” Jeremy looked up at Elaine, “Oh Mrs. Bradford I would love that!” He wasted no time and moved toward her nipples quickly.

Sex with my cousin b*****r…

first-time 2017-12-18

he went down side and sucked my toes, Oh i was loving that then he slowly came above licking my knees, my thighs and pulling my gown over slowly he spread my legs and put his head inside my gown and reached my pussy. Then I slowly went down and teased him by kissing him on his mount, though i was very much eager and anxious to see his dick, i purposely teased him for some time and then i removed his undies and let his huge cock come out. Karan pulled me closer to him and held me tight as his body tensed and I felt a gush of warm fluid striking my pussy inside.

Camping with Chris

first-time FunKelly 2017-12-18

So I tried to imagine what would feel good if I were the one receiving a blowjob, and decided that I would slowly work my mouth up and down, and swirl my tongue around the head when I got back up to the top, and use plenty of saliva. I kind of lost track of time because I was concentrating on making him feel good, so I'm not sure how long I sucked his dick that first attempt, but after a while, my jaw was getting tired, so I pulled off and laid back on my cot, thinking about what had just transpired. He knee-walked over to my cot and the next thing I knew, he put his warm mouth on my dick and licked it from tip to base several times.