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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 03

first-time BlewWater69 2017-12-18

"Ben, you know Jerry could not use his hands before," Jenny scolded. Jenny wasn't sure what made her reach her hand out to Ben. Was it a sense of duty to comfort these wounded men or just plain excitement on her part? The feel of Jenny's hand on his cock felt wonderful to Ben. He couldn't remember the last time something felt this good. Jenny started to feel her own pussy getting aroused as she worked Ben's cock. "You're welcome, Ben," Jenny said, still feeling a great wetness between her legs. But I think Ben had a better one," Jerry said, with a huge grin. "Okay, let's get you up and in the bathroom, mister," Jenny said, helping Jerry from bed.

Vitress Tamayo

first-time somedude2 2017-12-18

She made sure that I was ok as her cock was now all the way in and once she knew that I was ok she began to gently thrust her cock in my virgin ass. I was breathing heavily as she began to thrust more and more, being mindful that this was the first time that I had taken a cock in the ass. I could feel tits pressed up against my back as she gently thrust her cock in my ass and I could feel her heavy breath up against my neck. As she was fucking me she had reached over with her right hand and had grabbed my rock hard cock and she began to rub it gently.


first-time 2017-12-18

A couple of hours later as i was walking home a taxi pulled up in front of me and a girl got out, then rachel stuck her head out of the window and asked me if i wanted a lift home. I gripped her hips and fucked her hard, she was moaning and whimpering as my big hard cock pounded her, then she shouted "I want your cum inside me now!" I thought my head was gonna pop with the intensity of my orgasm, i came deep inside her as she'd demanded, then she took my cock in her mouth again and cleaned our juices off of it.

Sex text with chubby muslim hijab slut

first-time darkromantic1975 2017-12-18

The thought of Brian picturing my body under my curves was turning me on. Brian: i want you in my bed with your lips wrapped around my big white cock with just your hijab on Brian: send me a picture of you wearing your hijab now I was becoming anxious and i thought Brian had lost interest in me after seeing my picture. He had printed off my picture in the hijab and there were streams of white cum all over it. I sent the picture of my tits with the message "you are the first man to see these muslim tits." After a few minutes Brian sent me another picture message. Brian added the message to the picture "these are now my muslim tits.

Emma's First Time with a Black Dick

first-time jerk978 2017-12-18

Naomi’s small mouth had a big smile as she bobbed her head and mouth taking turns with each black dick making sure she caressed their balls to increase their pleasure and make them more erect. Well let me just say nothing makes me hard than watching a repressed white woman on her knees sucking some big black dick.” With that statement Emma could actually feel his cock seem to grow larger. Emma thought twice and then timidly moved her small white hands to Master D’s condom covered dick and slowly pulled the condom off. Emma’s brain was scared again at the thought of a black man cumming inside of her especially since she was on fertility medicine, but her heart was changed and she made sure to leave her legs spread and loose to receive his semen.

My First Time

first-time besitoscaramelos 2017-12-18

Before I could say anything, Marc was already mid sentence "Ashley was feeling light-headed so I told her to lay down until she felt better." He looked at me and his eyes glinted as he said my name. "I didn't know you were that selfish Ashley," Marc started "I thought you'd at least let me watch you play with yourself after I taught you what a body shot was." His face was right by my hips and my hands grabbed the bed sheets as his tongue started fucking me. He looked at me for the first time in a genuinely loving way and said "Ashley you have no idea how badly I've wanted to do this with you.

losing my virginity

first-time adel5000 2017-12-17

I had gotten serious a couple of times and nothing worked out with each guy leaving the church life in turn. So I essentially went a long time not even KISSING anyone. Outside of the occasional hand-holding and hugs, I hadn't been touched in a long time. It didn't take long before I was reaching that end, cumming hard against his hand, whimpering and moaning into his mouth. Tight from a long time of disuse, I'm sure it felt like virgin pussy, born-again virgin pussy. Every good thing comes to end and soon Brian was having one of his happiest, cumming hard and making me laugh when he broke into a sort of silly laughter over what we had just done.

Lollipop Under The Christmas Tree

first-time Hannibal Ravencraft 2017-12-17

Like Lollipop, Miss Parker was the fan of attention from the boys as well, often wearing tight fitting long skirts and jackets and blouses that showed plenty of cleavage. Miss Parker spoke with a soft and sexy voice, but didn't need to use it when she saw Lollipop walk in with her "cum lover" shirt on. Taking the white t-shirt Miss Parker had given her she pulled it over her head stretching it past her chest, being too small it only came down to the top of her stomach. Lollipop cried out looking back over her shoulder at Miss Parker's orgasmic delight as she spanked her little ass again.


dad love daughter / when mom was away

first-time preetixx 2017-12-17

Jenni came to me and and start to kiss me deep throat. I said don’t worry I am 18 can look after dad . Good mussels Many time when I see coming out shower I seen big bulge in front of dad. Now mom is not here I will look after your dad don’t worry I can cook just like mom Dad said some time what other ask can not be done. Dad said it may.b better in bed room it be comfy Dad said put on comfortable cloths to enjoy Movie. Dad said what he want to watch is not not suitable I asked dad if he knows which movie you like? Dad said I did not knows these kind of movies are out.

The De-Frocking of Father Daniel

first-time Buttnhose 2017-12-17

That night I prayed to resist temptation, and for God to block out the vision of Maria Lap, breathing heavily as she pushed her nipples into my mouth. And then my right hand was gripping it, for the first time since my teenage years - a decade and a half - and I felt that familiar thrill as my fingers worked up and down on the length. With my other hand I held the knickers to my mushroom-head, watching the slit open wide as I reached a bone-shattering climax, feeling the surge of liquid streaming out over the flimsy material, soaking it through with my juices.

A Boy in a Bar

first-time Tio_Narratore 2017-12-17

And they do, first parting slightly to kiss his little hole and lap up the drop of fluid there, then wider, allowing her tongue to emerge and circle his head, tasting his sweet saltiness, and, finally, opening fully to slide sensuously over his glans as she draws it into her mouth. Straddling him now, she rubs her pussy over his abdomen, forcing his cock to slide up and down between her cheeks, and she smiles as she feels his fluids flood the valley of her ass and he again softly moans her name, drawing it out so it takes almost half a minute to finish sounding.

‘Cumuppance for Catherine’

first-time battleship 2017-12-17

She didn’t reply so moving closer Stewart stood in front of her and slowly unzipped his jeans pushing them downward along with his pants he showed Cathy his rapidly swelling penis. Eyes wide Cathy slowly opened her painted red lips and Stewart pushed his cock into her mouth. With that Stewart once again prised her legs apart and kneeling in front of the sofa slowly introduced the tip of his rock hard length to Cathy’s hot wet cunt. Opening her mouth wide she told Stewart to push his cock into her throat as far as he could. Another inch disappeared in her incredible mouth before Stewart pulled out and Cathy made him lay back on the bed again.

June Jacobs

first-time So drained 2017-12-17

"It must be hard to drive," Miles said, "With your cock getting jerked off like that." "He must love it when she takes his cock right in her mouth like that, God. He must think that's the best thing in the world." I wasn't sure where we were, but the car suddenly came to a stop. As I let him push and pull my head, as he sunk his fingers in my hair and guided me, I thought about June's beautiful mouth, her swollen lips all red with that crimson lipstick she wore, thought about forcing her head down under my skirt, where I was so wet right now, I though my juices were going to come gushing out over the car seat.

Clarisse Ch. 03

first-time Tallguy64 2017-12-17

Tom lowered his head to his wife's knee and gently licked it with that huge tongue. "A girl who's man has a good sized cock is blessed!" said Beth watching as he slowly licked his way up her thigh "Now watch this closely girl!" breathed Beth with barely suppressed anticipation "This is as good as it gets!" Clarisse, fascinated sat on the bed. Beth screamed as a huge man with a full beard of grabbed Tom's naked shoulder and dragged him off the bed. "What 'ave you got 'ere Earnshaw?" He thrust his naked captive into the arms of two of his men, strode over to Beth and roughly grabbed her chin in his huge paw.

Saving our friends marriage!

first-time joosyfruit69 2017-12-17

He confided in me that he and his wife were going through a rough patch sexually, she wanted to "explore" new things like having sex with another couple, or at least another woman. When Roxy came in to shower with me, she told me that Rayna was thinking of leaving Rex. Rex and I just watched these two beautiful women licking and sucking, while playing with our still clothed cocks, man this was getting hot! He started sucking more into his mouth and gagged a bit, so I pulled out of his mouth and told him to relax his mouth and only take as much of my cock as he could until he thought he was going to gag then back off until the feeling passed, then try it again.

8 inches

first-time 2017-12-17

My son, Ben, needs to finish his finals paper have to leave and so would Ben. I was going to open the asked her what she thought about fucking Ben and his closet while Ben and my wife played around. right to work," my wife responded. massage," she blurted out as she stood behind Ben. "Ben, you may be failing English Literature, but "Great, but what about your husband?" Ben responded. Ben pulled his butt up from the couch so my wife could straddled young Ben. With her other hand she lifted her dress and straddled Ben inserting his bat sized prick insisted as she let big Ben penetrate her unprotected wife then stunned me by going down on his pole and

Most states have bullshit laws!

first-time rik_adam 2017-12-17

Much more sensible the way Southerners do it: When a female goes into puberty, she is immediately fucked by the males of the group. She gasped and sobbed as she tried to fend me off, but then, God Bless the Woman, her mother Bridget came to my assistance. Molly, sobbing uncontrollably, started to curl up against her mother, but Bridget's admonition was strict: "No!" she sternly instructed. As women, we must accept our owners into our cunts, and, then, when they've finished violating us, we must curl up against them and ask for their protection through the night. She emitted a small gasp as my cock invaded her, but, after that, she just lay there, unfocused eyes on the ceiling, accepting her new role as a woman.

My first time with a guy!!!

first-time bigjuicycock4u 2017-12-17

We finally found a spot and he asked me if this was good and i said yeah, he told me to come closer and he started taking his pants off and i got on my knees as he pulled his cock out. He was leaking precum and i licked his cock head, it felt good on my tongue and it made me even more horny so i wrapped my lips around it and as i did i tasted his precum and i could tell he was liking it. He started fucking me fast and very hard, which is what i wanted but because he didn't ease into me or lube me up it was hurting like crazy at first.

milf jen goes to college

first-time dusty48180 2017-12-17

He kept this up until she was on her fifth orgasm and then he said he wanted to fuck her. That was all i needed and she was kissing him as i felt his cock and saying thank you so much Tim. He was thrusting his hips slightly and then she bent over and took it in her lips. I was so turned on I bent down and lowered my face towards his cock and lifted his balls with one hand and was leaning in to smell them and that was when Tim lifted his hips to press his cock and balls to my face when he pulled my head down and f***ed my face into his crotch.

Cricket's Calamari Catharsis

first-time 2502kelly 2017-12-17

Thank you." Hanging up from her cell phone, Cricket then drove the short distance from work to the Protective Animal Shelter; pulling into a parking space shortly after 5:00 P.M. as she had promised and giving herself a quick look in the rear-view mirror. Cricket sat up; her hands reached for the cheeks of his ass; pulling the slit of his boxer shorts closer to her mouth; where the mushroom head of his cock was playing peek-a-boo. Still holding onto the back of the couch, she moved one of her hands down and in between her legs; massaging her clit with two of her fingers; masturbating in rhythm to Ben's thrusts inside her pussy.

The Blacken Wedding Ring PT1

first-time 425olds 2017-12-17

"My god look at the size of that cock." Barb said as she reached back and grabbed my hardening dick. Barb was looking at the video monitor and squeezing both her tits when suddenly from a whole to her right appeared a huge black cock every bit as big as the one on the screen. Barb's face was inches away from the cock head when from over head a big black hand caressed the back of her head and urged her face forward. You like that black cock don't you girl." The voice growled, his hand pumping her head with each stroke of her two hands. We climbed into the cab and as we rode home Barb asked if the black cock belonged to the black man with dreadlocks.

Becoming A Slut

first-time deepemerald 2017-12-17

One of my friends from college had got a job in a town 100 miles from mine, but she didn’t know anybody so she wanted someone to keep her company and help her decorate. He’d run his hand across my snatch, evoking feelings I’d never felt before, then he’d rub a new lot of shaving foam on me and start all over. I couldn’t believe how he was turning me on by pulling my nipples and manhandling my breasts like that. Justin kept licking until I stopped shaking and then he moved up the bed again and kissed me deeply, wetting my face with my pussy juices that were all over his beard.

My Virgins: Mandy Ch. 2

first-time BadBoyBobbie 2017-12-17

This was the feeling that was gonna get me hooked, taking control of a sweet pretty virgin with my cock, feeling her tight wet cunt stretching on my hard cock, watching her face while she had her first experience of something she had thought about again and again, every time she had said no before. Mandy bucked with the shock of the feeling of my knob so hot and deep, she let out a sudden gasp and then a deep moan, her cunt tensed up like she was squeezing my shaft with her hand and I just kept my cock deep while she twisted and turned while my cock stretched her tight cunt deep into her belly.

My First time with my s****r

first-time magruda 2017-12-17

I just stared at her, she moved her hand down her body and started touching her pussy, stroking her fingers over it and every so often sliding one inside her. She played with herself, rubbing and fingering her pussy, stroking her breasts for what seemed like hours, it was probably only a few minutes before her moaning got louder and her legs started trembling, she brought her herself to an orgasm in-front of me. She continued to finger her wet pussy, she reached across with her other hand and started to stroke my cock. She moved her finger around my mouth as she lay back on the bed, asked if I liked the taste ?