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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Something to Offer Ch. 01

first-time Penelope Street 2017-12-17

It began one Friday afternoon in mid-November of my senior year, when I was walking to the school bus and Billy Drake appeared suddenly at my side. I turned to search for the source of the noise just in time to see Billy's crumpled athletic jacket slide from his body to the ground. Billy declined to meet her stare or answer her allegation, opting instead to reach down and pick up his jacket. "It's a bit low," Billy said, reaching his arm underneath mine. Keeping an eye on Billy as much as I dared in the interim, I had some confidence when his car pulled into my drive that he and Cindy had not yet reconciled.

Lisa & Ian

first-time boshcak 2017-12-17

She knew if he came over to her know, ripped her clothing off her and took her, rammed his penis into her screaming wet lips, she would welcome it, -revel- in it and scream and scream and scream with the pleasure of it – she -felt- her orgasm in the wings, the lightest touch -there- would set it off like a nuclear bomb – but he was controlling himself, better than her, she had to admit, and it indicated his love for her – he really cared, he did not want to make a mistake with her, go too far...

My Wife Fucks Black Men In Our Garage 2

first-time savita009 2017-12-17

I am sl**piing in the house and she can sneek in garage to fuck her Big BLACK Cock friends.Little do her Lovers know i am hiding watching every set of BLACK BALLS slapping my wifes pussy, every drop of spit running down their shaft onto their balls as she slurps their cocks, all the while stroking my little pathetic, skinny, 4inch poor excuse for a dick, babydick.Well today was really hott and she actually told her friend Kris that i had knew for the last 3 years all along that she had been fucking him and i was ok with it.

dildo surprise

first-time merlinnz 2017-12-17

“What’s it like?” Tracey demanded to know, “it fills me, completely” said Sue, “But I’ve found if I pull it out” (and with that she pulls out the dildo by about half), “and slide up and down on it for a while I am able to get some more in” So apparently Sue starts to do that and millimetre by millimetre more and more slides in. “well”, she said, “I can’t deny that I’d come a few times on mam’s dildo, and the thought of doing so in front of my best friend was very embarrassing, but sliding up and down was turning me on, and Tracey’s questions made it more intense, plus she was encouraging me to go deeper and deeper”

Jessica's Birthday treat (Jess , me and the s

first-time Davey76 2017-12-17

I felt Jess pull her cock out of my ass and Emma slumped from my face onto the bed from Jess desperately moving her before she took my head in her hands and pushed her cock into my waiting mouth, and shot her load deep into my throat. I pulled my metal hard cock from her ass, I had to hold myself at the base to stop cumming before I had moved around Emma and over Jess and in front of the sexy starlet, and then I erupted with long milky ropes over her gorgeous face, splashing over her red lips and her cheeks, some flew into he hair and eyes, which made her flinch slightly.

Blizzard Climbs

first-time WindowNinja 2017-12-17

"Fuck you Roha, I'm gonna do it." I cursed before I found myself reaching into my apron pocket and texting away on my cell phone. Instantly, I grabbed my phone and checked the text message, but not before shaking off the urge that came with that vibration. His hand slipped underneath my wife beater and grazed my skin gently, as if he wanted to grab me closer to him as he thrusted hard into my hot pussy. When he finally succeeded in getting the hat on my head, we were sitting on the bed, staring out at the ground before us. I turned to him and shook my head, "I'd rather wait here for your parents to fall asleep than have you risk getting hurt because of that window."

My year of ownership/chastity/bi sex slave

first-time sissy_cuck 2017-12-17

I come home one day to find my chastity device and some of my lingerie stash sitting on the table, with her smiling at me wickedly. I was to stay locked up, while I got nightly pics and videos of the massive cocks she was devouring. Upon coming home, she takes me for a ride, demanding I get "dolled up" though we are leaving to go in public in the middle of the day. Within minutes of entering the home my panties are ripped off and I have a throat full of cock. One year in chastity, I didn't have a penis anymore, I was a cum craving faggot. I never heard from mistress anymore and eventually had to (painfully) cut away my chastity device.

The Legendary SlutWhore777

first-time Mikey2100 2017-12-17

Once she took all my cock in her mouth and i hit the back of her throat, she started to suck more faster and harder, i was feeling like i was in heaven, being sucked off my a slut whore cunt known as SlutWhore777. We did not start slowly, we started hard and fast, i was continue working away on her pussy and she was screaming and moaning out so loud saying, fuck this whore more, give this slut what she deserves, so i start thrusting my cock more and more into her whilst starting to finger her arse again, she is screaming and moaning so loudly asking for more and more, i give her all i have and without warning, she cums on my cock, i felt all the juice go on my cock, mmmmmmmmmmm i slowly start to remove my cock out of her pussy and she quickly rushes down and starts to suck my cock and start licking all that pussy juice of my cum.

The boss

first-time rodma 2017-12-17

Laying on her back she said goodnight saying Alex would be in for a real treat tomorrow at work giggling as she put the phone down, Michelle went to sl**p with a huge smile on her face, the following morning Michelle used her vibrator again to get herself in the mood for what was going to be a day when, Michelle blew Alex’s head clean off his shoulders, she put on her new underwear a lovely see through silk bra that showed her nice dark pink nipples a thong that covered her pussy lips stockings and suspenders, she already felt horny as she looked in the full length mirror she got to work and sat working away, Alex hadn’t turned up for work yet but she knew he would be in soon.


first-time CassandraDreams 2017-12-17

Two weeks ago when Adam called me, just after my 18th birthday, asking me to come visit him and celebrate his new ,all important, job I planned to arrive in the afternoon and take a taxi to the hotel. Months ago, just after we met, I told Adam that I dreamed of losing my virginity in a glamorous hotel. I try to smile back but my body is still shaking and that hot place between my thighs is aching for something more. For some reason those words push me over the edge and I feel my body begin to shudder again. When he is out I feel his hot cum oozing down my inner thighs and I smile to myself as I wonder how it would taste.

The Chronicles of Krystal - My First Time

first-time 2017-12-17

Hey I'm Krystal. I am now 18 years old. I moaned as we continued kissing. "Do you want to do it Krystal?" I was sucking and licking it all over using both hands and still like 5 inches was showing. "Okay." He kissed me and slowly parted my pussy. I moaned as he slowly got closer to my hot, waiting pussy.He slowly pushed his tip in and I gasped. "Okay." He pushed himself in and screamed as he took my virginity. He kissed me and started moving in and out. "Ohhh Alex." I gasped and moaned. He started shoving himself in and out and I felt myself going crazy. "Yeah, thank you Alex." I kissed him as he started to get up.

It All Started With a Dream Ch. 01

first-time Maelynn Raine 2017-12-17

I continued my trek with my mouth around her neck, stopping to nibble and kiss at various spots along the meeting place with her jaw, all the while one hand exploring her back and the other running fingers through her thick, dark hair. I could feel the heat of her breath warming my face, her hair spread out on my mattress framed her head like a halo, our noses almost touching; I was looking into the windows of her soul. "Do you want me to kiss you?" I said it without moving my face from her body; I knew she could feel the vibrations of my voice bouncing off of her and through her.

Daddies visit

first-time ddpsp 2017-12-17

I didn't look away as he slid one finger into the hot depths on my mouth and continued to stroke his cock just inches from my face. "Good girl, now, open up Daddy wants to see your mouth around his cock." Daddy just slid his cock in and out of my open mouth, guiding it along the flat of my wet tongue, and letting out a hiss from between his teeth. After daddy came down my throat daddy took me hands behind my back hand cuffed together took me upstairs to my room threw me on the bed and took control took what daddy wants he pounded my Pussy with his cock making me cum again and again not letting me stop

Sleeping Over

first-time Ashson 2017-12-16

She snatched her hand away from my erection, rolled out from under my arm and huddled on the far side of the bed, looking at me with these big accusing eyes. Shelley told me to do a rude thing to myself, slipped on her pyjamas and got the hell out of my room. It was a hot night and I was just having a cold drink before going to bed and Shelley came into the kitchen. Next morning I had a word with Katy, asking if she knew that Shelley was subject to sleepwalking. Shelley gave a small squeal and tried to push away from my hand, only to find she was wedging herself harder against my cock.

New Years Eve (Part 2)

first-time flasher974 2017-12-16

I asked Mum if she wanted me to get dressed, she told me she thought it might be nice if Sara and I answered the door naked to them, As we entered my bedroom Nan said she needed to take her shoes off, “these fuckin` high heels are killing me, and so are these bl**dy panties, but as you Father bought them for me I thought I`d better wear them, it`s not like he`s never seen my cunt before!” I stood there still naked with my Hard Erect Cock pointing directly at Nan, my bell-end emerging from my foreskin as she unclipped and slid her stocking down her legs; for a woman in her seventies, she had a very sexy figure with great looking legs.

Dutch Dating Sites [1]: VIRGINS-1

first-time Poet-PETER 2017-12-16

I double their number for other women over fourty, rich widows or lucky divorcees, who try to make their money talk, of no avail at me! I dislike the shame of girls around twenty - so far between eighteen and twenty-eight - for their virginity, while all their girlfriends did 'it' I like my life full of freedom and all my intellectual qualities, I would like to teach the virgins a lot, for free, but they still lack enough guts I do write back - albeit only once - to the virgins, telling them we will need at least a long weekend for all my intended lessons of love

Intern's First Blowjob

first-time captjim51 2017-12-16

My boss Phil went up to my cute young nineteen year old intern Tim and told him he was worried about a women being alone in the building that late. As a forty-three year old I have been sucking cock for decades and knew I would love giving Tim his first blowjob. I didn’t just suck Tim like any woman would; instead I deep throated his entire cock into my eager mouth. I got back down on my knees like an old slut with a young stud should and began sucking Tim’s young cock for the second time. Well I didn’t for the next few minutes as I slowly sucked Tim’s young cock as my finger remained in his rectum massaging his prostate.

Flamingo Road ~ Conclusion

first-time cigardad4dad 2017-12-16

At first, I just fucked him nice and slow, pulling back every once in a while to look him in the face and jerk his dick while he slid his ass closer to me and got me as deep inside as I could get. Looking up in the rear view mirror at Ben as he sat in the backseat jacking off, Napoleon scolded his son, “And she isn’t gonna fucking hear about from you, is she, baby boy?” Every once in a while, Napoleon took his mouth off me and just kept repeating, “Damn!” I’d reach down with one hand, wipe off some spit and pre-cum collected on his scruffy chin and feed it to my self.

Babysitting the Aunt Kay Way

first-time fotisampini 2017-12-16

"Lick my balls - suck them," Lance demanded as he lifted his cock up and pushed his Aunt Kay's face into his scrotum, and as he felt her take one into his mouth he groaned, leaning forward as he told his Aunt he would be bringing his girlfriend over to her house again after his Mom got released from the hospital. Kay stifled a squeal as her nephew impaled her to the hilt roughly, seeming to revel in making his aunt feel every inch as he burrowed deep into her, and it was less than a minute later that she was cumming under a pounding that would have seemed brutal to someone that didn't know that was the way Kay Lansing liked it. "Everything?" Lance asked, grabbing Aunt Kay's hair and pulling her head back while the sloshing sounds of cock probing pussy got louder.

My Nephews first experience

first-time 2017-12-16

My husbands nephew, still but a teenager, myself in my late thirties, feeling like a wayward mother, my desire for him at this moment overshadowing my moral obligation, to claim his virginity would be a feather in my cap, I would pleasure him beyond his wildest dreams, and as the sexual innuendos flowed through my mind I stepped into the bedroom, his grunting and vocal noises drowning out my close presence, as I advanced on the bed and looked over and saw his penis for the first time, 'Oh my fucking God', escaped my lips and he stopped, turned to me, releasing his cock and giving me an eyeful of his ten inch monster, a cock out of proportion to his body size, 'Micheal, what are you doing?'

How could I let this happen?

first-time Lone-Wolfe 2017-12-16

When they got in the car Jim started to tease Allison about what she said in the room and how she blushed so much. When she got to her friend Anna's house Jim was telling everyone she was a slut and wanted to fuck a black guy with a huge cock! Smoke started to chuckle and said your the hot young thing that thinks my dick is fake right. Now Allison was again thinking it was a bad idea but Smoke pulled her in close and was massaging her ass and pussy and it felt so good. Allison was feeling so good she just went with it Smoke knew so much more about pleasing a woman then Jim. Smoke started to suck on her sweet young pussy and it was amazing.

Fixing the computer

first-time john1195 2017-12-16

started to rub my dick through my pants, it was rock hard fucked so I was hoping Dale would be the man to oblige. was busy sucking his friends big hard dick getting it head into my mouth, Dale slipped one hand around my head "Not a bad looking dick Pete, but your cute little ass is like the guy on the video he started to fuck me with was leaning forward on my hands while Dale was fucking me hand I could start rubbing my dick myself. started to feel ready to shoot my load over the bed. started to fuck me a bit faster again and suddenly moved tongue into me in time with his fucking, sharing the come

Sister's New Interview Ch. 02

first-time Ideas64 2017-12-16

I see Anne-Marie talking to a real cute guy called Tim on a studio set that looks like a messy picnic spot. We looks so silly having this conversation dressing in the uniforms that I want to laugh, but I also want to cry, because she really is my best friend."Come on, Anne-Marie, I'm not stupid. It makes me feel good too, because it looks like we will be having another interview-gone-wrong, only this time with my best friend along. Tim makes a face when Pugh says that he will have to dress as a punk schoolboy, but I can tell by the way he is looking at my friend, that he doesn't really mind at all.

The Sleepover

first-time dowd_elwood_p 2017-12-16

"Well, he started rubbing it faster, but when he saw me, he slammed the door in my face," Stephanie added, "I think that, when a guy's thing gets hard, it hurts, so he has to rub it to make it feel better." ... While Mrs. Wilmot made her calls, Claire and Stephanie looked at each other with sly grins ... "Mom?" Claire asked, "Timmy said that he wants to stay in our room tonight. Claire approached my bed first, wearing a shimmering little pink thing that looked like a slip, but it barely went below her naughty area. "Well, I think that she would want us to kiss Timmy good-night," Claire said and then leaned towards my face.