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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mother's Peach Cobbler

first-time satyrnidae 2017-12-16

I watched him pour the water over the ice in my glass and realised that most of the feelings I was having were rooted between my legs, that my pussy felt wet, that an insistent pulse throbbed and intensified when he turned and met my eyes. He started to open his mouth to speak but closed it again and just stood there staring at me, or more precisely, at my breasts and protruding nipples, the glass of ice water still halfway between us in his hand. He started to stroke the hairs, barely grazing my swollen cunt lips and asked, "Do you want me to touch your pussy?" His fingers felt firey hot against the wetness of my cunt and I could feel a steady pulse inside of me, my desire rising at the sound of his words.

Massage with a Happy Ending.

first-time maaao 2017-12-16

So he got the baby oil and slathered his hands in it preparing himself for the first proper touches between us, I could feel my lower spine getting wetter and wetter from his precum and it slightly turned me on, I lightly wiggle my bottom underneath him making him throb even more. Bappy leaned forward to kiss the back of my neck turning me on, pulling on my waist thrusting into my bum attempting to get inside me. Not long after he starts sucking my nipples, and holding my ass up so he can pull all the way out then pound me hard and I’m cumming amazingly hard over his shaven cock, holding onto his sides trying not to scream as his f****y are just in the rooms adjacent to ours – he pumps the love juices I’ve wanted for a long time into my wanting needing pussy.

Lather Tongue

first-time DireLilith 2017-12-16

Then his mouth was moving lower on her face, kissing along the rounded curve of her chin, dipping against her cheek that his fingertips had only just abandoned. As his lips dragged their seductive kisses across her flesh, she was ignorant of his hands touching her here, there, everywhere. His hands went beneath her, to her rounded bottom, cupping her and lifting her to his mouth as if her sex was a bowl of water and he a man in a desert. She tossed her head back, gasping, and the hand on her belly pushed that much harder, keeping her still while he released his cock and began to push himself inside her.

The one day i was naughty

first-time tonibbw 2017-12-16

One day whilst my son was making them all a drink in the kitchen I thought I would ask if they would like something to eat, so going to their room I heard them talking and for some reason I stopped and listened, they were teasing Jason, and I clearly heard them talking about my big breasts and teasing Jason saying that they bet he would love to see my big tits, and when he did not reply they teased him more, I would not mind but I have always been one to cover up and not show much as I am a big lady and don’t like the way I look.

A Lifetime Waiting

first-time Susan McK 2017-12-16

It felt good when he kissed her and this time when he moved his hand to her breasts she didn't stop him, as she had previously. He let out a quiet moan as his eyes took in her heavy breasts then he kissed her passionately and she responded to his hands touching, caressing and massaging her breasts. She aware of his hands moving below them but it was only when he pulled back slightly that she realised he had his pants open and for the first time she was looking at an erect penis. He held her close again, kissing, exploring her bush, telling her how wet she was, moving to let his hard cock rub against her.

Oh mom !....

first-time daniellll95 2017-12-16

We were there for about ten minutes until she started to shake and convulse as she had a small orgasm, after this I raised my head up kissed her one more time and slipped out of the door to find my mom with her hand down her skirt and a face like a beetroot she quickly withdrew her fingers and slipped them into my mouth which I sucked eagerly she pulled out her fingers and took me by the hand to the car whare she got on top of me in the front seat and we made out for almost half an hour untill she realised the time, got in her seat and drove us home.

Hot for Teacher

first-time Christie052780 2017-12-16

The day came that I was late with a book report and Mr. Wilson suggested that I drop it by his house after school and he'd consider it as turned in on time. "You know, you don't look quite so threatening now, Christie." He reached to me and I took his hand. It felt a little strange to be in just a robe with Mr. Wilson but I decided to be a big girl and deal with it. I looked at Mr. Wilson and said, "If you want to play, then let's play." He pulled me off the desk and I surrendered as he took the robe off and let it slip to the floor.

Conflicted First Time Cock Sucker

first-time bi_hengst 2017-12-16

I hear people out in the parking lot talking and going into their cars (can they even imagine what the fuck is going on in this room right now?) and I find myself sticking my tongue out and licking around his balls (fuck, you're licking a dudes balls and an older dude at that) while he keeps his dick and balls where they are (I'm licking a man's balls) and I open my mouth and suck in one of his balls (I've got a man's ball in my mouth; what the hell am I doing?) he breathes out heavily which heightens my excitement (oh man, he likes what I'm doing) and he let go of his dick and grabs the back of my head with both hands.

April and September

first-time I_M_Patient 2017-12-16

As a semi-retired professional sound and lights guy, I produce most of the live shows that come to our local theater. I was getting ready to move the stage monitors a little to kill an 80Hz resonant growl that made things sound a little muddy, when April sauntered up. Maybe we can pick up where we left off when your sisters towed you off to dinner?" I said smiling as I adjusted each monitor's angle out another five degrees to kill a dull spot. The smiles on the faces of April and myself and the stolen glances across the table did not go unnoticed by the sisters, but I missed the mischievous twinkle in their eyes as well as the silent plotting that was going on.

The Day The World Came Pt. 07

first-time A_Non_A_Moose 2017-12-16

The touch of her skin felt heavenly, yet "The Beast" between his legs stirred, and he fled in terror, horrified that Alice might think ill of him. Isaac became obsessed with his penis, and would spend the brief time he spent alone trying to understand the "evil" that would grow between his legs. Her stolen glances at Isaac would make her heart race, and she felt a warmth between her legs the day he touched her face. Alice said she felt unwell, and began to leave, yet as she did, her legs gave way and she fell into Isaac's arms. Alice's hands had instinctively moved between her legs, and as Isaac looked on, he felt a surge from The Beast.

A Shower Surprise

first-time Ention 2017-12-16

It was just a normal Friday night and I was hanging out at an apartment door opened and there was Alex holding a finger up to her smiling lips with nasty things with Alex, I didn't want to ruin my friendship with Jason. With a smirk on her beautiful face, Alex began moving her hand up and down you want." She gave a soft, playful bark of laughter and brought her lips "I would love to," I said, mock slapping her hand away from my head. When I opened the bedroom door Jason caught my eye and very loudly asked, I just grinned and said, "It was heavenly," and we all continued our night of drinking and games.


first-time regnglad 2017-12-16

When I got there the only one there except me was the instructor, we exchanged a few pleasantries (something I've never felt good at) and then I prepared for the session by getting changed and taking out a mat and placing it on the floor and then lying down on it to relax and get the outside world off of my mind. As we laid down to start some ten minutes of relaxation after the exercises had ended I felt especially nervous knowing she was lying right next to me, hoping she would use those ten minutes where everyone was just supposed to take it easy for something else. Biting the inside of my lip as I again started caressing her clit it felt like I would soon loose my mind completely to this woman of desire.

My Hamster Friend

first-time hypermatic666 2017-12-16

She pulled my bath robe completely off and saw my shaven balls.She loved the sight and kissed me again while holding my balls in one hand and my penis in the other.I couln't control my self and I pulled her maroon panties off.This revealed her slightly brownish pussey ,with a taft of pube, on the top portion to me.I put my fingers on her clit once more and she spread her legs.Hers was a wet and warm place inside.I took my fingers in and out and she shivered when that happened.Then she pushed my head down wards towards her pussey to lick it off.

You would think she had done this before.

first-time 2017-12-16

As Carla sat up, Lucy pushed her back and took her pants off, brought Dave down with her and said "Lick her pussy with me. Dave took Lucy's hand and placed her fingers inside Carla's sloppy wet twat. As he pushed his cock deep inside it was almost second nature that Lucy moved her pussy to Carla's face looking toward Dave to kiss him while he fucked their friend. The girls still finger fucking and clit licking when Dave pumped harder and faster untill he spilled his load inside Lucy. He pulled out and as his cum dripped out into Carla's awaiting mouth, Lucy done something she never done before by grabbing Dave's cock and sucking it after he fucked her.

My Education

first-time FDrake 2017-12-16

As Bill moved closer and began to kiss me, I could feel Jennifer's hands upon my bottom and thighs. I could feel Jennifer's nipples stiff against my back, and I ached every time her fingers pushed my panties into my bottom. Suddenly, Jennifer jerked her hands downward, dropping my panties to the floor and allowing Bill's face to sink between my thighs. With Jennifer's hands on my breasts and Bill's tongue teasing my vulva, I was spiraling out of control. Feeling Jennifer's breast against my cheek, I began to suck it madly, enjoying the hard nub of her small nipple against my tongue. Jennifer wrapped both hands around his erection and began to frantically pump his shaft while we both licked the head of his penis.

Lesbian Paradise at Land's End

first-time 2017-12-16

my name is Kea. I’m here on holidays.” Landra cleaned some drops of salt water from her lips with her tongue and looked straight into Kea’s eyes again. it wasn’t my intention.” Landra smiled, “Don’t worry; actually it was my fault for not having looked around first.” Kea didn’t know where to hide her wet, sticky hand so the girl wouldn’t notice and moved it clumsily from side to side, but Landra pretended not to see. Sometimes I just take long walks on the sand.” Landra got up and kneeled in front of Kea, facing her and taking a good look at how pretty she was: her blond short hair, her soft cheeks, her hazel eyes... Kea had never felt anything like that: with one hand, Landra was giving her pussy a rhythmic wave-motion fingering.


first-time Bhavita 2017-12-16

Bhavita is a sex kitten that cant get enough of sex and she loves men who are dark because of the erotic contrast the dark skin has with her milk white body. The way she battered her eyelids and the supple white skin of her body drove me wild with desire and lust. The lips of her cunt were open like the leaves of a rose petal and I could see her love button aroused and erect. The combined arousal and look of the beauty riding my cock drove me wild and I grabbed her body and impaled her onto my spear as I shot my first wad into her.


Loosing my Virginity at 18

first-time SteveAshrid 2017-12-16

My mane is Steven and a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday my dad told me not to make any plans for Saturday as we were going to a party and I was invited. On the Saturday I was told by my dad to make sure that I’ve had a shower and that I was clean. Mom told me that all the men were going to be hard so I had a head start and that they expected me to be hard and that all the women were dying to meet me. The sight of my dad and mom naked made me very horny and made my erection even harder. My mom was on the sofa, legs apart having here pussies licked by a man kneeling between her legs.

After Dinner Delight

first-time fotisampini 2017-12-16

Your hands are placed next to my head as you step back a little and look You start kissing my chin, moving slowly down my neck and nibbling your One hand moves between my thighs feeling my moves back up to my clit while your fingers move down and slowly start Feeling me tighten around your fingers you know I’m close so you ease Standing up slowly you place a soft kiss on my lips letting me taste are placed against it to steady me and you start kissing my shoulders and neck while I can feel you as you put one finger inside me stroking Your fingers stroking and entering my pussy while your cock moves into

Another Night Together- Our Beginning

first-time abigfan 2017-12-16

As I kissed her neck, my hands were moving all over her lovely body. Looking at me, she said, "Donny, I love you so much. I started to kiss my way down her body when she stopped me and said, "My turn this time.". This went on for a while, when Ginger turned to me ans said,"Donny, do you love me?". She looked at me and said, "Donny, I love only you and I don't want to love anyone else besides you. She closed her eyes tight and the look on her face told me that she was feeling things she had never felt before. Mom just said, "Be careful, OK?" I think she always knew.

Year of fear

first-time castle1956 2017-12-16

When the cookout wrapped up the man stepped up and took my arm and headed for the door, when my husband intercepted us, He said you will need a ride, My e****t looked at my husband and said he was driving me, my husband repeated himself and said you will need a ride, by this time every one recognized the danger in my husbands statement, my e****t said what are you saying, my husband said you will need a ride to the emergency room to take your arm out of your rear if you don't scram, The man saw my husband was not k**ding and left I was terribly embarrassed, his father furious, said are you retarded, don't you know what you are not invited means, My husband in a low voice said I found out what you have been dictating in my life for 32 years, his father went white as a sheet people around were confused, I wanted to hide.

While you were sl**ping Helen

first-time LadyDera 2017-12-16

You lift my skirt and begin rubbing my now supper hard cock.pre-cum is now running from the head of it as I so horny for you baby! I tell you to get on your knees as I rub your sweet little ass, it is so cute and the anticipation of fucking it is making my cock even harder and longer! I then spread your legs and tell you to pucker up your pussy lips as I oil my cock up to fuck your sweet little ass Helen! I felt the after shocks of my cock shooting the last loads of cum into your cute little tail Helen as you let out a final yell and we both colapsed on the bed!

Everyone has Sexual Feelings

first-time Nathalie420 2017-12-16

Weeks into our school year I notice my man always did the samething when we had sex and it was boring him and me, so i asked if I could do anything else to spice things up. A few days later I was home alone and was feeling getty, so I decided to look at some porn my self. I stared to go through my mans porn agian but this time I cuaght myself liking what I was watching. It was intense and in the heat of the moment I looked him in the face and told him to fuck my ass. I found out I liked getting my face fucked, I liked anal sex, and I like sharing my man with other women.

How to Seduce an Engineering Student

first-time tustin92614 2017-12-16

There were a couple of the guys that REALLY knew what they were doing in bed (the bad boys!), and took the time to teach me everything they knew (repeatedly!!). It is pretty obvious that the sciences do not attract the "bad boys." I will be kind and just say that when I got to campus as a horny 19 year old, my sex life took a huge unhappy hit. "I'm giving them some hands-on advice on girl parts, and then Doug and Ben are going to give me a double facial!" I said excitedly. Doug also started to massage my boobs with his free hand, and Ben put a single finger in me and started doing the g-spot circles in time with his stroke speed.