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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Vinyl Kisses

first-time Javagirl 2017-12-16

You don't want to kiss me," he crackled the record sleeve, crushing it with his hands. I could feel the whisper of his hands, barely grazing my pebbly-hard nipples through my t-shirt and bra. Suck my nipples," I squeezed my breasts together. I felt him hesitate, then his warm, soft fat tongue glided across my left nipple. He captured it between his lips and suckled on me, like a baby would suck. Your kisses, sweet lover, I'm cumming," I held him tightly against my breasts as my pussy spasmed. Tears welled and I pushed my hips to him, aching for his cock, his beautiful virgin cock that had never felt a woman's wet cunt milking him dry.

very 1st time

first-time rodma 2017-12-16

Unzipping my trousers I pulled my hard cock out, wetting her pussy and then the tip of my cock I pushed my cock into her pussy, Mildred groaned as it slid in slowly, I held her hips and started to fuck her, “Oh god this is better than yesterday nothing like morning sex to start the day” Mildred whispered my full length now slipping in and out of her soaking wet hole, Mildred was very sexy and extremely horny, she pushed herself up as I undid her blouse and pulled her bra up letting her tits sway, teasing her nipples I started to fuck her harder and harder until it, was impossible to hold back anymore, Cumming in her I gripped her hips Mildred sighed as she lay face forward on the desk, I pulled out and started at her arse, so sexy I could bite it and to be honest I thought if I had her in bed, she would be full of teeth marks and fuck her until I couldn’t even raise a smile.

La nouvelle

first-time sdmn 2017-12-16

En général je n'avais pas trop de difficulté a parler aux femmes mais des qu'une femme me plaisais, je perdais tout mes moyens et j'avais beaucoup de mal a les séduire et se poste d'informaticien étais super pour moi, je travaillais seul et ça m'arranger et devoir aller résoudre des problème sur les poste informatique de mes collègue étais un bon moyen de discuter sans trop me dévoiler. Elle étais toujours aussi souriante et je me voyais deja l'inviter a dîner sortir avec elle au cinéma mais tout ses demandes que j'aurais voulu lui faire rester au plus profond de moi.

77% elle

Episode 53: BJ and Alia

first-time dasx2 2017-12-16

The Vagina Design department was literally flooded with images of u******e masturbation, but this one was different – the stills showed a pretty ch1ld in a short blue dress, and white stockings with an adult’s hand resting on her thigh. Alia was so dedicated to her fantasy fuck she hardly heard BJ asking if it was OK to record this session – she would only share it with her colleagues in the design department: “Yes, yes, yes” moaned the ch1ld “I want your babies – I want to be your Little Whore – Please take my virginity again – and again – and again...” Alia-1 explained that Uncle Mack had to fuck them all by lunch time, then allowing time for their hymens to ‘heal’, again before tea and then again before bed.

A homosexual seduction in progress

first-time justluvtrans 2017-12-15

“I don’t know, I turned my back and then I looked at you and you hit the floor.” I turned back to my pizza. “Hey man are you okay?” I know stupid question, he’s probably not okay since he keeps falling to the floor, but he wasn’t going to die unless he hit his head on the granite countertop. “Okay means never having to say “What happened?” Here drink some of this and just stay put for a minute will you?” I handed him a glass of cold water and went back to the kitchen. I stay stoned, if I don’t have to go somewhere from the time my wife leaves for work until she comes home.

My Irish Virgin

first-time Cat5 2017-12-15

She blushed and said; "Mrs. Thomas told me it was silly to be wearing a one piece swimming suit all summer especially since I am out by the pool with their boy during the day and on the beach at other times. As we walked I could see she was still a little embarrassed to be wearing a bikini, but she said nothing for a long time and then finally said, "Can I ask you a serious question Danny?" Nora grinned and lifted him as she turned to me and said, "This is Bobby; he's the little boy I take care of during the week." Nora shyly grinned again and said, "Danny, I'm embarrassed, but we ran out of time so I don't have a birthday present for you."

A New Approach to Latin

first-time cara_blue 2017-12-15

It sounds like a gunshot in the quiet room, and barely a second later, fire rips across the globes of your bottom, causing tears to start in your eyes. I am breathing hard and my breasts pull at the buttons of my silk blouse; through the gap created you catch a brief glimpse of black lace. Somehow, we are on the floor, my hand working hard between your thighs, your face pressed into my breasts, hands clawing off my blouse and bra to take my nipples in your mouth. "Good night, Miss Hamilton." I wait till you reach the head of the staircase.

With Laila

first-time salimak 2017-12-15

Let the thought of my friend touching herself, undressing, laying on her bed, feeling her own arousal, the anticipation, that lovely sweet nervous pleasure, spreading her legs, stroking my dildo over the damp skin of her sex, closing her eyes, wanting this, afraid of this, pushing that smooth thick cock head into her vagina, feeling her tight pussy grip it hard, pushing harder, deeper, fucking herself with it.

A sexy happy ending

first-time canev8 2017-12-15

She started massaging my chest again while I could feel her wet warm pussy was right by my cock, and soon she pulled the towel of my face and I got to see perfect tits bare for the first time. Soon we were both dressed and I had now noticed that I spent in total 85 min in the room with this sexy lady, money well spent, As we started to head to the door, I tried my luck one last time, I grabbed her hand place a handsome tip in with hope, and turned her to face me, and in a joking tone although I was dead serious, I asked her,  please can't I fuck you, I'll pay any amount?

My first orgasm

first-time superbean 2017-12-15

He lapped at my clit until it was hard and sensitive, circling the tip of his tongue around it before moving it down to my little pussy hole and sliding it in a little. His finger rubbing that spot and his tongue teasing my clit, I knew I was going to cum soon. I flicked my tongue over the tip making him moan as I pumped my hand up and down his hard shaft. “Where do you want to cum baby?” I asked, still pumping his cock, the tip aiming right between my boobs. I gripped hard and then even harder after he requested so, and it was then he panted telling me he was going to cum, “all over your gorgeous body” were his words before all he could do was moan.

Bible Camp Babysitter - Day 04

first-time TimSchmidt 2017-12-15

Half way through our work, Mary - laughing happily - squeezed my biceps and shoulders appreciatively, telling Jessica how nice it was to have a strong man in the house to handle these kinds of things. Buying time, I worked one hand up into her hair and used it to pull her head back, giving me access to her beautiful neck. I squashed her against my hip, encouraging her grinding motion, and continued to kiss the side of her breast, occasionally flicking my tongue over her hardened nipple, but I also detached her left arm from my head and guided it slowly, inexorably, towards my waist. I kept enough pressure up on her hair to make her feel dominated, but little enough she could adjust her neck if she wanted.

How I met my wife

first-time Jelly1111 2017-12-15

Although twenty five years ago ,this image is still implanted in my head.we met in college as she and I had the same class and I was in know how you look and can tell she is the one ,simply pure. That's it I'm done so I go upstairs to pee and I see a couple guys from that wrestling team so I start talking to them and I almost shit myself when the one gauy says " did I fuck her too?"I said no maybe later and sat and drank. A lot of cum was on my face now and thought I need to fuck her so I propped her ass up on the pillow and slid all the way in one shot.

Troy and His Nephew

first-time john1195 2017-12-15

Troy pulled on a blue bikini and looked over at Josh Troy felt Josh's cock grow also and throb against his asscheeks. Troy pressed his body closer to Josh and their united crotches Troy grabbed Josh's cock and squeezed it, feeling the throbbing Josh's hand found Troy's dick and both men still kissing, squeezed Josh was more daring now so he pulled Troy's singlet completely Troy pulled Josh's singlet down and both men Troy couldn't wait any longer so he pulled Josh's cock out of the Troy moved slightly placing his cock head against Josh's. of their humping or kissing, Troy managed to push down Josh's wrestling Troy took the cue and quickly both men were slapping their cocks

Her First Time with Another Man

first-time Carole44 2017-12-15

"No way" she said "they are just for your enjoyment and besides it was just a bit of fun wasn't it?" She looked at the smile on my face and said "you really are serious about this aren't you?" She went very quite and continued with her make up and I thought I had gone too far but after another glass of wine she got up, gave me a little smile and picked up her dress and all the sexy underwear and headed into the bathroom. After a few strokes Carole told me she felt him starting to twitch and she said that she thought to herself "great first time I let another guy other than my husband fuck me and he's about to finish after a couple of thrusts!" She told him not to cum inside her.

hot mom

first-time 2017-12-15

She was in their for about another hour, then i heard the door open, and shut, "goodnight guys, don't play games all night." We were playing halo like mother fuckers on crack. "oh Ron, yes baby yes, make Jenny come like you used to, before we were married." then i figured it out, Ron was her ex-husband, My friends Dad. Then i saw her eyes open a little more, and i panicked, i took my hands off her body, and jumped back into the shower, and closed the curtain, but peeked out with my left eye. I need a cock, i need a man who can touch me like him." She got up, flushed the toilet, opened the door, and walked out.

Life in the Modelling industry as girls.

first-time 2017-12-15

Some of the top models, putting a face to the experience, and again like us watching, told of their experiences, at f******n and fifteen, of walking into an office and sitting while the old man, took his penis out in front of us and enjoyed an i*****l blow-job, swallowing and actually saying, 'Thank you Sir, I enjoyed doing that', if you did not, then you were gone that night, and never heard off again, the industry closing ranks, as all these ugly men took their turns r****g these girls, high on cocaine, champagne and poppers ( alkyl nitrites), pushed onto the desired girl, giving her a sudden rush of light-headedness, and if she is already high, she would more likely or not, wake up with a cock up her ass, with everyone else sitting around cheering the man on.

I Take Emily out to the Ball Game

first-time Boxlicker101 2017-12-15

By the time I kissed her mons, Emily's ass was bouncing off the rolled up tarpaulin as she jammed her pussy into my face and her hips were swiveling, thrusting her legs over my shoulders like pistons. After a minute of this, Emily's hips and ass and pussy became more active so I clamped my lips over her clit and started sucking on that charming love button, and probing its engorged sides and tip with my tongue. I sucked the fresh juices out of Emily's vagina, being careful not to penetrate her, then I gently pulled back the outer pussy lip on the other side and started to lick the surface of the inner lip.

Giving In

first-time Bradshaw77 2017-12-15

I cared for him but didn't find myself physically attracted to him the same way I was to Ryan, but I felt that since Ryan had cheated on his girlfriend with me, I couldn't ever trust him in any sort of relationship. Over the course of the year, Ryan and I became close friends, able to talk about anything and spending a lot of time together watching movies and going running. When we got into my apartment, all my roommates were out, and I immediately started sensing something different in the way that Ryan was acting. As much as I had tried to be faithful to my boyfriend and push aside the sexual attraction I felt for Ryan, I couldn't do it with him looking at me like that.

Rose The Great Educator

first-time gobbler72 2017-12-15

OK Rose told me to get naked and asked if she could too I said yes. When she got back on the phone she told me that she was embarrassed and it was a good thing that we would be on the phone this time because I was going to be her daddy and she was going to be my slutty daughter. Rose ask daddy if he would fuck her daddy said yes if she was wet enough oh daddy can I touch my little pussy and get it nice and wet for you. Rose asks if she can guide daddy into her hot pussy yes go slow.

Blind Date

first-time D3vilfish 2017-12-15

Sam was amazed that his sister took all day to pick just a shirt and a pair of jeans. Sam's hands started shaking and he felt an erection building in his pants. Julia gave Sam a deep kiss and placed the tip of his cock on her pussy. They both let out a soft moan as Julia lowered herself onto Sam. Sam now felt the warmth and tightness off Julia's pussy all around his cock. Sam lets out a loud moan as he fills up the condom, he feels his cock twitch inside Julia's pussy. Sam feels Julia kissing her way down to his cock but when she is almost there he feels a strange warmth above his face, there is also a smell that is totally new to him.

Man Wanted

first-time 2017-12-15

As the boy licked and sucked on her pussy she rubbed her pus all over his face. She was sucking cock and the vibrator still in his ass as she spanked the boy. She would grab his balls and stroke them as she sucked hard on the huge cock. Now I want you to get hard again and fuck my cunt hard." She sucked and played with his cock and it took just a moment till he was hard again. "Now fuck me hard and fill my cunt with your cum or I will tie you and whip you all night long. I want to fuck all night" The boy pulled her legs apart and rammed his big cock deep into her.

How I became my Roommate's Bitch Gay PT1

first-time 425olds 2017-12-15

I've got girls lining up to jerk me off." That was the first time my roommate had talked about women, or his aptitude for getting them into his pants, since he had stopped dating Cassy-bella. I need to cum right now or my balls are going to explode." He said it one word at a time, like there was something I just wasn't understanding. I don't know if that sounded harmless to me at the time, or if I really just wanted to justify my desire to taste John's fluid. Without needing any instruction I started bobbing my head on his cock, slowly at first as I got used to such a large object in my mouth, but then more quickly.

The Darkness

first-time LanceGoodthrust 2017-12-15

I was home one dark and dreary night, listening to the rain hitting the roof. I thought to myself that tonight was a night for trouble, but I wasn't sure just what kind of trouble. I crept slowly upstairs, making sure to place my foot in the non-squeaky areas of the stairs. It was at this point I thought about the trouble that I was to get into this evening. She must have regained a little bit of her consciousness at that point. time ...... I retied her foot, and again took my place between her legs. I fell on her one last time. I am sorry for trying to break into the house, I had been thrown out of my home and I was starving.

Kathryn's Question Ch. 02

first-time val wrangler 2017-12-15

Looking down, I could only see the top of her head, but as she worked with her hand as well as her mouth, I longed to see what this looked like. "Robby, don't tease me like this!" she said when I'd moved my tongue away for about the fifth time. As I moved my tongue up this time, Kathy pushed her hips against my mouth and grabbed my head. One time, Kathy was being very naughty and had me pinned to the floor, riding my face with her juicy pussy (we both loved that term), when Mel came crashing in the back door, shouting for her sister. Robert said he didn't think I'd look good in jeans."