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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The silver dress

first-time Justaguy2016 2017-12-15

He looked up to see the erotic image of her framed in the moon light, her body above him gently swaying, so beautiful, placing her hands on his chest she lowered herself so the lips of her pussy were teasing the end of his bolt upright cock, rubbing the length of her wet sex along him, their mouths just barely touching, open & gasping with the pleasure.

Losing It

first-time Brybrad 2017-12-15

She had short dark hair, a trim body and small perky breasts that I was covering with kisses, as she had removed her blouse to facilitate this action. I don't remember where we went, but my companions started talking to a couple of local girls. Things started off with the two other guys talking the girls into coming back to the motel with us. By the time we got back to the motel, the pregnant girl (whose name I can't remember) was holding my hand and kissing me every few minutes. The other guys took the blonde girl into their room and left me and the mom-to-be kissing in front of my door.


Claire's Virginity

first-time FreshPrez76 2017-12-15

The smell of her wet hot juices made my cock go crazy inside of my boxers. Claire especially loved it when I sucked on her wet and swollen little clit. I kissed slowly down her leg until I got down to her pretty little feet, which were still inside of her black boots. Claire had on the cutest little baby-blue socks around her feet. Just the sight of Claire's socked feet made my cock ooze pre-cum in my boxers. I slowly kissed Claire's foot and licked her sole through her wet and sweaty sock. I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT SPERM INSIDE OF MY WET PUSSY!!! My hot seed unloaded out my throbbing cock deep inside of Claire's pussy.

the Office Party

first-time bigcityguy 2017-12-15

Her right hand now slipping under the table and rubbing my rock hard cock thru my dress pants. Carrie was still working my cock in her hand when she acted like she dropped something and slipped down under the table. Before I knew what was happening Carrie had her lips wrapped around my cock and I was Cumming in her warm wet mouth. Grace slipped over again pushing her tits into my arm and asked “Would you like to slip out of here, the music is so loud and I’m little tried.” I said “Sure lets go outside and get some fresh air “Grace turned and lifted her hand to some her room key!

bbw babysitter pt 2

first-time 2017-12-15

Chelle called me over to the bed, we kissed and my hands went straight for her boobs, so lovely, so smooth, and as i squeezed them, she let out a moan that nearly caused me to blow my load there and then. warm liquid serged onto my tongue(i thought she had peed, but i drank like i was posessed, then she pulled me up to face her and kissed me, our tongues entwined, whe we broke she said " damn i taste good, i love to taste my pussy". What a feeling, here i was finally fucking the girl i had nearly pulled my cock off over and she was now below me moaning like a banshee wanting more and more.

For the Very First Time Ch. 02

first-time PrincessErin 2017-12-15

Hello?" Jane had stopped talking and finally noticed Amber staring at Quinn, her face red. Amber was about to open her mouth and tell her best friend, but just then their English teacher, Mr. Johnston, entered the room. Amber and Jane survived old Johnston's English class and then went their separate ways to their second period class. Just as Quinn went down the hallway enough not to hear them, Jane whispered to Amber "meet me in the second floor bathroom in twenty minutes. Amber wouldn't dare ask to leave class from him, but Ms. Gardin was a younger teacher and was more easy-going. Amber nodded and watched her best friend rush out to get back to French class in time.

An Arcade Story

first-time Notrich 2017-12-15

I had to decide fast or lose out again, I knew he was getting close, so I went to my knees and stroked him one more time before I took the head of his cock in my mouth. As he watched his video and began stroking his cock, I looked around and really wasn't sure if I wanted to suck him in front of that many men. I looked up at Jim as he stroked his half hard cock and told me that If I didn't like it, I could stop at any time. As I wrapped my lips around his swollen cock, John told me to enjoy Pete's cum, that it was always sweet and plentiful.

my first pussy

first-time davidramsey 2017-12-15

The 2nd week of my employment, I was walking, with towel in hand, toward the country club and the lady across the street about 4 doors from us, called to me. She said “Wow, you are soaking wet, why don’t you use the garden hose and cool off a little.” Good idea, so I got the hose and cooled off. My cock went instantly hard and when she turned to hand me the glass I stood up. Still stunned, I didn’t move and she put her hand in my trunks and instantly had my cock in her mouth. Olive was somewhere out in sex space and she fucked me for about 20 minutes like that, until she opened her eyes and got off of me.

Slender sexy students submission -1

first-time Poet-PETER 2017-12-15

I tell her to spread her love lips wider for me by both hands and start to play with her pussy, looking at me. She expects I want to take her again, tries to offer submissive service by spreading wide her bums and legs. She knows she needs to give in to my discipline, as soon as I start to swash her bottom by my big black belt. I belt her boyish bottom, she tightens her bums muscles, but relaxes her butt as soon as I start to caress her slit. She can't help to come hard, as soon as I start to suck sweetly at her thick clit, never letting her go from my grip!

How Sheela became a slave

first-time sargam 2017-12-15

So aunty told me that she will go to another neighbours place for a chat (she usually did that in the evenings) and requested me to either call her or make some coffee for uncle once he was home. So I told her not to worry and that I will be glad to make some coffee for uncle when he got home. My body was throbbing in ecstacy and as I heard him slurp over my juices and over my entrance and felt his tongue encircle me and then go inside me, I just exploded completely, pressing his face harder onto my pussy. I started panicking a little bit and as he noticed that, he took me into his arms and hugged me tightly.

Nudge Nudge

first-time Mac_G 2017-12-14

Years later, Mr. Adams said he'd kill me if I told Jenny, but that it hurt a little when Jenny turned to me, instead of him, for comfort upon hearing the news about her mom. "Did you know that most guys think Jenny is the best looking girl in school? "Look, Jenny, I know we've been friends for a long time, you've always been my best friend, but lately I've been seeing you in a different light. Jenny must have said something to her dad, and he spoke to my parents, because on Wednesday evening Mom came into my room, announcing, "Let me know what you plan on wearing for your big date Friday, and I'll make sure it's clean and nicely pressed."

Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 04

first-time SusanJillParker 2017-12-14

"That skinny, little kid over there is Joey, the good looking one is Freddie, the Italian looking one is Anthony, and Stephen is the lawyer and wannabe detective of the group," said Ralph introducing all of us to her. You're good at painting," he smiled, while giving me that look, which read that he wanted me to go, so that I could tell him everything that happened later. There was no way I could turn down twenty bucks and he knew it, especially after giving me that look, you know the look, the one where your friend stares at you, nods his head, and gives you the wink.

Alex's Adventurous Diary Memoirs Ch. 02

first-time Ingrid11B 2017-12-14

Joe was a nice looking red haired man that wore sunglasses whenever he could, and I learned it was because he didn't want to make eye contact with people he didn't know, especially women. I knew he had this idea that he didn't deserve an attractive woman kiss him albeit gently on the cheek, but his demeanor improved and he became much more talkative and started to break free from his encumbrances and share something about his life, which had more setbacks than he deserved. I felt Joe softly touching my sweater while we were kissing, and gradually, step-by-step he followed my instructions until he had his fingers inside my bra and was feeling my small but hardening breasts.

Daisy's Delight

first-time Boxlicker101 2017-12-14

The following evening, Daisy was introduced to Oliver in the sitting room of a posh hotel suite the agency keeps, usually for the use of visiting VIPs. He was a handsome man in his mid-thirties, with a well-trimmed mustache, long, dark hair and a muscular physique, and he worked as a free-lance photographer, sometimes doing work for Girls Represented. He continued licking her adorable pink nubbins, and Daisy's body started to squirm in pleasure under Oliver's mouth. Although the juices did not mean she had climaxed, they did represent a kind of milestone that had been reached, and told Oliver it was time for his mouth to go farther down on Daisy's delectable form.

After the egg hunt III

first-time Ilikestroking 2017-12-14

He rubbed my back and asked what I wanted to do, blushing I said I like it when you play with my butt. He stuck his tongue out and licked his way from my dick to my butt hole. He sucked the head of my dick and slid his tongue over my pee slit. I moaned as he sucked and rubbed his fingers on my butt hole. My butt hole had a funny feeling as he pushed his tongue against it. He moved his head and rubbed a finger around my hole pressing it. Breathing hard I started sucking his dick head again. When his dick stopped pumping he pulled his finger out of me and said to turn around.

A Deep Dark

first-time 2017-12-14

Oh, I thought that we would just share this one, Hun." Shiela answered back as she exhaled her smoke and placed her hand holding the cigarette up to Divya's mouth. I smiled and said "No ma'am, I don't mind at all, as I looked into the rear view mirror, I saw Divya look up and she and Shiela began kissing long and deep. When they stopped, Shiela took a drag off of the cigarette and exhaled inches from Divya's mouth, allowing her to take in the second hand smoke. Yes I know how to get him up, but I think I'll need your help again getting him down as Divya got on her knees next to Shiela, I knew this was going to be the night out that I would never forget.

Sub basement dream

first-time carzysmoke1 2017-12-14

Embarrassed that I just caressed my ass against my coworker, I grab the juice I came down for and quickly turned to leave.  But there he stood, facing me in front of my exit.  I pretended that I didn't notice him blocking my way and went to exit anyway. As I stood, he repeated the question as he stepped into me.  He was slightly taller than I so his lips lingered an inch above mine as he whispered,  "Are you sure?".  As I stood still and silent, he slowly took the juice bottles out of my hands and placed them on a shelf.  He leaned in towards my ear and whispered one last time, “Are you?" And that's when I realized if I don't respond, he'll stop.  So I nodded.

Trucking for Charity

first-time Acebottom 2017-12-14

And fortunately for me, they left it in the truck when we all went to the bowling alley. "Meet me at my parents truck." I went first, waiting for my Dad to bowl, and my Mom to start her usual gossiping. I had read romance novels, and I had let Tony rub me off a time or two, but this was...different. As he pummeled inside me, I could feel the orgasm building, and when it let loose, it was like a dam bursting. "Come for me Tony." I said urging him on as his body slammed against mine in a fury of pain and pleasure. "Yes baby, come for me, just like that!" he exclaimed, as his body came to rest against mine.

Camera Buff - Exposed Ch. 01

first-time cbsummers 2017-12-14

He was in mid-sentence when I just said, "Sorry, Mr. Hanners, gotta go!" I'd never ran out on him like that before, but I had a date with Rona Barrett, Student Council President, and sexiest girl at Malvado Playa High School! Shit, I didn't mean to say I was going to a girl's house, but I could barely think with my cock in Rona's hand. Mom kept talking, but I totally zoned out because right at that moment Rona took my left hand and put it on the wheel and said, "You steer." Then she leaned over my lap and took my raging cock into her hot mouth.


first-time sissyfluff 2017-12-14

But as I drove around I got to thinking about Benji's big hard cock and what a total sissy cocksucking fag I had become. Benji would always leave me with a hard clitty and the taste of his cum in my mouth. One time, after Benji face fucked me, I pulled my little thing out and started to jerk on it. Next, I can jack my little thing with my left hand if I am looking at a picture of Benji. After getting all of the pictures he wanted, he then called out to Rina who then came back to the closed bedroom door and opened it wide enough to stick her hand through the door.

Submissive's diary Ep. 2 : Restraint pt. 5

first-time ebonfire 2017-12-14

"If you want to feel good, you better make sure I feel good too." I felt her fingers carefully exploring me, slowly pulling my lips apart. My moans got louder, my breathing stronger and pretty soon I sat almost upright, fixating her head with my thighs while I sat on her face. Want me to stop?" I began moving the small egg back and forth by it's cord I kissed her again and looked deep into her eyes when I started to move my hip forward. You're not joking?" I felt her kissing my neck and moved my head back to see her face. Instead I picked up the pace again, beginning to thrust the entire dildo in every time.

The Cousin

first-time extremebitch_13 2017-12-14

I was surprised that someone like Amanda would actually want to take the time out to get to know me. Once we start college this fall, these are the kind of parties frat houses will be having," Amanda explained to me while inside the fitting room, trying on a couple of dresses. Once inside the party, Amanda immediately took off with Randy, leaving me to pretty much baby-sit Bill. Looking down my wet chest, I could barely see Bill's face as he munched and devoured my left breast. After five minutes or perhaps even seven minutes of sucking the left tit and making me cum again, Bill held both of my huge breasts in his hands again and flopped them against each other.

Hot Office Seduction:

first-time Jeanie4UBaby 2017-12-14

He leaned over me thrusting inside of me hard and fast, I’m moaning and making sounds that turned him on, nipping and licking my back making me cry louder, he slides his hands around the front of me and starts to hold and massage my clit, with his first three finger’s. I am squirming with hot wet passion, I came so hard that I was seeping hot fiery wet juices into his fingers, “HE said OMG that is sooo hot you’re soaked”… He pulled me up and held my breasts and kissed my back and neck, he then pulled out and turned me around putting me back on the desk pulling me back towards him sliding it back in nice and slow at first, in and out in and out several times, holding it half way in making me crazy...he then thrusts hard for a while I am holding his neck and shoulders.

A Night He Will Never Forget

first-time nrob182 2017-12-14

I totally forgot about our wedding night and what a surprise Justin will get when I step out of our hotel room bathroom with my white satin corset and matching g-string. I hesitated coming out of the bathroom looking like a hooker, but Justin had a fetish with underwear, especially corsets, and I really wanted to be sexy for him and plus my ass looked incredible in that g-string. I wanted him to just fuck the hell out of me and he knew that, but instead he unhooked the top half of my corset and kissed in between my breasts. Just as I thought I couldn't take anymore before I came again, he stopped, pulled my legs up and put them on his shoulder and slid his dick inside of my wet pussy.