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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Best Friend the Virgin

first-time keepitclassykeepitloud 2017-12-14

Brandy noticed my staring, and smirked, "Do I have nice boobs?" I dragged my eyes away from her large breasts, and to her face. "It's so annoying," she slurred, "Does it feel weird?" In response, I gently began circling her nipple with a single finger, erecting a small gasp from her. I bit back a moan, though I had been licking my lips at the sight of them ever since I laid eyes on her nipples. With one swift move, I straddled her, and began kissing every inch of her right breast, avoiding her nipple, while my finger gently circled around the other one. I rubbed her pussy gently through the sopping wet fabric, while my remaining hand toyed with her nipples, and my mouth feasted on her soft neck.


first-time 2017-12-14

So I went to downtown Philadelphia and boarded a Greyhound Bus to New York. As the passangers boarded I noticed that this bus was not going to be full since it was an express straight to New York and I was right. As the bus was pulling out I noticed this teenage girl, about 19 years old looking for a seat. I slid my hand under her skirt and begann to finger her pussy. She looked around to see if anyone was watching and raised her skirt and sat on my lap putting my cock into her wet tight pussy. She got off me and sat back in her seat putting her fingers in her pussy.

Teaching Kurt and Dani

first-time luke6112 2017-12-14

Still stroking and caressing his hard cock, Miss Moore said, "You told Dani that she did it wrong when you put your cock in her mouth." "Let me see that," her mom said, pulling Dani's thighs even wider apart, watching Kurt lick at her wet pussy. Dani cupped Kurt's balls in her hand, massaging them as her mom gently but firmly stroked his cock between her lips. Her mom kissed her and she moaned into her mouth as she pressed her body down hard atop Kurt's hips, churning his cock deep inside of her. Then, as her orgasm began to subside, Dani's mom slowed her stroking of Kurt's prick, instead rolling her hips and churning his cock inside of her.

ooops !

first-time 2017-12-14

then suddenly she stops in total amazment at my cock, telling me how big it is and how she wants to suck it. so i walk with her farther into the darker parts of the woods whilst holding each ass cheek in each of my hands, the she stops turns around, and takes off her top so i take off her trousers and knickers. i notice the 'hello kitty' badge on them, then throw them on the floor and with a rush of energy she starts sucking my cock collecting slpit all around her mouth whilst rubbing her clit. so we do, i get her nice and wet, then i stick my rock hard cock inside her pussy, whilst licking her feet and toes.

A Crazy Encounter

first-time bi-lover88 2017-12-14

"Told ya, Jake, she's hot," the girl said, giving the boy a mischievous glance. I gasped at the sight of Sam's perky toys bouncing up and down, at the sound of her as s slapping against Jake's midsection. I noticed that Sam was leaning against the wall of the truck bed, fingering herself at the sight of Jake's blow job. "Oh, that was AMAZING!" Sam cried, pulling me and Jake into a sticky hug. Jake sighed, but then pulled me in for a long kiss, his hands squeezing my boobs. My hand trailed back down to that amazing cock and started with a hand job, but Sam separated us before we could go further.

Do You Think It Will Hurt?

first-time Scaramouche123 2017-12-14

"She'd had a couple of cocktails with mom and dad and they'd been giggling and sort of trying to include me in adult talk and stuff, but I think Annie thought I looked a little lost." "Damn Meg. You once told me you got pissed at the Turner boy for telling his buddies he grabbed your boob when he kissed you at that party." You only want to know the stuff we talked about that concerns you." Everybody always wants to know about the sex stuff." "Maybe it's because you're a guy and you don't have the same emotional maturity as your best friend, being that you are so much younger, but I want to confess something so there is no misunderstanding my feelings."

Girlfriend story #1- True Story

first-time luckyguy6969 2017-12-14

We were both nicely buzzed at this point from the alcohol so somehow in this conversation she said "I think you are hot and I want to sl**p with you." Dating mostly 'good' girls in the past I was not used to having it this easy- or direct! Meanwhile she kept looking over at me and smiling like "I'm going to fuck the shit out you later." After a few dates I learned this was her typical smile with me as we would fuck several times a day whenever possible... As she increased her pace I reached the 'point of no return' that guys hit and said "I'm going to cum!" M popped her mouth of the head of my cock and kept pumping with her hand.

He Just Wanted To Play with My Tits

first-time EllenMelville 2017-12-14

I held out my small, well-manicured hand, smiled into his yes, and said, "Ellen Melville." And then, with a sophisticated twitch of his eyebrows, Brandon cocked his head, still staring, and asked, in the most reasonable way, "Would it really kill you to take out your tits and let me fondle them while we have a drink?" His smile never wavered. And eons later, or maybe at 10:45, I opened my eyes, blinked, and looked up right into Kathy's sweet, broad, smiling face, as she stood looking down, books and notebooks still under her arm, back from the library. Giggles turning to laughter, the big, pretty, blond face so frigging NICE, so LOVING.

A Freshman Gains Experience

first-time ainu 2017-12-14

But it doesn't last long and the woman drops down to her knees and gets her face right next to the man's penis and she grins just before sliding her hand back, exposing a big, almost purple shape at the end of the penis, which she starts licking. The woman just keeps moving her hips, seems to be going back and forth but Margie realizes that with the penis in her she is actually sort of riding it inside her. He gets between her legs and the woman drops her head down onto the bed, leaving her butt up in the air and then the man shoves his large red thing into her again.

The Collapse Ch. 01

first-time Christie052780 2017-12-14

After eating Grandpa took a nap, something he was doing a lot of as he got older, and the men sat around and talked. Taking me by the arm Mr. Evans said to me, "C'mon girl, we got some business to take care of now." We walked from the warehouse down the street a ways and came to the courthouse. She came around the counter and walked up to me and took some sort of thing from Mr. Evans that looked like a flashlight but with a small tip. He got in the front seat started the motor and we drove for about an hour before we pulled up to what looked like an old-fashioned fortress.

Experience when younger

first-time 2017-12-14

"No, my dick is huge." I was proud of my self for what I did in practice today, and I knew if I kept doing it I would look like Devin, but there was nothing I could do about my dick. I opened my eyes and saw nothing out-of-the-ordinary, so I shrugged and closed my eyes again as I continued to dry my head, but then the feeling came back. The feeling came back almost immediately, so opened my eyes and jerked my head in the direction of the shower. Devin looked in my face and saw my jealously in my eyes. Fuck yeah.” I just kept slowly sucking, moving my tounge around his dick, over the head and down the shaft.

I hired her to pull weeds! the sex was amazing!

first-time 2017-12-14

She showed up in jeans that hugged her butt and sent a tingle through my cock, I was showing her where she should start and as I walked past her from behind my hand kinda brushed across her ass we both pretending it didn't happen but I saw a little rise in her eyebrows and a slight smile on her face, I went into the house and she started to work I was checking her out through the window as she was bending over to pull the weeds I felt a surge of power rush through my cock and I had to reach down and feel it getting stiff she turned to look towards the house and I stayed still thinking she could not see me watching she pulled her shirt off she had a wife beater shirt on under it with no bra and a perfect set to tits showing I had to go out there I grabbed 2 cold drinks and shot outside to offer her 1 the closer I got to her the better the view she accepted the drink and I ask if she wanted to come in and take a break and get out of the sun she said sure, we went in and sat down and talking I was trying hard to keep from staring at her tits but she knew and she said you like what you see?

My first time sucking cock

first-time Roxy899 2017-12-14

Then i took it into my mouth and started to really suck on it, sliding my toung around his head, over his hole and so on. As soon as i started sucking his head i realised that he immediatly stopped all his actions on my ass and remained without any movement. After i sucked his head for a couple of minutes i tasted a big drop flowing out of his cock. I started going with my toung and realised a big fuzzball under his head, that was trapped by the foreskin. The rates of his precum dripping out went up and it started to become a light and continuous flow that i gladly tasted and enjoyed.

New in Town

first-time dis2991 2017-12-14

The fact that a beautiful brunet just touched inches away from my cock got me very excited. Suddenly, the girl pushed herself back towards me and her lovely ass touched my cock. She rubbed her ass against my cock for a good two minutes when the counter guy was packing and returning the change. She looked at my throbbing cock and bit her lower lip and licked them. She came near me and took my hands and pulled me towards a was her bedroom that she took me into as she looked me in the eyes and smiled. I jumped in and licked the pussy that by now had become so red that I felt like I was kissing her lips.

Second Honeymoon Without Husband

first-time 2017-12-14

He said, “Just like I thought off.” He continued, “That much preparation should not go waste, come I help you a little.” Saying that he removed his lungi, he was all naked inside, his dick was saluting my pussy. In the way one of them pushed his hand under my frock and pressed my pussy, I nearly jumped and he laughed and said, “Must be sore by now, don’t worry I don’t think you’ll feel hot for few days.” We reached hotel in 30 minutes. Next guy climbed on bed and got inside my ass and started to fuck me hard playing all the time with my boobs.

Two friend lesiban fun

first-time pissa1212 2017-12-14

they are lives in colombo and going to famous collages.Their story start from collage.they are good friend since they were little.and they went to same collage for studies.they were in love since little as friends.but after they grown as teenagers they fell in love each other as not friends as lesbians.but they don't try anything to do because they were very shy girls.One day at a collage piumi tries to touch nadee's leg. Then piumi remove nadee’s top and nadee was wear a purple color cuped bra. At that time nadee get wet cause piumi’s lick and she watch at lesbian porn. Nadee start to moan cause she got tight pussy.

Mates wife

first-time Mutualfun2 2017-12-14

Sliding out of her we lay on our backs as she recovered her hand gently stroking my still hard cock " umm we,have to do something about that "she said kissing me she slid down the beholding the base of my cock began to lick my shaft "hang on " I said I fumbled under the pillow" found them" I said waving a set of handcuffs in the air "umm kinky" she giggled " put your hands behind you"I asked she did and I cuffed them together laying her on her side head on a pillow for support I offered her my cock she opened her mouth began to suck I to was on my side began to thust gently then holding her head began to fuck her mouth as she gasped for air trying to work on me with her tounge as I pumped her mouth my pleasure building the only thought to fill her mouth with my come faster harder till with a deep thrust I felt my sperm pulse up and out my shaft exploding into her mouth she tried to swallow but I soon overwhelmed her efforts ands sperm began to spurrt around her lips and my cock I shook asmy body exploded it's seed " ummm"was all she could manage , that was just not weekend there were many more hope you enjoyed it

First time figging

first-time 2017-12-14

After seeing a video about Figging on "Behind Kink" (ask me for the links), my girlfriend and me decided to try it. For those not in the know: Figging means inserting a ginger root (at the best cut into a penis-like shape) into the anus or vagina. My girlfriend blindfolded me and took of all my clothes, gently stroking my penis as to get me erected. The next thing I know her pussy touches my mouth as she sits on top of my face, rubbing her pussy juices on my mouth. I clenched my ass a couple times really fast, just to see… but that did it.. The burning was so only took one touch of her tongue on my penis for me to get the best orgasm ever.

Taste Of Glory

first-time MICHELLEK111 2017-12-14

Every time we drive by the signs he looks at them and starts trying to decide which of the four women on the billboard is the sexiest, which of them would be best in bed, which of them would I want to have a threesome with, and on and on. Like Jason said the door wasn’t locked so I walked in and scanned the room before turning around and locking the door. Jason started pulling back and then thrusting forward, his cock tip pushing into my throat each time. I tried to keep my mouth closed tight to his cock but cum still spilt out as he thrust in and pulled out. I’d sure like to feel your mouth on my cock without this wall between us.”

Su Lin's fantasy sex.

first-time matureworship 2017-12-14

Su Lin tries to hide her face as if she were frightened of her predicament, but her body ignores her mind and greedily consumes the huge man-meat offering. Soon, Su Lin allows her hands to fall down her body, fingers grasping at the amazing length of adorable meat as the man removes it from her. Her body stiffens and I cruelly squeeze her lovely tits, bending the hard nipples under my thumb, making them hurt, jealous of this man who is the cause of her great pleasure. Huge amounts of sticky love fill her and soon it is f***ed from her tight lips, making sexy, slurping noises as it runs down his balls into the hands of one of the people holding her in the air.

My Best Friend's Mom Sucked Me Off And Fucked

first-time 2017-12-14

It's all I can think about!" Still out of breath, she pushed her head back onto my cock, sucking the upper half while jerking the lower half. "Yeah, suck that dick like a good girl." She didn't even fucking slow down. Finally she shoved her head down on my cock one more time before pulling off. "Good girls get cum all over there faces!" She sucked down again, bobbing up and down, and then pulled off. "Well in that case, we need to change this up." I pulled my cock out of her pussy and square it against her ass. I have another load for your face." She happily dropped to her knees, and even started sucking my dick, even though it was just in her ass.

Un-Shelter Me

first-time desertslave 2017-12-14

I jogged home to get my stuff, and barely made it out the door by the time Donny and Linda pulled up in his car. As soon as we were buckled in and heading out of the parking lot I turned to Donny and asked if he was okay. I brushed a tentative fingertip along the head, slipping in the bit of wetness at the slit, trailing it down towards that V, then further down the shaft, til I hit Donny's hand, and pulled mine back in surprise. I started to pull away, but he put his hand over mine and guided my palm across the opening, then wrapped my fingers around the shaft, like I'd seen him do at first.


first-time 2017-12-14

He forgot she was his daughter and kissed her back pulling her naked body tight to him and rubbing his cock against her leg as he felt her tits push into his side. I want to feel every inch of your wet pussy first with my fingers then my tongue." He then began to rub her pussy and got to her fuck hole and put a finger inside as his mouth sucked each nipple making them swell and get hard. You want to be daddy's slut don't you?" He then moved his face to her pussy and licked her till his tongue got to the edge of her fuck hole.

The babysitter

first-time JohnDenald 2017-12-14

I called my wife to see if her friend could watch my son but I was out of luck so she gave me the number for the k** next door who was home from school on break. As the night went on and I kept continuing drinking beer I noticed he was starting to get fidgety. I am not sure if I wanted him to or not now, I feel like I tried my hardest to keep my penis in my pants but after the struggle and the flirting my dick was hard and it took him 2 seconds to wrap his lips around it and suck.