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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cara: Persistence of Memory

first-time BustyLaTarte 2017-12-14

He'd stood blocking the door at the end of class, waving the big stack of essays in one bony hand as we all crowded in to grab ours and go. Lottie looked down and saw the essay clenched in my hand. I hadn't been able to make myself tell Lottie what Christian had said while she and I were in our room – I kept choking up each time. They looked as though they'd walked out of a 1940's glamour magazine – Mike with his strong chin and big broad shoulders, Lottie with her perfect hourglass curves and dark smoky eyes. As we all got out of the car, I saw Mike and Lottie give each other a look.

my first bi experience

first-time newportbilad 2017-12-14

when i was walking up chepstow road one day bursting for a piss i went into the public toilets i hated using these they always stank so i went into the cubicle locked the door and started reading some of the filthy messages that was written on the wall i was in there for over 15 mins sumtimes re reading these messagess i was sort of hoping someone would knock the door no one did i left walked into town was walking round when i remembered there was more public toilets just out of the town so i went there i walked in it was smaller than the other one there was a guy in there i walked straight past him went straight into the cubicle and locked the door sat there it was dark but u could still make out some of the messages on the wall

Chronicles of Meridiana - Excertpt #6

first-time bigfella1313 2017-12-14

That flushing, pretty face, bobbing up from the bed as if pulled by an invisible grasp-- mouth slack, shiny with drool, veins popping out in her forehead, strangling grunts f***ed out of her as her body clutched-- as her pussy clutched, milking me deep inside her, that unreal clenching inside her that abruptly shifted my whole world into white-hot, roaring noise, and there was no reason to fight, nothing to hold back for, then, and I exploded both inside my head and inside of her, feeling the trigger pull hard again and again as she enveloped me and accepted the surging waves of my seed into her greedy, clutching little pocket.

Mistress Jodie-The Begining Part 1

first-time Bob111401 2017-12-14

Jodie was and is a letter carrier for the postal service and coming home from her job one day her husband had showed her 2 videos to watch after there evening meal. This did not excite Jodie, but when the next video played it showed the same couple except the bald man was hanging by his wrists while the redhead worked his ass with the crop. Slipping a lubed finger in his ass she said "you always liked to be fingered while I suck you lets try this" removing a lubed medium butt plug she worked it slowly in until it was completely buried in him.

My First Older Cock

first-time sexkitten8595 2017-12-14

Before he left to get out lunch, he kissed me. Then he kissed my neck and left to get our lunch. While he was gone, I removed my pants. I noticed that from Rob's kisses, that I was extremely wet. he slid them off and began to eat my young, wet pussy. I asked if he liked the way I tasted, he said I was very sweet. Some time passed and I told him I wanted to give him a blowjob. I removed his briefs, and out popped his thick, hard, older cock. He put the condom on and slowly inserted his hard older cock into my tight, wet, young pussy. I definitely don't want anymore young cocks.

Debbie Loses Her Virginity

first-time Tender86 2017-12-14

Debbie is on her knees looking into the back seat, we both just watch as Larry aims his cock toward Sally's pussy. We watch as Larry rubbed his huge cock against her clit a few times then pushes against her pussy lips. Neither Debbie nor I can breathe as we watch his huge cock head split Sally's lips and disappear into her pussy. I look over the front seat to see Larry between Debbie's spread open legs. Debbie turns to me saying "If you are going to do that then do it right." With that she lays down on the front seat lifts her dress to her hips and spreads her legs.

The Babysitter -- Chapter 3

first-time john1195 2017-12-14

I could taste the precum dripping out of his cock head and into my mouth. I felt the cool air of the office strike my cock head. Jay put his face into my clothed crotch and started to lick my g-string He started to blast his load into my face and then into my mouth as I pulled Jay up onto my lap and started to kiss him deep with strokes with his hand and mouth and then pulled away leaving a huge amount I reached down and grabbed his cock as I pounded his ass and started to my hips and right up my back into my head as my cock blew another load

Hayley's Party Ch. 01 Pt. B

first-time ChloeTzang 2017-12-14

If I'd known, I'd have climbed into the back seat and fucked you instead of letting Steve waste your time." His hands pressed me really hard against him as he said that, so that I sobbed with sheer excitement, my clitoris sending ripples of pleasure surging through me. "You'd have let me fuck you if I wanted to, wouldn't you Haley?" He smiled as he needlessly added, "in front of Steve." I thought of Joe taking me on the back seat of the truck, Steve pushed aside the way I knew Joe could if he wanted to. I still wanted Joe, but I mean, I knew I really liked Steve.

The All-America Virgin

first-time GQquietguy 2017-12-14

At 5:15 pm in the lobby tavern of the swank William Penn Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I discovered through the sports report on KDKA-TV that I, Travis Rook, from the Ivy League's University of Pennsylvania, was named as the all-purpose back on Time Magazine's 1975 College Football 1st team All-America team. Yes, I am a college football All-America and I was a virgin, pure as the driven snow, until the woman named Edie Coltan deflowered me early that evening. Professor John is the smartest person I know, so I believe whatever she writes and says, especially if it involves college football All-Americas getting dynamite sex. College football All-America, then 45 minutes later I dipped my super-hard cock into Edie's Hot Slot that was incredibly saturated with wetness, like warm gel.

My Sex Life Ch. 03

first-time Slutty_Julie 2017-12-14

The reason I was with him was because Patrick and I had had a row over something pretty inconsequential a few days before and, at the last minute, he decided he wasn't going. Stevie was, I admit, very good looking and when he started chatting me up, I decided I wasn't going to turn down the advances of one of the fittest guys there (yes, I am that shallow). Stevie started moving his hips to meet my lips, driving his cock deeper into my mouth. After a few minutes, to give ourselves a chance to recover, I wiped my chin and gave his cock a few final licks, removing the last of his cum.


first-time norrinradd 2017-12-14

Karen sat back and watched me, then looked up at me when I stopped pulling my pants down. With my other hand I reached down and started caressing Karen's beautiful tits...gently moving my fingers over them, which got me even harder. I moved my hand slowly up and down my cock, working my fingers over the head, getting more comfortable jerking off for Karen. Once they were unbuttoned and unzipped I watched Karen's hand disappear into her underwear as she started rubbing her clit. I stopped stroking for a while and just held my cock as I looked down to watch Karen finger herself. We both caught our breath as the last throes of our orgasms left us, then Karen turned her head back, looked up at me and smiled.

The Magic of my first Black Cock.

first-time tvtrinity 2017-12-14

I looked up at my man smilwd and gently kissed the tip and softly took his cock inside my warm wet mouth. At that moment I realized I was feeling the emotions a girl would feel when she gives herself to a beautiful black man she really likes! I was truly glad that I was a Sissy at that moment and being in the strong arms of a Black man I just met actually felt incredibly comfortable and not at all strange or awkward like I expected it to be! I felt tiny and helpless under his muscular body.As his cock slid down in between my soft white smooth thighs I felt my legs willfully begin to spread apart for him and my tiny lil ass puckered in excitment.

How I lost my virginity to an older man, Pt. 3

first-time TerryLovesIt 2017-12-14

i really miss him and i think talking about it helps, but i would appreciate your comments so i know whether or not to continue. i kept thinking over and over about what happened that day and worrying if it meant i was gay. i couldn't> be gay. i thought about girls all the time. When i'd jerk off, i thought about girls. When i watched porn, i thought about girls. i watched for a while and i realized i was more turned on by scenes with a girl sucking a really big penis. all that seemed to make me way hotter than the scenes with smaller guys did. i fell asl**p thinking how embarassing it would be the next time i saw him…

The Small And Large Of It

first-time suzie3w 2017-12-13

I thought they looked silly, like someone trying to hide the fact that they were bringing their Prom dates to a cheap motel. I nearly cried as I stepped in to the low rated motel room in my beautiful Prom gown where I was to lose my virginity to a boy I didn't like that much. I felt his erection pressing against my thigh, and as soon as he knew I was awake he rolled on top of me, kissing me and pushing his dick against my crotch, looking for that elusive entrance again. Soon he was unbuttoning my dress and reaching inside, stroking the soft flesh of my upper breast, then easing into my bra cup to feel the nipple.

Decisions & Consequences

first-time Laurie 2017-12-13

She heard her mom yelling that Oliver was there, so she checked her face one last time, waved bye to her Jennifer Capriati poster, and walked out of her bedroom with the hope that tonight WOULD be the night. "Are you sure nobody ever comes out here?" Jennifer asked as Oliver pulled his mom's old Chevy to a stop. As soon as Jennifer had come down a little from her orgasm, she realized that Oliver was rubbing the head of his penis along the lips of her pussy. As Jennifer was sucking the smoke into her lungs, Dina said, "I can't believe you got that close and you didn't fuck."

Winter Night Threesome

first-time waz94 2017-12-13

About that time I looked over and saw Amy watching me as she fingered herself, I couldn’t help but lean into kiss her, and finish the job she started for her. I couldn’t take it any longer, I pulled Abagail from Amy’s face and laid her down on her back, then I slowly slipped my rock hard cock into her tight wet pussy. Amy couldn’t stand not being pleasured anymore as she decided to reverse roles and sit on Abagails face as I pounded her tight pussy. Watching Amy sit on my girlfriends face as she licked and sucked her sweet wet cunt only made me fuck Abagail harder.

Belated Buddy's Bonding

first-time ozzietosser 2017-12-13

"So, Mitch wins the length prize, James gets the beer can award," the boys laughed at Henry's summary, "it's obvious Charlie is carrying around some huge baby makers in that pouch, I've got the most foreskin, I guess that's my category." "I reckon this is another category I've got you boys in as well, so I'm in," Mitch started stroking his long pole, almost needing two hands. He let out a deep animal roar as long ropes of cum fired hard and fast out of his thick member, overshooting Mitch clearly, reaching close to the end of the table. The four boys who had finished couldn't help but applaud James's efforts as Mitch handed his beer over.

How it all started with my first BBC

first-time menage6969 2017-12-13

At the time Roy (my husband) asked me about being with somebody else, I was reluctant and didn’t really wanted to do it at all. Roy moved away and asked Nick if he wanted to feel my warm pussy. Nick didn’t need a second invitation, right away he got up from the bed put on a rubber and came behind me and started to put his dick inside me. Roy got off me and Nick took his place while I sucked on my husbands erection. Roy and Nick continue to trade places and making sure I had one of their cocks inside me while the other one recovered. Then, Nick stood up and got behind me and started to fuck me while I sucked my husband.

Suzie And The 18-Year Old Virgin

first-time Zuz1818 2017-12-13

When I got back Ron's clothes were neatly folded on the chair, and he was standing there looking like he felt silly in a girl's large orange t-shirt that was hanging down so far I could barely see his boxers. It did not take long before I was getting ready, and as I got closer I pulled his head in with my hands and held his head tight with my thighs, He was not going anywhere, but he did not want to, and he was licking my pussy and clit and sliding his finger along the bottom of my slit. Some guys have a little more technique than Ron, but his method of fucking a girl with hard, fast strokes with a huge cock was just fine with me.


I am yours

first-time freakygirl1991 2017-12-13

We're both close and don't wanna stop so you get rough with me, slamming your cock into my walls left and right and pulling hard on my hair and biting my back and shoulders and neck I'm cumming all over you by this point and then keep my dress held up as you pull out and cum on my back and then smear it in with your dick and tell me how now you marked me and I'm not allowed to clean it up and I have to wear it the rest of the day.

The Perfect Evening

first-time Icarus_uk 2017-12-13

Becky then pulled his boxer shorts all the way down and carried on stroking Phil hard cock for a few minutes before slowly lowering her lips toward the head of his dick, she let her tongue come out a little and she run it gently over the head of his dick which just teased Phil too much, he knew he could just come there right now, but he held it back knowing it was going to get better, Becky started to lick his dick up and down this made Phil moan once more, then Becky opened her mouth wide and began to take Phil’s dick in her mouth, trying to get as much in as she could, once she had she began to move her head up and down, sucking gently and running her tongue round the head of his dick Phil was in ecstasy right now he had never felt anything like this before Becky could tell he was enjoying it so she began to pickup the pace a bit and suck harder, Phil was moaning very load now he couldn’t believe this was happening he really was the luckiest guy alive, Becky lifted her head up, much to Phil’s disappointment,

My Sister's Friends Ch. 02

first-time Callicious 2017-12-13

Jessica gave me a one-sided grin and said, "I did notice you checking out my nipples in the cold water, and it looks like you are having a "hard time" all right!" That got the girls giggling, and had me blushing again. I hanged my head a little bit, but looked up at Kay and said, "I think they are very nice, Kay. I like them very much." I mean, I know she is my sister, but for crying out loud, they were tits, and I had been on a starvation diet for twenty years! Shellie licked her lips again, looked at me and asked, "Just how big is it, Jared?" I know we had all been drinking, but that blew me out of the water.

A Lady of Leisure & Pleasure Ch. 04

first-time Cavort 2017-12-13

"Come, John," I purred softly, "choose a girl to taste and tongue and strip her of her knickers." I ran my fingers through my hair and pulled out the little maids hat and dropped it to the floor. His big fingers gripped the little strings of my panties and as he pulled each bow loose I added, "And then dear Kitty will suffer the full force of your cock." She shuddered beside me and jumped on the bed, pulling at the cover spread to free the pillows. She stood behind me and stroked and squeezed my firm breasts, and when I bent forward a little more I felt moments later her quick little tongue licking between the rosy cheeks of my perky bottom.

We cheated on vacation

first-time Funhubby86 2017-12-13

After a couple days by the pool I noticed a sexy woman who was hanging with her daughter, she was around my age and was dark tan with a set of tits that were so luscious and round I could not stop looking, me being in wry good shape as I work out hard to keep my six pack n lean muscular body up I noticed she kept checking me out. I pushed her to her back n pushed my bare cock deep into her oozing pussy, I slid in easily n began kissing her deeply as I thrusted in n out, I couldn't believe I was fucking a sexy woman other than my wife it had been so long n my first time cheating on her but I couldn't stop myself.