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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Henry Has A Quirk

first-time RShandyman 2017-12-13

He’d walk around with the chest open enough to see he didn’t wear an undershirt and it fit snug in the thighs, so with his hands in his pockets, a great pouch veed in front and cupped his ass cheeks from the rear. Henry looked down at the floor, put his hands on his hips and leaned up against the door crossing his legs. Pushing open the door further, the front room was dark, but, a light got my attention from the right hand side. Henry was sitting in his office chair, but he had unzipped his jumpsuit to his waist and tied the arms like a belt. Same smile and wink when he passed through the office and the same awkward arm and head moves as he walked the building.

starting out

first-time calisissy4u 2017-12-13

I love pantyhose, nylons, stockings, and high heels. I would love to share with others with similar stories. Not from a disgusting locker room vulgar way, just the type that wanted long term relationships. She was so excited she threw me down, spread my legs and ass until it hurt and fucked me like she was possessed. Somehow I stayed on the straight guy path for a long time, but realize that I'm bi, and love strong dominant women as much as nylon covered men. I'm too careful to be random about this, but time has come to share my story. I want to find one or both.If you're a woman that likes to give and take, and enjoys the finer things-contact me.

Alone at Home

first-time Hellprincess20 2017-12-13

From the early age of my life I discovered that I like to stay naked so much. After I decided to go naked, I waited for the right day and right moment. She also liked to stay with fewer clothes and watched adult films on her phone. It was a daring idea of getting completely naked and walking on the street when everybody is sleeping in their houses peacefully. I was gently rubbing my pussy in a circular motion and then entered my fingers to feel the wetness of my slit. I was biting my lips with closed eyes and was thinking what would happen if the members of this house heard my moans and grown and suddenly opened the door.

my best friends girl

first-time shahassxs 2017-12-13

it was a very sexy sight to see and i know my dick would show that soon so i tryed to hid it. when in the rest room i started to jack off looking at her panties that were still hanging up. my dick was still hard so i puled her by her hair cuz i know she liked that and kissed her. we fell on the bed and i started to slam my hard dick in and out of her tight pussy. i looked over at the clock and saw it was alomst time for moe to come home so i jumped up and grabbed my stuff and left.

Jen's Story

first-time oddsandends 2017-12-13

She watched him, staring at his stroking hand and his hard cock, bobbing within it, and began to rub herself, massaging the lips of her pussy with soapy fingers, parting them to expose her pink interior, letting one and then two fingers slip between the lips and dragging them up the slit to rub with a circular motion and then dive down into her interior again. She moaned, her pelvis thrusting, her fingers working madly and her eyes closed, her thighs pressed together clamping her hand between them and she felt she might faint. She felt him take hold of it with one hand and push its swollen head against her pussy, working it back and forth till it slipped inside her, penetrating her interior.

Advise and Consent

first-time Blubik 2017-12-13

I somehow stumbled out a question about, "How do you do that?" and he revealed his secret: Peter claimed that Nice Girls enjoy sex like anyone else, but want to remain in control, not to have to "wrestle" with a guy trying to force his way. But the following evening, after the canteen closed and Claire had slipped back to her room to change, she appeared wearing a cardigan over a front-buttoned blouse! "Don't misunderstand," Fred said, "Maude was a real good fuck, but she had the new guys sniffing around her and let's face it, she must have shagged at least 400 guys over the years.


Shy GF Turns into Slut Pt. 04

first-time shyone121 2017-12-13

I started to kiss her lips but she pushed me away with a fierce energy and started to pant faster and faster until Brett must have hit all the right spots and she let out some delighted screams of pleasure as she tensed her legs beside his head. Jess pulled her skirt up a little more and stretched her legs apart to show her inviting soaking wet and swollen pussy lips ready to be entered by her dream man. Brett sped up his thrusts whilst he grunted and felt her pussy tighten around his cock, her spare hand covering her mouth as she let out another loud and final scream.

After the Exams

first-time JDH 2017-12-13

Back at her stomach, moving up to the soft curves of her breasts, I summoned every ounce of daring I had, and kept on moving up the slope and started circling the summit, until I finally reached the nipple, holding my breath and expecting some trouble for having done something wrong. I kissed her as I rubbed her nipple gently, and as she responded I knew I was in no trouble, my hand moving slowly over to the other breast. After what seemed like ages, I started tracing the outline of her silken hair, feeling the hair gently under my fingers, and slowly going lower, the hair getting thicker, and Wendy's breathing becoming more ragged.

A Fetish Changed My Life Pt. 09

first-time Ingrid11B 2017-12-13

Judy asked me to wear my special thin shorts and during lunch, she would reach over and bring Dee's hand to touch my right leg to allow her to feel my hot rod before she committed to sleeping with me. Maybe I'll never marry but Judy and/or Amy may want me to father their children someday, and if that ever happens, it will be the happiest day of my life, but as of today the three of us have never shared the same bed at the same time, although we all know there are feelings of love without jealousy whenever we three are together.


first-time 2017-12-13

As she kissed him with her tongue deep in his mouth she put his hands over her tits and he began to rub them and feel her hard nipples. As he sucked her tits she kept stroking his cock getting him hard which was not hard for a young boy. She kept his face in her cunt for a long time then she pulled him up and kissed him tasting her cum on his tongue and surprised him by straddling him and easing his hard cock into her cunt and she then began rotating and fucking him as he also pushed his cock deeper into her love hole.

Mandy's amazing surprise!!!!

first-time luvcuntlickingsluts 2017-12-12

I asked Dawn how she'd like to have her and Mandy on their backs with their nice asses brushing together while they both fucked off on the dildo and she told me that she was sure it would make her cunt cream so much that she'd have to wash the sheets afterward. When I finely let her go she sat back on the bed and I looked into those amazingly beautiful, expressive eyes and told her that that was from and for Dawn. I set the camera down and walked over and got in bed next to her and she had me lay on my back and sat her amazingly beautiful cunt on my face and grabbed my rock hard cock and started slowly stroking, kissing, licking and sucking on me!!!!

First Job and Introduction

first-time kbking70 2017-12-12

“So you want to be my towel boy for the summer,” John asked, taking his seat behind the desk gesturing to the chair facing him for Daniel. “I told you,” John barked, growing impatient and irritated, “we have standards here, and I want to make sure you’re willing to do whatever is necessary to service our clients. John rubbed his face back and forth across his cock, down to his balls, up the growing shaft again and pushed Daniel’s mouth on his cockhead, now hard and demanding. He didn’t think, he pressed his tongue up against the head and shaft as John began to pull back and forth, moving the thick tool along Daniel’s tongue toward his throat.

Lost Innocence

first-time Many Feathers 2017-12-12

It was our intent to "save it" for the wedding night as Theresa had once told me during a particularly heated evening together when we had both gotten a little too close in "going all the way" as it was referred to back then. Soon I had more fully exposed her breasts, and secretly sat there enjoying the way they looked as she lay on her back, running my finger over and round her nipples, then down and beneath the hard firm curvature of each. That at least got us off the subject, especially when I slowly began making my way down to her breasts, kissing them, and sucking them for a considerable amount of time until her breathing told me she was becoming very, very aroused.


first-time 2017-12-12

Katie (Uncle Edgar liked 'Katie' Anyway, it occupied Uncle Edgar's time which was o.k. with Katie. Katie continued to read quietly, hoping to finish the magazine Tease Tip #1 Boys love it just scads when a girl wears tight Tease Tip #2 Boys like it when you ask them to do things for "Katie!" It was Uncle Edgar! Edgar switched to Mandarin now, though he knew Katie wouldn't Edgar nodded and slapped Katie's thigh, bringing a brief red rise turned into a girl named Katie and tells people I am his niece, Uncle Edgar gently pulled the page out of his niece's hand and prettiest, sexiest little niece an uncle like me could ever uncle taught Katie just how to be a good little girl.

Poolside Ch. 03, Pt. 2

first-time LeoDavis 2017-12-12

I pulled my shorts down, leaving me in my jock, facing Angie in her bikini panties. Angie was little more than a dark gray female shape wearing a pale yellow bikini which was now pressed against my body. Angie began to rub her hands down to my buttocks and thighs, feeling my muscles, enlarged now because of my exercise. No matter what Doris wanted, I knew that I was going to make love to Angie in a matter of moments. Angie was seducing me, and there was no way I was going to stop until I felt her screaming in orgasm with my penis buried completely inside her. Angie began to make soft moans and I could feel her labia spreading open as my fingers moved around her vulva.

All of 15 seconds? Premature Creampie Eating

first-time 425olds 2017-12-12

As soon as we got there, she said "shut the engine off." Then Laurie sat back in her seat and asked, "one last time Markie, are you sure you want to know?" "Yes," I replied. "But he couldn't give a shit and he kept driving his big, fat cock into me." She continued, "I kept telling him, don't fucking cum inside of me Greg." She annoyingly added, "But once he starts going, I know there's no way he can stop." After 10 minutes of my giving Laurie oral, the first thing she said after she had an orgasm was, "oh my God Markie, I can't believe I just got you to eat my pussy after Greg just filled it with his cum!" She added, "wow, you must really love me!"


first-time Schnuckems 2017-12-12

He leaned over and whispered to her a single word “Undress” she looked at him a bit shocked and as they left the parking garage the unfastened her skirt and pulled it down over her long smooth thighs. She slowly started unbuttoning her blouse and as she did she tried not to look at the other cars on the highway, nervous and embarrassed by the thought that others might be watching her. She shivered when his tongue danced around the lips of her sex, when he suckled the lips of her pussy she arched her back her hands drifting in his hair she pulled his face against her, She gasped as his tongue probed her slit.

Debbie,Kevin & Jason

first-time rodma 2017-12-12

As she walked past she grabbed his hand and led him upstairs, as they reached the bedroom she turned and gently rubbed his cock, going in she pushed him on the bed and straddled him, slowly feeding his cock into her dripping wet pussy, she lowered her pussy onto the full length, Debbie moaned loudly saying it felt so good, as her hips moved back and forth Jason steadied her by holding her hips, Debbie pulled on her nipples and started to breath more rapid her hands roamed up her body, and through her long Auburn hair Debbie started to move her hips harder and faster Jason slipped his hand down and massaged her clit, making Debbie jump and gasp moaning louder and louder before she started to shake and then orgasmed, Jason flipped her over and onto her back, now in between her legs he thrust his muscular hips, she felt his huge soft balls slap her ass, Debbie was dripping she had never been so wet, begging for more and more Jason slowed down to keep Debbie on the edge, that seemed like a eternity he sucked on her hard nipples flicking them rapidly with his tongue.

kate Saturday afternoon

first-time sissychris 2017-12-12

I met sally who gave me a carrier bag we had a little chat, i wished her happy birthday for tomorrow, then went back to Kate, when I arrived she was washing someones hair, when she finished, she looked in the bag and said great really excited,i want you to take these back and put them in the fridge passing me another two carrier bags with four bottles of wine in each, she told me she wouldbe going out with sally but would be home after I said OK , I looked at the time it was five o'clock , I turned on the bath , ran into her room and took off her clothesand hung them up,, her knickers was covered in my pre cum , I licked it off and buried them under all the others, checked everything was in place, then got dressed then went down stairs

Lily Makes a Movie

first-time OzmanA 2017-12-12

I watched as Clint used a still camera and a guy with a hand held video recorder to capture Kate slowly undress before posing naked then in sexually explicit open-legged, reclining positions to expose her crotch and to hold her vulva open. I was still sure that I couldn't do anything like that, but was prepared to let Clint photograph and video me in what I considered to be lewd, explicitly sexual poses as I was in a state of arousal after having watched Katy's performance and was dressed and made up to look like a moll. Both you and Katy have the normal, girl-next-door look that we like to film for our online clients, so any time you'd like to perform again, we'll be happy to see you," Clint told us.

Our new pool

first-time keithgreen 2017-12-12

With Lisa at work in the evenings it leaves Amy and I at home a lot having dinner doing dishes watching t.v. etc. Well last Friday I got home from work and Amy wanted to go for a swim quickly and have dinner later due to weather. When I could take no more I knew it was time I said Amy I'm going to cum she intensified her pace and I squirted my cum so hard as she slid her pussy on me that it shot past my head and all over my chest it was a very hard orgasm.


first-time laceysgirl 2017-12-12

if the guy is very horny and just ****s you let it happen moan and cry out to make him cum faster and try to enjoy it I know you can do it you are a dirty little slut right so it will come easy to you...Take cock in hand and purse your lips like you want to blow on it then lick it once and then blow a soft breeze across the head his cock will begin to rise and as it does slowly begin to stroke him and as you stroke him milk his big cum filled balls you may suck these if you desire he will love you for it when he is ready and so hard you could break down a door with it you let him decide whether to let you finish the sucking or to fuck you or maybe both if your lucky!

Restaurant Cherry

first-time Shyboy02 2017-12-12

Ever since I was 17 I’ve wondered what it would be like to be with another man, to take his cock in my mouth, massage my lips up and down his shaft and then feel him forcing his way inside my bum and fuck me good and hard. My eye went straight to the photo of a guy standing with his hands behind his neck, showing off his large cock through his white Jockey Y Front briefs. I felt my own cock leak a bit into my pants and knew that I was turned on being in Dean’s office talking to him about gay guys. Dean withdrew his cock, leaned over me, placed his hands on my hips, pulled me towards him and pushed the entire shaft inside me.

Naughty at School Ch. 05

first-time ECHoney 2017-12-12

Here feel for yourself." I took her hand in mind and rubbed it over her smooth shaven pussy which again got her to moan. "We're going to need some help." I grabbed my phone and started looking through the names of guys that I knew and would love to come over and get a blow job. "No that's OK I've used the handle of my brush before but never a toy like this." She lifted her skirt and spread her legs then started rubbing the cock on her clit. Then the guy got between Anna's legs and rubbed the head of his cock along her slit.