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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Contact

first-time Buttertongue 2018-11-03

You swirl your tongue around the tip, working the corona with your lips and jack my shaft as you descend, bouncing up and down with increasing amplitude and grasp the tip in your throat with a delicious swallow.  As you continue deep penetration, you begin to squirm a well-oiled finger into After tonguing your opening, I insert first one, then two fingers and start alternately circling and rubbing your G-Spot, the other hand giving your nipples equal time with tweaks and twists. With 2 fingers flicking your clit back and forth, I leave the egg humming merrily against your G-spot and bury my tongue as deeply as possible into your ass.

Taboo Carla's Story - Part Two

first-time NancyAllbright 2018-11-03

Slowly, Bianca wanked him and Carla watched as Dillon closed his eyes, groaning in ecstasy. Dillon slid the bathrobe off her shoulders, exposing Carla’s whole body to him, and she felt his hands gliding down towards her pussy. She watched as a stream of saliva slid out of Bianca’s mouth and dripped onto Dillon’s cock, rivulets of juice trickling down his length onto his balls like raindrops descending a window pane. Dillon put a hand on the back of Bianca’ head, rhythmically pushing and pulling as his cock fucked her mouth. Bianca, having stopped sucking, sat erect, firmly gripping Dillon’s cock in one hand. As she concentrated on how lovely it felt to be kissed in such a manner, Carla relaxed so much that Dillon was able to slowly enter her with surprising ease.

Good Party, Great Time

first-time bonepicker10 2018-11-03

When we pulled away I saw a look of reluctance on his face before he said " clean up nice." I saw his eyes travel from my bare throat and stopping for a second on my chest then down further until he again stopped where my skirt ended. He pulled away long enough to lift my shirt over my head before forcing his tongue into my mouth again. He removed his fingers and starting rubbing my clit as his dart like tongue pushed into my hole. He moved his hips faster and harder, rubbing my clit with his cock every time he pushed back in. "Clean it baby." Taking his cock in hand I looked up at him before placing my lips around the head, sucking and licking him clean.

Her Unusual Prom

first-time Stoneypoint 2018-11-03

One thing for instance was she had to slow dance with him but doing so with this older and one very good looking guy felt wonderful. She felt like warmed chocolate in his arms as she melted immediately and she told herself she might do anything he asked of her. He told her he never danced with a girl, meaning a woman, at his apartment either, which was the truth and then she said. “Uhhhhhh, I don’t know” she said and he smiled, softly and told her she’d love it once she felt it. She knew the guy was about ten years older as did he but he said as she started to get out of his car “You want to come over again sometime?”

A Treasured Memory Chapter 2

first-time oceanrunner 2018-11-03

Her hard pink nipples were visible through the tank top, and the way she looked in her thong was sexy and, in that moment, completely unselfconscious, as her attention wasn't on the situation, but rather on the phone in her hand. "It's strange," she said, "Penises are kind of funny looking, but right now, yours is beautiful." She almost demurely stuck out her tongue, and, releasing my cock from her grip, licked up softly from my shaved balls up my rod to the head. Her hand firmly around my cock as she looked me in the eye, she said, "I'd like you to take me to my room and handcuff me to my bed, face down." Even for a girl as self-possessed as Beth, this was hard to get out.

Valkyrie’s lust series (Chapter 2)

first-time Valkyrie 2018-11-03

He sat behind her, moved her hair on the right side, kissing her left side of neck as he started undoing dress zipper slowly inch by inch. "Ok. I don't want to cum yet," he said while pulling his cock out of her warm pretty mouth. He slowly started teasing her pussy with the tip of his cock, pushing it with very little force in her. He took out his cock and unloaded himself over her boobs then paused for the moment and enjoyed looking down at her smiling at him with her big boobs covered in his semen. In the end of a wannabe innocent shower, she went on her knees and took his cock in her mouth, softly sucking it for 10 seconds.

My 40-year-old neighbor teaches me sex

first-time SexyPaul99 2018-11-03

Without warning, I felt a warm, soft female hand on top of mine and a throaty voice whisper directly into my ear, "Here, Paul, let me do that for you." The hand was a bit more gentle than I had been on my swollen spike...but it was no good. I think she knew that and whispered in my ear, "Here touch me right there." With that, her free hand exposed one exquisite round, white mound of female flesh topped with a glorious erect nipple sitting in the middle of a quarter-sized circle of brown. Finally, after what seemed like a century of orgasm, the last bit of my emissions were small pulses of wetness down over her hand which was still doing the wonderful dance on my shaft.

The Sticking Door

first-time ronniemcdonald 2018-11-03

  Just a little moan.  When I got to the small of her back, Laura reached behind her and pulled the elastic of the bikini bottoms down to just below the top of the crack of her ass.   Laura said that it did but then caught me off guard when she dropped the bikini bottom to the floor and said “Know where your kiss will feel even better?”   She stood in front of me with her legs slightly spread and her pussy right in my face.   I sucked her tongue into my mouth, laughed and said “You taste like my cum, know that?”   Laura laughed and replied “How do you know what your cum tastes like, Uncle Mac??”

Helping Her Explore Her Attraction

first-time videxpert3 2018-11-03

From the corner of my eye, I could see Corey’s body shudder in a way that told me that she was turned on by seeing me touch her friend’s neck. Every time I touched Jesse’s body, I could see Corey getting more and more turned on. Corey started to explore Jesse’s body, fondling her breasts and seemingly taking pleasure in discovering the caresses that made Jesse moan. With a new found confidence, Corey started to kiss her way down Jesse’s body. When Corey moved between Jesse’s legs, Jesse put her hand on Corey’s head as if to stop her. When Corey finally got up off of Jesse’s body, she looked at me and mouthed, “Thank you, Vid.”

My First Time with My First Love

first-time demonkitty 2018-11-03

Just hearing his husky voice turns me on, and I untangle my fingers from his hair and start making my way slowly up the inside of his thigh. When I reach his crotch, I feel that he is already semi-hard, and I start rubbing his cock through his tight jeans. Then he makes his way up to my breasts, gently caressing them through my shirt and pinching my already hard nipples. He smiles and makes his way down and fits one finger into my tight hole. He kisses me and I slowly begin to sit on his cock, feeling it fill me, almost splitting me in two. My fingers make their way to my clit, and soon I feel shots of pleasure all through my body.

Ben's Instruction

first-time Kim 2018-11-03

Looking out the window, I watched Ben mowing the front yard. Ben looked the shelf over, then sat down on the floor to begin to repair the broken door. In order to reach my dresser, I had to lean over Ben. I placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned way over, trying to reach the bottom drawer. Regaining his senses, Ben realized where his hand was and snatched it away, like he was on fire. Ben broke contact with my nipple long enough to pull his shirt off. I started spiraling my hand up and down his shaft, like I was opening a jar. Smiling, he pulled me close and asked if there were anymore shelves that needed to be fixed.

Candy Stroker Part 4: Cherry No More!

first-time Paddler 2018-11-03

“I want to do it again,” Mel said, “but I want you to have a better view.” She got on her knees with her legs spread wide, then started rubbing the top of her slit over her clit. I kicked my legs and bounced my tits like I’d seen strippers and dancers do in movies.I got close to Adam and leaned way forward, my rounded breasts right in his face. He rocked the tip back and forth, rubbed his hands over my stocking-clad legs, felt my breasts, even rubbed my clit a little, but he wouldn’t fully enter me, no matter how hard I tried hump up to get him inside.

The wife's point of view

first-time woreout 2018-11-03

A couple of days later Barry came home from work and asked me if I felt like going to the mall. He said he just felt like looking around, and that he wanted me to wear my tennis skirt. I felt a little naughty and told him about John having a hard on when he left. That evening as the get together started breaking up and we all said our good byes the guys all gave me a hug and several times I could feel their hard cocks on my leg. Barry told me that Jason was laying down in our spare bedroom, that he had a little too much to drink.

My love, My Nisha....

first-time nishana 2018-11-03

Then she pulled away from me and said,” lets go somewhere safer.” We both got up and went to the store room behind the waiting hall. My only intensions were just to kiss her and enjoy licking her sweet tongue. But it felt so good that I didn’t realize she had opened my zip and pulled my man thing out of its constrictions. I pulled her pussy lips with both my hands and saw her clit. She pulled my face down and kissed me hard. I held her face in my hand and her lips in my mouth. We both explored each other’s mouth with our dripping tongues as we fondled each other’s hair with our hands

Magic Part 3 Mesmerized

first-time Kandikiss51 2018-11-03

She wanted to feel his cock fucking her mouth as her tongue tantalized his shaft. I found myself lying naked on my bed watching you stroke your cock and you saying, "Do you like what you see Kandie?" Oh god, I wanted the vision I had in my mind to come to life. I wanted to wrap my lips around your pulsating member, and suck you deeply as your fingers, and tongue worked their magic on my cunt. As I sucked your cock, my hands were taking my eight-inch toy, and ramming it deep into my cunt then back out, and then vibrating it on my throbbing clit. All you want to feel is my delicious cock fucking you as you lift your hips greeting each of my thrusts.

Misfit Love

first-time Lauradj 2018-11-03

“Your mom told you to stay away from me again, hasn’t she?” he asked, but Jennifer kept on walking, yet she couldn’t help a smile spreading across her face. Richard Anderson, or Ric as he was more commonly known, had been best friends with Jennifer Bouvier since they were both young, despite the fact that he was two and half years older than she. “I’ll try my best,” Jennifer replied, smiling at Ric. Scorpio, the club that Ric and his band were playing at that night, was in Downers Grove which was a less than ten minute walk.


first-time magentalips 2018-11-03

At this spot years back, with his hair combed back like Elvis and his black shiny pointed Beatles boots on, Aswin balanced on top of the high timber fence, strummed his guitar and sang pop songs to the empty streets and houses and to the vegetables in the fields. Nell waited, her large eyes bright in the night, while Aswin mustered all the courage to kiss her. Nell and her family had moved on and Aswin, just finished his university studies in another state of Australia, doesn’t know where to start to look for her. Like their first time in the Pines’ garden, Aswin holds her firmly at the hot and homely place where he belongs and should never have left. “Aswin, meet Aswin Junior,” says Nell, smiling.

The unknown.....

first-time missexy 2018-11-03

> Seamlessly, almost without a pause, your fingers deftly opened the buttons on my blouse and I feel your lips moving lower to capture my hard nipples. Eyes closed to slits of passion, I feel you slowly kneel before me, kissing a trail of fire down my belly. I can feel your fingers moving independently inside me, filling both places as your lips capture my clit. Your fingers start thrusting, bringing me over the edge--a passionate moan exploding from my mouth. Eyes closed, still kissing, I feel your strong fingers grip my ass, separating my cheeks and lifting me. Hearing you moan as my mouth closes over the head of your cock sends a jolt of pleasure straight to my clit.


Cuckold lifestyle 50

first-time woreout 2018-11-03

Well, she said, and turned and started out of the bed room , over her shoulder she ordered me to clean up my mess and to come into the den when I was finished. I ran into the house and found my wife speard out on our messed up bed , her shaved pussy wide open and traces of cum starting to leak out, I never said a word I dove right in and started sucking his stuff from her. her legs wrapped around my head , I was able to make her cum twice, the second time I thought she was going to smother me to death....he stretched her good, I was left locked up untill I got home from work the next day.


first-time Samuelx 2018-11-02

Blake Mitchells is his name and he's my best friend's twin brother. Yeah, I didn't feel like going home on Spring Break so I decided to stay with my friend Alexandra Mitchells. I thought my stay at the place was going to be boring, until I saw her twin brother Blake. Blake Mitchells was a senior at Milton Academy. Blake was the president of Milton Academy's Gay Straight Alliance. Yes, Blake Mitchells was gay. Blake too felt like an outcast. Blake was the practically only openly gay guy at school. It happened around the same time that he started liking guys. I looked at him, this wonderful young man who liked not women but other men.

The Geography Field Trip - Part One

first-time Arcane 2018-11-02

Ian felt his cock twitch as he saw Lauren’s blouse go transparent in places. Lauren knew Ian was getting hard from looking at her, which made her feel surprisingly aroused and a little bit horny. Lauren handed the water bottle back to Ian and stroked his fingers as she did. Lauren smiled and looked to the ceiling, continuing to stimulate Ian’s cock through his jeans. Ian was sucking his fingers clean of Lauren’s pussy juices when he felt his cock being stroked. Ian felt a brush against his lips, so he parted them and put his hands behind Lauren’s head. Ian kissed Lauren harder as he felt her grasp his cock. Lauren broke their kiss and ran her fingers through the globules of cum on Ian’s cock.

The End Of The World

first-time Kandikiss51 2018-11-02

However, since the news of the world ending; time seemed to be at a stand still, as if some unknown force was holding its hand down preventing movement. He didn’t fret because he figured he could catch some shut-eye on the long 10-hour flight home. Joshua pulled out his wallet, then got the picture of Kandy out, and showed the Major. His eyes locked on her, no words were spoken, as he pulled her close, and kissed her hard. By the way, what do you think of the news about the end of the world on December 21, 2012?” With a tearful tone she shouted, “How can all my dreams come true on this special night, only to be dashed, with the ending of the world?”

The One I Love

first-time dragonhunter171 2018-11-02

My hands slid up the back of his shirt and slowly I ran my nails lightly down his back and he moaned into my mouth. He started to push my head down harder and started to lightly thrust his hips slowly. He slowly started to push into me and even though this was my first time it didn’t hurt too badly because I had already broken my cherry one time by fingering myself too hard. I started feeling his cock press all the way in me, balls deep and I moaned at the sensation of being filled up and then I felt a wave of pleasure come over me and I knew I was about to cum.

Lucky In Love

first-time aja2u 2018-11-02

Taking her wrists and raising her hands above her head, sliding down her body until his mouth was even with her breast.  "You are sure put together nicely, Anna," his hot breath tickling her skin.  He shifted to take one of her enticing nipples in his mouth, hearing a strangled moan escape her lips.  Ethan suckled her nipples, coaxing it to life in his mouth, feeling her quiver beneath him as she wrapped her legs over his thighs and pulled him tightly against him.  She was so damned responsive, so uninhibited, so...wet.