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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My first sexual experience

first-time dirtypanties 2017-12-12

Before long his lump, which I think I realised was his cock, started to get hard. Either by accident or design his hard cock was very much poking out of is pyjama trousers and he must have sensed that I was enjoying this little game even more because he peeled down my pyjamas at the back and he then started rubbing his cock, which felt very big to me but probably wasn’t, up and down between the cheeks of my bare bum. I liked the feeling of my own cock getting hard, even though I didn’t understand why, but the feel of him rubbing between my cheeks was out of this world.

Darkman Cumeth

first-time humminbrd30 2017-12-12

Instead she watched him walk away and to his back she said "don't worry, I am sure the next guy I fuck will know how to please a woman." He turned to her kind of shocked; she slowly smiled at him "Do you know where the pleasure points in a woman cunt are, after that sorry excuse for sex I am thinking you don't. You best get it figured out for the next time you want to fuck a woman the right way." Turning her back to him and walking away Chris knew that maybe next time he would think about pleasing someone other than himself.

Aunt Em Ch. 01

first-time Falling4U 2017-12-12

Auntie Em's house was a small and comfortable place but, with no man around to help, things had started to look a little tired. Auntie Em had moved back into her room and got it just how she wanted it but each day I found myself drawn to her underwear drawers and the inevitable need to choose a pair of panties and wrap them around my young hard cock as I imagined myself giving Auntie Em a serious seeing to. Auntie Em usually called on her way home to get a few things in each day but I sensed this was a little different. I sensed even more that she knew exactly what was happening in her underwear drawers whilst she was at work as I replied "Just whatever you feel good in Auntie Em"


first-time mywifeinurbed 2017-12-12

My cock was so fucking hard it pushed my tight briefs and slacks out and the head was pointing right at his hand like a dog pulling on a leash. About 15 second (which felt like 5 minutes) of his hand not moving away from touching the tip of my cock, I felt his hand bend just a tick at the wrist pushing his hand a little harder against my very sensitive throbbing head of my cock. I did three things next, I hid my pants-tent, made a mental note of which stop he got off, and went home and intenseley fucked my wife hard with my eyes tight thinking of how erotic it was to have this strange guy touch my cock.

Nudity is For The Birds

first-time Kethandra 2017-12-12

Naked except for their small purses and their shoes (two pairs of canvas sneakers, Christine's wedged heels that stretched her long tanned legs out even more than usual, and the eye roll-worthy blue Topsiders), the girls headed toward the gate, prepaid tickets in hand. The other two had left a little while earlier with a pair of cute Akron University basketball players who had turned their attention elsewhere after their riddle-solving attempts came up short: "Absolutely perfect" was complimentary and not gross, but woefully unoriginal; "the early birds, looking for their worm," accompanied by a knowing glance at his own naked worm, had gotten a chuckle from one of the girls and a synchronized eye roll from the others.

His Ginger Kitten

first-time Ampersand07 2017-12-12

Then she giggled, the light of the candle danced in her hair, and she looked so heartrendingly bright and beautiful that Philip, feeling like an old lecher, stepped back, trod on a spinning top and stumbled. His whole body stiffened, and for a few moments Sarah was frightened by his violence, his arm clamped like a vice around her, his thumb still in her mouth, but then his head dropped backwards, and his bared throat seemed so defenceless, although the muscles and veins on it were almost painfully defined by the paroxysm that shook him. Playfully, she slipped her fingers between his shirt and his waistcoat, as far up as they would go without straining the buttons, and the feeling of the smooth, hard male flesh underneath the fine cotton made her breathing grow shallow.

Romance Doesn't Need Flowers

first-time DarkestFear 2017-12-12

I stopped for a second when I caught my reflection in my wall-to-floor mirror; Seeing my half naked body made me wish there was a man waiting to slide his throbbing erection into my tight, virgin pussy. I was too caught up in my own little world to notice the still anonymous man walk up behind me and as he breathed a warm, soothing air onto the back of my neck, put his hand upon mine. I went to turn around but was brutally stopped by the force of his hand on the back of my neck, pushing me face down onto the office desk in the corner of the room. I tried to force more inside me but he quickly stopped me by putting his hands on my hips, pinning me to the desk.


first-time Susan McK 2017-12-12

His mouth kept sucking and as he did she felt his hand moving between her legs to touch her through the fabric of her trousers. As Suzi watched, Anna turned over, sat up and they started kissing as his hand worked between her legs. Suzi remembered the intense sensation of Andy's mouth and as she watched, her fingers slid into her own panties and she started to rub herself. When his tongue probed between her lips she opened her mouth, feeling him moving closer to her as their kiss developed. When she sat down he kissed her again, very tenderly and she felt his hands touching her breasts for the first time.

Thank you to my Fuck Buddy

first-time bigspermload 2017-12-12

Tammy took my cock in her mouth and worked it near the point of orgasm several times but stopped just short of bring me off. I knew what she was up to since she loves to see me shoot a large amount of cum and with my lack of action for the last week she expected me to unleash a massive load. Tammy had worked my cock to the point where it was ready to shoot at the slightest touch. Tammy called out, " Stacy it's time". Stacy came over along side the bed on which I was lying and grabbed a hold of my cock and started rapidly jerk me. Tammy got blasted in the face, tits and belly before Stacy jerked the last three or four squirts on my chest and belly.

Banging My Mom's Hot Friend Pt. 01

first-time Eyuder 2017-12-12

This woman, Amanda, she has been my mom's best friend since a long time. Well, it all started out, when one day, my mom wanted to pick up some stuff that she forgot at her house. I'll make sure to return it to my mom as soon as possible," said I with a friendly smile on my face. It was a friday night, 2 weeks after that happened, I was having dinner with my parents, then my mom said: "Hey, anybody wants to go to Amanda's pool tomorrow? It took some time to settle down, I stayed in the room, I was extremely happy that she wants me, I finally had a chance to have sex, but I didn't know when would it happen.

Shahari's First Time

first-time vixxxx 2017-12-12

Shahari had never kissed a man before, let alone like this, and yet the right way to do it seemed to come naturally, as if she had been doing it all her life. She began to fumble with the fastenings on her dress; seeing her difficulty, Ilias took over and deftly removed it, leaving her in just her undergarments, which clearly showed the contours of her small yet perfect breasts with their perky little nipples, and her flat belly and gently rounded hips. She had been told by her mother and ladies-in-waiting to expect something monstrously ugly beneath a man's clothes, and she had been half-afraid to lay eyes on him even as she longed to; but what greeted her instead made the ache in her pussy grow suddenly almost unbearable.

Awakening Ch. 04

first-time KavehNush 2017-12-12

"What do you know of Becky, her family, who she is?" Laura asked as we sat against the headboard and drank lukewarm coffee and ate cold bagels. Assault while protecting a person from sexual abuse is a far lesser criminal offence than sexual abuse, especially if family is involved!" Laura listened for a minute to the phone, put it down, smiled, turned to me, and said, "Well, I think that's that for now." "I don't think I could handle us having sex right now either, not because I don't want it, you can look in my lap for proof of that (where sure enough my wayward member was showing -- obviously paying no attention to the tenor of the conversation).

first time - short story

first-time bridgetwilder112 2017-12-12

As my foot hit his growing member, Barrett letting the giant spring free and we kept making out in the nude with his huge d-ck brushing up against my p-ssy constantly. "Are you going to wrap it up?" I ask Barrett as he shoves it and moans as he does it. "Faster?" asks Barrett sucking my nipples and slowly inching his giant c-ck inside me. "Ah shit, it feels so good," groans Barrett sliding in and out and then shoving his twelve inch dick deep inside me. We kept fucking as he pinned me and shoving himself in and out of me until Barrett moaned, "Oh fuck, I gotta c-m," and decided to c-m inside me, deep.

A Beautiful Relationship Ch. 02

first-time Secretlit777 2017-12-12

I then sat straight up at which point Ashlyn wrapped her legs around me and after some fidgeting I laid her on her back without ever disconnecting my cock from her pussy. I wasn't going to wait to see the bottom of her, so I kept unzipping the dress and eventually got it off revealing her bare freshly shaved pussy glistening from the reflection of the moon on her soft pink folds. The sex, of course, was great and the thrill of doing it in the bed of my truck with the crisp night air rolling across our skin took me to a whole other level of ecstasy, and the risk of being caught as Ashlyn was yelling out obscenities into the night made me extra hard.

Untouchable Lust

first-time denboer2 2017-12-12

I bend down and run my tongue along the crack of your ass, while I move my fingers along the deep fold of your pussy, pushing more of that material into you, drawing more of the fabric deeper into the crack of your ass. Your head rolling side to side upon the pillows, your breathe coming in gasps, my tongue deep in your ass, two fingers in your spaziming pussy, and my thumb rubbing across your clit, and then you feel it. I can feel your whole body begin to tense up, oh god yes, faster I shove my tongue deeper into your ass, my two fingers, then three, rocketing into that quivering pussy, my thumb pounding upon that hard clit.

The Pool

first-time purplebunny03 2017-12-12

Her fingers were working their magic on Cindy’s pussy, and within seconds of Samantha kissing her, Cindy came. Samantha could feel Cindy’s eyes on her, and pretended not to notice, but she made sure she did a little extra on the treadmill, giving Cindy a long look at her petite ass. Samantha was getting excited, and was hoping Cindy was going to work her pussy over, but as Cindy’s hands got to Samantha’s waistline, she went right to her legs. “So he went down on me, and made me cum like three times.” Cindy began to tweak Samantha’s clit, getting it to come out of its little sleeve. “Yea, you like getting fucked don’t you.” Cindy said, whispering into her ear, thrusting into Samantha’s tight pussy with vigor.

Trailer Trash Ch. 01

first-time blndEE 2017-12-12

He started rubbing one finger at the entrance to my vagina and it took my breath away for a moment. He explained he was trying to get some of my juices on his finger to show me what it felt like when he rubbed it on my clit which is what caused the woman's orgasm. Once he got enough juices he started sliding his finger up and down the area right above the vagina. A little juice got on my lips and I thought it was urine, he told me it was just precum and that is why it was hurting him so much he needed some release. He then started licking my clit he took a finger and just put it at the entrance to my vagina.

A female college student's introduction to bl

first-time hondo1906 2017-12-12

They began to rub their rock-hard dicks over my body- I could feel them running across my breasts, down my stomach, teasing through my bush and over my pussy before moving down my thighs. I was left straining against my bonds, as everyone pulled out and they switched, the fourth guy filling my mouth, the man who'd been in my mouth easing into my pussy, and the cock that'd been filling my cunt plumbing my ass. I was shocked to see the man not fucking me was busily taking pictures, but there wasn't really anything I could do about it, and as the other three went to work I felt an orgasm cresting.

The first time with a cock in my ass

first-time logan_8 2017-12-12

But this is the guy that first showed me how much I loved having a tongue up my ass with a hard cock pumping my mouth. I pull his cock out of my mouth and ask him to slap me with it. He licks for a minute while I feel him stroking his cock. He stands up behind me, and I feel him slapping my ass and tight little pucker with his cock. Stroking my almost purple hard cock I blast a load into his mouth like nothing I have ever done before. Knowing he was walking down the street with my load in his mouth after having fucked my ass was turn on enough for me to beat off again in the shower.

If I Knew Then... Ch. 01

first-time MVPrimetime 2017-12-12

I welcomed each girl in turn, taking a moment to admire Penny (and remember what she had looked like a year later, kneeling naked on the floor of the bathroom, sucking my cock for the first time as my anniversary present) but when I looked into Jill's eyes and said "Hello, come in, can I get you a drink?" and she smiled back, I knew that I had made the right choice this time. Of course jeans were just about the standard casual clothes of the time, so the fact she was wearing them may have meant nothing, but while Jill had allowed me to lift her skirt the night before, and my hands had held that tight round ass (which her jeans showed off to attractive advantage) perhaps she was less inclined to allow such liberty today in all sobriety.

Fucking Him in His Car

first-time jojoxoxo_ 2017-12-12

He pushed his fingers into my pussy and began finger fucking me. He licked and sucked all over my neck, hard enough to give me a hickey, and began furiously finger fucking me. My hands traveled from his neck down to his lower back, pushing his pelvis deeper into my pussy. I could feel my pussy clenching on his hard dick. I sucked on his neck and began rubbing my clit with my fingers. "I want to feel your pussy cum all over my dick." My back arched as high as it could, and Michael began to fuck me as hard as he could. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, and I felt my pussy clench on his hard dick.

Part 2. A Girl in Rome, penetration at last

first-time 2017-12-12

He pushed forward again but stopped on the edge of my pubic bone, this time not bruising my clitoris, but parting my Labia, pulling them inwards as my heat guided him into my velvet purse, drawing him deeper until his penis eye met my uterus, and my moist sensitive vaginal folds within, closed ranks and encompassed his shaft, I tightened as I climaxed, he pulled back, but I moved with him, he was stuck inside me, and I held him tight until my orgasm subsided, by then he slipped from me, and I felt his semen run down my inner thigh, 'You were a Virgin', he asked me, I nodded without giving my answer verbally, indeed I was a Virgin no more, as I smiled, this was better by a mile, 'I need to dress and go downstairs', he remained silent as I pulled my close on, 'I shall leave my door unlocked tonight if you wish to visit', and at that walked from the room to go meet my parents, stopping occasionally to wipe his semen as it oozed from me, I felt happy with the joys of Spring, happy for being a woman and even happier now I knew just how big a slut I really was.

Teacher's Pest Ch. 01

first-time AverageBear 2017-12-12

"Wrong again, Mr. Barry!" jeered Tiffany Criswell, interrupting the teacher's chemistry lecture, "they're INVERSELY proportional, not DIRECTLY proportional!" "Shit -- here it is!" thought Dave silently, "There goes my job!" Aloud, he said, "Be right there, sir!" Tiffany went back to wearing jeans after her foray into the world of skirts -- apparently Dave had sufficiently embarrassed her, or perhaps his warning about the perverts in the school had had an effect. "Should have made it some day other than Friday," Tiffany asserted as she looked around the nearly empty room, "even a moron knows that all the kids like to hang out at the Pizza Palace for their five-dollar buffet on Fridays."

My Japanese friends f****y

first-time johnluvsjapgirls 2017-12-12

“Just suck it like there is no tomorrow baby, I still have a prick full of cum for you k**do” Alana did not let me down she sucked so hard I thought she swallowed my cock for a while, she takes it right down into her throat I could feel her muscles in there squeezing the head of my prick. I knew this wasn’t going to take long I was almost ready as I grabbed her head and pumped it hard as I could, she gurgled a couple of times but I couldn’t stop, then it happened just like a volcano spurt after spurt of hot fluid…my love juice filling her mouth and throat as she tried desperately not to swallow it all so we could share as we did her juices.