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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Across the Tracks Ch. 02

first-time BigCoreySKR 2017-12-12

Ariel felt like she had just been rebuked, and fell into and uneasy silence. Otis felt bad for talking to her like that, but he had too. Ariel looked up from her phone about 20 minutes later when she heard him gently but firmly close the hood of her car. She put as much ice and distance in her voice as she could possibly master, making Otis feel like he was in the middle of a Siberian like plain on a planet five thousand miles away from her. He walked to the front of the shop and grabbed a smoke, looking up into the pale dawn sky wishing he could see the star he knew he was now stuck on.

Losing Virginity To Each Other

first-time HoneyIShrunkTheKids 2017-12-11

As the cheer team went onto the court, Ben couldn't help but stare at Megan and Jamie. Later on that day Ben received a call from Jamie asking if she could come over for a study date. Jumping into the bed he pulled the covers down embraced Megan in a long, passionate kiss before she bent down and began stroking his cock. Megan was thinking the same thing or something along the same line as she began to scream, "OHH GOD YES...I'M CUMMING...DON'T STOP....YES...YES...YES!!!!!!...." Ben collapsed into her breasts as he recovered from such a terrific climax. "Do you think you can still satisfy Jamie too?" Megan asked while glancing down at the cock still buried in her.

How i not banged my mom for the first time!

first-time joshjosh123123 2017-12-11

While she bent down I saw her huge jugs.Oh boy my cock stiffened.I quickly went to her and grasped her from behind her one hand was in mine and my other arm was around her waist.She said, “Thanks beta mujhse to samla hi nahin ja raha”,I was behind her my cock was straight up poking my moms gaand. I was now licking her pussy my mom pressed my face with her hand on her cunt she said,”Ahhhh beta ahhh betaaa ahhhh”.I got up and took my enormous cock and slowly pressed it into her cunt,her cunt was too narrow,with a little effort it went few inches in ,my mom shouted, “Ahhhh dard ho raha hai ahhhhh “.


My First Time with a Transvestite

first-time 2017-12-11

I went to my knees, took hold of her hard shaft, and then licked the first cock of my life. "Oh, yeah....that feels good," Darla said. "Suck my cock...take that big dick." And her words made it even more real for me, made me even more turned on. Suck my dick." She put her hands on my ass and moved me forward and so I deep throated her. "Fuck me." I began fucking her in the ass as she stroked her cock. Then as she was stroking her cock, her cum began shooting all over her stomach, and I now wished that I was taking it into my mouth, bur it was too late.

The First Time

first-time Glenalk 2017-12-11

I would open her coat, which I remember was bright green, feel her boobs and then pull down her tights and pants and feel her pussy, pushing my fingers right inside her. We had to be careful where it all went it case her mum saw the dried spunk on her clothes so often we would use a condom or I'd pull her dress right up or I'd put my cock back in my pants so that caught all the spunk. One night we went through the normal routine down the alley and to my great surprise and delight, she took hold of my cock and pushed it inside her pussy.

Trailer Trash

first-time Vysis 2017-12-11

Although Heather was exhausted and her knee jerk reaction was to beg off, she thought that she would have plenty of time to catch up on sleep on Friday morning, and a night out with the girls was just what she needed. She pulled away slightly and said, "Stroke my hair while we kiss." He wasn't quite sure what to do, so he placed his hand on the back of her head as she leaned back in. Paul was shocked at how hard he could pull on her nipples without hurting her, but by the look on her face, it felt really good.

Eastern Idyll

first-time SaharaGuy 2017-12-11

I had brought my usual yellow trunks but Jenn came out with a new blue and green two-piece swimsuit with a bandeau top, not as brief as bikinis were going to be in years to come but still displaying more of her nubile young body than the one-piece she had left at home. After a while she broke away and went over to the edge of the platform, putting both hands on the parapet to steady herself as she looked down to the shoreline below, and as I gazed at her gorgeous slim body I realised that I wanted to take things further with this girl and now was the time to do something about it.

One Rainy Night

first-time yachtmasteruk 2017-12-11

Going back to the head of the bed, Lorraine fastened a gag in his mouth, making sure he was still able to draw a breath, but unable to scream for help. As he was talking, Lorraine moved a little farther down the bed until she was side by side with his hard cock, wondering what it would feel like thrusting inside of her. Grabbing his hair, driving her soaking wet pussy against his face, Lorraine threw her head back and screamed aloud as she came in Peter’s greedy mouth. Like a wild a****l now, Peter pulled her mouth off of his rock hard cock and threw her back on the bed.

Photo Session.

first-time 2017-12-11

One eating my pussy, fingering my holes, while moaning and jerking his cock was enough to make me cum, but the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth and hands made my orgasm intense. I pulled the dick away from my mouth and pleaded one last time, “No… I’m married…" As he rubbed the head of his cock against my clit I moaned, and then tried to convince him, "My husband…" He rubbed the incredible length of his shaft between my pussy lips and against my clit, teasing me with his heat, and one last time I pleaded, "I’m married…” The two black studs were getting dressed and leaving the room, Dean was putting his two cameras away while studying the pictures, and I was left laying naked and well fucked.

I Thought We Were More Ch. 15

first-time DrElectrogasm 2017-12-11

Jacob couldn't see much of Rose but her tan skin seemed to glow underneath the legs of Alex. His eyes worked their way up Rose's perfectly toned legs to her crotch which was directly beneath Alex's bottom. It was funny to Jacob to see Alex still wearing her panties while Rose's were now removed. Her left leg had already gotten its fair share of gentle kisses and when Jacob looked up at what he was sure was his finally target he found that her pussy was not only getting more swollen by the second it was beginning to dribble a little bit of moisture from the opening. Jacob slowly kissed his way up to her hips where Alex's butt accidentally bumped into the top of his head.

My Bus Journey Part 1/6

first-time nsentra 2017-12-11

To completely enjoy this story, please read all 6 parts!. But one thing about me was that I was always the passive one, where I never initiated the contact, but once started, I was always a willing participant and enjoyed myself completely. At the time of this story I was travelling to visit my aunt and uncle during the spring break. Within a few minutes an older gentlemen in his late fifties came and set next to me, as the bus had started filling up. I had worn shorts as it was warmer in the afternoon but as the sun was setting and the bus was not yet heated completely, I was feeling a bit cold.

Virgin's Lessons

first-time mr concrete 2017-12-11

Now I lent forward and, holding her vagina's lips apart with two fingers, pushed my tongue into her, tasting fully the juices and sweat that were building up, she gasped loudly breaking the silence that had been going on for so long, I licked at her clitoris and down her thighs, spreading juice everywhere, then a combo of tongue and fingers, and she bucked in a way that I knew was the start of an orgasm, carrying on, building up the speed, I felt her come in several waves, and then she lay still, red hues over her chest, legs still trembling, face an expression that showed she was a long way away, but somewhere very happy.

Something About Her

first-time meesterp 2017-12-11

Our tongues explored each other's mouths, and my hands started to work their way inside her shirt towards her luscious tits. I gently brought my mouth to her breast and started swirling my tongue around her nipple. Finally, I brought her whole nipple into my mouth and began gently sucking, tasting her delicious creamy white skin. She placed her hands around the base of my cock and sucked my flaccid dick into her hot mouth. She released my cock for a second and then, her mouth still full of cum, gave me another mischievous look and a smile. She started sucking on it again just to tease me, as she knew my cock was hyper sensitive from the intense orgasm she had just pulled out of my body.

The Way It Should Have Been

first-time duke4227 2017-12-11

She had felt a few of her dates cocks through their clothing, but had never actually touched the flesh of one much less taken it as a toy to play with to her hearts content. He kept her talking and laughing throughout the meal and let his hand slide along her leg, going higher and higher. Kitten reached very gently and took that monster in her hand and began to rub it all over her tit. He began to blow light puffs of his hot breath on her lips down there and his hand was playing with her ass cheeks. He slowly began to move inside her the rest of the way, stretching her and getting to the back of that unused cavity.

Love and Superstition 3

first-time louise7033 2017-12-11

Your Nanay and Tatay tell you that no-one will want to marry you once your virginity is gone. And then I discovered that Tatay was having sex with the young maid next door. He's now got an arrangement with old Mr. Tui, who's very kind to me now, and books a room for us at his lodging house every night from 5.30pm until 8pm, and I take my things (nightie, spare panti, special panti, and toothbrush) to work and go to wait for him as soon as I can get away from the shop. I tell Nanay and Tatay that I'm working over at the shop, and I sit there - sometimes shaking with excitement - listening to the other couples having sex, or bathing together, or sometimes arguing.

Carpenter slut

first-time solmir11 2017-12-11

Soon got a taste, so he grabbed her by the hair, unzipped his pants and to Snapdragon it struck him also to koreň.Naplo it but that it also caught a jaw cúvnuť.Prvý krár not tried it yet deeptroat.Takto not one boar fucked in her pussy as she was very nice, it made the irritation of the lips abnormal vzrušenie.Na sting ramrod her second baby was not used for a bite the whole cock in her mouth rammed into her throat which made it napínalo.No naraz.Jožo almost everyone began to pump her seed, collapsing like a bull, slap her ass over and shouted "fucking pretty Prirážaj let it all those shots, I may even earn a small pankharta.

Poker was the Start

first-time Bigchicklover 2017-12-11

The game started and soon Peter was losing, with in five rounds he just had his boxer shorts on, Alice still had panties, bra and top on, Amanda had the same as Alice on, Belinda just bra and panties, Samantha still fully clothed, John boxers and t-shirt and Barry still fully clothed. "Some vodka and orange juice will be fine thanks," Samantha said looking straight into Barry's eyes. "Neither do I," Barry said softly, kissing her again and this time feeling her big breasts pressing against his chest. "It's the same for me, I really like you Barry, I want to be with you," Samantha said. "Wow you look divine Samantha!" Barry said as he starts rubbing her pussy, feeling her clit.

Fat Bottomed Girls!

first-time bearcub80 2017-12-11

My hard cock greeting her soft body and my hands instinctively began to migrate down from her hips and reach for her ample ass. I slipped in silently and walked right up behind her huge bent over ass and grabbed each hip and pressed my now hardening cock into her beautiful butt pillows. Pulling my head back slightly to catch sight of the amazing pillows my hands had found, she reached behind her and started to unclasp her massive bra. Reaching behind her and grabbing huge soft ass cheeks in each hand I buried my tongue deeper and found her hard clit. I leaned my hard cock into the crack of her huge ass, grabbing both sides of her hips and squeezing her big cheeks together.

Aunt Heather helps out pt1

first-time vtevte 2017-12-11

They wanted the boy to follow in their footsteps and instead of letting him stay at the college dorm, Dan had to live with his uncle Roger and aunt Heather. He was acutely aware of the forbidden nature of what was transpiring, and on the one hand he was mortified at the thought of his Uncle catching him, and on the other excited at the sight and closeness of his Aunt Heather. Heather headed straight to her bathroom, her finger already stroking her hard button with the flowing juices, as she closed her eyes under the steaming water and brought back the vision of young Dan and his throbbing hot meat in her hand, growing thicker, and thicker.

The First cock I sucked

first-time 2017-12-11

Well little did Jim know was that my wife always had this fantasy about getting a guy over to have a three sum cuz she wanted to watch me suck cock and wanted my to eat her cream pie after they cum in her pussy. And dammit when I get dressed like a woman I got to say it felt so good I looked so hot that I would fuck my self) So back to the story , at this point I said fuck it and I open a picture file on the computer and showed it to Jim "damn who is that he said , she is sexy.

Candy & Rick

first-time rmlooker 2017-12-11

At the base of the steps he asked her if she would like to be able to hold on to the hand rail or not and she said it did not matter as long as she had his arm. Rick reached for her hand and said it was no bother that he was very sorry she was blind, but he had no problem being with her and enjoyed her company and talking with her. Candy pulled her head away from his kisses and asked what was the matter and he said sorry, I am not sure that is something you wanted me to do. Candy asked what the plan was and Rick told her they would not be able to go anywhere for a while and that the electricity was still off.


first-time 2017-12-11

For massaging her better i took off her t-shirt and i saw for the first time her body, her perfect body that she were concealing so shamefully, i said nothing but i thought that she was silly to be ashemed of her body, yes everyone who does that is silly but she hadn't any reason. The weather was hot so i got some ice cubes and i began to slowly slip them one at the time on her body, she liked that really much and was really relaxed, i don't know why i took off her panties but she curled up, i asked if she was ashamed and when she said yes i turned off all the lights in the room and closed the sutters behind the curtains.

How to make babysitting pay part 3

first-time Baby_sitter 2017-12-11

"Well you are a quick learner" said the husband, "but ok, I will pick you up next Saturday morning from the bus stop my wife is taking the baby to her mothers and wont be back until tea time, oh by the way, wear your school uniform and put your hair in plaits". They reached the house, and went straight upstairs Shelley stood in front of the bed and he came across and kissed her fully on the lips, it felt funny when he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Shelley lifted her skirt and showed off her white pants, he slipped his hand in and felt her pussy, it was soaking wet, he was hard, he had been hard for a few days now.

Moonlight Desire

first-time Nefilm 2017-12-11

d***k on desire, the a****l instinct took hold of them, she raised one knee onto the bed, and they both remained standing, the pace of his hips pushing up into her began to increase. She began to shudder and moan, telling him quietly in a stuttering that he was going to make her cum, bucking against his pelvis, and right then his whole body tightened and then he exploded, gushing his warm, continual spurting fountain deep up into her core, his whole shaft contracting strongly inside her delicious sticky heaven. They remained in sweet agony of embrace, until the waves of orgasm began to eventually subside, and they both soaking wet, pulled their clothes back into shape and split off from the room back to the party, separately.