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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Caught in the act (straight story)

first-time musclecock 2017-12-11

She was in a state of absolute panic, but from across the room came the gentle reassuring voice of her mother who said, "Don't fight it, darling, Arthur is a very considerate lover." "You're old enough now to experience what a huge black cock can do for you." Her mother's words were so soft and calming that she almost eagerly opened her mouth, allowing the smooth chocolate head to slide right in!" Once the head popped inside, Tara gasped and moaned softly, "I-I don't think I can take it, it's sooooooooooo fucking huge!!!" Art loved hearing white bitches pleading for mercy at the hand of his massive organ, but mercy was something he was all out of as he slammed his muscular hips forward, driving his thick black spike balls deep into the tight little cunt!

melbourne adult cinema

first-time missydd 2017-12-11

he stopped and put his hand on my leg, pushing up my dress and sliding his fingers inside my g-string feeling how wet i had gotten. i hear my bf say something, so i look up and he smiles at me, i had no idea what he said but then i feel a hand touch my leg. i knew it wasn't my bf but i didn't care, i slide more of my bf's cock in my mouth and i feel fingers slide under my dress touching my wet pussy through my panties. i start to rub it and look over at him and WOW it's got huge i wrap my hand around his dick and start to stroke.

Sky Rockets in Flight

first-time ispycherrypie 2017-12-11

Our cool wet skin felt good to the touch and it wasn’t long before we were getting lost in long and passionate kisses. I felt my cock and balls pumping uncontrollably as my hips reached up to meet hers. I moved up her body, running my cock along the length of her leg, as I reached my lips down to hers. The combination of spit, from me going down on her, and the natural lube, drenched my cock and balls, and was leaving a growing wet spot in the sl**ping bag. We sat there for a long time, my now limp cock, still inside her pussy.

My mature wife and young black lover Part II

first-time jimmielee65 2017-12-11

He could tell she didn't have anything on under it and he couldn't help getting an erection because she had pulled one leg up under her watching the movie and the t-shirt had ridden way up on her thigh. He said he had never fucked a white woman and he couldn't help getting turned on thinking about it. He said she spread her legs so he could see her hairy pussy and pulled him in between them while she was still sitting on the couch and pulled his shorts down and said "damn you are a big young man, aren't you?" then she started licking and sucking his dick. He said she pulled the t-shirt off and lay back on the couch, spread her legs and told him to come over there and fuck her.

Loosing My Virginity......True Story

first-time 2017-12-11

Not sure who got the idea but I think it was Rick, he came and sat on my lap and decided I needed to learn how to french kiss if I was ever going to have a boyfriend. Ok, I picked DD, I got double dared to take Rick in the bedroom and let him do what ever he wanted to do. Rick just smiled and said, "Lets just say Laurie is a woman now!" It was now time for me to go home, I walked in the house went straight for the bathroom, I was bleeding, I told my older s****r what had happened, she was shocked and upset with me.

Sonali Behan aur Bhai

first-time sonali_behan 2017-12-11

That time i use to see the sex videos very frequently and I was mad to see a girl nude and fuck any one. She said sorry Raj, Plz dont tell any one, Papa Mujhe mar Dalenge. Sonali : No no Plz dont tell to any one i am agree for your condition Then i came on to her and started playing with her two big boobs with my two hands. Then i move my left hand to down, She stopped and said Niche kuch mat karo, Jo v karna he Upar karo. She was enjoying and moaning loudly like Raj kuch mat karo. I started kissing on her thighs and insert me tongue in her pussy, She was moaning loudly.

Erin gets fucked first time

first-time paulywill 2017-12-11

Anyway I knew you had a real close up of my big purple end as it was extra hard, shiny and smooth, I was pulling my foreskin up and over the big ridge of my cock and up as far it would go near to my piss hole, then hard and slowly down again stretching it way down so my cock end was real tight and bright purple, it was up and down, up and down long full strokes with the skin pulling up and over and giving me great thrills as it passed over the ridge, you were watching very closely and your hand was pulling the carrot in and out at the same speed, I thought then that even though you were very young you were really getting the hang of fucking your cunt and maybe I should take you all the way and give you a right good fucking, you were licking your lips and rocking your arse and cunt up and down, back and forth for me.

Late Night Movies (chapter 4)

first-time oregazm 2017-12-11

I moved my Nintendo out to the living room as we usually did when mom n dad were gonna be out late so we could play on the bigger tv. "Mom n dad know the back opens?" he asked knowingly. Say you found out on your own." he said seriously and turned the stand back to its original position, "...and make sure you put EVERYthing back just how you found it or they'll know." He got back up and resumed his game. I changed my game back but sat with the title on the screen, my eyes fixed on the stand and its locked doors.


A Golden Shower

first-time therealbk 2017-12-11

I shook my head "Yes!" "Mmmmm just aim that beautiful cock right here sweetie." she said, as she pointed to her large breast. She leaned forward putting her big breast under my cock. I want your cock in my pussy next baby." she moaned. I put my hard wet cock back in her pussy. Your cock so fucking big in my ass." she yelled. I pulled my cock out of her wet ass. She moaned very loud when she got all my cock in her pussy. A few minute earlier Brad Mom was playing with my ever growing cock under the table. With the big cock baby." She said. She had a big orgasm as I stuck my wet cock in her pussy.

My s****r-in-law

first-time 2017-12-11

I smile at her cause she looks sooo cute like that then I begin fucking her face slowly but deeply. She gags on my dick with each thrust which just makes me continue face fucking her cause she sounds so hot. I smile saying "then lets try my balls also." I grab my cock and balls together and slowly slide my dick down her throat. "How do you like it Gabby?" She replies, "I love it b*****r." So I say, "then its time for you to drink my cum." I put my dick back in her mouth and start fucking her pretty little face hard and fast.

My first bi encounter

first-time miguym4m 2017-12-11

He showed me the page that had a guy that looked like a ball bat and the girl was on the floor licking its monster head, he turned the page and she was really getting into it, she was stroking while sucking the head of his cock for all it was worth. I started stroking Joes cock and I spit in my hand to slick it up good and licked the head of his cock some more, it felt silky smooth and hotter than anything I ever put in my mouth before, just then Joe stiffened up and I pulled his cock away from my mouth then he shot his wad across my neck - Joe laughed and said you know they call that getting a pearl neckless.

My favorite sitter part 2

first-time badboy4320 2017-12-11

She wondered at my cold response and when she asked me what was wrong, I told her I thought the guy she was with last time we saw her was a big fat stupid jerk. My mom said it was cute that I was jealous, but she thought it was good Heather was seeing a handsome young man, because she was afraid Heather might've liked girls. Finally she asked me if I remembered the last time we played how I liked how it felt with my finger in my butt and how when she sucked on me and fingered me, how much I liked that. I started to get that heart attack feeling again and just when I thought I was going to die, she let go of my cock and pulled the vibrator out.

My College Visit

first-time Water man 2017-12-11

My older sister was just a few months from graduating from the University of Michigan and I had been looking forward to spending a weekend with her for a long time. I stood up and walked over to my sister and told her I had been invited to spend some time with the lady at the other table and I would call her later. Brenda was loving it and told me to be a little more aggressive and spend more time on her clit. She took my cock in her hand and slowly worked it up and down while looking into my eyes to watch my expressions. She gave a little laugh and told me she loved doing it and had even gotten to like the taste.

Loss Of Virginity

first-time normique 2017-12-11

Your not a boy any longer.” She looked at her watch and said, “It’s 7:00 o’clock and this is my last car before I’m finished for the day. She looked around the dining car , which had cleared out considerably, and said in a soft voice, “Some of the boys told me that you had never been with a girl. She looked up into his eyes, smiled sweetly and said, “I’m sure you Johnny, but I’m going to show you ‘how’ to do it. He saw a hostess dressed in a blue uniform enter, pulling a cart of refreshments for the young men going off to war.

Island Doctor

first-time tankengine123 2017-12-11

I said OK and, after Alvita told her mom, Vea looked up at me with a beautiful big smile. I had discovered another special thing about this wonderful little minx… she pissed every time I fingered her pussy. Alvita would climb onto the bench and hold on tightly as I fucked her twelve year old pussy and ass. Stuart: It is quite large but I have several sizes of dildos that will gradually open your pretty little ass so it will then be easy for you to accept my special tool deep in you. Stuart: Once you learn to take my cock on the bench, I will let you straddle me on the bed and slide your beautiful asshole up and down my big tool while I watch you.

My First MILF

first-time slapnuts69 2017-12-11

She got up to use the ladies room and when she came back she leaned over and said "Lets go fuck our brains out." I did not need convincing. She finished taking off her clothes and got on her knees and started working over my cock with her mouth. I fucked her hard and fast, and I was right, she wanted it that way. My cock was still soaking wet, I pulled it out of her pussy and jammed it up her ass with no warning. I fucked her ass as hard as was slamming her pussy and she was wailing. Finally I had to burst and I pulled out, got her onto her knees and jerked off into her open mouth.

A First Threeesome

first-time stax69 2017-12-11

When she left, Joe put his paint brush down and said " Look mate, do you want to see a few pics of her?" " Of course" I replied and he retrieved an album from the bottom of a wardrobe in the spare room. In fairness, the pics were great and the first lot were page three types showing off Dawn's superb boobs. " Oh, he was" said Joe flicking the page over to show Dawn in various poses with his mate before he had set about fucking her. We caught up on old times and almost seamlessly ended up in a room where we enjoyed a great mmff, Joe fucking my wife while I re acquainted my self with Dawn's boobs and shaven pussy once more.

Living Canvas

first-time E-Nymph 2017-12-11

"I don't want to get paint on my clothes" he unzipped his jeans and Jamie couldn't help but stare as they slide down his hips. Nick chuckled as he stepped forward dipping a finger into the glistening red paint. Nick glanced up into Jamie's lust filled eyes. Nick's hands held Jamie's hips as he ground into her. Nick groaned as his ridged member convulsed filling Jamie's tight hole with come. "Wow" Jamie smile still curled on nicks lap "I'm surprised we didn't spill the paint." Nick followed her gaze to the floor; the tin of paint lay on the floor surrounded by white sheet. Jamie dipped her finger in the crimson paint.

A Heart of Gold

first-time KayJai 2017-12-11

"Come here and sit down while I get out of these clothes sweetness," she replied, "and you tell me what you want." She patted me gently on the cheek as she passed by me, took my hand, and led me to the bed where she sat me down. "Touch and stroke and feel every bit of me my sweet boy..." she moaned, as I gently moved my fingers over and down her face, running them over her lips and into her mouth where I felt her small hot tongue flick against them... She grabbed my head and moved me down so my mouth was over her nipple, which I quickly took in and sucked like a baby.

Making Out With Mom 3

first-time 2017-12-11

It felt like my mom was cumming, and I hadn't even started moving yet! Fuck me hard, Sweetie!" I started moving my hips, slowly working up to a good rhythm. "Mom, I'm going to cum." I started to pull out of her, but she grabbed my ass and pulled me to her. I'm laughing because I started cumming the second you jammed your cock into me, and I didn't stop until you came, too, and stopped moving. When I make love, I can't stop cumming until I feel my lover's cream spurt inside of me. SQUIRT YOUR CUM INTO MOMMY LIKE YOU SQUIRTED IT INTO JENNY'S MOUTH, LIKE YOUR GONNA SQUIRT IT IN THEIR FACES TOMORROW WHILE I WATCH, OH GOD, BABY, FUCK ME HARD!!!"

Killer Tuna Redux - Chapter 6

first-time FrankSinner 2017-12-11

Freddie kneaded the flesh of her right breast which he had stimulated more than Sam ever dreamed, but her real fantasies became real when she felt his hot, wet mouth envelop the left one, his sponge-y tongue swirling around the nipple, suckling every few seconds with no real pattern, as his other hand, with the thumb underneath, held his new 'fruit' in place. Sam's hips bucked hard against Freddie's hungry mouth, keeping her hand fixed on his head, but her other alternated from grabbing onto the sheets, as if she would float away if she didn't, and grabbing her breast, the flesh seeping between her fingers, and holding her taut nipple between her middle and ring finger, pinching it to the point of pain before swapping back to the sheet.

Why Brad Loves the Mall

first-time Sleepy 2017-12-11

He was trying to just zone out to the metal guitars blaring in his head, when on one glance up to peek at this goddess before him, she stared right into his eyes and seductively licked slowly across her top lip with the tip of her tongue. She said in that same soft now echoed voice "Is that for me?" The words went through Brad's head, and he felt the words go down his spine and to his fingertips and toes. At the end of the third repeat he simply flicked her clit with his tongue and sent her into a tidal wave of orgasms, and that's when he got to work licking her sweet juicy folds and sucking on her swelled clit while she violently grinded his face.

Sex Survey: Females Firsts [3]

first-time Poet-PETER 2017-12-11

I invite all my fine female dear readers to respond to this sweet sexy survey of their number #1 erotic experience. I invite you to write me the best possible sex you dream to have in the future, or maybe it better stays only fantasy? I invite you all to check as well the two previous Sex Surveys and answer my question there as well, of you didn't yet. I invite you all to answer the same question basicly: What were your 'firsts' in terms of erotic thoughts, (day)dreams. I invite all my fine female dear readers to respond to this sweet sexy survey of top erotic happen. I link to the survey for 'firsts' in terms of ages:

Breaking In Sweet Jennifer...

first-time alexcarr 2017-12-11

I couldn't stop the temptation offered to me as she sweetly parted those gorgeous thighs exposing the sheer whiteness between stocking tops and panties, but most of all there it was just waiting for my spoiling, sweet virgin quite wet pussy, I knelt between her, lifting her from underneath her knees nice and high and wide as I leant forward and pushed my face into her sweet crotch, pressing my tongue gently into the crevice through the silk panties, licking, tasting and moving my mouth around and around, gently manoeuvring her panties to the side so I could feel and taste her rosebud , wrapping my tongue around and hearing her first moans as I started also to gently work one finger into her