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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Glory Hole for the first time!

first-time johnnydeep43 2017-12-10

one hand firmly on my hard dick her soft breast and hard nipples moving up and down in hard jerks while she rams a nice big dildo in and out my ass... Usually, depending on the day of course, within a moment someone will put his dick through the hatch and you can do 1 or all of the following three things: jerk it, suck it or fuck it! I felt sooo good at that point I actually held on to the dick for a while, licking the now soft shaft and head, kissing the balls and sucking them before I closed the hatch and went on my way to share my new best experience with my girlfriend (and have her fuck the living shit out of me as a reward for such a good job)

Holy Joe

first-time kewtieboy 2017-12-10

I was on the floor sitting with my back against the sofa, Tina was astride me, her panty-covered lower body grinding my erection and a naked Leo was standing behind her trying to twist her head around to suck his cock. She hungrily sucked on Leo's cock and sitting watching a sex act in public almost made me cum without touching myself. "My, that is some cock," he said, taking it in his hand and squeezing it as though a man handling another was the most natural thing in the world. I noted that Leo still held the base and under the pretence of helping my cock stay in Tina, was also caressing my balls.

My First Time

first-time naturegirl25 2017-12-10

I moaned in pleasure and asked for his tongue to go inside me. I rubbed his balls ask I sucked his hardening cock. I moaned loud and begged for deeper but I also said ouch and he stopped and asked if I was okay. I came with a loud moan of pleasure and leaked my juices all over his cock. He kissed each nipple again and pulled out softly as soon as I was finished cumming. They make you beautiful.” He covered me with his naked body and started kissing every scar from top right down to my feet. The next morning we took a long bath together and I rode his cock until we both came hard.

Barnaby's First Time

first-time Adrian69702006 2017-12-10

Whatever else might be said about Aunt Anne, in Barnaby's experience she always had a smile on her face, had never been cross with him and, coming from a different branch of the family (she was a Timpson by marriage, not blood) was decidedly more liberal than his mother. Although Alice half dragged into her bed, Barnaby certainly needed no invitation. Although he hated to admit it, Barnaby knew that he couldn't lie to Alice. A voice they both recognised rang across the room and Barnaby looked up in terror to see his Aunt Anne in the doorway, a pile of fresh linen in her arms. Alice obediently headed to the bathroom and Barnaby looked pleadingly at his aunt. "That sounds like blackmail, Aunt Anne," Barnaby replied.

The Slave and the Sissy part Four

first-time midsummerman 2017-12-10

She quivered and let out a little moan as I slid my hand down her feminine back and slid it over her soft bottom, my middle finger straight into the hot cleft of her buttocks and into the hotter inviting tightness of her anus. Pepper did not keep me waiting; she wailed with pleasure as I curled my finger deep in her anus and I felt her thrust and convulse sweetly; her hot cream exploded from her little cock, splattering on my thigh and dribbling down my knuckles. Pepper gripped my hand and squeezed tight as I moved my stiff and wanting cock into the soft cleft of her delicious cheeks.

The Safeway Cashier. (BBW)

first-time krow3 2017-12-10

I didnt pay much attention to her at first I went too the produce section then i saw her again putting away some product then she bent over because she dropped something as i was walking i was looking at my phone and accidently bumped into her cock first she kind of just stayed there for a moment and as did I enjoying the feeling of her nice big juicy ass against my cock. By the time it was time for me to check out and pay for my groceries I picked her til without knowing because it was the shortest line i started unloading all my food and such and then as i was staring at my phone again i looked up and I saw this big tits just staring me in the face.

my life part 2

first-time s_n_a_k_e_w_o_m_a_n 2017-12-10

This young girl however had a ball gag in her mouth black smooth and she had what looked like clothespins on her nipples, i watched as the miss entered the girl's room and grabbed her pussy tight the young girl started to salivate. Within seconds the miss had a yellow ball gag in my mouth and clamps on my nipples with weights on them, she rubbed my wet pussy and sucked on my neck. My mom called up to me and asked if i was coming down for dinner i told her that yes i would be right down, i licked the girl's neck and rubbed her pussy quickly her legs wrapped around my body i was getting wet myself but i unwrapped her legs from my body.

Susie Ch. 15

first-time Susie_O 2017-12-10

Trish who would certainly cover for me and whose parents wouldn't have a problem with me sleeping with Howard but they would not likely lie to my parents. Howard and I won't be at a sleep over, we will be in Kaitlyn's father's guest house so we can have a full night of sex this first time. My mom came out with us and said, "Thank your father for allowing Colleen and Howard to use his guest house." Then she told me, "Please take care of yourself, enjoy yourself, darling, my little girl for the last time." She was starting to cry as she kissed me goodbye.

One Night on the Ferry

first-time aberdonianbloke 2017-12-10

Me and a few friends went into the red light district and looked in all the windows and gazed at all the stuff. We got ready for bed and lay down in our bunks. He was okay with that so we took his ten magazines and sat on my bunk looking at them. I gingerly reached out a hand and touched his cock. Before I knew what had happened he put his hand on my head and pushed his throbbing cock into my slavering mouth. Our cocks were touching and his hand teased my nipple and spread spunk over me. He stopped and lay underneath me with his head under my cock.

The Houri's Tale

first-time hunnyslutcatt 2017-12-10

Reading them stirred unfamiliar feelings in me…and the illustrations… My father had the illustrated Kama Sutra and some other erotica from the east…Japanese woodcuts… My hand would slip, unbidden, to the moist flower of my sex, covered in thick black curls…and delve to the soft lips within…I found that by stroking and lightly probing…and teasing the little button at the very top, I could bring myself much pleasure. He delighted in the reactions his little forays caused: the sweet low moans that fell from my lips; the wild gyrations of my lithe body; the pulsing of my moist cavern; and the lust-filled gaze that I turned to his face…

Might as well try it once, part 1.

first-time DroppingDown 2017-12-10

One afternoon I felt horny and whilst watching a boss blackmailing his employer to suck his massive cock to keep his job, I abruptly send a message to Jesper on Facebook, telling him it had been a long time and what he had been up to. Of course it only took me seconds to agree and I told my girlfriend I was going out with friends that night, just to prevent her from hearing the name Jesper too often. He took off his pants and shirt and walked around in really tight boxers that showed a nicely sized cock.

A Fella from the Neighborhood

first-time 2017-12-10

I needed to put a stop him jacking my cock before he got me to cum so I gently put my hand over his and removed it from my dick. He wasn’t bashful about his cock being on display actually he let his legs splay open even further as if to say, “check it out!” I looked him square in the eye and asked him if he felt better. “Well, a little.” “A little!” I said, “You should feel like a king now.” Laughing he nodded, then I noticed that his gaze was not toward my face but to my crotch. Kneeling down between my legs he took my dick in his hand and looked me square in the eyes and said, “Please tell me when you are going to cum.” I couldn’t say anything.

Preparing for a Shoot

first-time catchercradle 2017-12-10

Dave had been one of those boys who needed to start shaving early and had even had a beard for a time so he knew what he had to do next. Taken by surprise, Lynn's head jerked back and some landed on her face, some on her chest and breasts before her lips wrapped around Dave's still gushing member to taste and swallow what was left. She took his hand and brought it back down towards her pleasure centre and asked him to, "Do it again, Please?" This time Dave was more confident and his fingers seemed to naturally find their way to just the right places.

Beth Learns Something New

first-time Clayton 2017-12-10

Beth smiled at me "I danced naked in front of all those people and they all wanted to fuck me. I fondled her nipples periodically and I told her how I was going to kiss her, lick her, and finally, slide my stiff cock into her pussy. I cuddled Beth in my arms and I asked her if having me watch her play with her pussy made her more excited. She said "Yes", so I told her that in my apartment she was to be naked at all times and she was to play with her pussy any time I asked. She never asked and never hesitated, just lay back on the cushions, spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy.

Becky's First 3-Way

first-time ziminmn 2017-12-10

We normally walk in and I let her pick out a guy she likes the looks of, then we sit down beside him and she starts to work her charms. The guy is usually exploring all of her body and fingering her by then and Becky has his cock out and pumps it until he comes. While he was in the men’s room I asked Becky what she was going to do, and she said “you have always wanted to watch another guy fuck me, this is the guy”. Both of us guys were enjoying Becky's body, pinching her nipples and taking turns fingering her pussy. He only lasted about 3 minutes before he came, filling her pussy with another big load, his cum flowing out of her pussy around his cock with each thrust.

Linda Ch. 01

first-time ableoneable 2017-12-10

As I started to come I took her at her word and forced her head down so that my cock was deep in her throat. Linda lowered her foot back to the floor and both her hands moved from my thighs up to my chest. Suck them hard, I want you to and God knows you want to." as she said this she placed her left hand at the back of my neck and pulled me into her chest. Linda's right hand tightly squeezed my ass cheeks. Drive your fucking cock deep into my tight pussy!" she said as she both crossed her legs and pulled them forward toward her chest tightening up her pussy.

Taking a chance.

first-time gangbanglover 2017-12-10

I entered her again with the glorious sight of her sucking a cock to her left and wanking one to the right then switching, suddenly the cock on the left exploded and spunk flew across her plump breasts, I was pumping away and close to cumming, I said to her I wanted to cum over her face, she gave a slight nod, I quickly moved round and my spunk flew all over cheeks and nose, I directed some into her hair, before pushing it into her mouth, I hadn't had as much as a wank for a week so I produced loads of sperm, she didn't flinch what went into her mouth went down to her stomach.

Bored Teen and a Loser

first-time notsogood 2017-12-10

I kind of blacked out at that point cause it was by far the closest I'd ever been to a girl (except the spaced out hooker that blew me over the condom and didn't let me finish the sex after I told her it was my first time and awkwardly asked multiple times whether she was alright... Decided then to take my chance and who knows how it happened- I probably grabbed her by the waist, just pretty sure I looked in her eyes for a couple of seconds- then kissed her. For some time the girl was bobbing her head back and forth sucking my somehow still not fully hard cock and I'm glad she only looked up 2 or 3 times cause I was just standing like a mug not knowing what to do with my hands or anything.


Summer Course in Sex Ed

first-time walterio 2017-12-10

He then watched in disbelief when the guy moved his cock from the woman's pussy and placed it at her anus. Bobby could not have imagined a beautiful woman taking a big cock in her ass but he watched as the thick dick spread her aperture and nestled into her rectum. Stella fingered her pussy as drove the rubber cock into her rectum as she tried to time her orgasm with the guy cumming all over the woman's ass. Bobby watched as the guy repeatedly fucked the woman switching between her pussy and her ass. He turned off the TV and player as soon as the guy came on the woman's face and Stella moved away and hid.

School of Higher Learning

first-time manfromvenus 2017-12-10

“He needed to make up a couple of the tests he has missed, and since I needed to be here anyway, I suggested he do it today.” “I didn’t think you were going to be using the office today.” “I wasn’t planning to,” he replied with a bit of annoyance in his tone that I didn’t understand, “I just forgot some papers and had to come back for them.” “How many more tests does Stan have to do?” Sheila appeared to consult a list and said “Three I believe, should be done by 5:00 or so.” “Very well then, but in the future, I prefer tests to be made up during class time, I thought I had made that clear to you before.” Mr. James was pointed in his statement and it was evident that he was not pleased.

Sex Club for Nerds and Geeks Ch. 16

first-time Peterspeter 2017-12-10

The cops said neither of you was particularly bright, what with the knife and all, but I've never liked the shit about how you're supposed to just let the assholes take your money, so fuck 'em, you both did the right thing." When I got dad on my cell, he said that President Loughlin had called him just after he'd seen me, with assurances that I was fine and would be well taken care of, even if it involved plastic surgery to fix my ear and cheek. I figured you'd be here and she wanted to meet the hero guy." Laurette extended her left hand and I took it. Charlie wanted to talk to the tech guy, while Laurette and Paul chatted.

A Night She'll Never Forget Ch. 01

first-time gothic_Swimmer_1990 2017-12-10

When I looked into his eyes I felt as if my insides were just going to melt, then he said in a nonchalant voice "Let me get that for you," he put the money in the machine, and me being me, could not do anything but smile and stay speechless. I look over at Josh with his posture grand and his eyes dead on the road and I wonder if he would like to come in before he had to go or at least till he got tired if he was not already. I took his hand in mine and said "this way" and I slowly started walking to the spare bedroom as he stopped walking and pulled me close to him.

Surprised encounter

first-time ptsteve 2017-12-10

He said “shit man she is so hot I can do better than that.” I said “okay big guy, if you can get a kiss I’ll buy you 2, he said what if I can feel those tits?” I said, “if you can I ’ll give you $5 .” He went on and said “what if both of use can kiss her, feel her tits and finger her pussy?” I said without flinching , “$10.” Now bragging me said “Ok what if she’ll suck us off?” I told him I doubted that (since she’d never been with a black man before), I said “that would cost me $50 total.” He smiled and agreed.


first-time mrb09 2017-12-10

Gerry looked into Colleens eyes and whispers "I want you", she gasps, biting her bottom lip. He gets to his knees, hands running up and down her legs, grasping her ass, squeezing, spreading her cheeks, admiring her beautiful pussy, running his thumb along her lips, he notices she is already a little wet, she flinches in pleasure. As her orgasms hits, Gerry can feel her pussy convulsing, driving him over the edge, he feels himself getting close to cumming, he continues to thrust, until he can hold back no more, gripping her hips tightly, pulling her to him, he buries his cock deep inside Colleen, releasing his seed inside of her.