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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Marco and Julie's first time

first-time purplebunny03 2017-12-10

She pulled back and breathed hard onto his chest "be easy marco, I love you." She looked up and her light hazel eyes glistened in the sun, she looked like the most beautiful girl in the world, and marco looked back with passion only they could share, "I love you too julie" he pulled her back to him and kissed her deep again, with his hand he guided julie to wrap her legs around him, she did so and wrapped her arms around his neck as well, marco leaned back into a sitting position and sat her in his lap, breaking the kiss he whispered "ready?", she replied in the same whisper "yes." Marco slid his hands onto her hips and pushed into her with his hard cock, pressing into her tight virgin hole.

Sarah discovers masturbation 2

first-time jchacon32 2017-12-10

Sarah was now on fire and she started to rub the big shampoo bottle on her wet pussy, the cold hard plastic sent waves of pleasure through her whole soft young skin and gave her goosebumps all over, the next page showed the girl with her legs spread wide on the bed and the guys huge thick cock deep inside her pussy.

Sex With A Virgin

first-time sexyvicki 2017-12-10

Trying desperately to cover my bare torso with my arms, I reeled around to find Dave panting at the door, face flushed and staring at me with wild eyes. "So please, Vicki, it really means a lot to me," he stared down at me with those puppy dog eyes again that and then he started smooching me again, which made me feel really breathless, and vulnerable. I could hardly believe my eyes and ears as he got off me and pulled off his shirt, pants and boxers. When we were outside the building, he gave me one final long kiss and then said "If ever you need me, just contact me and I'll rush down to make love to you wherever you are."

A Female Sailing Instructor

first-time yknow 2017-12-10

I actually went to an all boys Catholic High School and of course was taught all the horrible consequences of things like masturbation and goodness forbid pre-marital sex. In the early 80's where I grew up, legal drinking age was 18, and it wasn't thought of as a horrible breach of morals to let the sailing instructors drink alcohol while the junior sailors had a dance. In college, the situation was just as bad, I wasn't a virgin, but for some reason, I still thought "good girls don't" and managed to go out with the women that didn't for close to a year!

Pizza Delivery

first-time walkstar 2017-12-10

"I sent Kerry to look for the money so I could chat to you first." She told him, Martin began to get a little nervous. "I want to ask you what you think of my little sister, is she good looking?" Martin nodded slowly wondering what was going on. Martin pushed his face into the offered pussy licking it hard and at the same time he began to run his thumb over her clitoris. "Well as you're in me you better fuck me." She said quickly, Martin nodded and pulled out then thrust back into her. Her moans increased when Martin lent forwards and began to lick and suck at her hard nipples.

How I Fell In Love With Devorah

first-time todds7 2017-12-10

"I've totally lost my figure now with this pregnancy." and I said "I think you look great Aunt Dev!" (she was only about ten years older than me.) "Really?" she asked. They've gotten so big!" (They hadn't) By this time I guess I'm shivering pretty good and she says "Gosh I doubt I can even kiss worth a damn anymore." I sit there with pie eyes just oggling. She says "Just pretend you're phtographing" and holds my head in front of her crotch as she begins moving her white shimmery panties slowly slowly aside showing her rich brown bush. She pulls her shimmery panties partly down and says "Young man, it's time for you to fuck your Aunt Devi," and slips my now-erect young cock between her thighs.

Lesbian Date.

first-time Bombshell_TS 2017-12-10

I know from personal experience it took me a good many years to head out in public during broad daylight even though I had perfected my passable look many years previously. As we walked out into the harsh light both of us promptly put on our sunglasses, grabbed each other's hand and moved into the bustling world of so called "normality." She looked beautiful and confident even though her hand was trembling. I kept playing with her under the table and said "holly fuck baby your legs feel so sexy, I can't wait to wrap them around mine in bed!" Bang! I asked her "am I making you hard baby?" To which she replied "you know you are bitch!" Then we both burst out laughing before I reached across and passionately kissed her on the lips.

catalaman223 claims he's a virgin.

first-time Lateshay 2017-12-10

you are the lady who im lookin for i can make love a lot of times in a day because i masturbate a lot i dont want to masturbate anymore i need a real meet and i want you come to me faster plzzzzz again i dont need money from you i just lookin to make love and be happy with the woman who can trust me you can be happy with me even im younger than you.

Thighs Wide Open Ch. 02

first-time Rockwell 2017-12-10

Gary was overtly excited and kissed her again while lifting his ass a bit from the seat as he felt her hand sneaked inside one leg of his shorts and searched the hardness beneath. Soon as he cut the engine, Dana didn't wait for him to open the door for her and got out of the car and stretched her body, bending side by side and twisting her torso with hands on hips and strong shapely legs spread apart. He pressed his lips to hers and whispered, "I miss you like crazy Dana and I won't stop looking for you." For awhile Gary stood before the wall buff naked as he had already removed his shorts.

First Blowjob

first-time redcrownx 2017-12-10

I got invited to the final college year party. About 3 hours into the party, she came next to me, i got hard as a rock, she asked me "Want to go into the 'Back Room'?" with a smile. As we walked into the 'Back Room', i got even harder, she took off her top, and that made me horny. She got on her knees and unzipped my jeans, pulling them down, taking off my underwear, she started sucking my dick. I was about to cum, she started getting faster and faster, after a few seconds, i said "I'm gonna cum, use your hands..", she did so. I then cummed in her face, and i lost all my hornieness (Yes i said hornieness, dont go there.).

The Memory Vault: Angelie Ch. 01

first-time dk519 2017-12-10

She lay her head back more, this time, arching her back slightly, and straightening her shoulders, pressing her breasts against his chest. He moistened his lips with his tongue, and he lowered his head to her left breast, taking the tip of her nipple, into his mouth. Her eyes were closed tight as Dave suckled the tip of her left nipple, while caressing her right one. He hooked his other arm under her other leg, draping it over his other shoulder, his hands firmly holding her ass, and his still very hard erection deep in her. Dave recognized this fact, and for the first time, started to increase the speed in which he guided her body up and down on him.

Sam's Love Pt. 05

first-time _Bob_ 2017-12-10

Then I would shove my tongue inside her beautiful pussy as far as it would go, chew on her cunt-lips very delicately and then start all over again, until I thought she was about to cum. I was dizzy with lust, feeling her hot little hand on my prick as I fondled her breast. I wasn't even close to coming yet and I just kept jamming my hot prick into her and kept sucking on her tasty breast." She cuddled up real close to me and my arm dropped from her shoulders to slip around her waist, my hand coming to rest on her hip. My coming was slow and gradual, building with intensity as Toni's slippery mouth moved faster and faster, sucking and eating my hot cock.

My First Real Sexual Encounter

first-time Savannah Skye 2017-12-10

I got wetter than wet from his fingers playing my pussy like an instrument of ecstasy, and he got harder than hard and came with a fountain of cream from my slow and easy/fast and hard strokes on his nice big cock. It was getting soooo hard for me to wait to feel his big, beautiful cock deep inside of me (as I'm sure it was hard for him to, in more ways than one). I turned to him and said, "let's go all the way tonight, I can't wait anymore to feel your cock deep inside of my pussy". This was my first time doing that, and surely not the last, for it was an oral feast that both of us enjoyed immensely - with him lapping up my sweet pussy juices and me sucking his juicy cock.

Surprise! I'm Gay & I Love It

first-time 425olds 2017-12-10

After a while Carl stopped kissing me and with a little laugh asked me if I had ever touched a black man's cock. He put a hand behind my head, pulled me forward and started to wipe the pre-cum dripping from his cock all over my cheeks and lips. I licked the big cock head for a couple of minutes then Carl's hand, which was still on the back of my head, pulled me forward and for the first time in my life a man's cock was in my mouth. Instinctively I started to pull away but Carl's big hand held my head firmly in place as he started to cum. Carl leaned forward, pulled back my foreskin and started to lick the pre-cum off of my cock head.

The First Time

first-time Chaton 2017-12-10

Sam encircled Stephanie in his arms and kissed her deeply, finally tasting the sweetness of her mouth on his. Sam took off Stephanie's top as they kissed, and held her close, allowing his hands to caress her breasts slowly, wanting to memorize how wonderful they felt, and how her nipples hardened at his touch. Sliding her mouth up and down his cock drove Sam crazy, and Stephanie could taste a bit of his pre-cum on her lips. Stephanie got on top of Sam, straddling him, still feeling his cock deep inside her and she wanted to make him come. The sweet taste of her pussy got Sam's cock hard again, and he told her he wanted to fuck her from behind.

Masturbated often while watching cousin have sex t

first-time trevor100a 2017-12-10

The arrangement evolved and they began masturbating together and each other when his cousin was not having sex. This was great for Ron since his parents lived in another school district but wanted him to go to the better highschool next to our place. The next day I came home from school and heard Ron and this girl going at it in his room. But it’s good for you to masturbate, especially when you need to cum but don’t have a girl to help you. “I tell you what, I won’t tell your mom you’re masturbating as long as you don’t tell her I’m having sex. I started seeking out others to masturbate and those sessions always got me cumming hard.

Claire's friend Ana, 18

first-time infinte_jest 2017-12-10

I reached down and grabbed a handful of soft round butt, her skirt too short, I palmed bare cheek and my fingers felt her white cotton panties. My right hand went right back to her camel toe, her skirt flipped up, I worked the hardening little clit through the soft panties, her back arched, pressing her butt against my cock, she groaned. Completely out of control, I tossed her fuck-d***k body face down over the back of the couch, pulled her damp white panties down around white thighs, flipped her skirt up off of her round white butt, dropped my pants around my ankles, and as my iron rod cock sprung free, placed it's engorged purple head on the wet pink hole in her swollen pink pussy.

Special Black Delivery Blacken

first-time 425olds 2017-12-10

My husband Brian loves to watch me play and cum hard on a big black dildo. The latest is a 12 inch long 7 inch thick huge dildo, and Brian has taken great pleasure in watching my pussy stretch over it, he encourages me to take it deeper wanting to see me take it till just the balls are left slapping against my thighs. 'Let me fuck your pussy, let me show you how good a big black cock feels buried deep in your tight white pussy, let me pleasure you like only a black man can!' 'Fuck my tight white little sweet pussy with your big black cock! Next time I want Brian to be here to watch and maybe jerkoff and suck him hard for me before I take his big black cock.

Crossdresser Fantasy part 2

first-time Ilovethicksalami 2017-12-10

"Maricela" she said presenting her hand. Maricela couldn't help but stare in Maxwells green eyes. I tried my best to look pretty tonight, straightened my hair, took hours on my makeup, all that time at the gym doing squats to get a plump round ass, these hormones for my breasts!" Short, around 5 feet tall, in shape with a plump fat ass, beautiful brown Latina eyes, and an unbelievably perfect back that flowed smoothly into her curvy hips and butt. "Here Mari, let me help you relax" Maxwell took his shirt off and got on his knees in front of Maricela. He took her cock out of his mouth with a "Pop!" And said "Don't cum yet, it's Daddy's turn now.


first-time jamesandrews 2017-12-10

There was nothing out of the ordinary except maybe for the smile of Peggy's face and Robby staring at his mom's chest and ass as she served the f****y breakfast. I wouldn't want you to do something you don't want to do." As those words came out of my mouth, I start to stroke my cock slowly up and down the shaft and added a soft squeeze of the head wiping off the precum with my finger. Peggy was going to stop stroking him, but desire took over and after glancing in the front seat to make sure the coast was clear, she leaned down and took the head of her son's hard cock in her mouth while she continued to stroke him.

Tits Have Benefits

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2017-12-10

Besides, you are like the s****r I never had and I would share anything I had with you, I am happy for Sandy and I am happy for you that you can share this." At this I threw my arms around Trish's beautiful female form and hugged her, saying "I love you Trish", to which Trish replied, "I know Andrea, and the feeling is mutual." Then Trish said, "Sandy wants you to fuck her you know, she has wanted that ever since she first laid eyes on you, but she respects you, she respects the fact that you want your friend Jane to be your first." Suddenly I felt acute self doubt, "that all depends on whether Jane will want me." "Oh you are so naïve," Trish replied, "the way you are now I don't think there is anyone who wouldn't want you."

My First Time

first-time xtcnymphette 2017-12-09

I ran my finger -nails across his balls lightly and touched him with feather like touch, blew warm air across it and then I just gobbled him sucked and took as much of his hugeness in my mouth as possible I was so excited by his moans my own pussy was dribbling wetness. He began kissing me again tenderly sweetly, his hand reached down to pull of my panties and I stopped him, so he slid them aside and masturbated me until I was cumming continuously. In the middle of a huge climax he returned to face me and kiss me I felt his cock touch my tiny tight little hole.

Summer Camp taboo (bisexual)

first-time musclecock 2017-12-09

“ I wanna see you hard, wank your self off abit” I didn’t know whether to be turned on or cry but I was kinda cared so I let my hand fall to me knob and I started to rub myself to and fro. Jacob I caught out of the back of my eye sitting on a bench naked with his slim but long dick in his hand jacking off at the sight of my sucking his friend with the other one behind me. The boy started to quiver so I took turns on sucking each one while the other was still content with just a hand job.

My sexual Awakening.

first-time swat412 2017-12-09

I stroked his cock a little (the same way I’d stroked mine) and Ron moaned like hell. We did talk for a while and Ron was getting hard in no time, I took over stroking his cock and got more coaching on how to do it so that he felt good. Ron agreed to this and, about an hour later, I was in the same position as he penetrated me nice and slow, gave me a little cock at a time then, started to ease in and out gently. I agreed, he pulled out then told me what to do; on my back, legs pulled up like a girl, hips rolled a little he penetrated me again and started a nice slow gentle fuck.