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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The First Time

first-time EmmaLovely 2017-12-09

I let out a small moan as he slips one finger inside of me. He pulls his fingers out of me and just looks at me. "Do you want my to stop?" He pushes his fingers in deeper. "Hey, Emma?" He stops moving his fingers. He kisses me softly, "Do you want me to stop?" I try to catch my breath, "Okay, keep going." I whimper and pull him into a kiss to shut myself up. "Does it still hurt?" He asks, pushing one finger inside of me. I slide his boxers down and pull him into a kiss. "What the hell was that?" She snaps, "I was standing here, waiting for you guys and all I hear is Emma saying that you're hurting her!"


Mom's Hand-Me-Down

first-time LaTourEiffel 2017-12-09

Jamie stepped forward and slid her hand under his elbow, then up onto his arm, letting her fingers move slowly, feeling the hairs on his arm slip between her fingers. As they walked the few steps through the living room to the kitchen, Jamie pressed her fingertips into John's arm. At the door to the kitchen, John stopped, put his hand on Jamie's shoulder, and stood to the side to let her go in first. "Your mom invited me for dinner," John said, looking around, pulling away. John turned and took a step towards the kitchen door, stopped, took a deep breath, looked down, then looked up at Jamie. "I'd LOVE some take-out tonight," Jamie said, slipping her hand into John's.

The Weekend Sleepover Ch. 01

first-time spaldan 2017-12-09

There were blankets around the room, and it wasn't long before Jenny and Sam were sharing one, Brenda and Carly were tucked under another on the floor, and even I was using one to cover me. And you don't want to disappoint all those college girls who are gong to love this hard body of yours, or this big cock." Brenda's hand began to slide up and down my shaft, feeling a little rough on my dry skin but feeling much better than just her soft thumb. It felt like my orgasm lasted for an hour, and I began to feel my body actually shaking as spurt after spurt erupted out of my cock and into Brenda's pussy.

Sex With A Virgin Girl Through Internet

first-time Asif0077 2017-12-09

We chatted for some time and she asked me to cumm, so that she can also cumm So I asked her to turn on her cam, she said she doesnt hands-free mic near her pussy so that I could listen the sound coming while she fingering her this feeling recently that her pussy is extremely tight so she wont be able to have natural sex. said, while she tried to enter, it went automatically inside as it was battery operated. inserting when to stop and when to start again and is she is feeling pain, hold dick for to have success in first time sex.” She listened and said sorry to me again.Then she asked me

Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 05

first-time BlewWater69 2017-12-09

Stef was to call Michelle and Cole would call Mark to set up the study session. Not to be out done, Stef slid her chair closer to Cole like Michelle had done earlier with Mark. As Stef felt Cole's cock begin to harden and lengthen down his pant leg, she shifted her hand to come up from the bottom. Stef was still teasing the soft mushroom head of Cole's hard cock when she too heard Mark. Cole could not contain himself any longer and he growled, "Oh, fuck!", as he felt his dick being completely devoured by Stef and his balls being gently pulled. Michelle's hands worked Cole's cock in conjunction with her mouth on his big cockhead.

The Beginning

first-time donewell 2017-12-09

I went back to where I was sitting against the other wall, but instead of putting the towel over my head, I sat facing him on the lower bench with my legs arranged the way he had his, giving him a view of my cock, which was still growing. Thoughts swirled in my head and I closed my eyes and again surprised myself by beginning to slowly stroke my cock like John was stroking his. I couldn't take my eyes off his wonderful cock and sensing that I wanted him to jack off, he asked me if I liked his cock. Instead, he slowly got up gazed up and down my body, let his eyes linger on my cock and said he had to go.

Mother of My Best Friend

first-time kinkydreams667 2017-12-09

My experience with 2 girls of my age was good but both were silly about keeping their virginity intact and never wanted to get fucked in real way so I had to content with hurried fondling, fingering, stroking and kissing only and would later unload my semen by pumping my dick hard. With an uncontrollable deep throatily cry, I felt a thick string of semen coursing through my shaking, pleasure soaked body to her hot sucking mouth. A string of semen emerged from eye of my half hard tool slipping out of her mouth and stuck to her chin. As my shaking index finger touched her small penis like bud, she let out a shriek and opened her legs wider, thrusting her butt up to grind.

first time continued

first-time 2017-12-09

I was now covered in suds, he dropped the soap to the floor and continued to wash me with his hands, he stood on my left side his left hand on my chest as his right hand rubbed my my back getting lower and lower until he came to my bottom cheeks, he was soft and slow and before long he was sliding his hand up and down my bum crack, “is that ok?” he asked me, i nodded, to be honest it was a great feeling, he then stopped at my hole and rubbed a couple of fingers around my hole making small circles with his wet soapy fingers, his cock was pressed against my arm and i could feel how hard he was getting.

Detention With My New Maths Teacher

first-time Hummingbird38 2017-12-09

I felt a surging heat in between in my legs and as I rubbed my hands over my stomach, I couldn't stop from pushing my fingers down. I liked the taste that oozed from his knob, it was so sweet and sticky, so I obeyed and opened my mouth, he continued to stroke my hair, my face and my neck then he started to spurt a strange liquid onto my tongue. Come on open those pretty little legs a bit wider, it's ok, I just need you to be a good girl and let me touch you with my fingers, I'll be gentle!" He positions himself in between my open legs and his penis looks so hard, so big as he softly rubs it up and down my wet juicy slit.

Gay at the YMCA

first-time robin48 2017-12-09

I was covered up and I felt a ting in my lil cock as if I was getting hard. I left the shower room but they saw my hard on.I went to my dorm room and jerked off thinking of their cocks} .We made a little small talk. I kind of bit my lip {like a girl} as I looked at him then his soft cock. I was afraid other guys wood walk in but I walked over to him dropping my towel showing my 3.5 inch hard on. I rolled my fingers on his cock tip as I then held his guy juice to my lips and sucked it off my soft fingers.

The Bad Girl Inside

first-time Uptownlife 2017-12-09

Just like any other job you have good girls "she really nice ", bad girl "I'd fuck her " and life is simple. Every night after working with her, I'd speed home to my spouse, horny as hell, and fuck her brains out wishing it was Jennifer. Well she stared at me for a few seconds and then she told me my dick was on her mind ever since we started teasing each other. She said she dresses the way she does now for my benefit, cause she wants to keep making me hard, and she goes home at night and fingers herself to orgasm while thinking about my hard dick. She like it and I did to I'm so hard I slam into her soaking wet pussy driving pounding fucking hard.

At the Villa Ch. 05

first-time uvlas45 2017-12-09

The little nipulets were already hard as my hands continued massaging and moulding her small 'AAs' My tongue was playing around her earlobe as the crack of her ass was smashed against my hard cock, still inside my shorts. Yes he was waiting for that special moment; hard as steel, pressing against the crack between her bums, ready to crawl and break that tender sensitive membrane, beneath her vaginal opening. 'You're so hot and wet!' I said as my finger crawled down between her legs, feeling the moist labia as I moved it up and down between those slippery inner pink walls. I just relaxed looking between her legs, those beautiful small lips, all wet, the fascination of nature, slightly opening and closing with every strong breath she took.

Her First Orgasm Male Multiple Orgasms

first-time 425olds 2017-12-09

He looked at me and came closer for he started kissing me separating my lips with his tongue he kissed me hard and deep. He started to lick me slowly as his tongue traced the outside of my pussy lips "Mmm" this felt so good, his tongue then began to move on my clit "Mmm" I moaned as he continued. Nothing like before and never experienced this feeling even as he held my legs down harder he said, "Baby don't fight me", I started to shake more.  I was so tired and exhausted I didn't want to go another round but he continued to tell me he has a rare gift he can have multiple orgasms and cum 4 to 5 times maybe more and he finally found a women that he could fuck until we both were satisfied and we were just getting started.

He had sex with my friend, as I masturbated

first-time 2017-12-09

Our faces were serious, and I lent forward over him, my legs astride his, a smile broke onto my lips and his hands gathered me at the backs of my knees, and slid up under my skirt along the backs of my thighs, not stopping and pulling me onto his lap, his hands finally cupping my bum and pushing my panties aside, his fingers going inside me, as the train struck up a motion and I bounced up and down, eyes closed and our lips kissing. 'You guys fucking', cried Sara, 'Not yet' he replied, as he removed one hand and took the opportunity of opening a willing girl to the wonders of penetrative sex, 'We are now', he said, and I opened my eyes momentarily to see him studying my face, as I moved up and down on him, it was a fleeting glance, as I could feel myself explode on him.

Older Man Teaches Me How

first-time storytellernz 2017-12-09

As Mr Ryan moved up my leg, apply sunscreen as he went, I did notice that he was gently moving the right leg away from the left a small amount, meaning that by the time he got to my upper leg, they were just slightly splayed. As Mr Ryan moved up to the top of my left leg I again felt the tips of his fingers slip under the leg of my shorts, but this time he moved just a bit further up, brushing the lower part of my bum, before sliding down and running his strong fingers over my inner thigh. A firm, strong hand deftly manoeuvred my legs apart, and I felt the most amazing feeling as he gently kissed all around my vagina before gently, delicately running his tongue over my very, very wet labia.

boarding schools are best!

first-time Hollytate989 2017-12-09

Mary Bridget began to cry, her tender thighs unwillingly accepting the hot sting of the ruler, her hands sore from the ruler rapping on her knuckles, unable to stop him from making her slowly uncover her legs, her skirt riding higher and higher, her white panties barely hidden from his view. "Relax now, Mary Bridget," his hands slowly spread the oily substance over her cheeks, paying special attention to her exposed anus, felt her tremble as it touched her, the shock on her face priceless as his fingers sought out the tiny hole, running it around the opening. "No, not again," she begged, but Headmaster Michael pushed the cane back in, this time forcing it through her legs, Mary Bridget's body bracing for the inevitable pain as the thick rings rubbed unevenly between her

memories of the locker room.

first-time dusty48180 2017-12-09

I couldn't help but look at his balls and think how big they were and then I saw his cock began to roll slightly to one side as it grew and then to the other side as it began to get semi hard. Rayburn said I wonder how big his cock gets when he gets hard. He was stroking it real hard and then he stopped and put the ruler up to his dick and said look at it and see how big it is. He touched the underside of my cock and held the ruller nice and firm and then I felt him grab the head and ruler together and said it looks like it is 5 1/2 inches.

mother and son

first-time chrisbob1994 2017-12-09

His mum name is Ammandda on th other hand was not like your everyday women but better she was 37, brown eyed and slim the look 10/10. 30 min later Ammandda shouts down her son for dinner there is no answer so she trys again and same thing happend. as she was walking down the stairs she heared a slight littel noise that sounded like 'oh yea' nowing what he is doing she gose to eats her dinner. as she opens the door slowly just incase hes angry she see him masturbing at the same time watching porn on his bed. as she gose to walk out the room the porn video starts but with the sound up.


Juicy Jennifers first friend #4

first-time Poet-PETER 2017-12-09

Jennifer is my muse in our most memorable series of stories so far about our long lasting love from far. Jennifer loves my ideas for the timing of the things to happen to them. Jennifer loves my understanding of the importance of proper timing. Jennifer loves especially my idea to take time for her only in first week. Jennifer loves the idea we will be watched, for our first time together. Jennifer loves to help me filling in first days and weeks in proper order. Jennifer loves to know almost precise when the defloration will happen. Jennifer loves to know I do not want to happen that again, hence my timing. Jennifer loves my idea to challenge our dear readers to use their imagination.

Early Sexual Experience part 2

first-time handofsin 2017-12-09

He told me to show him my cock and I and took my cock out of his mouth and told me to continue sucking his cock. his mouth and slowly pull up his head. game ;) I immediately took his cock into my head of his cock. He shoved that hard cock all the way every time he f***ed his cock in my mouth it of trying to swallow his cock! pulling and massaging his cock and he minute of him twitching he did decided to do till finally I blew my hot gooey load all over and grabbed our cocks and told us be meet back please remember that my story is 100% true and

Brenda Breaks Free Ch. 01

first-time Pat_Tomason 2017-12-09

Millie, however, was in her late twenties, so just a few years younger than the others and that, along with the fact they shared both a Monday-Wednesday-Friday class and a Tuesday-Thursday class and they were both returning to college after a long hiatus in their schooling was what initially brought this unlikely friend into her life. Like Brenda, she'd been a middle-class suburbanite and went off to college naive and, as she liked to say "with a head completely devoid of reality." She'd left her home in upstate New York in the fall of 1967 to study psychology at University of Buffalo. She was doing all she could to not look shocked that Millie was so open about having sex with, evidently, a good many men, and now she was clearly saying she had been intimate with her friend's boyfriend.

Rainforest Encounter

first-time glynndah 2017-12-09

Come here," he said, grabbing a hold on her hand and tugging her into a corner of the tent where an easel and a table with watercolor paint tubes , water glasses and brushes stood. I've been so busy getting ready for this show, I don't think I've talked to another human being, let alone a pretty girl, in weeks." He refastened the tent wall so the rain didn't blow in. The girl nodded and he kissed down her face and the side of her neck, starting at the little cut that began this adventure, trailing down her cheek, lingering at her earlobe, sucking it into his mouth and then freeing it to move on down the curve of her neck, across the hollow of her collarbone and ever so slowly towards her breasts.

A taste of Lindsey and Stacey part1

first-time goofiegumdrops 2017-12-09

I've never had this done before" purred Stacey as she slipped off her other trainer and presented the other sexy foot to my face which I slowly gave the same treatment to.Lindsey then suggested Stacey took her tights off so I could suck her feet properly, Stacey stood up and started to remove her nylons when Lindsey stood up in front me and lifted her skirt offering me the opportunity to smell that pussy I wanted so very badly!. Thick black hair surround a beefy long pair of crimson red pussy lips that hung open revealing a pink creamy wet centre, the hair thinned out but also ran down between her bum cheeks and around a little brown pucker.This coupled with her chubby pink soles and toes on show gave me the same super horny feeling I had when I first see Lindsey in the same position a couple of nights ago.

My first happy ending massage

first-time Sir_jerks_alot 2017-12-09

I remembered hearing on TV about finding hookers online, and figured there were probably sketchy Asian massage ads too. Anyway, I found an ad for a massage place in an office building, which had pictures of young asian women, and advertised girl friend experience. She slid her hand down my back lightly saying in her soft Asian voice, "what a beautiful body." I was a six foot eighteen year old who weighed 235 pounds, but sure, it felt good. She proceeded to give me a pretty good massage for 45 minutes, and then quietly said, "flip over." She rubbed my chest for like a second, and then my stomach, and with a very obvious, and exaggerated movement, she rested her hand on my swelling cock.