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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First "O"

first-time MathGirl 2017-12-09

I sure never thought anyone would think I'd look good in clothes like these. I feel like my nipples are shining through this thin fabric, and I know he can see my bottom right through the nightie and panties when I turn around. He whispered, 'I'm going to open my present now.' He kissed from my throat back to my mouth, and my lips and tongue were eagerly waiting for his. I said, 'Your tongue is doing wonderful things to my pussy, Darling, and I hope you aren't going to stop.' In answer to that he started sliding his tongue up and down the length of my cleft again.

How I lost my Virginity.

first-time 2017-12-09

Luckily though my neighbours dad, who lives elsewhere, is a great guy as he said he has set up the Nintendo 64 downstairs (Yes it was a while ago) and as i walked past him he handed me a beer and said "don't show your dad." With a smile on my face I took the beer and made my way inside and down the stairs into the basement. I lent hard against the wall thrusting toward her as i looked down into her beautiful blue eyes looking back at me i place my hand on the back of her head and another one on her breast. She place her hand on the back of my head as i pulled her jeans down i kissed her hip and slowly licked and pecked my way to the front.

Fucked in a toilet - part 2

first-time Slipitupme 2017-12-09

But the fat man unzipped his stained trousers and levered out his meaty, stubby cock and I couldn't take my eyes off the big purple tip which drooled clear liquid. I was a bit scared, but also incredibly excited and I wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked like Robert. I tried to do as I was told, and suddenly the big head opened me up, popped inside and then there was a delicious sliding sensation and I felt my bottom fill with a stiff cock for the first time.. "Take a look outside" The thin man was wiping his dripping cock with an old rag. He gave a loud gasp and his body shook as his cock thrust and throbbed in me, adding his sperm to his friends until I could feel it gushng inside me

Splash Week 02

first-time pcummins376 2017-12-09

Barbara kept glancing out to see if Mr Kelly would go out on Sunday as well, and would he come back at 10 past three like during the week. The pent up sexual excitement was making her wet just sitting fully dressed in the TV room, waiting for Mr Kelly to walk past on his way to the bus stop. Barbara just realised she was naked, and even though she was fully submerged in the deep end, she instinctively covered her breasts with her left hand and her crotch with her right. "Doe your father know that you come naked to my pool to masturbate?" Mr Kelly continued with his level voice. Look me in the eye soldier," Mr Kelly barked out another order as Barbara responded by straightening up and lifting her head.

Tamara Ch. 01

first-time EighteenYearsOld 2017-12-09

But what really turns me on is to see a woman's cleavage, or the sight of erect nipples pushing against the material of a blouse, T-shirt or bikini top. But come to think about it, the sight of a rounded ass is a great turn-on, too. My parents told me that Tamara and her husband were staying with us for a week or so. I was thinking about Tamara's body and trying to contain my erection. "I'm Tamara," she eventually said, kissing her lips in the way that women do. "John and I shower together regularly," she said, grabbing the soap as if this was the most natural thing in the world.


first-time Daveindenver 2017-12-09

God it was hot: watching Rachel finger herself, breathing in through her soaking wet panties, and stroking my cock. Rachel stood -- she could have easily just sat back down, this time right on my cock, and I would have been powerless to stop her -- and backed away just enough to bend over and plant a little kiss right on my cockhead. The first thought that popped into my mind was 'I'm going to fuck him someday.' I think my pussy was instantly soaked, and I could feel your eyes on me all the time. My hands were all over her body, squeezing her ass and feeling her back and waist and neck, holding her face in them and kissing her mouth and face.

Brotherly Love Ch. 07

first-time Myalyn 2017-12-09

"OW, hey Jaimes, fuck off!" Mark tried to laugh but with his nose unavailable to use it sounded like a choke. The look on his face told me it was Derek who'd been yelling and that Mark was in trouble big time. "I know, I'm sorry, Mark if you let me talk to Logan or the police, I'm sure they'll understand what happened. "Is Mark in there with you Jaimie?" He asked as he tried to look in over my head through the small opening in the door. I couldn't just let them take me away, Mark would freak out thinking Logan had found me and would go after him, without even thinking and that would be bad, very bad...


Where Lust Leads

first-time CarnalDesires 2017-12-09

At this point, she was getting pretty hot and moaning more and more as I began to kiss and suck at her neck and chest for all I was worth. Eventually she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and squeezed it gently as I started to protrude my middle finger slightly into her slit as I rubbed up and down, still cupping her pussy. My cock had been leaking quite a bit of pre-cum by the time she took her hand away to help burry her face in a pillow to keep her panting and moaning down. Finally when I thought she was about to explode, she shuttered tremendously, clinched her legs closed, trapping my hand outside of her pussy, and let out a deep raspy moan in to the pillow.

Sweet Cherry Pie

first-time MONTAUKMILF 2017-12-09

"You should light that candle over there and turn the light off; it's hurting my eyes." I lit the pale pink cylinder and a sweet, delicate scent, that reminded me of the strawberry lollipops I loved as a kid, began wafting across the room. I spread her legs apart and knelt between them, stroking both her legs at the same time and working my hands up her back, but the panties kept breaking my rhythm and were really just in the way, so I eased them down her legs and pulled them off. "Wendy, turn over for me, I want to work on your front." She slowly turned over, never opening her eyes, and lay her head back down on the pillow.

My Time with Heidi Ch. 01

first-time Mnprnwriter 2017-12-09

I didn't say anything, getting to my knees in front of her I took her hands in mine and looking in her eyes I used my thumbs to wipe the tears away, then I gently kissed her cheek pulling her close I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight, being careful to not betray my lust for her I rubbed her back. Heidi, grabbed my hair and pulled me into her face, she was getting out of control, I pulled back and told her "Calm down, we have lots of time." She blushed again and ran her finger lightly over my lips, when I saw that she was in control again I leaned in and kissed her, setting a slow pace.

Fucking a new roommate

first-time 2017-12-09

Into the second week I was up watching TV late as both girls had gone to bed when Deb walked in the room wearing a white robe and told me she needed a back rub to be able to sl**p. As her young body was feeling so good in my hands my cock was hard as could be inside my jeans and I know she could feel it on her ass. Deb instantly turned over without saying a word and my hands went to work on her hot body and her moans let me know she was wanting anything I would do to her.

Kathryn's Chocolate Martini

first-time arlene548 2017-12-09

As things turned, "perky" Clara was working on getting pretty wasted with her friends and Kat was now letting me feed her a third chocolate martini. I returned to kissing her on the lips, and then once again taking advantage of her weakness, nibbling her neck I repeated stroking between her legs slowly on my journey towards her pussy. Kat spread her legs open and began pushing into to the hand fucking I was giving her slick wet pussy. Her wonderful tits pushed against my chest as I kissed her deeply and slid the hood of my hard rod between her wanting cunt lips. The tip of my rod nestled in between her hot virgin lips, and she wanted all eight inches inside of her slick seduced cunt, and I was ready to oblige.

My Awakening

first-time MissTaylorM 2017-12-09

Beautiful" She said and cupped them before bowing her head and taking each one in turn into her mouth, tonguing the nipples and then sucking on them softly before gently biting them. I was dying for her tongue and thought I was gonna come on the spot when she pulled my pants off and licked my wetness on them but she was in control and she started to kiss my inner thighs again and all around my pussy without actually touching it. I spent the night with Chel and gave as good as I got considering it was my first time and we had plenty more fun on other occasions, playing with toys and masturbating together whist watching porn but she's moved to Germany now so I rarely see her.

First MMF Threesome

first-time GotAShyWife 2017-12-08

You looked back at me and said, "I want you to fuck me here tonight." I smiled, walked up behind you, slid your tank top down and squeezed your exposed breast in front of the window for all to see. Then you moved your hand down running your fingers through Kyle's hair and you pushed his face hard against your cunt as you started to cum. You started sucking feverishly as Kyle got behind you, slid his cock in your dripping wet slit, grabbed your hips and started pounding my wife. As I slid my near exploding cock inside of you, I could feel the warmth and slickness of Kyle's cum in my wife.

The Car Ride

first-time Victoria13 2017-12-08

She knew she came off a little angry during the few times they spoke but it was only because she did not like feeling so out of control. One day she stumbled on an opportunity to be close to him and knew it was her moment to give in to her desire. She felt her panties grow damp at the thought of sitting in his lap and knew she was blushing. They hit a bump and she would have fell forward if not for the strong hands that slid around her waist and pulled her back towards him. Every movement forward sent his finger deeper inside her and when she would slide back it would be just enough pressure on his hard length.

Fun with Chrissy Ch. 02

first-time kevinwg4 2017-12-08

It felt great to have her fondle me. An orgasm was about to happen. Then, she began to gently squeezed it. Chrissy had never felt anything like this before! My orgasm was done; hers had only begun. I found the g-spot and gently rubbed up across it. The experience was amazing! So, I put some vaseline on my penis to make it go in and not cause any injury. When Chrissy did, I made sure that enough vaseline was on my penis, gently spread her legs apart a bit and slowly penetrated her anus. It felt so good for our bodies to be so close together and smoothly rub against each other. The experiences we shared were incredible. We embraced and nearly began to cry.

Seeing too much

first-time 2017-12-08

Just as she felt her own panties getting wet she realized that Mike was staring right at her as he continued to impale Jill with his massive cock. Sarah lowered her voice despite the fact that no one else was around, "I couldn't help but notice how big Mike is..." With both hands on the shaft she closed her eyes and recalled seeing the real thing attached to Mike before she watched him fuck Jill. He was fully erect when Sarah said, "I can't make love to Tom without thinking of you and your cock." After admitting this she began to cry and Mike reached out, his erection and all, and tried to comfort her.


first-time 2017-12-08

When i jumped out my freshly shaven cock was already starting to pulsate as i thought about my beautiful wives sexy panties in the wash basket just waiting to be explored. Harder baby i asked, and she happily obliged, when i told her i was about to cum, she put the panties she had been wearing all day beneath my cock and told me to spray my load over the gusset, i shot a massive thick white load all over her sexy panties. When i looked down i noticed i hadn't seen these panties before, they where sexy satin ones, i looked round at her and before i could say anything, she said, "if you try and wear these panties and end up stretching them like my others, next time will not be as pleasant, do you understand".

Sex With Aunt Sulatha

first-time nana414 2017-12-08

On the third day aunt asked my mom to send me to their house as her husband was out of town. When I went to My aunts place she asked me the reason for not visiting for 2 days. After some time aunt finished her bath and sat beside me to watch TV. She held my head in her soft hands and pressed her belly over my face. After some time she kept her hand on my rock hard cock. She stopped her sucking and began to press my head deep in to her Love hole. She bent over the bed asked me to push my rock hard bulging cock in her pussy. I took doggy style and began to hard fuck her pussy.


first-time fotisampini 2017-12-08

David had to realize from the way we were touching each other that Brenda and I were more than just friends and I knew that he had to be getting turned on seeing us playing with each other like this. I knew that after what had just happened that David was hornier than ever so getting him to fuck Brenda was likely not going to be hard at all. David was obviously just waiting for the that last push as he quickly pulled out of me and looked down at Brenda with his raging hard-on in his hand, holding it over her face. As I started to play with myself, squeezing my boobs and rubbing my pussy, I watched David as he fucked his k** s****r for the very first time.


first-time dasluttiestmale 2017-12-08

To my surprise, she came back with, "Well thank you, hon!" Two things occurred within me at the same jaw dropped, & my dick got rock hard! she said I could pass for 26 easy, and I almost stuttered as I chuckled out an, "yeah right." This is when she told me that I was a cute lil' man. I generally take my time in giving most of the women I cross in passing a once-ova' with a perv's appraisal of who all's around that I'd luv to bang the shit out of, but she'd slipped under my radar as she told me that lots of times I came into this place, She had glimpsed me...

The Captain

first-time Irishqt1980 2017-12-08

“The day you hurt her will be the day you die.” The boy said eyeing the captain carefully. “You could still have a f****y,” the captain said quietly running a calloused finger gently down the side of her face, “you know I want you very much, I could give you that f****y you desire.” The captain pulled away and studied the young girls face, her eyes were closed tightly, her lips pursed together, but she was breathing hard, good, I have awoken something in her he thought to himself. “That’s my girl.” The captain said kissing her softly, holding her tightly as the waves of orgasm swept over her body.

Learning to Love Ch. 02

first-time bigk1w1 2017-12-08

Anne then began to use the end of her tongue to manipulate Steve's large testicles eventually placing them both within her mouth and moving her tongue around them. Anne whispered good night into my ear and left the room -- I quickly returned to a deep sleep and once again to the sound of Mike now enjoying Anne's oral abilities. I left my bed, put on my robe and headed to the room where I found Steve and Mike enjoying some toast and Coffee with Anne. As they both relaxed Steve and I carefully lifted Anne off Mike and placed her onto the centre of the bed where she lay looking at the three of us.

Birthday Present Ch. 02

first-time Osiris18 2017-12-08

The sweet moans of women begins filling the air, Rachel moans right into Victoria's wonderful cunt licking faster and pushing for Victoria to cum onto her face in sync with Rachel's own orgasm. Victoria pushes Amy back onto the bed spreading her legs wide Victoria dives in and begins to lick her sweet little pussy. Amy lets out a whimsical moan as Victoria sucks in her sweet clit and thrust her fingers in hard and deep cumming for Victoria. She bounces faster, I thrust up hard into her sweet cunt, Amy and Victoria have since finished their fun with each other and come over and begin to rub Rachel's breasts as we fuck each other.