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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

I Am the Night

first-time Sean Renaud 2017-12-08

She didn't look half bad from behind, a little mousy in that sweater but still kinda cute like the dorky girl from Scooby Doo. As soon as she started coming back into the house Kris turned his attention back to the game silently cursing that he'd been spotted while watching the house sitter. I brought my own so what do you like?" Hillary walked pulled her suitcase from behind a wall and dragged it over to the kitchen where she opened it up and very deliberately bent at the waist where Kris couldn't do anything but stare at the way the spandex perfectly framed her ass. Maybe you'd like to see if Batgirl gives good blow jobs?" Kris shuddered slightly his eyes moving down from her masked face to linger on her breasts for a moment then watching her unfasten his pants.

Swing Time Ch. 06

first-time l8bloom 2017-12-08

She thought at first he was going to kiss her, but he spoke: "I think Mr. Olaffsen is sleeping with Hillary." "Yeah, and remember that time in the music room about looking's free, touching costs." Tick-ticking the bicycle away from her door, he said, "Thanks for coming with me." Then he caught his own pun and laughed, "I mean, thanks for being with me." He sombered. I cannot help but think, that perhaps a student engaged in musical practice, might avoid spending that time in criminal activity." He thought maybe he'd intercept Mr. Olaffsen, and thank him in some final kind of way, for having taken a chance on him back in January.

Divorced women

first-time Drflirt 2017-12-08

With out our hints of hooking up we kinda sent fantasies back n forth.Then with out warning she tells me she needs to be fucked real hard to celebrate her 10 years seperation from her hubby. I pointed to a few men and she rejected my recomendations.So I asked her if she was realy gona act out her fantasy and she just smiled at me and after a call she had she appologised and told me she has an emergency and has to head home.

Losing Virginity

first-time slutty_navya 2017-12-08

We used to watch lot of porn movies together at home, we would also masturbate together, kiss each other, do fingering and give my boy the best blowjob. Smith: "Are you ready for the real fun." I said He inserted his fingers inside and started moving it In and Out (this was pleasuring me a lot). Shaked it for a while, then I put my tongue on his dick tip and started kissing it. I removed it from my mouth spitted on it and again started to suck it. Pulled my legs towards him and slowly started to insert his dick. I love taking his huge dick in my ass and get fucked by it very hard...

Secuction Ch. 03

first-time BigZeke13 2017-12-08

Nicki giggled and said, "Well, you and Zach look very much alike too. Nicki looked up at Mike and said, "She was very beautiful. Mike smiled and said, "In her case I was drawn like a moth to a flame." He laughed and continued, "She was obviously the flame." Nicki lightly ran her fingers over the photo like she was extracting information by osmosis. Mike and Nicki had been talking for over an hour when Zach came down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. Nicki walked over to my dad and reached her arms up around his neck and kissed him tenderly on his cheek. Nicki walked around me and brushed her hand along my hips and ass as she went by.

Girlfriend Adventures

first-time bltsc1 2017-12-08

I turned to her and she winked and asked, "what would you like to do now?" I pulled her into me and gave her a deep kiss on the mouth. We went into her room where she had her bed pushed over to the windows, which were all open to let in the beautiful day. It took me about 5 seconds to get my shirt and shorts off, but I left my underwear on as I felt a little weird being naked in front of her for the first time, in broad daylight. She started to kiss and lick me and with her other hand she reached into my underpants and pulled my cock out.

My days at Plato's Retreat in NYC 1980's

first-time luv2bblown 2017-12-08

It was fun to jerk off for some sexy bitch on the phone in the booth splatter your load on the glass and floor was great. Jim also said she just got divorced and like to fuck. Pool, sauna, showers, orgy room good for 50 people, dance floor, semi-private rooms where couples could play without interruption of some guy jerking off around them. Frank and I would jerk off watching porn on the TV's we would wait for the ladies to walk by the windows where we liked to show off. Frank and I were cool although not bi or gay we were just hedonist that liked a good time.


first-time john1195 2017-12-08

rang, Tim said the Mark was in the outer office. Tim voice that something was up but my head and stomach needed I told him to have Mark wait---I took the aspirin, After a few minutes of misery I told Tim to send Mark in --- Mark held out his hand, saying good morning, and hoping he wasn't piss after all that coffee, Mark said he had to go too. the urinal and asked Mark what he thought of the company so knew was Mark was on his knees with the head of my cock in his I stood up and rammed my cock up his ass with one lunge === Mark If Mark was in seventh heaven---I was heading for eleventh and the


first strap on / submission

first-time peteash 2017-12-08

They kissed slowly tasting each others juices then got into 69 position, I went into my friends arse while the other girl licked her noisily. Her arse contracted massively when she orgasmed, i couldn't hold back any more and pulled out to finish over the girl at the bottoms face. I pushed the girls head down towards it and i watched as she put her tongue into the fucked arse hole then licked my cock clean. I was over and as i started to orgasm the girl who i was anally fucking lent back and squeezed my balls really hard as the girl rimming me jammed a finger in my arse roughly it gave me a massive surprise and massively enhanced my orgasm which seemed to last for ages.

Blue Eyes Crying in Pain

first-time sarahhh 2017-12-08

The author of Take Me to Heaven, Emily David, seemed quite unusual, at least very different than the other four authors I had worked with extensively. Emily David and I exchanged numerous e-mails concerning the book, but she wouldn't talk to me on the phone. Emily also asked, "Do you really love dick, like it says on the front of your T-shirt in the picture?" "You had to ask, 'Little Miss Intuition.' My book, Take Me to Heaven is written in the first person from a young woman's perspective about her first time. "David, it's a good thing you're wearing a long baggy shirt that covers the front of your pants," I remarked coyly. David laughed and asked, "Would you like to masturbate now?" I nodded.

The first time my wife sunbathed TOPLESS!

first-time 2017-12-08

On our last day the guys came and sat with us again, and again, my wife was topless (her tanlines were near enough gone by now) They bought us some more drinks and we had a good laugh again and somewhere in the convo they brought up the idea of getting some pics with us as we'd all become quite matey. They asked for one with her (one turned into a couple) So there she was standing topless in just her bikini bottoms and heels at the edge of the pool, in the middle with her arms around Shaun and John's waists with Darren and Steve on the ends with their arms round Shaun and John!

Episode 30 - The Love Bus

first-time dasx2 2017-12-08

Later down at the Red Lion, still dressed in the red leggings and white shirt, but ditched the bra, and obviously no panties, I was standing at the crowded bar when a gorgeous red-head brushed her hard nipples against my arm: “Sorry luv, are you the virgin we’re supposed to be seducing?” and she was gone before I could ask her name. Perhaps it was Ami’s hand sliding up my thigh, or Julia’s fabulous breasts just inches from my face, or the whole idea of being fucked this afternoon by all these gorgeous women; I have to say I creamed again as soon as Sam’s bare foot nestled into my overheated pussy lips.

The Best Was Saved for Last

first-time fardreamer 2017-12-08

We had made love on Friday night until she had to head over to her in-laws' house, so I had spent the day wandering around the nearby mall, doing some shopping and missing Mindy a great deal. She was supposed to head back to her in-laws' that night, so even though she'd be back in the morning for me to drive me back to the airport, she didn't know if we'd make love again before she dropped me off and started the three-hour drive back home. On each upstroke, Mindy would lean forward and gently kiss my cock head, lingering just a fraction of a moment longer each time.

Sexual Beginnings Ch. 01

first-time allen1960 2017-12-08

Sabrina Jenkins sat alone in her bedroom on a warm Friday evening, near the end of May. Her husband, Larry, was gone on yet another long sales trip. Even with her popularity, Nicole felt that many of the girls in school had seemed conceited, and the boys were more interested in her body. Nicole was on a date at the time, but Sabrina did not want to advertise her actions to her son. Her grandmother had died just over two years before, and not a day passed that Nicole did not look at her photograph on her dresser, and think about all the good times they had shared.

uncle screwed ritual

first-time blasrizo 2017-12-08

After dinner uncle went to his room, a couple of minutes later he called two of us in, pulled some money from his wallet and asked my cousin to go and get few beers, he was looking at me and smiling, he whispered in my ears "Here comes your birthday present" (my birthday was 2 months earlier) and left. For the first time I had seen calling him my love and talking to me seductively, I really liked the way "you're my bitch" and then "you're my bitch from now" and "you're the little girl said dad now. Then grandfather came, we all went in his arms, that time I saw my father behave like a girl, well not exactly like a girl , but more or less, the grandfather said i was the best in the f****y, first he fucked my cousin and then our parents.

Girls view on older men and black men

first-time 2017-12-08

So in these two encounters and my last story you have three good examples of my perversion, my added twist to a basic fuck, the thing that gives me an added boost during sex, that knowledge that I am providing my fucker with a pleasure he might not otherwise experience, I realise I leave myself open to ridicule of delusions of self esteem, but they are my delusions driving my pleasure, and it is no different from guys with 2" dicks imagining they are John Holmes during the Swedish female population a favour, and yes he was a firm favourite amongst the teen girls at school, especially when firm, so there you are, that's my input for today.

Secret Threesome

first-time waz94 2017-12-08

Ive never really thought so myself, here let me give you a better look.” Amanda said as she stood up and slowly and seductively slipped her tiny shorts off revealing her amazing ass wrapped up in a tight black thong. Then without any warning Katie took my head in her hands and began kissing me, her tongue swirled around in my mouth as Amanda was grinding on my lap with only our clothing between my throbbing cock and her tight teenage pussy. As Katie pulled my pants off my hard cock sprang out causing them both to stop, what they were doing, Katie took it in her hand and Amanda wrapped her beautiful full lips around my dick.

First Time We Meet

first-time mutly23m 2017-12-08

And just dip it into your pussy just a bit to make you feel its there and then I push my finger in fast and hard and then pull my finger out slowly wile I am still massaging your clit in a circle motion! And my hand and finger teasing your clit you know you cant hold on for any longer so with a very long hard suck on my cock I start to cum inside your mouth and you dribble some down your chin and I rub it into your tits!

my neighbor

first-time chrisjuhh 2017-12-08

"Sure" I said, "I will open the door just before you do." It was a beautiful summer day, not really the time to sit inside. Monique horny that I was making me a bit wound up and it made my dick grow a little in size (but it was not long stiff). Monique with her purple head looked at the floor but I noticed that she occasionally volatile corners of her eyes looked at me and I felt that she longed to be touched. "Is everything okay" I asked, slightly alarmed, "or would you prefer that we stop." She shook her head and showed it clearly marks by using both hands to grab my stiff back.


first-time 2017-12-08

The way she used her tongue on mine made me feel like my peter would explode through my jeans. She licked the tip of my tongue in such a way that it made me feel like she wanted to devour my whole mouth. I knew exactly what was going to happen next, so I began rubbing my peter all over her private parts. I looked down at her heart-shaped butt and it was so cool to see my peter in there that I felt like I was going to loose my mind. To prove this point, Ruby blabbed to her friend, Trisha, about what we did and I was shunned by the other girls for a long time because it was dirty and shocking and sinful.

Mary's Delightful Charms

first-time Pleezer4U 2017-12-08

Of course I agreed and Mary gave me a huge kiss and for a moment, I was tempted to grab her sexy ass and pull her tight against me. Mary told me that she had a wonderful time and offered to pay me for watching her boys but I politely declined and said that maybe she can do favor for me someday. I told her that girls my age never kissed that long before either and we embraced again and this time I reached behind her and gripped her beautiful tight ass with both hands and hugged her tightly to me. The harder I kissed and sucked at her neck, the hotter Mary became, in fact I could feel her beginning to slightly swivel her hips as I held that sexy ass of hers so tightly.

Addictive Vamp

first-time FelatiaAllday 2017-12-08

James looked not saying anything to me for a full minute or two, "I need a beer." He walked into my kitchen getting a beer out of the fridge not saying anything the entire time. I smiled got up, walking towards the kitchen when James grabbed me from behind quickly wrapping his arms around my waist saying, "Wait baby girl. James sure didn't mind as I felt his hand slip under my shorts and feel my desired love button through my panties. I looked at James smiling, "When I get back killer, if you're still here, and a good boy, I promise you can have all you want." I kissed him full on the mouth sexily snaking my tongue into his mouth while I moaned.

Funny and sad

first-time gibgazz 2017-12-08

I think I am a little wet behind the ears,hell I'm randy and fuck with this and the next girl for the next two years, each time getting a little wierder, but I am still not sure. Then I am at home one lovely day, alone and decide to take an lsd trip, hey I'm alone and can enjoy it alone, just oneprob. I think oh fuck, two of my neighbours come in, a girl and a guy. He then tied her to my bed, and asked me if I would like to play, fuck that blew my mind.( if there be a girl and a boy in London, that are here, and this story rings a bell, please contact me.)( your names I know, will never forget)

Wife on display at hotel

first-time yanknc 2017-12-08

While she was in the shower, I thought well, if anyone comes to the end of the hotel, hoping for a view, I'm going to make sure they get it. Just the thought of showing my wife's naked body to complete strangers was a major turn on. I told her that they would see her big D cup tits bouncing all around with every thrust of my cock in her pussy. I said that "I'll bet they'd pull their cocks out and start stroking to the sight of her being fucked. I made sure we gave the guests a chance to finish themselves, so I kept fondling my wife's tits and playing with her pussy with my cock.