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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Holiday in Kerala Ch. 3

first-time kullansg 2017-12-08

Spreading her cunt lips with my hands, I pushed my tongue deep inside wet tunnel of love. This gave her some pleasure I suppose seeing that she started rocking her arse trying to fuck my fingers. I fucked her arse-hole with my fingers and at the same time sucked her clit. Devi looked around to me and said, "This ettan is also like our husbands. She wet her finger with plenty of saliva and continued massaging my arse-hole, while sucking my prick. She took my prick and with her long tongue started licking it from the base to the tip. She then climbed on top if me and taking my prick with her hand, she placed it at the entrance of her cunt and sat on it.

An Unconventional Marriage Chapter 1

first-time sithlord6969 2017-12-08

Standing at just over 6' tall with dark curly hair, laughing hazel eyes and a skinny frame George was berated by the jocks as gay for his love of theatre and sewing, they probably could never imagine the girls and women he got! George got out and made his way around to open the car door for Patty. After several minutes of passionate kissing Patty pulled back and stared deeply into George's eyes. Patty took her hands away and moved them onto George's stomach. Once back in the car Patty stared at George in a dream-like state, unable to put into words what she felt at that moment as he drove her home.

Jean. Billy's Mom part 2

first-time dongerdoug 2017-12-08

Yet. You are Both very good at pleasing your Mommy." Jean was still panting and when I looked at Billy he was smiling,his ears were bright red and his hair was plasterd to his face. Jean gripped the tube as close to Billy's asshole as she could and in one motion pulled back till we heard a faint popping sound accompanied with a small splash,as water squirted onto the floor and towel. Don't send me home!" What I said was,"What would that be,Mommy?" I nibbled,then sucked on a neon pink nipple and rubbed her clit with my thumb,burying my other fingers deep into her pussy,twisting them till I felt the water get hot.

My Swinging Neighbors

first-time zimabean 2017-12-08

It all made feel more confortable about sex and I decided that I wanted to go to one of the swinging parties Katie had told me about and maybe have sex. A very beautiful woman named Kara came in with her husband, she very warm brown eyes, long blonde hair, nice large breast. She took me and her husband to the master bed room and we all got on the bed and she started to kiss me and finger my clit. His rock hard cock pushing deep into my pussy as Kara worked my clit with her hand and kissed me.

Fun at the Ice Cream Parlor

first-time Mysteria27 2017-12-07

Jerry liked working at the ice cream store. She'd come to the shop right before closing and would order a strawberry ice cream cone with chocolate sprinkles. Jerry couldn't believe the girl was talking to him. He couldn't believe this hot babe wanted to suck his cock. Jerry couldn't believe this little witch was going to let him fuck her. Jerry got on his knees and just looked at her neat and tidy pussy. Candy was squeezing her tits together while Jerry licked her neat pussy flower. Candy was coming and screaming while her pussy dripped her hot juices. He was stroking his cock while he licked her sweet and tangy juices from her warm pussy pocket. Candy bent over the counter and Jerry got behind her.

First Time Stud

first-time R. Richard 2017-12-07

We wash off bare ass in the little creek and I ask Amy if we should try again, without the cherry popping thing. She and I go up into the woods and find the same little clearing I used with Amy. Betty spreads the blanket and we strip off. Betty does have bigger tits than Amy. I tell Betty that I am really excited with her tits and that she is a real woman, not some flat chested little girl. We lie down on the blanket and I get on top of Betty, maybe a little smoother than I did with Amy. Once again, I slide my hard dick into a tight slit. Betty moves a little more than Amy did and I get excited real fast.

My sweet maid

first-time Horny24x7 2017-12-07

That time I was 17 and like all boys I used to think with my penis. She did caught me sometimes starting at her assets but never said anything. Savita arrived some time later and got started with her work. Now I was soon thinking about various possibilities with her and got an erection. I went to the bathroom and without locking door started wanking thinking of her as nude. A moment later the door opened and Savita was standing there, her eyes fixed upon my 7 inches long boner. She slowly started licking my penis from head to base & then put it in her mouth half-way. I agreed; for I knew this was just the start of a great sexual experience with her.

Wild Call of the Moose - Part 6

first-time 2017-12-07

“It’s okay, honey,” Talina said to Kari, “My dad is here and he will make sure that Jeremy doesn’t do anything worse than make us have sex together.” Randall explained to them as simple as he knew how, “First we will head to the office, to get the keys to a vehicle, so we can drive out of here, then Talina, you take Kari and goto the kitchen and get our phones and while you are there, check to see if the landline works and if it does, dial 911 and just set the phone down, but don’t hang it up, then get outside to the car and get in and start it and lock the doors.”

First Time, Fantasy Story

first-time 2017-12-07

“I’m still thinking I’m going to cum in your mouth and then call the cops,” he said with malevolent eyes and then thrust his cock into my mouth with his hips. He would tease me by holding his cock deep into my throat until I was almost out of breath then pull out and smack my in the face with it. I knelt before him stroking his cock, and looking up into his eyes I asked “are you still going to call the police.” “Do you want me to fuck your ass like I destroyed you face,” he said. “No I’m going to call the cops,” he said still holding his cock head to my asshole.

Drama 101 Pt. 01 Ch. 01

first-time SexiKitten96 2017-12-07

He looked up from taking attendance, "after class, right now, you owe me your full, undivided attention, and I will not waste my time or repeat any of these lessons, is that clear?" She couldn't risk her mother knowing she was told to stay after; she would get grounded from now till next school year. He soon forced his tongue past her lips and into her mouth as his hands slid up underneath her skirt. Taking a deep breath she looks at him, "yes sir." The words rolled off her tongue like a curse. He leaned back; placing his hands on his desk as the warmth of her mouth slid over his cock.

Please Miss!

first-time rifleman7805 2017-12-07

I tried to concentrate on the work in hand and to some extent I was succeeding, my erection starting to subside, when I smelled her perfume next to me, and felt her hair brush my cheek as she leaned over my shoulder. I made a little progress with the assignment but by the time Miss Smales started her final round of the classroom to collect the work for marking, I was still a long way from finishing. As I said this, she reached round behind her and caressed my balls, squeezing them gently and I felt my cum explode from my cock, flooding her pussy with my spunk.

first taste...

first-time tight_virginal_ass 2017-12-07

i slid on2 the hood of his car, pulling him closer 2 me, sucking his hot tongue deep in2 my mouth, as my hand caressed his huge cock, making him start 2 grow longer & harder. i was now starting 2 get extremely horny as i watched jerome push steven back on2 the couch & lick the length of his throbbing shaft while leon stepped up on2 the couch, straddling steven's chest, then shoved his long, semi-hard cock in2 steven's wide-open mouth. we were watching each other getting brutally ass-fucked at close quarters, then suddenly, leon slid his ass-r****g cock all the way out of my upturned ass & stuffed it in2 steven's mouth, cramming it deep in2 his throat, his huge balls smashed hard up against steven's lips.

The half step second cousin

first-time lyn_hornygirl 2017-12-07

Cameron was pulling some surf shorts on, trying to stuff his great cock into them, as his mother came into the room. "Big and full...." I enthused "you're going to come quite quickly I can tell" I said I gently took the shaft in my hand, and moved his away and opened my mouth as wide as I could to take the knob in, and "The fucking frigid little bitch" I spat "you won't get any cock teasing from your aunty Lyn" I grinned "Come here" I said and led him by his cock to an open area of floor where I took my bar off and wriggled out of my g string. I took the big head in my hand and pulled it towards my cunt opening

Dressed like a girl III

first-time 1120scott 2017-12-07

Ann went to the closet and came back with a black dress with white trim and a belt that tied in back. She asked if I had any of her panties, I said yes and went to my closet. I told them I was going home, Ann and Megan took my hands and pulled me to her house. When Victoria seen the panties and tights I was wearing, she said I looked silly. Victoria said I can't wear white with the dress and gave me a pair of red panties and black tights. Megan and Ann started giggling and pulled down the other clothes I had on. Victoria asked what that was, Ann said it was his peepee.

My Eros 67: Something Sensual

first-time MyEros333 2017-12-07

You stroke your hands firmly across my chest and down my arms as you pull back further than before, a wild look in your yearning eyes and a mischievious grin upon kissable lips. You bend at the waist to hook your fingers under the top of your soft panties and I'm treated to a delightful display as I "ooh and ahh" at the sight of your breasts hanging down, longing to be touched and caressed and licked and nibbled upon and.... You blush and lick your lips before realizing from my hand motions that I want you to sit down on the bed as opposed giving me oral pleasure by request.

Miami Heat Ch. 04

first-time GaelicLover 2017-12-07

He lifted my legs and I kicked the skirt off the bed, biting my lower lip and arching my back and closing my eyes as his mouth nipped at the sensitive skin of my hips, his teeth tugged at the strings of my bikini bottoms. Sean's mouth left my clit but he kept thrusting his fingers into me, his thumb taking over for his mouth as he started to suck on my breasts, moving between them. My breath was coming out in violent draws and harsh sighs, my mouth open as pleasure slammed into me with every delicious, friction-filled thrust of Sean's cock.

my new friends

first-time oouser 2017-12-07

He said sit on the sofa , he stood in front of me as he slapped his cock across my face, then said suck it , suck my dick , as he grabbed my hair as I opened my mouth an sucked my first cock , an I liked it he pumped my face as spit ran down my chin , he stiffen an said Im cumming .and shot a hot load of jizz in my mouth , He said swallow it , I tried but it was way too much as it ran out my mouth an down my chin .


Jana's sweet dish

first-time fotisampini 2017-12-07

She went for my belt first, unfastening it and letting her hand drop down to briefly squeeze my already hardening cock through my pants before pulling my shirt over my head. I pulled my head up long enough to slide her panty off, pick her up by her legs, and threw her onto the bed. With her pussy still convulsing from the powerful orgasm, Jana pulled her mouth off of my cock and swung her legs around so that her ass was just on the edge of the bed. Jana slowly glided in and out of her for a couple of minutes, coming almost all the way out before rhythmically sinking my hard dick back into her.

Fucked my bbw s****r in law

first-time SEACANDY71 2017-12-07

We were naked and kissed by before the bed...Becky reached down and started pumping my hard cock whith her hand...before I knew it she was on her knees giving me an amazing blowjob...feeling her tongue on the shaft of my penis and all the way to the base of my balls as she licked and sucked me feverishly. I'm cummmmmming!!!!" I felt her rock as she slipped into an intense was all I could stand I felt it building upo and I let it loose...pumping my semen into her pussy yelling out "oh fuck Becky I'm gonna cum!" I pumped like a madman still thrusting inside her as I did, that's when she came again..."FUCKKKKKK!!!" She yelled "DONT YOU STOP FUCKING ME NOW!!!

Summer of Sam

first-time bigcityguy 2017-12-07

Then my heart sank as another young guy came out of the door of the cabin and Sam said “ Jimmy this is my boyfriend , he going to stay the night before he heads off to his summer job in upstate New York !! Sam was like a pro , with her hands in place she guided his cock to her open mouth and with her other hand she pulled his ass towards her face . My cock was about to cum again as Sam reached over and slide her bottoms up and over her legs and then pulled her top over her shoulders and down over her tits . Sam released my cock from her mouth and then licked my balls before sliding up to my face and locking our lips together in a long French kiss .

Weekend Antics

first-time storywriter123 2017-12-07

She lay on the bench top out of breath for a minute or two before gently standing up and sinking to her knees, she tugged on my belt and pulled down my shorts, rubbing my bulge through the fabric of my briefs before pulling them down and watching my cock spring free, gently she placed her beautiful lips over the swollen head and proceded to swirl her tongue around it, gently rocking her head backwards and forwards, slowly taking more of my shaft into her mouth. As I felt myself getting close I gently stopped her before taking her hand and leading her back to the couch, laying her down on her back i licked my fingers and gently rubbed her pussy, before lining my cock up in front of her tight cunt.

My Neighbour Aunty Kavitha

first-time 2017-12-07

There she was Kavitha aunty was standing near her gate I was wondering what she is doing at that time I watched her for 10 mins suddenly a well built man came and hugged her then she guided him in to her house. Both of them sucked on those tits for some time and she just took both their dicks in her mouth and they were just pushing their meat harder and closed her nose. She just slid her middle finger in her pussy and said Sam fuck me dear yeah fuck me harder I need your dick in me dear I couldn’t believe what I was hearing then she slapped her pussy and fell on the bed and I too ran away from there…..!

May Daughter's Soft Lips-(Fantasy)

first-time bmckzi 2017-12-07

After she would go to bed I would put on my favorite interracial video and jerk of slowly , pulling on my dick with my oily hands, imagining Melissa's ( not her real name) soft lips moving up and down, sucking softly, running her tongue over my dick while the black stud on the video was shooting a huge load into the mouth and over the face of a cute young white girl. After she would go to bed I would put on one of my Inter-Racial Sex DVD's , pull out my cock, oil it up and watch while I stroked- imagining my daughters lips sucking me gently...watching big black cocks cumming in young white girls mouths and on their pretty , young faces until I shot my load.

The Hunting Trip

first-time Mystery_M 2017-12-07

I couldn't hunt anymore, and surely wasn't going to sit in my cabin for a week and a half with nothing to do, or nobody to share the time with. Here's the directions, why don't you come out in the morning, I'm going to be getting up at about 7:00, and leaving around 10:00, if you show up sometime before I leave, I'll let you have the cabin for the rest of the season, and I'll head home." It is totally practical, but I have never seen a naked man before up close, before, and this will be the perfect chance, so when the time comes I know what to expect."