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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Penetrating my Aunt

first-time MRmaster 2017-12-07

I tried to wake her all the time trying to get her into a better position for me and moving her night gown up even more. I got the lips opened a little and leaned forward to lick the inside. I probably stokred in and out ofer her maybe 20-30 times before not being able to hold back anymore and burying my cock balls deep as i started to shoot my load into her. My cousins aunt asked her what was all over her and she just said I dn't know, maybe i spilled somethng and sat in it last night before falling asl**p.

Exploits of first time on a nudist beach

first-time rushman1uk 2017-12-07

We just went to the Maspalomas nude beach today for the first time. We walked behind the first row of dunes because it was less wind there.When we started seeing nude people we decided to lay down our blankets, take off all our clothes and lay down. He walked back and forth a little and at some point I noticed him having a boner and stroking it while watching my wife's ass. Then my wife sat up and he walked (he turning around like 4-5 times). I noticed a few more pervs walking by looking, but no prolonged looks, until my wife turned on her back again an older naked guy stopped in front and started stroking his penis and got a boner.

Obsession Ch. 03

first-time rachlou 2017-12-07

"Then explain why Neil had a face like a wet weekend and you did a Houdini act?" Something stopped Kelsey mentioning seeing Jess in Daniel's car. " he asked if you could come too." Kelsey held her breath and waited for Jess's response. She was beginning to think Ethan wasn't really interested in her at all, despite the fact he had showered her with attention last night. Kelsey sat in Ethan's car listening to music and wondering if he was going to kiss her. "I'm not bloody Imelda Mackey!" Kelsey finally realised with a sinking feeling that Ethan was not the boy she had thought he was.

He was on my mind

first-time texasluv 2017-12-07

The smooth chocolate skin, lips that beg to be kissed, his slim tall physique that leaves a girl's imagination wondering what lies beneath. Just to confirm, I sneak my fingers between my lips to feel. My fingers linger, I close my eyes and imagine his tongue between my legs, relishing all the juices that only he could make flow, and almost instantly I feel a gush or warm liquid unto my palms. I gently caress my hard clit between two fingers and it feel wonderful. I strain not to cum but spreading my juices to my ass and fingering that tight hole till my pussy begs to cum. I slowly drift to sl**p to thoughts of him drinking my cum.

Loyal Student

first-time fotisampini 2017-12-07

'Every good thing comes with a price', this is what mom said. Like, I know he's a good swimmer and and a popular student. Do you know how much worried I was?" and he puts his arms around me, holding me tighty. Don't leave me Clare," his voice is trembling, "I thought you were staying away, cuz I was rushing things. I raise my face to look at him and he puts his soft lips on mine. His gentle kiss caressing my lips and his tongue drinking me from inside. I'm feeling like a vulnerable prey, who's been caught by a gentle hunter. And the situation we're in right now, I don't know what I'm gonna do." I can feel his cock getting tense inside me.

Hooked On Black Cock

first-time 425olds 2017-12-07

I feel the head of his huge black cock touch my pussy lips. "I just want to make you feel good, darling, but I want your cum in my pussy. I hold his cock against my cervix so I won't miss any of his cum. I feel his cock swell and his cum hits my sweet spot. His hard cock feels like heaven in me. I feel his cock swelling in me and I know his seed is ready for me. My cock feels like it explodes when I cum in you." He finally lets me go and I move around and line his big cock with my pussy. She feels his cock swell and his cum hits her.

My first time having sex!

first-time 2017-12-07

He started licking my hole vigorously I am moaning sweating he turns me over kissing me ripped his boxers off and I looked over and his dick had to be at least 10 inches long thick and it was uncut my mouth began to water. I stroked it a couple times then began to suck on his uncut dick head he started moaning. Bent me over lick me a couple times and used his spit for lube, his dick looked even bigger with the condom on I was scared he tried to put the head in I felt my self opening up he said relax baby I got you.

First Erotic Massage

first-time Brian6588 2017-12-07

But I enjoy watching a man jerk off." She then said, "Would you like a little massage oil on your cock?" I have never used and lube before when I would masturbate so I figured let's try it. She said, "Yes she is, she is just playing a video game on her phone in the back room." She got up and went to the room and Nancy came out. With that she wasted no time and said, "Let's get down to business and see if you can cum 3 times!" She put oil on my cock and started to rub my P spot as before with a little ass play. Nancy looked me in the eye and said, "I really want to see what that would feel like inside me.

My Teacher: The Arrangement

first-time Jim Stand 2017-12-07

"Would you like to?" she asked, grabbing my dick with her left hand. A few weeks later I found a copy of my dad's Playboy and got hard just looking at the cover of a woman with 44 D breasts and legs that went on forever. As soon as the door closed she went down and began sucking my balls and running her hands slowly up and down my wet, limp dick. Ana moved up, starting to suck me again but quickly switched giving me a hand job instead. There was so much cum on Ana. She decided it was a good time for me to taste my own potion and ordered me to suck her left tit clean.

Dinner turned into fantasy meeting.

first-time lordlust 2017-12-07

As Leslee rocks back and forth upon his cock, Leo can feel his balls swelling with sperm, knowing that he will reach climax soon. As Leo and Leslee look inside, to their shock they see their spouses locked in a passionate embrace, completely naked, and having intercourse. Soon the other couple passed by, getting up quickly Leo and Leslee followed them a few steps then both said "Fancy meeting you here". Leo and Leslee walk toward their spouses and hug them saying ": its ok, we understand, how long have you been wanting this?" Seem that another on-line relationship was going on and this too was the first meeting of the star struck lovers.

Patriarch Paradise #1: Eve

first-time petdyke 2017-12-07

Private Paradise with six sexy fine females found in India, intimately initiating five tasty teens. Like most Indians, they were very prude: I only got glimpses of two tasty teen slender sexy daughters. Longing for fresh love, I decide to get back on the road till I find some sexy Paradise for my needs. I look forward to meet my meat with the five fine foxy dear dods, as mom tastes so sexy and sweet! They are a bunch of six sweet slender shy sexy fine females, erotic Eve and her five dear daughters. The sexy shine in the dark eyes of Eve and her dears tells me I am welcome to stay if I would like.

Three Weeks to Lose his Virginity Ch. 02

first-time seth_perm 2017-12-07

"Oh, shit, I'm so sorry," a red-faced Spencer mumbled as he looked up into Suzy Simpson's clear blue eyes. Over the next week, Spencer spent as much time as possible with his face buried in Emma's pussy and his cock in her mouth. "Well to be honest, Suzy, if I'd thought I could have just called Emma and let her know I was going to be late. She'll love it!" she'd said firmly before adding, "Now let's see if you can cover my big boobies with your spunk!" Spencer moaned as Emma took him once more to heaven. Despite Emma's intriguing promise, he got to the cinema twenty minutes early and nervously waited for Suzy, half-expecting her to stand him up.

Bisexual Sheela with Her Lovers

first-time sheelarohith 2017-12-07

Her excitement grew and she caressed her swollen breasts erotically with one hand as she sucked her boy lover's penis, squeezing the heavy mounds, pinching and tweaking her rigid nipples. The sight aroused Mahesh and he began fucking her face faster, moving her head rapidly back and forth between his thighs, pushing his cock greedily into her mouth. She looked so beautiful, he thought, her features softened with lust, her eyes hooded, her mouth open as she moaned and gasped erotic words, her face turned slightly to one side, her long neck craned, her swollen breasts jiggling and bouncing, her gold mangalsutra slapping and tossing against her honey skin.

Angel in the Night 04

first-time ReefBeach 2017-12-07

It seemed as if Thien had had enough sex, and just wanted to talk. So then I knew you were a nice boy." Now I'm glad mum made me help all those times. "You had a nice body, lean, good arms, but a funny tan. Oh Nick, you look like you're going to cry!" She put her little hand on my cheek. Thien knew nothing until my toe brushed her inner thigh. In the shower." Each little wriggle was answered by her thighs parting slightly. My hands going inside you?" I pulled her panties aside and felt the wet folds of her pussy. Oh, thank you for being so good." She hugged me tight, face buried in my neck.

A Surprise Dessert

first-time Shirley 2017-12-07

The four of us went out to the back yard and when Tom and Grace saw my tree, they both just stood there staring and said, "Oh my, look at that." Well, I smiled and asked what the heck was going on. Before I knew it, Tom was holding me, kissing me deeply with his tongue probing into my mouth, fondling my breasts making me so hot. Grace was now fully into my pussy, her tongue probing into me like a hard cock. Tom laid me down on the bed and Grace came up and gently kissed me full on the mouth, giving me her tongue with my nectar on it. Grace and I smiled and I went to Tom's still very hard cock.

My Best Friend's Cousin

first-time WhyWait0810 2017-12-07

As he kissed me a bit more aggressively I felt his left hand rest on my waist and slowly slide up to my, at that time 36DD, tits. I could feel his left hand go to work stroking my body again, as his right arm cradled my head. As if Jay read my mind he stopped rubbing my clit but soon began to finger fuck me with two fingers like crazy. I was rubbing his head with my right arm as Jay began to finger me so hard I almost came then he stopped... I laid there rubbing his muscular back when all of sudden I felt the head of his cock rub my clit and then push its way into my pussy.

un-expected threesome

first-time stormietv 2017-12-07

He said, I have something for you Kristen" "I know what you're trying to do" “you’re trying to show your girlfriend that your crossdressing sissy ass is brave enough to go all the way with a real man.” “You probably thought she would back off or you were going to be too nervous and scared " "but hey you made it this far, no turning back for you now" " I tell you what, do you think I'm attractive?" Yes, I said, he then said, "what, I didn't hear you" I then said, "Yes sir" he said "that's the good girl" "sir" "I like that".

My first gay experience.

first-time nintendolover 2017-12-07

I had always been curious about what it would be like to be with a guy, to suck a cock and gets fucked, so out of the blue I asked him 'what would you do if I touched your cock?' I could tell this excited him as I instantly felt the covers lift up from his hard erection, so I grabbed it and began to tug, this made me very hard to so he also began to wank me off. I got off and began to kiss again, and we lay next to each other back in bed, I could feel his cum drip out my ass and down my leg but we didn't move and just fell asl**p together.

Life Change for s****r and I pt.4

first-time HankWilliams1956 2017-12-06

When Clare stood up I heared the popping sound as my dick slid out of her pussy, then she turned and bent over and sucked my dick into her mouth and took it as deep into her throat as she could, then just sucked on the head and licked up and down the shaft of my hard dick till it was cleaned off from her cumming, then said, "If I do not stop, I will keep sucking that big beautiful cock, and then we will be late getting down to meet dad, and he might end up hiking up here to see if we are okay or not."

Cream of Some Young Guy

first-time zimabean 2017-12-06

Then a man I worked for, Kim So, taught me everything I needed to know and then I had boys all around me." Ling said. "So Kim So taught you how to dress?" "No silly, how to please a man, he taught me about sex, showed me everything." Ling said. "Well yes, many times, he taught me, he did me a big favor." Ling said. Finally when she had it all the way inside her she looked at me with a big smile and said "Do you like this? you cum big, I love feeling a man cum inside me, it makes me cum too." Ling said as she laid her head on my chest, my cock still planted inside her.

A Change of Paradigm

first-time Jaisen 2017-12-06

Besides, he might be a nice guy," Eric said with that look I've gotten to know that means he thinks I'm avoiding something I ought to do. "Yes, and I want you to behave," I said knowing that would be like asking my dog not to jump the fence when let out. "Don't forget that you will need to explain our relationship to Jasper," Eric said as we headed off to bed a few minutes later. "Yes, but that isn't the same as saying you have a lover or friend with benefits that doesn't mind if you date other people," Eric said turning down the covers. I still wanted to ask Eric how to deal with a virgin, but had no way to do so without giving away Jasper's secret.

Neighbor, Mom, And Me pt.4

first-time HankWilliams1956 2017-12-06

As Janet stood up out of the car, she did nothing to hide her hip and pussy from my view till she was standing up, before she let the dress tail fall down to her mid thighs, then she side stepped for me to close the car door, then as I was fixing to turn to walk away from the car, she took my right arm and stepped around with me, for me to turn for mom to take a hold of my left arm.

Sex club SF 2002

first-time Oral_Scorp 2017-12-06

With my mouth wet with pussy juice he asks could he wipe my face off with his cock. I take his cock I lick all sides, I cup his balls and I get my mouth really wet and I stroke his dick then suck on his head. After about 5 minutes he said I am amazing at this and says you must have sucked cock before. At the same time his wife says are you sure you haven't suck cock before cause you are turning him red all over? While I sucked on the head hard and stroked his cock into my mouth, I figured I could spit it out like many of my past partners have done if he came.

My b*****r Treats Mom Like a Slut

first-time 2017-12-06

When he tried to push Mom's legs apart, she playfully slapped his hand and said, "Michael, you are being naughty and should not let your friends see me totally naked. Mom looked at the guys and said, "I guess my son Michael is going to fuck me now while you watch us." The room was silent for a short time, then Mom said to Michael, "Honey, you have made me very happy by showing your friends how much you love me by using your cock. The last friend of Michael's pushed his cock in Mom's mouth then grabbed her head with both of his hands and began feverishly fucking her face. Michael kept taking video and replied, "Relax Dad. They were just friends of mine that wanted to watch Mom and Melissa have lesbian sex.