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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Beach Bullies

first-time Ashson 2017-12-06

Things had started to go wrong for Janet when Brian didn't stop at one of the regular beaches but continued on to a more isolated area. "Possibly," Ash conceded, "and while I'd like to continue playing around and seeing what develops I regretfully feel that we need to get some clothes on before Brian brings out a search and rescue team and tells your parents that you're lost at sea." Janet looked at him, her eyes sparkling as she reached to pull down her panties, only to stop as she hear Ash say, "No. I'll take them off later." She looked at him confused for a second, then realised what he wanted when he plucked the edge of his boxers, quietly daring her to do something about them.

My First Mature Woman

first-time stu_katz 2017-12-06

She was wearing a chiffon robe and when she bent over to ask what I was watching, I could see her milky breasts hanging with just a bit of dark areola showing. She let out a little moan and squirmed tight against me, then she rubbed her hand against my rock hard cock. After I went away to college, I only saw Cheryl at semester breaks and sometimes in the summer, and she would always make time to see me. Sadly, Cheryl passed away last year, but I'm left with great memories of the fantastic fucking we enjoyed for such a long time.


first-time john1195 2017-12-06

probably more around 150, 6 in cut cock, hot bubble butt, really hot chest things down and he pulled me right in for a hot kiss. tongue, swirling around his huge balls, taking each one into my mouth. Let me feel your hot piss covering my body." My cock was hurting it was so fucking hard, pulled at his cock in complete ecstasy. With that, his hot stream of piss shot from his cock. our piss soaked cocks into each other's mouths. balls once again in my mouth, then moving further down to his hot, sweaty I could feel him tongue fucking me as hard as he I turned him around and just took to his hot mouth again.

a horse ride

first-time lauren003 2017-12-06

We could hear the horses grazing behind the chalet, pouring ourselves a 2nd drink we got up and walked outside to look at them, Jenna then asked if I'd like to go on a horse ride around the farm in the morning. Looking at the trees and fields, watching birds fly by as they chirped, about 40mins into our trip I started feeling stimulation on my pussy from the motion of the way the horse waz moving, I had to ask jen if this was normal, she laughed at me telling me she has had a few orgasms while riding on a horse. Jen K she stood up and walk to behind the couch I was sitting, her hands moved down my chest to my boobs she massaged them and soon my nipples wear hard.

Delhi girl sharing first sex experience

first-time sargam 2017-12-06

I was not ready for that but his act made me excited and feel that my nipples are getting hard and some sensation in my pussy and I start enjoying the movement…….. with my closed eyes I was lost in a new world.......i could feel his fingers touching my hands, arms, shoulders........ then slowly he moved his hand to my pussy......made me spread my legs......he massaged my vagina all over and then put his finger in.....It was so wet by now...... he then made me lie down and moved onto my pussy........he put lips onto my cunt and started licking.......i couldn’t prevent myself from loud moannnnnnnnnnnnssssssssss of extacy....

Always Remember

first-time Rocinante 2017-12-06

Small breasts, flat tummy, tight ass, and legs that have fueled my masturbation imagination like no other. I look down at her and imagine my hands gripping her waist as I ram my hard cock in to her. She grabs the base of my swollen member and, with out taking her eyes off mine, rubs the head around her parted lips. Overcome with emotion I grab my cock in one hand and the back of her head in the other. I fuck her mouth and her hands pull on my balls and run across my ass crack. My mind tries to cope with the realization that Mary is sucking my cock like a whore in heat. I feel like I am exhaling a long held breath.

when a fire burns! part 1

first-time addictivemale 2017-12-06

it was passionate, they discovered a new world full of first he kissed her softly.. like the first kiss he ever gave to a girl. after some chat she told him that she finished her studies she was back to her home and would like to pay him a visit. the memories flooded his mind and he couldnt believe that the girl tha left him and gave him so steong feelings of love and dissapointment wanted to see him again.. the convesration flowed show naturally like they have been talking all tha time... after te second bottle of wine finished she gently touched his shoulder while he was dizzy looking the fire.. he kissed her softly like their first time ....

Pumped Pussy Birthday Surprise!

first-time Downunder68 2017-12-06

She is usually SO paranoid about sending photos of herself on her phone, so i was very surprised to find myself staring (in dis-belief) at her freshly shaved cunt with the message attached saying- 'Im waiting up for you ;) Another photo, this one her legs are spread nice and wide with her fingers holding her pussy open...mmmm. The next message had 3 more photos attached, 1st one showed her with 4 fingers inside her greased up cunt. A further message informed me there would be no more photos sent and that the pump would be removed when i got home, so it could fully take it's desired effect, about another 40 minutes of pumping.

My Hotel Meet x

first-time lingeriechick 2017-12-06

As I sucked him more and more he all of a sudden gripped the back of my head really firmly and shot his load down my throat, I wasn't expecting it but had no choice but to let his cum flow down my throat as he groaned with excitement I could hear a cheer from the girls next door they must know something sexy was going on and the sound of their giggling gave me the same feeling I had as when they walked by earlier and laughed at me... I was feeling naughty and decided to go for another cigarette outside while I still had cum dribbling down my face the girls from next door came out and were singing and dancing on their way for a night around the town one of them clocked me and winked at me and said good night dude!

Second Chance

first-time finch1750 2017-12-06

He took her hand and pulled her up, close to him, and stared into her eyes for what seemed like an eternity. The entire drive back to his apartment she couldn't take her eyes off him, and he would look over every few seconds, catching her perfect smile, making her blush. He then made his way back by kissing and licking up her leg before he began to eat her out with a hunger both had waited many years to have satisfied. Staring into her eyes, he told her what she had waited years to hear. She couldn't believe what it felt like as he exploded inside of her.

Mystery Fools Me Big Time

first-time TheycallmeMrBig 2017-12-06

When she answered her phone earlier, he wanted to know if she was home yet and she told him that she and I had been working so hard that We had let the time slip by us and that she was running an hour late. I said, "Girly you have no idea how much I liked what I saw." With that she shot straight up out of the chair and turned toward the door saying well happy birthday boss and as I started to say thank you, she stopped in mid stride and bent all the way over grabbing her ankles and exposing that beautiful hair covered love tunnel.

First Day Of School

first-time SweetBrandy 2017-12-06

Tabby and Rob had been together since we were in junior high and started having sex soon after they got together. Tabby and I had come early and we still had three weeks until classes started and I was looking forward to the short vacation before school began. I imagined I looked like an innocent little high school girl, crashing a grown up party which made me feel uncomfortable. I closed my eyes, trying to make my body have all those wonderful feelings that Tabby always talked about, but they never came, and soon Chad was moaning and shaking. He was considered a rocker in High School, with long wavy black hair that he always kept pulled back, heavy metal T-shirt, jeans and his ancient leather jacket that still looked brand new.


first-time Headmaster-Michael 2017-12-06

It was all the way inside her, feeling the log of flesh pulsating in Mary’s intestines, each time her labias were squeezed her muscles milked at the man flesh that split her up the middle. Mary felt the shameful scratchy hairs rubbing on her buttocks, heavy balls hanging down between her legs. Mary could barely breathe from the heavy weight on his body, but that was the least of her problems. Bruno began to draw his organ out, Mary’s insides feeling like they were being sucked out by a powerful vacuum. The head of his cock almost popped free, stretching and tugging on her anal ring, before Bruno pushed back in, his hips thrusting powerfully, Mary’s guts going from empty to stuffed in seconds, taking her breath away as she was impaled on the giant organ. Bruno didn’t wait this time, drawing his cock back up and down again, making Mary take the full measure of his cock in a single painful thrust. No girl should have to suffer this shameful act, but Mary was destined to lie naked and spread while Bruno sodomized her virgin asshole for his pleasure.

The Gift Part 1 of 2

first-time nyslutboy 2017-12-06

“ Or, “I bet all the men and boys could smell your succulent pussy unconfined with panties.” After each time she would do it I told him to tell her it drives him crazy with lust knowing other men want her and then to make love to her but start with licking her unfettered wet pussy.” and the cum cleaning and sloppy seconds I told Jim to start asking her questions like, “I bet it gets you hot knowing how many men want you?” Also I wanted him to ask her if the thought of being the center of attention got her hot as well.” Asking questions in the midst of sex you almost always get the response you want.

Cum Drops! Such Tasty Little Morsels!

first-time dongerdoug 2017-12-06

My cock started to swell as I watched Dale come up behind his br other and slowly push the hose's nozzle into Dana's waiting,upturned ass. Watching their young,slim bodies,as they so innocently discovered some of the joys of sexual pleasure,or recalling the sight of their short blond hair shining in the sunlight as they stood there with their hips shoved forward and rubbing the tips of their cock heads together had me so fucking worked up,I almost blew a load of cum onto the carpet! Oh Shit!" he said when he saw that the older man had pulled his cock out of the twinks asshole and shoved it in his mouth making him suck on it till the old man came.

I love my cousin s****r

first-time tommytrojan 2017-12-06

My 12-year-old cousin had some homework to finish, so my grandparents and aunt/uncle thought it would be a good idea if I stayed home with her while everyone else left. Having broken the barrier, I knew there was nothing stopping me now as I continued to slide my dick in and out of her, kissing her neck and licking her tits, as I had seen in the porn movies. After another 10 minutes of our laying like this, she got off of my dick and I saw a mix of my semen and the bl**d from the breaking of her hymen trickle down her inner thigh.

Time With Someone Who Adores Me and I Adore Equall

first-time 40spinup 2017-12-06

I know I'd gently use my fingers on you and I'd ask if you wanted to cum as quickly as possible for me. I'd lick, suck and lap at you, all the while my fingers gently pushed their way inside you, as deep as you wanted. I'm sure it wouldn't take long before I could feel my cum start to rise. You'd keep going, your head moving up and down, I'd hear and feel you moaning with pleasure as you worked towards making me cum. I'd start to pant and I'd tell you I was going to cum, but you'd know because you'd feel it. I'd know that it was about to become such an incredible moment and the thought would tip me over the edge and I'd cum so hard in your sweet mouth.

chapter 13 part 2

first-time lippy100 2017-12-06

Shivering, bedraggled and self-conscious, the three of us stood before my Parents in Law Jane and Ben, our hosts Debbie and John, plus my husband Michael. Rachel opened her mouth to protest but was quickly stopped by my Mother in Law raising her hand for silence. Submissively Rachel complied, opening her legs as wide as she could before bending forward at the waist and not stopping until the palms of her hands were resting on the sandy surface beside the lake. "You are somewhat dry, my darling little s****r in Law, but lets see if we can change that." With that John probed deeper into Rachel's vagina and began to methodically pump his finger in and out.

At last

first-time 2017-12-06

As they hugged he pressed his lips to her bare neck and then moved his hand under her bra straps on her back. She responded by hugging him even closer and he dared to take one hand and pressed it on her skirt feeling her lovely bum beneath it. He took the hand from beneath her bra straps and slowly held her cheek, trailing a thumb into her mouth and moving his face to kiss her softly and then sucking her cheek. He pressed his hard cock against her skirt and at the same time took his hand to her cleavage pushing his fingers down and feeling the soft skin of one breast.

A Life-Changing Experience, Part Six

first-time cdwantsit 2017-12-06

Kerry looked me straight in the eyes, smiled a bit more broadly, then said, “Well, hello again, Andrew.” Are you still wearing it under your man clothes?” Kerry asked, still looking deeply into my eyes. I took off my sweatshirt, so that now I was fully exposed in the bra, garter skirt, nylon panties and stockings I had been wearing under my street clothes. Kerry looked at me and asked, “Andrew, do you enjoy masturbating?” I was slightly embarrassed by the question, but I was certain he knew the answer already, so I just nodded slightly.

First time

first-time 2017-12-06

My first time happened with a girl i liked alot. I started to take off her clothes while she took off mine all the while still kissing each other like we were about to eat each other. Not sure what happen during the kissing but almost like by the snap of a finger my cock was in her mouth. After a while she juices realllly began to flow and I was beginning to move at a faster rate while all the time she was backing up on my cock with a vengeance. She then took my cock in her mouth and sucked me off till I came again.

kitchen heat...

first-time mrclitoralman 2017-12-06

Then kneeling between my legs Kellie looked deeply into my eyes as she lifted my cock up with one hand and cupped my balls in the other and slowly spilled the wine out between her lips as she ran her lips up and down my shaft. I could no longer resist my urge to fuck her and I groaned out, "Mmm, that feels soo good babe...I want to feel my cock in your pussy!" Kellie giggled with excitement as I stood up, and she laid back on her kitchen floor, eagerly spreading her legs open for me, as her fingers continued to massage over her clit.

Connecting Room - Big Teen Tits Next Door

first-time lovethembigger 2017-12-06

They told me you were next door and had two beds in your room." Chuck said. "I like my room, we can't switch." I just got ready for bed." I said. A few seconds later I hear the bathroom door from the other room open and slam again. You wanted to see me cumm, yeah here it comes." I looked down and big spurts off white goo shot out in to the air landing on the end of the bed. A little steam was coming from the open door to the bath room. I got off the my bed and walked over to the door frame looking into the shower. She climbed onto my cock with her big ass facing the connecting door.


Fucking my classmate....

first-time choclatepussycat 2017-12-06

Oh God I love it" she was saying as I ate her pussy good. "You like the way mommy eat that fat pussy' I ask. Show mommy that you liked what she gave you" I say as I grind my pussy on her face. "Wet it up for mommy so I can slide in that pussy baby" I say as I slide my 11' dilly down her throat. I laid down and she got on top of me and started to finger my pussy while she licked my tits. "Oh yes mommy that pussy is so wet" she says. Your pussy tastes so good and your tits, mmmmmmm, I cant stop sucking on them mommy" she says.