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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Pair to Draw to.

first-time magmaman 2017-12-06

I really didn't pay much attention to her, Diane was about my age, but she was one of those gals that seemed to make every possible effort to find clothes that made her look heavier, hair exactly wrong for her face, and glasses with heavy black frames. I finally got a little time free from the gas pumps, she handed me her oil company credit card, now I knew her name at least. Carol was always discrete and somehow slipped away when it began to look like Diane and I were going to have sex or something. We didn't dare go back to the apartment, sure as hell Diane would come home smack in the middle of everything.

The Monotony of Lust Ch. 01

first-time YoungAspiringWriter 2017-12-06

He wanted to stop the car and pull Eva towards him, kiss her lips and slide his hand between her thighs. Danny sat back smiling as Eva put her glass on the table and continued to dance, her hands lightly touching her hips and moving up till they reached her neck. As he felt her moan in pleasure Danny kissed her neck more rigorously, while one hand pushed her bra down releasing her left breast, pulling her nipple between thumb and forefinger. Eva screamed as she orgasmed feeling tingles all over her body but especially between her legs as she pulled Danny against her tightly, arms around his neck and legs around his hips.

A New Chapter Part 2

first-time suaveliso 2017-12-06

I could detect a few butterflies in my stomach, although visions of him had run through my head all night and I really craved him, much the same way I would a nice juicy woman with big tits, and I felt the same tingling in the groin area. His cock looked massive, as I think he was feeling a little excitement too. I stuck it down my throat, I licked the tip, the rim around the head, I played with his balls, I penetrated his butt with my fingers. He sat on the bench and pulled me over towards him and started to suck my eager organ while gently caressing my balls.

Contract Meeting with Mr Grey.

first-time 50shadesofgrey 2017-12-06

I tried to concentrate on him, but his hand kept brushing mine and he said "If you roll your eyes at me Miss Steele, I will take you over the table and spank you" I nearly choked on my coffee and said "You wouldn't dare" he said "Try me" As we turned the corner he took my hand and said "When we get to my car I am going to kiss you" I couldn't wait to explore his mouth, so kissable and desirable. We stood by his car, I couldn't look at him so he lifted my chin up with his fingers and brought his lips very close to mine, brushing them softly to start with, his touch was electric, I felt the instant connection, raw charge between us.

The Park Male Multiple Orgasms

first-time 425olds 2017-12-06

I lifted up her skirt, spread her legs, and placed kisses all over her incredible red panties. I placed kisses all over her lips, then moved in and started to suck on her clitoris. She grabbed my head and tried to buried it deep into her pussy as her muscles contracted from orgasmic bliss. As soon as the orgasm started, I immediately pulled out, clamped my PC muscle around my prostate, and concentrated on that wonderful feeling my prostate (pelvic nerve) was producing. Afterwards, we just laid on the park bench and fell asl**p after the most incredible sex I had ever had (I think it was the best for her too).

Wedding Night Bliss

first-time caityvicky 2017-12-06

Sherry took his throbbing erect penis into her hand and started to stroke it, looking up at him like a scared little girl looking for approval. Sherry started to pant and breathe heavily as he took her left nipple into his mouth and sucked it hard. Jonathon slowly stroked his hard cock, and rubbed it against her wet lips. "Baby I got to keep going, it'll feel better soon." Jonathon said. Sherry looked at Jonathon and nodded her head, signaling him to keep going. As Jonathon started going in and out, Sherry noticed that the pain was slowly fading. She was even starting to feel pleasure from his long, hard cock squeezing into her tight and wet pussy.

Mandy's "Ride" Home

first-time LoreLai 2017-12-06

Maybe he'd be lucky enough and she'd shift in the seat enough for him to catch a glimpse of her..."Ready Mr. G.?" Mandy asked, interrupting his dirty little thoughts. Rick reached over slowly, carefully to her thigh, watching her breathe several more times before running a finger along her soft, creamy inner thigh. Looking over her outstanding young body, he ran his finger up and down her slit several times...watching as with each of his strokes, her pussy got wetter and wetter until her juices were dripping down her cunt, down his fingers. Without thinking or even gauging her to see just how deeply asleep she was, Rick took his finger and slowly eased it inside of Mandy.

How I became a fag -

first-time tootertutor 2017-12-06

My wife was sucking my cock, but I was more turned on watching Rich as he swung Nancy around and then pushed his cock right into her asshole. Rich is rubbing Nancy's pussy while he is ass fucking her and she starts to yell, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." Rich is pounding her ass like there is no tomorrow and I can't hold it any longer and tell my wife, "I gotta cum." I think we all came at about the same time and rolled over panting from the exertion. He said in a questioning voice, "Well, b*o?" I said, "what was not to like." We showered I cleaned up the bed and Rich and I dressed and looked presentable by the time my wife came home.

Her first fisting night....

first-time 4o4o7212 2017-12-05

I know how much she loves when I lick and touch her, she just kept talking as I spread her legs so her asshole was sitting on the edge of the sofa and her pussy was open and wet. With just my knuckle’s rubbing her pussy lips and her bucking each time I rolled my hand I knew that she was going to cum. I had at least 2 fingers working her G spot while I was going for the final push; I remove my finges to lick her pussy but I just wanted to see her gaping hole. Going back to work on her pussy I slide 3 fingers inside her while my little finger entered her virgin ass..

Little Britches

first-time swampjuice 2017-12-05

Lorelei stood in her window above the saloon, waiting for the cowboys to come in from the prairie. "Tired cowboys" she said out loud "well that ain't nothing good whiskey and pretty whores won't fix." "Hey little britches, you look like you need a good luck charm" She said sitting on his knee. "Never what, little britches?" Lorelei said, trailing her finger over his face up to his hat. Lorelei took both of his hands and pressed them against her waiting breast as she sat down taking in every inch of him. "Hey Little Britches, come on cowboy, that's right, make me moan" she encouraged "Bout time you cowboy up, Little Britches" she said when he took his mouth away.


first-time john1195 2017-12-05

one finger up into Chuck's ass as he said, "Hey man! finger fucking his ass, and he felt Jack leaning onto his legs, to keep `em Oh gawd man that dick of his looks like one of our mattress right beside Chuck's deep breathing body, Jack started pushing his happening, and about Chuck's ass, Jack asked, ---of the man that he had Jack threw away his modes of caution, and he fucked Chuck's ass He fucked like Chuck's ass was used to He was pounding Chuck's little white ass like he had Chuck was trying to `ass fuck' Jack's As Jack's lower half of his body was taking care of Chuck's ass,

Always a Bridesmaid Ch. 03

first-time PrincessErin 2017-12-05

I like seeing you dressed up and looking pretty." Ryan stood behind Sophia and rubbed her bare shoulders. Ryan held Sophia's face in his hands and kissed her softly. "Let me just say goodbye to Jackie and Jack." Ryan nodded and watched as Sophia made her way to the bride and groom. "We don't have to do anything if you don't want to." Ryan knew that Sophia was a virgin. I want more!" Sophia was trying to pull Ryan closer to her and he just stood up and stepped back. "I'm going to go slow." Sophia nodded and felt Ryan's cock spread her pussy lips. Ryan closed his eyes and felt Sophia's breathing slow down.

Dead Roses

first-time javabot9000 2017-12-05

I started a new shift at work, and it seems like the world is always asl**p, while I'm awake at crazy hours, working hard to afford the life I want us to live. I never wanted her to feel like I didn't care about her needs, because I do. She says I don't try hard enough to make time for her. I want her to know that so bad. I get up, get ready, and kiss my love on her lips, and head off to work. Knowing I need to make a change in how I express my love to her, I stop I've lost my love, and I can't help but to think, if I'd showed her that, I'd still have her.

Mrs. Anderson and the Boy Next Door Ch. 02

first-time DeliciousD45 2017-12-05

His sudden movement startled her and Mrs. Anderson pressed her back against the open shed door and waited for him to go in the house before hurrying back inside. She pushed them down and opened her legs, thrusting her finger inside over and over until she cried out and felt the flood of fluid on her thighs. Mrs. Anderson went back inside and felt the ache growing once more between her legs. "Yes, so perfect," he said, his hand moving faster on his cock. "I like it too." She felt his cock tapping against her knee as he explored her pussy with his fingers, his breath caught in his throat and he leaned in to kiss her, pressing his tongue against hers and moaning into her mouth.


No Choice, Loses His Virginity

first-time Stormysailor 2017-12-05

Bruce's name was pulled first then three girls, Aimee, Sarah and Nicole. Bruce couldn't imagine where he was going to sleep; he froze on the spot until Nicole took his hand and led him to the bunks on the starboard side. Bruce, Aimee, Sarah and Nicole were back in the guest area by eight in the evening. Aimee said to Bruce, "My turn tonight, be a good boy and have a shower, we have a special surprise before you and I go to our bunk." Aimee took a more passive role because she had the rest of the night with Bruce but she fondled his balls and took a turn on his cock when Sarah needed a break.

Libidinous Ch. 05

first-time a_libertine 2017-12-05

I do not anticipate getting back to this series any time soon, for I have many stories I want to write and need to set this aside while I get to the others. I looked at the sweet pussy pulled wide open, then I replied back, "Let's meet, tonight." I also gave her the address to the mall. "If it is good for you, then yes." I looked up into her eyes as our hands stayed under the water a moment or two longer than necessary. I had made Ginny and Bianca cancel their plans tonight to take them to the party, and I knew Ben really, really wanted me there for some reason. I nodded saying, "Take tonight and think about it, let me know tomorrow or the next day."

Barbarian Recounts High School Lust

first-time BeardedBarbarian 2017-12-05

I run my hands under her skirt and now grab her ass through her bloomers (and as I suspected, a thong underneath). Her eyes get wide, "I was so close." She complains, but doesn't realize I have run my hands up the outside of her thighs, hook her bloomers and thong with my thumbs and pull them down. Then I admire the view of the most desired virgin in the town on her back, pleated skirt raised enough to see a hint of her pussy, hair a mess, and tits playing pee-a-boo over top of her bra cups. I can imagine her getting dressed in her room, staring in her mirror, admiring her beauty before she goes to school to tempt and tease everyone she will come in contact with through the day.

A Significant Time

first-time acgolf 2017-12-05

It got better when Nancy sat as close as possible during the play with her arm through mine. When she came out of the guest house with the white suit on, the first time I had seen that suit, I had another one of those blood rushing from head to head dizzy spells. For her, other than a few kisses and light petting after a date, her experiences centered on Bob. He was apparently, quite accomplished at giving her orgasmic relief with his hands. We sat there silently for the longest time just looking into each others eyes before I stood and walked close to her. I did not know anything about oral sex then, but I knew that when she had kissed my cock head it was electric.

Jack and Carter: Old Friends.

first-time StonersDoitBetter 2017-12-05

Bringing his attention back to Carter, now watching Jack intently survey her room, fidgeting with her index finger on her shaky left hand. His hands reaching the area the bra strap should be, finding it lacking, she feels Jack smile as they kiss. For the first time since he kissed her, Jack could feel is cock swelling. Taking his thumb off her clit, Jack moves his hand down and pushes his middle finger into her. Jack pulls his cock, massaging the skin with Carter's juices still on his hand. "Hold on to my legs, but don't move your hands." Jack grabbed her by her hair, and shoved his cock into her throat, she gagged and protested.

Meeting Half Way

first-time tristianc 2017-12-05

She and I were way ahead of this speech as she got cold feet a week before this trip and really wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be expecting much more from her than friendship this time. I was no Greek god at this age and I had a very hairy torso so the thought of this worried me, I wanted her to still think that I was as good looking as she saw me in her mind's eye. We removed each other's shirts and kissed, I couldn't wait to remove her bra but I wanted to do it when the time was right again.

Saskia's Sweet Seduction #4

first-time Poet-PETER 2017-12-05

Stella takes the initiative with a terrific tease, promising sweet Saskia to tell her everything in a long love story. Stella proposes Saskia a sexy sixty-nine, so the two of them can properly present all open orifices to serve me. Stella has hot hopes to have a hierarchy of her as my top-sub, Saskia to serve us sexually, just as we will wish. She offers me sexy smile, just like Saskia's lower lips, so many hot holes and open orifices on offer now to me! Saskia's series stops here, as I imagine my dear readers long as much as her to hear the story of Stella as my sub.

Naked in the Park - Nicole

first-time fotisampini 2017-12-05

Looking back now I know it was just lust…but that feeling, at the time, sure felt like what love was supposed to be. “Looks like we got the place to ourselves.” I said as we pulled in to the parking lot. The combination of her hand brushing past my dick and feeling her wet shaved pussy for the first time almost made me cum and I pulled back a little, making her giggle. I decided to get the car and bring it over to this side of the parking lot near the end of this path and then wait 5 minutes – just to see how brave she was…plus I wanted to keep her naked.

Video booth

first-time Ilikestroking 2017-12-05

Feeling brave I walked in and went up and down the isles looking at the magazine covers. I walked down the dark hallway and seen more doors around the corner, with men standing at the end of the hallway. Noticing an open door I went to look in. A short man walk over and asked quietly if I wanted to share,I said this was my first time here and was just looking around. He asked what movie I wanted to watch, I said I didn't know, I never seen any before. I felt his hand on my leg and he said to lean back.I asked him why. My dick was getting hard watching them.The guy(,I'll call him Bill) said just enjoy the movie.

True story II- My first kiss!!

first-time 2017-12-05

Here I was alone with a girl I liked, away from the jealous eyes of my friends and authority figures and we kept walkingI could see the distant light hoise now getting closer and closer enjoying her company when she suddenly paused....turned and said that she had just broken up with her boyfriend..I saw tears in her eyes and couldn't help but feel sad for her ....didn't know what to say or what the right words were at that time.