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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wife turns Slut at Football Game

first-time oddtastes 2017-12-05

She planted a bigsloppy kiss on LD's lips and allowed her tongue to wander into LD's mouth.I was so focused on this that I didn't notice that she had aligned herpussy with LD's rock hard monster and slowly lowered herself onto the headof his cock.I was alerted to the fact by Paul who said, "She's going to fuck him."Again I didn't stop Bobbie. She had always turned down myrequests for anal sex and now she was licking the residue off a cockfreshly pulled from her bowels.Bobbie looked up from her cleaning job with those big blue eyes and said,"Anybody else want to fuck me silly?" We proceeded to do just that.

Twenty-One Year Old Virgin

first-time DanielB3579 2017-12-05

Following one dance, I held her head in my hands and gave her a deep passionate kiss; my tongue gently exploring the warmth of her mouth. I started to pull her panties off but she stopped me so I began to tease her ample breasts with one hand and rub her neck with the other. I moved Cheryl so her breasts were close enough for me to touch both of her nipples with one hand; the more I teased both of them at the same time the more aggressive her sucking became. Cheryl had stopped sucking my cock and was running her hands over my body while she moaned softly.

Rachel and Stephanie (part 6 - The Phone Call)

first-time 2017-12-05

“Sure, its fine here, Stephanie made it to bed pretty much on time but we have had a massive rain storm in the last 40 minutes or so, really very dramatic.” As I was talking to Joel, Stephanie had slipped off the sofa onto her knees in front of me and was parting my dressing gown and was starting to play with my flaccid cock, not that it remained flaccid for long. She doesn’t normally like thunderstorms.” Stephanie was definitely alright, I was sure of that because at that moment she was kissing her way up the inside of my right thigh heading rapidly towards my now erect cock.

GFS Bestfriend pt.2

first-time SafeSexting 2017-12-05

He pushed her panties to the side, exposing the crack of her ass, but also the swollen lips of her beautiful pussy. Charmaine was just walking into the store, having no idea that at that instant her boyfriend's face was buried in her best friend's ass, licking at her helpless cunt! Liz grabbed the other side and helped him push them down, exposing her sexy ass and helpless pussy. Charmaine was walking by the neighbour's house when her boyfriend slid his penis all the way into Liz's vagina and came. Liz scrambled off the counter, pulling her panties up her legs and grabbing her shorts. Danny managed to avoid kissing his girlfriend until he could wash the smell of Liz's wonderful cunt off his face.

Kitty's Boys Ch. 02

first-time maxdname 2017-12-05

"Oh jeez, Kip!" Her hips slammed hard onto the couch and she sucked in a deep breath as she twisted her body in her building climax. His expression caused another stream of tears though Kitty worked hard to hold them back but this huge man's open affect caught her off guard, his devoted loving gaze touched her deepest recesses bringing another crying jag to the small girl. After a while logic slowly returned to her sex-addled psyche and she cynically began to wonder if Kip was playing the part of the "love-struck soft-hearted boy in a man's body" to keep her from reporting the crime he had committed.

Little Miss Love

first-time picfucker 2017-12-05

She felt the hot flesh of my cock and tried looking over her shoulder wondering why my finger had suddenly turned so hot. Ejaculating inside her vagina could cause problems since I didn't want to get her pregnant, but I just had to fuck her now that she was with me and the only way to do it was to insert my cock into her arse. She moaned like a bitch as I fucked her slowly, sliding my cock deep inside her and then all the way out. I tried to hold back and enjoy the feeling of fucking my "little miss love" but soon cum came welling from inside my viscera and I blew my entire load into her half-juvenile-half-adult vagina.

Sex between cousins

first-time moneysex23 2017-12-05

He told me how great I looked and on the phone said "I mean, I know it's weird to say and all because you're my cousin-- but you got HOT!!" I was flattered, and I had to admit, a TINY bit excited by that, but I brushed it off. We started watching the movie again and he was like "So I guess its pretty weird I got a boner over my cousin, eh?" and laughed a little. He seemed to like all of the noise I was making, and the feeling of my pussy clamping down on his fingers because he started breathing heavier and I felt his cock twitch a little against my backside.


first-time n8xpr 2017-12-05

Jack made the comment that this hole was so tight he might not be able to hold out very long, I think Amy's moaning was having the same effect on all the girls cause soon they all were getting ready to cum , this had an effect on us guys too when they started to cum their asses squeezed our cocks increasing the pleasure on our cocks which made us cum shortly there after.

Sam's First Time

first-time samudraneel 2017-12-05

Her hands slowly stroked Sam's body until he was rock hard. "I think it's time for lesson two." Sam looked up into Jeannie's eyes and smiled shyly. Jeannie lowered both hands to her pussy, with one she held her lips apart and with the other started to stroke herself. Jeannie continued to hold her lips apart and took Sam's hand and placed it where hers had been seconds ago. Your turn." Jeannie rolled onto her side and grasped Sam's cock in her hand. Sam felt himself growing hard beneath Jeannie and smiled sheepishly at her. Jeannie took Sam's hands and placed them on her hips. "Just like before." Sam smiled and started to slowly and gently thrust into Jeannie.

My first blowjob (sirky)

first-time sirky 2017-12-05

so I kissed the top a couple of times and looked again his face (I loved the idea of making him feel so much pleasure!). I didn't think it very much, I wanted to see his hard cock again and his face, to make him feel pleasure. I asked for water to take out that flavour, but he didn't want to give me any, he was a little bit upset because I didn't keep sucking until the end. The truth is that, in the following days, I imagined several times how it would have been to be sucking his cock until the end and to feel all his cum in my mouth.

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 08

first-time BeamMeUp 2017-12-05

It's another hot day coming up in Singapore -- hot in more ways than one -- as the sexually naive 19 year-old local girl Selena - au pair to erotic photographic veteran Jacques Pardie - wakes up after a night tossing and turning between the crisp white satin sheets. "My God it was so real," she says to herself greatly disappointed that it was a dream and she's still the sexually inexperienced girl from the orphanage who's never had a lover and doesn't know what to do if she got one; his 19 year-old au pair servant in his luxury abode with the 30 year-old former Paris glamour model Josette no doubt loving up to him right now while she must shower and get their breakfasts ready.

Jen's Big Thanksgiving

first-time shotguner 2017-12-05

her skirt and panties ripped off her and the huge cock pressed at her pussy trying to f***e it's way in slowly it entered her inch by inch pushing the tiny walls of her tight twat out and once it was enbeded totally in he fucked her with a fury she had never felt slamming in and pulling out to the very tip then crashing backing in hard deep with power Jen's body being thrush around like a rag doll and then he roared and a load of come spilled inside her unprotected cunt.

First Visit to an Adult Bookstore

first-time ndeavour 2017-12-05

It really was my first porno movie, and in no time at all I had my zipper down and my hard cock in my hand, pumping furiously. I remember his hands on my ass feeling so different and gooed. He pulled me in, got down on his knees, undid my zipper, pulled down my pants and briefly played with my cock before turning me around. The one thing that stays with me to this day is what he did next - no sooner had he pulled his shrinking dick out of my ass but he got down on his knees, turned me around and dove down on my aching cock until his nose was buried in my pubes and his tongue was licking my balls.

Fall of '69

first-time wilderness 2017-12-05

On the day we met, I carried a protest sign that shouted in red, dripping letters, "Fight for Peace" -- an oxymoron that, right from the start, made Becky suspicious about my sincerity. Cindy shouted after her, "Better plan on spending all night in the library, because Craig is spending the night here." Then she shook her head, turned around in her boyfriend's arms, and said, "What an uptight prude." After wandering inside the library for ten minutes, I spotted Becky on the third floor -- books open, papers scattered over the desk, but her eyes were glued to a small pamphlet in her hand. Becky looked me straight in the eye, and said, "And I don't want to." Then, she appeared to be deep into her notes again.

Hello Strangers!!!

first-time a_chord90 2017-12-05

I do a lot of thinking about all kinds of shit, and sometimes it can feel like I’m just spinning my wheels, going over the same thoughts and problems over and over again looking for solutions. I’ve been trying to figure out how to put it to words in a way that would make sense, and although I think I can get the general idea across, I’m not really sure if it’s there’s a way to completely describe the way it hit me. My thought, while I was out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, high as giraffe pussy and trying to talk to dolphins – was that the way to really be happy is to view everyone you meet as you.

Seducing a Friend Pt. 02

first-time cutexd 2017-12-05

He pulled my hips closer - close enough that our cocks were rubbing against each other thru our undies. I kept kissing him on his neck, shoulders, chest going down until I reached his belly button. I started to gently caress his cock with my hands as I kept kissing his hips. He still had his reservations, but he slowly allowed me to pull his briefs off him...I slid them down till his knees and looked up. I don't know why, but almost by instinct started kissing the tip of his raging cock and gently wrapping my lips around it. I kept moaning slowly as I felt his warm hands caressing me between my legs and finally ending with a satisfied sigh.

Indian Delight

first-time tomtom45 2017-12-05

Preeti giggled and said "I not want baby anyway." I replied that she was sure heading towards having a baby if she kept this up, pointing towards her beautiful little pussy that was sliding back and forth on my tummy. Preeti explained that their Mother, Gayatri always spoke openly to them about sex and told then that it was something to be enjoyed and actually helped Arpita and Raghu to spend private time together without the rest of the family knowing. "No" she said, "I am your wife and you can fuck me, but you are not to fuck my little sister!" Raghu looked hurt but I could see that he was ready to agree and he climbed over and fell on top of Didi and began fucking her.

Grocery Store checkout

first-time pedroguy 2017-12-05

On my way home last night I stopped at a local store to pick up a few items one of which was a box of Magnums, you know rubbers, anyway I'm in the checkout line and the clerk a good looking middle age woman gives me a big smile and says as shes scanning the rubbers "Aren't these the large size" I smile back at her and say "yes thats right" another smile from her and she gives me the total of my purchase as she looks at my crotch and winks..Wait it gets better all I've got is a 5th of Absolute Vodka and the Magnums and this cute little girl whos bagging my items says Sir do you need help out with your purchase?

Camping Adventures Ch. 01

first-time ladedumme 2017-12-05

Everything about him made my pussy leak its juices: The way his full, kissable lips looked when he laughed; his muscular chest straining against his tight t-shirt; his luscious, 9 inch cock that was just visible through his tight shorts and that wonderfully hard ass. Sam gave a soft gasp when my hand came in contact with his cock and his eyes shot to mine. After a few minutes of my head bobbing up and down and my hand fondling his balls while he squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples, I felt his cock expand and his balls rise up, he was going to cum.

Julia's Reputation

first-time zpolymer 2017-12-05

They're the ones who started this rumor about me having sex with any guy who looks my way. William brought his hands back to my hips, slowly moving one up toward my breast to clumsily grab at it while he let his dick slip down to try and find my opening. I simply sat on the table, looking at William and thinking what to say. As soon as I started to feel like I could get close to an orgasm, he began trying to thrust his tongue into me as if he were fucking me. William remained kneeled, staring wide-eyed at my pussy while I reached a hand down to massage my clit.

Sex And The City: Bangers Delight

first-time trumptight85 2017-12-05

As Kim entered the apartment building, she walked down the hall and waited for the elevator. Kim looking down at the floor, "Well I did have one about 6 months ago but we broke up." "Sorry to hear." Tony said. "God Kim, you have beautiful breasts." Tony said as he reached out to pitch the hard light brown nipples. Kim wrapped her right hand around the base of Tony's cock and slowly stroked it up then back down while she was licking and sucking the head. "I want to feel you in me." With that Tony grabbed Kim's hand off of his cock and pulled her up. Both looking deep into each other's eyes, Kim reach down and grabbed Tony's cock rubbed the head along her slit.

Coconut & Whiskey

first-time scarlettresses 2017-12-05

"This should come off." I started to slip my thumb under the tank top strap on my right shoulder, but Javier brushed my hand away. His fingers skimmed under my right strap, gently pulling it down until my arm slipped free, tickling my soft, naked skin with his light touch along the way. I pulled my shoulders back to show off my perky, round breasts, & played the innocent young girl - twirling a strand of red hair between my fingers & acting like I was suddenly shy. Javier wrapped his arms around my torso & lifted me back into a sitting position, pulling my dress completely off in the process before tossing it on the floor next to his pants.

Kyle Fantasy 3

first-time leena666 2017-12-05

What an amazing moment, my body screamed for hot sex, but I fought my desires and lay there silently, Kyle then covered me with my blanket, then I heard him slipping into his sl**ping bag, I'd given him a very special gift, he'd felt and sucked on his first set of breasts, he'd fingered and tasted his first pussy, all while he thought I was asl**p, it was an amazing moment, a moment the two of us would never forget...

You Only Love Once

first-time TheyCallMeDelly 2017-12-05

While Ace is driving the bus, it seems to get brushed past and hidden under the wheel. Whenever Ace would be late or face a mechanical difficulty with the bus, the other students would respond with disgusting insults and threats. I pushed Ace's body against the window, so I could somehow stop the bus. I figured Ace would want to see his hero after all that had happened." She smirked then walked out of the room to the nurse's station along with Officer Avis. I yearned for Ace's smile, his voice, his laugh, and even our bus. Ace's eyes were a mixture of a light grey and fluorescent emerald: combination of a stare that can melt your heart or take a gander at your soul.