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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Northridge Exposure

first-time Moonraker_Bond007 2017-12-04

That wouldn't have been so bad, since Santa's chair was hiding us, but then, the other three walls fell outward as well, exposing Marty and me to the world, his cock buried deep in my pussy, pumping cum into me. Within just a few moments, the Los Angeles Police Department showed up at Northridge Fashion Center, and arrested Marty and me for indecent exposure and lewd behavior. "They said that L.A. Marauders quarterback Martin Daly and his girlfriend had been arrested at the Northridge Fashion Center for indecent exposure and lewd behavior. "Watching out for your little sister can mean many different things - kicking another guy's butt for her, picking her up from places she probably shouldn't have been and making sure our parents didn't know about it, walking in on her as she's being proposed to...

Airport Meeting

first-time fotisampini 2017-12-04

She feels a hand on her shoulder, but pauses before opening her eyes. Finding him right away, her smile gets wider, and her body trembles with a little as her eyes move over his body, knowing what she wants to do to back, smiles up at him, and getting to her knees, slowly, her hands undo so good, I want you so bad," and then opens her mouth; her hand still stroking with a firm grasp she brings him into her warm moist open mouth tongue as her mouth takes over stroking his cock. deeper in her mouth, her tongue strokes gently along-side her lips and Smiling around his cock and looking up at him to make eye contact, she

Miss Brobeck

first-time shyblueeyes80 2017-12-04

The glow of the sunset was reflected in Susan's smooth sculpted skin, and I couldn't help thinking she looked like a perfect goddess. "You both look nice..." I couldn't think of what else to say, so I blurted out "that's a great color dress for you, Susan, it really brings out your nice complexion." Jeez, how lame was that - I sounded like I was trying to write for s*******n magazine. Rachel sort of looked surprised at Susan, and Susan gave an wink back to Susan and said something like "See I told you." In retrospect, it makes perfect sense, but at the time it seemed to add to the mystery surrounding Susan.


first-time Eudaimonia1981 2017-12-04

When I took the Western Art Music class (at the age of 19), I talked to Dr. Owen after lecture at least a couple of times a week, and I went to his office hours once. I laughed aloud imagining myself dressed like a schoolgirl and slobbering over a lollipop during Dr. Owen's class. Suddenly, Dr. Owen said: "I think we need to review modulation; it is very important that you recognize when the music leaves and returns to the home key." To get to the door, I had to walk by Dr. Owen; I lowered my eyes in shame as I passed him, but then I heard him say: "Excuse me, can I speak to you for a minute?" Finally, Dr. Owen said: "Do you have time to come up to my office for a couple minutes?"

Our Wedding Night

first-time Bakeboss 2017-12-04

All this time we remained true to our pledge of abstinence, although without Eleanor's strength of conviction I don't think I could have made the wait. Eleanor was not helping as she talked excitedly about our wedding night and being alone in bed with me. All the way to our new home, Eleanor kept kissing me and urging me to hurry. I felt humiliated and helpless but Eleanor kept kissing me and telling me not to worry. I couldn't even talk as I merely nodded my head; I reached up and took the nipple in my fingers, Eleanor put her fingers to my nipple and teased it and it felt divine.

Home From School

first-time Nylon_Fetish_Lvr 2017-12-04

I always see her younger than her 18 years because she has to wear the traditional Catholic School uniform of the white blouse, plaid jumper and the white knee socks, which I have to confess, it sort of turns me on a little. The thought of watching her play with her cute little clit while she softly pet my cock with her lovely knee socks was all the urging I needed. As I looked inside I saw Helen's knee socks that she was just wearing neatly placed on the folding table all by themselves. The whole time setting the table for dinner, my s****r never even looked like she wanted to say anything about what happened earlier.

Our First Three way

first-time 2017-12-04

" you aren't mad at me, are you sweetheart?" I looked at her and said "Not at all, you fuckin' sexy slut" as I took her by the hair and kissed her hard! she turned her head to Bob and asked him "You like my pussy:" He looked at her and said "Hell yeah!" She looked at me and smiled again as she jacked my cock. She looked at Bob and told him to lay down, that she wanted to ride him again I got up in front of her so I could fill her mouth with my dick. I got back to watch Bob's cock slam in and out of her wet pussy, his balls flopping!

First Kiss

first-time PositiveThinker 2017-12-04

All I knew was that I wanted to kiss this girl because she was pretty and she had big tits. Yet, as soon as her experienced tongue touched my virginal tongue, I felt an excitement that I hadn't felt since my Dad bought me a Lionel train for Christmas, when I was barely old enough to know what a Lionel train was, never mind to even want one. By the time I finally talked with her, the sexual frustration that I felt that turned to delayed gratification was allowed to simmer longer, before heating to a boil, especially when I thought about kissing her and fondling her big tits. I remember it was so long ago, a time before jeans and sneakers were popular.

My First Hot Threesome

first-time drkgrlx 2017-12-04

"Oh, oh, oh, my God!" she cried, "Oh man, mmmm, this is so hot!" Dave was now smashing both of her tits into his mouth, his head moving furiously back and forth so as not to leave either of her nipples out of the action. "Oh fuck, Dave cried, fuck!" I rubbed his back and kissed him as he was getting his dick sucked by this hot ass bitch. "Yea, baby c'mon, squirt her face, that's right!!" Sharla was making muffled screams and talking as Dave rammed his cock into her harder and faster. Dave pulled his cock from my throbbing pussy, and squirted his load all over Sharla's fat ass, which in turned dropped into my mouth in globs.

Poem again

first-time 2017-12-04

When the golden sunset, fall's below the amber hills, And when the moon shines bright, And all the world stands still, there is beauty in the light of the day, it is one certain person that lay, waste to the darkness, and brings the light in her sway, Sunny She is, and will always be, always so happy, the light hits her eye's, and there like watching Christal fire come to life , she really lives up to her name, like a golden princess, that in a dusty land brings the rain.


first-time maxicue 2017-12-04

When she turned away from him to remove her skirt and the matronly white panties, the ovals of dark flesh she brought to his eyes excited him even more than her incredible breasts. When he finally looked up, reluctantly because her dark bush of curly hair on her prominent mound, and the exquisite frame of pelvis, thighs and abdomen, the last a miracle of tautness and softness with just enough convexity to look appropriate and healthy, had caught his attention most profoundly, he saw her lovely face showed amusement. It didn't take long for them to reach her nipples, again resisting hard squeezes and giving her easy caresses which resulted in the tightening and erecting of those tips made of flesh and nerve endings.

pandu sex story in telugu

first-time pandu004 2017-12-04

If you like this story.. please comment below.. direct ?? length 6.5 inch,?????? ?? hyd ???????. 20 yrs ???? sperm count ?????? reports ???? reports ???? reports ???? reports ???? ?? husband sperm count ??? panty ?????????? ?? underware ?? 6.5 inch ??? clothes ??????? stroke ???????. ?? 5 min strokes ???????. next 2 days ????? ?? 5 min ?? ?? 5 min ?? ?? 5 min ?? ?? 5 min ?? ?? 5 min ?? ?? 5 min ?? ?? 5 min ?? ?? 5 min ?? ?? sperm ?????? ?? sperm ?????? ?? sperm ?????? ?? sperm ?????? ?? sperm ?????? ?? sperm ?????? ?? sperm ?????? ?? sperm ?????? ?? sperm ?????? ?? sperm ?????? ?? sperm ??????

Two are Halves of One

first-time SmallTownPrincess 2017-12-04

Just...tired." Emma tried to avoid her sister's eyes, but Rachel was like a dog with a bone when she thought something was up with her twin. "Stop, stop!" Rachel said as Emma started to pull her hair. "I wouldn't even know where to begin," Emma said, eyeing Rachel, who was grinning and bustling purposefully about the room to put the painting back on the easel and fetch her snack. Carter parked and Dean opened Emma's door for her, handing her out like an old-fashioned gentleman. "Ah." Dean glanced back toward the door through which Rachel had left, then shrugged and turned back to Emma and Carter.

A Hot and Dry Evening

first-time Maddest Dog 2017-12-04

Her hand came to rest on my buttocks - first time a girl (woman) had ever been so forward to stroke me there. I kept massaging her chest through her bra and she finally sighed again and began lifting her sweater so that our midriffs could touch without clothes. Janell then started running the palm of her hand up and down my Levi's pressing against my hard cock. Our clothed (barely) crotches started rubbing against each other and Janell again surprised me by putting her hands inside my boxers and solidly stroking my buttcheeks. Janell used her hands inside my boxers and began to leverage them down my hips eventually allowing my dick to start popping out the top.

A new beginning ..2

first-time PeterPiper65 2017-12-04

That's nice' Charlotte murmured 'but you know what would be better?' Before I could answer she moved and slid her body on top of mine crushing her breasts against my chest and trapping my semi-hard cock between our stomachs. Charlotte could feel it too and dropped her knees off my legs and raised herself far enough to allow my cock to be free for a moment before she reached down to hold it at the right angle and slid her wet pussy onto my length. With a flash of her dazzling smile Charlotte raised and spread her legs expecting me to re-insert my cock into her soaking wet pussy.

Fresh Female Friends and Flying Foes #1 - [1]

first-time Poet-PETER 2017-12-04

I invite fine females for friendship, my museum of muses, many sweet stories for all those pretty private portraits. I write in ten years time about a thousand stories for my many muses and please ten thousands readers with each. I write half the number in English, the rest in Dutch and even two in German, a dozen in French I can not find back. Anna is examplary for all the fivehundred next nice female friends in blocking me, defriending me without a word. Anna is still getting my many messages, till I notice the little red line below: "you can not write to this person" in English and in Dutch, of both two stories: "Flemish Friends".

Learning With s*s

first-time mooremike 2017-12-04

It was not the first time he had thought of her sexually but he suddenly wanted to pull out his cock and ask her to fuck. “Looks like my little b*****r needs to stroke his cock again.” She said as she giggled and Hal turned red Sadie loved the feel of this long perfect cock as it passed through her lips and over her tongue and then rubbed against the back of her throat making her want to choke. Hal was in heaven as his s****r’s pussy was so slick with her arousal and his generous load of sperm that now squished past his cock as he started to fuck her.

Arti Bhabi: My First Pussy

first-time funky2003man 2017-12-04

I was about to speak, but Arti didn’t give me a chance & pressed her lips tightly against mine, our mouths did not open, but the contact felt so very good. I took my hand and started to press her boobs like a mad man to this she was moaning aaaahhhhhh, oooohhhhh, 'Kiss the nipple,' 'Suck it,' she said. I slid over her body & placed my lips on her and took one breast in hand and pressed it hard. I was thinking as how to enter, but I think she knew it was my first time so she took hold of cock and placed it on her cunt hole and asked me to give a push.

Night Swim

first-time Silvermouse 2017-12-04

"Nice to meet you, I'm Kat." She couldn't bend her right arm around to shake hands, so she insinuated her left between the seats and we touched fingertips briefly. A catenary curve, the natural curve of gravity on an unsupported line. So where is he tonight?" I felt my hardness trapped against her belly, her firm nipples against my chest and Deana's soft breasts against my back. We get to teach intercourse 101 tonight!" You're just a natural at this." I wanted to fix every detail in my mind, to keep my first time fresh forever. The sweet catenary curves of her breasts bobbed in time with her motions. I put my palms against her nipples and felt them rise and fall as she rocked.

Anna's First Time

first-time NiteWriter 2017-12-04

As Anna stood there with legs apart allowing me access to her wet cunt, I started stroking her again while at the same time kissing and sucking on her soft tender nipples. "Oh, Anna, you're so tight." I pushed deeper into her tight young cunt while she held me moaning, "Ohh, ohhh that's so good." I kissed her deeply and she returned the passion with her hot tongue in my mouth. I positioned it right on her puckered little hole as I broke momentarily from our kiss to tell her, "I want to put it in your ass, Anna." She looked at me with a smile then kissed me so deeply again while wrapping her arms tightly around my neck and shoulders.

Wife has special surprise for husband after 49 day

first-time XXXNoBounds 2017-12-04

"I need a really good orgasm before I go to work today!" "But I feel like changing things up a bit so why don't you just get that magical tongue of yours working on my pussy right now? I've got a surprise lined up for you that you'll never forget." She reached down and started playing with my balls and my cock through the bars of the birdcage. If she wasn't careful I was going to cum right there in the cage. Are you actually thinking of going through this?" I feigned anger but my body betrayed me as I started shaking and approaching a NEMO (Non Ejaculatory Male Orgasm).

My fantastic Secetary

first-time thomassteven 2017-12-04

And thank goodness there was a pharmacy on my block cause ran over there first to buy a couple boxes of Trojans extended pleasure of course for her pleasure, yes I am such a softy even though the girl is a hooker I love to please. Once we were both naked and sitting on the sofa she gave me a nice slow BJ and had to have her stop a few times cause hell I payed for a full hour. After a long slow and fast fucking on the sofa she on top of me facing me that is cause I love look at the face and can get a better handle on squeezing theboobs.

Fun Times Ch. 00: Prologue Pt. 03

first-time Hogwash 2017-12-04

"There!" Kim said with satisfaction, looking into the mirror at Carrie's face with a proprietary gaze. "OK, Carrie," Kim said, turning the mirror towards herself and checking her hair as she restarted the car, "Tommy's father owns that big farm down by the mill." Carrie felt each of them undressing her with his eyes, wondering what she looked like naked, how the inner core of her would feel if he were on top of her, between her legs, taking her on the couch, her arms around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss even as her legs crossed across his back, pulling him into her, deeper, deeper ...

Saving our friends marriage!

first-time joosyfruit69 2017-12-04

He confided in me that he and his wife were going through a rough patch sexually, she wanted to "explore" new things like having sex with another couple, or at least another woman. When Roxy came in to shower with me, she told me that Rayna was thinking of leaving Rex. Rex and I just watched these two beautiful women licking and sucking, while playing with our still clothed cocks, man this was getting hot! He started sucking more into his mouth and gagged a bit, so I pulled out of his mouth and told him to relax his mouth and only take as much of my cock as he could until he thought he was going to gag then back off until the feeling passed, then try it again.