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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time griff9012 2017-12-04

She kissed back and my hand went from her waist down and grabbed her ass, pulling her closer, feeling her big breasts rubbing against my chest. It was a bit dark but as she leaned down I could feel her bare breasts against my body and could tell her nipples were hard as one hand worked its way up and began to pinch and squeeze her big breasts as I listened to her groan with pleasure, I knew she could feel my throbbing hard cock against her by now as she began to grind back and forth against it, even through my jeans and her leggings I could feel the warmth of her waiting pussy lips.

Toe Bows

first-time papadog 2017-12-04

The pressure of his hands rippled the material at the front of her dress giving him little glimpses of the interior edges of her bra cups. I want to see those gorgeous legs again." Paula bubbled a chuckle, grasped a handful of dress and moved it as high as she could without changing her position to free the back of the dress trapped under her thighs. Sit on the edge of the recliner and pull up your dress," he said, leaving no doubt that she must do exactly as he directed. Taking her hands in his, he moved them to the hem of her dress, caused her to grip it and hold it high and close to her navel.

Fun (naughty d***ken) Beth

first-time funbeth 2017-12-04

So there I was a bit worse for wear from wine naked apart from my stockings and high heels, with my hubby feeling one boob one of his mates feeling the other another mate licking my pussy and another two waiting there turn to taste me, the whole situation was too much for me and I could feel another orgasm coming on as my breath quickened I grabbed my husbands knee with one hand Jimmy’s with the other, I hooked my feet behind Pete’s back, I tensed as I felt this intense orgasm rush through me tightening my grip on the knees and my legs around Pete and with a loud moan I came, fucking hell Jimmy said, I released Pete from my leg hold and he lifted his head say bl**dy hell if you think she tasted sweet before wow, I looked at hubby and he was grinning like the cat who’d got the cream and in fact it was Pete who had.

My first porno cinema experience

first-time 2017-12-04

The groaning sounds from the movie and his expert stroking on my aching cock were making me thrust my hips in time, and he sensed i was close....he quickly leaned over, and to my shock, he took me into his hot mouth, masturbating me rapidly as he sucked wetly on me...I saw stars in my head, and i couldnt help gasping aloud as I exploded a jet of immature semen into this old pervs mouth, before spurting another 5 jets, the last two all over the seat in front as he sat back swallowing my first jets. He smiled again, and without a word, put himself away and slid quietly away, as I sat enjoying the feeling of relief, and watching the movie again, my young cock still hard as i looked around the cinema....

Poor Kaity

first-time NiceDayReboot 2017-12-03

"But-" I cut her off before she could say another word, "Don't worry, just lie back." I eased her gently down, letting my mouth trail down her body as she went, latching onto one of her nipples and sucking on it through the fabric, enjoying the way her arching back drove her down faster. When my lips found the soft protrusion of her clitoris and latched on like a suckling baby, Kaity let out an explosive gasp and her legs parted involuntarily. My cock twitching in anticipation, I slid her bikini down off her legs, letting my fingers find and play with her cunt as I balled up the soaking garment and tossed it on the bed.

When a woman needs a woman - Part I

first-time Honeybabe 2017-12-03

It started with her arranging a night away for just herself in a posh London hotel, and meeting a sexy and sensual woman for dinner. She wanted a younger woman, but she had to be beautiful and sensuous, as well as professional in looking after the needs of her client and of course specialised in entertaining other women. In a faltering voice Angie said out loud the words that she had said in her head so many times, ‘I want to book Clara for an evening on the 25 May.’ There was silence at the other end of the phone save for the turning of pages, and Angie could feel her heart beating fast. I don’t want her looking like a hooker.’ I understand’, said the woman; ‘a sensual and sultry femme.

All Business

first-time danorth 2017-12-03

“I guess I’d better go to the little girls room before time is up,” Fran said as she started to stand, “keep my seat for me will you hun?” She said as she stood up and gave me a up close and personal look at her breasts as they passed before my eyes. Fran returned before the speaker started and as she scooted into place she place her hand on my knee and said, “You better be my best friend so that creepy Bill doesn’t hit on my again.” She gave my knee a gentle squeeze and then quickly got her note taking material arranged again.

Euphoric Recall

first-time an235041 2017-12-03

I wasn't exactly a babe magnet back in high school, and a broken family dominated by manipulative matriarchs had left me with a strong distrust of women. Between my junior and senior years of high school, I had a weak moment which resulted in a one night stand of nothing more than first base making out. She was wearing a tight-fitting black dress with a high-cut hemline. With sweat forming on the palm of my hand, I reached behind her back to unzip her dress. I pulled my pants off the rest of the way and took of my shirt to expose my hairy chest. I pulled out my cock, took it into my hand, and aimed for her soft belly, just as the first thick, steamy stream of pearly cum shot out.

The graduate assistant

first-time fotisampini 2017-12-03

"What's that" she asked quickly, "if there was something wrong, I could correct it before the next class." "Oh, no," he answered smoothly, "it's just that, well, I just don't seem to understand the material like I should, do you think that you could maybe give me a little extra help, I mean, I'd pay you for your time!!!" "Oh you don't have to pay me anything," she replied excitedly, "that's what were here for, to help the students!" "Good," he said, "then it's settled, let's get together tonight at your place to go over the parts I'm having trouble with, okay!?!" The meeting was quickly arranged, and Jason was set to meet Jaime Kurtz that evening in her apartment at eight pm.

When my niece came to stay - Part 2

first-time Honeybabe 2017-12-03

‘Of course I do, but…’ I started to say, feeling her knee pushing between my resisting legs, her fingers now around my back tracing the outline of my spine. show me; show me everything.’ She moved her finger away and our lips touched, gently at first, playing. I pushed down a little onto it as my tongue slid deeper into her mouth and our kiss deepened. I found her breast beneath my hand and its nipple firm, urgent, wanting. I ran my fingers down across her flat tanned tummy, feeling it flutter beneath me and then both slipping under her ass, lifting her up. I ran my tongue along the length of her lips twice and then opening her with my thumbs, looked into her glistening pink velvet.

With a Working Man

first-time nytewulf 2017-12-03

He usually went to the history sections and pulled books on any of the various wars around the world, only to come back to the front of the library where she worked to sit down. He pulled her reluctant hands away and carefully pushed himself up against the top of the wet spot that had been developing in her panties. She felt his body stiffen, but that only served to push him harder against her, almost managing to press the head of his erection into her through the panties. He pulled her wet panties out of the way with the one hand and pressed the middle finger of the other into her heat.

Fucking Mr. Richardson

first-time EmilyVelvet 2017-12-03

My hands found their way to the top of my pussy and I noticed that the lips were slightly swollen and very wet, heightening the sensory experience of my fingers gliding along them. Once in the kitchen I realized it was completely quiet, so I grabbed a banana and orange juice and headed to the dining room, which again, gave me a fantastic view of the beach. But last night I could barely stop myself from fucking you right there in the kitchen," he said, still staring at me with a delicious fervor. "You like that, little girl?" he asked, staring up at me as he continued to cup and grab my breasts.

Wild african adventure

first-time 2017-12-03

I was so relieved that the flight was over but next thing I know we are moving again trying to get off the plain to the luggage collecting place and then to meet our friends who were scheduled to pick us up, "hey there guys, how was your flight "asked the pastor (our friend )my parents greeted him with hugs and laughter and I just shook his hand and nodded, I wasn't trying to be rude I was just captured at how attractive Christina was becoming to me so I said "what the hell "and walked over to her and my s*s and joined the conversation we talked and laughed I flirted, she flirted and I got more and more interested.

a summer job

first-time fengunn 2017-12-03

Finally after walking about ten blocks, a older man said if I was willing to do some hard work he'd let me earn some money. I went back to work till 6:00, I told him I'd be back in the morning, I needed a shower and dinner. When I came out the bathroom and walked down the hall Jim said your clothes were soaked and filthy. Jim said go ahead and sit they'll be out in a few minutes, and handed me an other beer. I had a nice buzz when Jim walked up behind me and rubbed my back, I jumped up but he said to relax. Jim rubbed my chest, circling my nipples and he took my dick in hand and slowly stroked me.

Aye pet, aal the way

first-time Alex De Kok 2017-12-03

Losing herself in it, her tongue moving against his, Jenny smiled to herself as she felt his right hand come up to cup her breast, feeling her nipple hardening against his clumsy caress. "I divvent knaa aboot ye, Tom, but I think I'd like to dee it again." She reached out and gently caressed his mostly limp cock, smiling delightedly as it twitched in her light grasp and began to harden. Tommy was enjoying the heat and wet of Jenny's pussy and despite having come so recently he could feel the build-up to climax deep within. "Y'd better bunk ower, pet, cos if ye divvent there'll be nee room for Tom to fuck us." Anne Porter chuckled, smiling at Tommy.


first-time AngelicaTrav 2017-12-03

From our very first meeting she said that I had beautiful and feminine legs and ass, saying that one day she would have liked to see me wearing stockings and heels. I was so afraid of losing that magical moment and once in my place I went to bed fully dressed (including heels) with the smell of sperm, saliva, sweat of Fabio, my first man, the one who had the privilege to start fucking a handsome boy with stockings, but cumming at the end into a pretty woman.

Young Slut

first-time oralman12 2017-12-03

We got in and put film on and showed a female with 3 guys having sex julie was turned on and stripped off she was nude except for her stockings and hi heels ,she pulled my trousers of and started to wank me and suck me .I got her up to show her something it was a cock pocking through the hole she wass shocked but i put her hand on it told her to wank him ,she started to wank him then she got on her knees and sucked him and wank him suddenly there was a moan and he came in julie mouth i was so turned on that i told her not swallow i went and kissed her and tasted his cum then she swallowed.We heard a noise next to us and there was another hole on other side julie looked and a cock appeared it was a black cock julie went to it and wanked it and it grew it was huge bigger than mine julie hand didnt go round it .She begged to let her fuck it I have only guy to fuck her, before i could say anything she turned round was trying to get it in her cunt ,i heard a pop and it wass in her .

Late Night Movies (chapter 14)

first-time oregazm 2017-12-03

I watched the man on the screen getting his cock sucked and imitated him when I spoke in heavy breaths as daddy stroked my little dick more vigorously with his thumb and index fingers. "Ya wanna know what its like to be fucked like a girl?" he asked stroking his cock and getting closer. “Ohhh do that again honey, just like you just did it… with both hands!” I obeyed and she got in close and snapped a picture just as I rang a drip out of daddy’s cock into my mouth. “I want you to fuck me daddy!” I said without even thinking before sticking his cock back in my mouth.

Their First Adult Book Store. Part 3

first-time Michelle_Satin 2017-12-03

Gary loved seeing Albert's big cock, jacking off, on the other side of the glory hole. "Albert you have such a big cock!" Gary said, before he took half of it into his mouth. Stroking and kneading out every drop of cum, Gary does his last slurp and gives Albert's still hard dick a nice stroke before letting go. "Relax Josie, just let me see what's happening in your red panties (Joe had stopped correcting him about the undies)." Marcie gently took hold of Joe's bulging undies crotch. Joe grabbed the front of Marcie's panties and was soon vigorously rubbing and sliding his hands all over sexy panty cock and ass.

School---boy, caught old gay, n get

first-time dylan_jones 2017-12-03

And as the girls walked down the path, I'd drop my pants n toss my stiff young dick! I reluctantly let me school pants drop, round my ankles and pulled down my underpants. Can u return the favor?' 'uh....sure, I wanna.' He lay down, n told me to kiss it....n when i did, he started tossing n squirting cream out his cock....n over my he fiddled with my cock. I was so he lay me on back, n sucked my dick.....he held it down his throat, n i started to tingle and throb, in stages.....till it built up all over my body. i didn't cream at that stage, but it was the best orgasm.....i was shaking, n moaning in delight, n so was this very excited old man.....

A Couch Surfing Adventure

first-time jaywoolf 2017-12-03

"Don't worry Jay, I'll let you know what to do and I what I want." I got down on my knees between his legs and leaned forward taking his nice looking dick in my hand, stroking it slowly and gently, pulling the foreskin up over the head and then pushing my fisted grip down again all the way to the soft base under his big belly. I couldn't see past his hanging stomach but I could feel him firmly grip my dick in his strong hand, light kisses and his tongue running up inner thigh - over my tight scrotum (driving electric shocks of pleasure right up my spine) and then finally his lips sucked my one of my testicles into his mouth!

0043 Mr. Vibrator for Dilly

first-time tankengine123 2017-12-03

Dilly was so sweet, such a wonderful little darling, that Jamison could hardly wait from one lesson to the next to be near her. Jamison took his cock in one hand and started to insert it into her perfect pussy. When Jamison started a slow smooth ride, he noticed that he could actually see a bulge in her flat belly showing exactly the position of his cock head. In a few minutes, while Jamison was stroking her pussy with his cock, he started playing his special song in her ass with the vibrator. Jamison is tonguing Prim’s sweet pussy while Dilly is playing music deep between Prim’s perfect butt cheeks with Mr. Vibrator.

Nudist camp

first-time i8her 2017-12-03

My stepmother took several of us to a nudist camp last summer. She is 100% French with dark black thick hair, standing 5'-2" and weighing 112lbs soaking wet and she is always soaking wet. She fucks anybody in the neighborhood even me and my friends

The Pool Boy

first-time kap007 2017-12-03

Beating his meat while looking at Emma in a bikini wasn't going to be enough for Mitch this summer, he wanted to fuck her. Emma thought that Mitch's cock looked even bigger this time, she couldn't take her eyes off of it. Mitch saw his opportunity as Emma lingered at the door and said, "You don't have to be embarrassed Mrs. Ferguson, I'm not ashamed of my body, I don't mind you seeing me naked." Mitch could tell Emma was nervous, he inched closer to her and said, "Thank you, Mrs. Ferguson I think you have a very nice body too." "My mother doesn't need to know." Mitch said as he put his hand on the small of Emma's back, and pulled himself so close, that the tip of his penis touched her belly button.