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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Hayloft (Unpleasant)

first-time barnabus 2017-12-03

Posting on an “Adultcheck” type site (which might cost a few dollars a year for access to many sites) is permissible but not on an “Adultcheck Gold” site, which requires much more money. I was just the proverbial farmer’s daughter. Before our next date, two things happened that deeply affected me. Nothing had changed for the horses, but a great deal had changed for me. To him, she was just another horse, but to me she symbolized something very different. Slightly embarrassed, he mentioned that he had heard jokes about what happened “in the hayloft” with “the farmer’s daughter”, and embarrassed, I denied them all. I gasped as my maidenhead gave way under his poking, but he was oblivious to what was happening.

Seduced By My Friend

first-time frenzytyme 2017-12-03

Now swaying when I stood, I knew I could not drive home and let Randy call my wife to tell her that I was in no shape to drive and would be spending the night. Struck by a feeling of déjà vu, I realized that Randy was again trying to start something with me and wondered if he had planned all along to get me drunk and into bed. Knowing how much I had to drink that night, "Why," I asked myself, "do I have this raging hard on?" Moments before, I was surprised when my semi-erect cock sprung forward when released from my underwear. Excited beyond words, I gratefully accepted this taboo act, this utter pleasure, and my aberrant response to Randy's dogged efforts to break down my defenses and share his desire for me.

Goddess of the Moon

first-time KierHardy 2017-12-03

You've taken the tube for two stops and are now walking the short distance to my house, following the directions on your phone. Immediately I am struck by your beauty. I didn't notice, at all. You make up for your perceived blunder when I come in with the tray containing teapot, cups, saucers, spoons, sugar bowl full of cubes and a little jug of milk. Channel I notice. After that I give you an article to read and some questions to find the answers to. I don't read the article. Soon you have finished your task and we go through your answers together. Once we're done, I suggest a short break. We break. You are transcendentally beautiful!

Foreskin retraction final part.

first-time 2017-12-03

The next thing he slipped a f***ep into the space between the head and the skin to release an adhesion the was joining the forskin and headjust above the groove, then with his fingers, he held the exposed top of the glans and with his other hand completely retracted my foreskin, He sort of pulled the head out of the foreskin. A couple of days later I had a gentle wank, but needed to do it my usual way, so didnt expose the head, however I did follow instructions from the nurse to wash it twice a day with warm water and the skin completely retracted

Learning to let go (part 3)

first-time 2017-12-03

She meant the girls who I used to see disappearing behind the barangay hall afterwards with the tallest and most handsome players, or walking with their men towards the tall cogon grass at the top of the village after dark: their boyfriends hands already eagerly exploring their girlfriends bottoms. I could hardly eat my tea I was so excited, my stomach was trembling at the thought of what the night would bring, and so at about 6 pm I slipped out of the house - telling Mum and Dad that I had an important book to buy at the bookstore in town. So then he said we could go instead into the cogon grass, but I was scared in case my Mum, Dad or s****r might see us walking up through the sub-division.

0051 Big Ones – Deidre

first-time tankengine123 2017-12-03

Dee was sliding a big cock-shaped lolly in her mouth and holding Willy’s penis as it softened and returned to its normal state. The next afternoon, Dee had a wonderful session with Willy’s special big one resulting in a belly full of cherry flavored man-milk. Dee started to bring big ones from Willy to share with her mother. Over the next few weeks, Dee learned to take a cherry flavored lolly in her pussy and then she experienced Willy’s big one deep in her front hole. It was not long afterward that her mother took Willy’s big lolly cock inside a mommy ass. One special thing was her mother showing Dee had to suck cherry flavoring from Willy’s ass hole.

Virgin in Japan

first-time FullyLoadedUK 2017-12-03

She ran her hands over my chest, making contact only with the tips of her nails, leaving little white lines trails. She replaced my hand with hers on my cock and started to stroke it with long gentle motions. As soon as I became aware of the petite woman pressing into my body, my cock sprang back to life pushing into Ting's ass. Ting lifted her leg a little reached through and guided the head of my cock into her pussy. I didn't get much of a warning from my body, I started what normal downward thrust into her when her pussy muscles clamped down hard on me causing my cock spasm and then shoot a series of semen loaded charges deep into her.

College Days Ch. 01

first-time guysimple1674 2017-12-03

I put the bottle down on the centre table and holding her hands for the first time I got close to her, and said "I said sorry!" I put my hands inside, feeling her soft naked skin on my fingers and palm as I rubbed her belly from her waist. I tried to guide my cock in her cunt, but was unable to, she took her hand to my cock, rubbed it and stroked it, and guided it to her cunt lips, rubbing it there, I was desperate to push it in, she held it there for a second, moaned, and whispered, "chodo mujhe (fuck me)". I held her boobs, pushed my mouth hard on her mouth, my cock hard inside her cunt, and sot my cum.

Idris Fills Me Up

first-time innocentsammy 2017-12-03

"I think Sammy and I should see a little more of you," said Idris and taking Sue's hand he helped her to her feet. "I was right you are both very excited and very moist down there, I'm looking forward to giving both of these holes a good fucking," said Idris as he moved a middle finger in and out of the two cunts in front of him. "Unlike Tony, Idris has a circumcised cock and there is no requirement to pull back the foreskin to reveal the head before commencing our oral ministrations," said Sue. If you behave like that each time the boys will be more than happy," said Idris "Come here and watch me milk Sue."

Black As Coal

first-time cuteb0y25 2017-12-03

Would u like me to take u to the hotel or to the office,”i asked.” we would like to finish our work first,”said chris as he stared at my breasts. ” do you like rain?” i asked Chris and walked towards the balcony.” yeah i have some good memories that include rain ,” he smiled as he said those words. ” why what is wrong with us ?”i enquired as i stared down at the parking lot.” tomorrow is the deal and i don’t like the hospitality here,” he said as he placed hands on my hips and came closer to me. “and you threw away my bra!!” I smiled .he bent down to pick up my wet shirt .

First Time for Everything

first-time walterio 2017-12-03

Next, she began to rub the head of my cock against her dripping pussy, easing her lips apart as she inched it inside her treasure. I desperately reached for her hips and she let out a deep throaty groan as she surrendered and plunged her hot pussy down on my straining cock. That was all it took for me and my hips began to hammer out of control as a massive release started deep in my balls and raced up my shaft, exploding from the head into the hot pussy. She sat back up as we both recovered, I looked up at the shapely girl, still straddling my hips, with my cock inside her pussy.


June Draws To An End

first-time Tom Mandy 2017-12-03

It is graduation day for Harry, eighteen and leaving the shit hole that has consumed him, and now in his midst was Mrs. Petrolli, the only little spark back from mid-muck memories, aged to thirty and with a man. “Oh, come on, Harry honey, I know you’ve had a thing for me for these years, you just knew to keep legal distance and now: (grabs Harry’s crotch): you’re hard as a monument.” Harold had redness come to his face yet was able to mutter words, “Oh yes, Sheila, I’m guessing I can call you that, I have been pining for you all this time, I just-”

Growing up in a house full of women, Parts 1 and 2

first-time abc12345 2017-12-03

He will say things like “Does that make your cock hard looking at those titties?” or “I’d fuck her so hard she would start crying.” and other stupid things. After he was done, he said, “Don’t these titties make you want to whack off?” I replied no, and I put the magazine down and told him it was getting late and I had to go home. "Okay, but I have the money, but I know my dick isn't all nasty like the guys you say at the tavern." I was egging her on. I wanted her so bad to tell me she was proud of me, or liked my cock, but no....She said nothing, she just kept bobbing on my cock.

18th bday

first-time bliebent 2017-12-03

she know it was my birthday and told me she wanted to have sex with for my bday gift.. she and laid there and she slow start to put my cock to her pussy and told me to go in.. so i did, i went so fast and i told her i wanted to try to go as deep as i could.. she told me happy birthday and asked me if it was really my first time she told me that any time i wanted to we could fuck.. right after she got clean up and left my mom and dad came home and asked me how my birthday was going..i told than its was great..

A La Jolla First (Pt. 01)

first-time Moonraker_Bond007 2017-12-03

"You said you didn't believe that I was going commando," replied Erin. I was just standing there, trying to figure out what the hell I was going to do, when Erin just reached out, unbuttoned my jeans, and dragged them – along with my boxers! "Well!" said Erin, the evil grin on her face getting bigger. "Well," said Erin, that evil grin returning to her face, "I think we're just going to have to do something about that." The imaginary baseball game going inside my head stopped just short of Barry Bonds hitting the record-breaking homer as Erin broke into my reverie, saying, "So, Jason, what do you think?"

Humiliation of Niece

first-time 2017-12-03

He brought her to within a yard of me, tilted her chin so she looked into my eyes and told her to tell me exactly what she had done to deserve punishment. She did then he asked me to sit down and he made her bend down in front of me and told her to show me her backside and the red cheeks. Turning to me he asked if I would deliver ten strokes with the thicker cane please ,I want her to remember this day for a long time. I was not going to raise my arm just using the wrist action would be enough to mark her for a few days so I did and told her to count them out and to apologise to us both after each one.

First time at the hole

first-time 2017-12-03

that's the way guys ask for a blow job.' and before I finished, there were fingers in both holes. she didn't see it as she was working on the thick dick guy so I took her hand and put her finger in the hole. I looked at her ass as she leaned forward and I could see the cum dripping from her freshly fucked pussy. as soon as he had left, another guy came in and stuck his cock in the hole. I pulled my wife up from the cock she was sucking and gave her a good deep kiss and spun her around. my wife took my cock in one hand and jacked him off with her other, making him cover my dick with his cum.

At the beach with Grampa

first-time jayke1981 2017-12-03

All the way to the beach I could feel his eyes glancing in my direction. way he was looking at my skimpy bottoms, I guessed he thought I was It felt so great to feel the warm sand slowly cover my body. "Is there something you wanted grampa?" I asked after a long time. let out a groan as he looked at my body only a foot away from him. He reached out a trembling hand and touched my pussy, lightly running into my pussy, trying to slip inside my ass hole. moisture from my ravaged pussy on his little finger and slid it slowly My grandfather groaned loudly as my tiny hands went around his cock.

her sex life with parents

first-time adel5000 2017-12-03

It wasn’t until she began to really concentrate on my clitoris that I began to feel these strange but nice feeling in my body – it was unlike anything I had ever felt before but it seemed like what happened to mommy when daddy was having sex with her or licking her vagina. Then without much warning other than this lovely feeling building up inside me – it happened and the whole world changed – it was the most amazing feeling and knowing how mommy shook and bucked about I did the same as it was easy as my whole body wanted to do it and the more she rubbed her finger on my clitoris the stronger it got and I had my bum about a foot off the bed with the intensity of the feeling I was having.

How I was exploited by Helena Aunty...

first-time 2017-12-03

went out in the house opposite, a little later I heard the aunty calling out time passed, when I felt something warm on my penis I opened my eyes. had pushed aside my dhothi and had my penis inside her mouth totally. When I opened my eyes I got the shock of my life, aunty had opened Aunty came with thermos flask and zandu balm bottle looked at me, laughed and placed my hands on her waist and asked "Want more milk?" with a face up kissed me and asked "Want to become a man?". said to relax grabbed my butt and pushed my penis totally inside her vagina. One day I came from school, I saw uncle and aunty distributing sweets

Getting Past Third

first-time Piscator 2017-12-03

Then the unexpected, a cute blonde whom I didn't know came up and said "Nice legs" (I was wearing cutoff jeans at the time), to which I of course responded "Shame about the face." Now I was slow, but not that slow. (While not really, I had relieved the pressure on occasion myself.) She looked up to me and smiled saying "MMMM so quickly, I love cum." then gave my cock a couple last licks before rising again and kissing me again, this time tasting of beer, smoke and my cum. Over the rest of the summer, I dated Patti several times (yes I remembered to get her phone number).


first-time sarahRoars 2017-12-03

On the christmas eve last year , My b*****r and his group of friends were in our house , waiting for the countdown . I was taking a shower when ivan rushed to the washroom . After which he puked , and knock out once again , i dragged him to the living hall before going into my room . He grabbed my head , and kissed me , eyes closed . i played with his dick for quite some time before he insert it into my pussy . Ivan wanted to cum inside me , but i am reluctant to do so . The next morning , he kissed me on my forehead before he leave the house , and i

Fantasy Cum True

first-time heater31 2017-12-03

Then she pulled her throbbing cock from my mouth and told me to lick it, "lick it like an ice cream cone" which I went to with my eyes closed, visualizing an ice cream cone. This treat of mine knew I was turned on so she turned me over onto my chest and licked my ass hole until i practically came, at this point, she climb under me and sucked the cum out of my dick, all of it...while I lay there mesmerized, she climbed on top of me and gave me a french kiss full of my own come into my mouth and down my throat.

working hard

first-time christinefan 2017-12-03

Romero was a strong bodied tall lean boy with dark hair skin and eyes. I had come up with the idea of securing my long cock to my inner thigh with a tight garter belt after a suggestion by Samantha when she noticed my sometimes hard dick could easily be noticed beneath my pretty girls clothes. I felt such jealousy my eyes welled with tears I looked up and down at Romero's body with his back now turned to me as he asked Samantha about the errand she had called his for. Walked slowly up the stairs behind Romero my hard cock was getting stoked between my silk cover thigh and the garter belt.