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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jackie and The Field House

first-time guitarman194 2017-12-03

For the next 3 weeks Jackie arrived at the park early and she helped me gets the fields ready and we then we used the extra time to fuck our brains out. When Jamie wasn't looking, Jackie even "accidentally" rubbed my hard on, I'm surprised I didn't come in my shorts. She thanked me for a great summer, gave my still hard dick on last kiss and got in her car a drove away. I was shocked, 4 weeks ago I couldn't buy pussy from a hooker without getting turned down, 2 hours ago when Jackie said goodbye I was sure I would never see pussy again let alone get laid, and now another girl was offering me her pussy.

Craigslist (real life)

first-time 2017-12-03

I normally am not that great at dictating just how i want things but in this case, he got 3 blow jobs already, lucky guy, so it wasn't unreasonable thinking back, that I kept directing him to fuck me harder and faster. I would have loved to keep using him for this all night, just making him fuck me exactly like that all night long over and over, but he was sl**py from all that cum release. I want someone exactly like him to be hot and horney at least a few times a week if not daily, spontaneously, for quickies and all nighters, and whoever i end up finding, if i do another search is going to be one lucky guy if he likes nutting no less than 3 times per session.

Beware Of Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

first-time maggie2002 2017-12-03

“Hi, I’m Jimmy the dorm student advisor, and you look like my very late and much hassled freshman student Linda. “Do I do that to you Jimmy?” He nodded yes and growled, “If you keep that up you will see a lot more crème then that” She smiled up at him and bent down and suddenly her mouth was around the head of his cock and her hands were gently around the shaft. Now Linda, I am going to give you several orgasms orally like to relax you and then when I think you are ready I will insert this cock you like so well into your beautiful pussy and I will show you how wonderful sexual love between two people can be.

Interesting old and young

first-time free2speakmymind 2017-12-03

Now she had wonderful long well kept hair, lovely eyes, straight back, extremely prominate breasts and long legs. A couple of days later she approached me and said how thankful she was with the action I had taken, and could we meet sometime and have lunch together. We adjourned to the big double bed , I really enjoyed those breasts and virgin nipples suddenly she opened her legs wide, said please fuck me but do it slowly, but as I entered her I could not get into her as it seemed to painful, so we adjourned and went for a drive. I could not resist I dropped her pants inserted my very hard cock right up her, no resistance just a lovely smile.

mom and son first time

first-time 2017-12-03

I am brittany, 41 years married to Rajeev 19 years ago. I have a son Kabir, 22 years. When I was 35, Rajeev divorced me and married another girl. Days passed by now it was three years he left me. One night while we were sl**ping, Kabir put is hand on my thigh. Then slowly he started to move his hands and reached till my pussy. My gown had moved up, so he could see my ass and he started touching my ass. Two, three nights passed, he repeated his activities. To cum I said cum in me baby he shot his big load up in me.we had sex 6with times that day before I went to work.

Just the Tip Honey Pegged

first-time 425olds 2017-12-03

Seether, Fuck Me Like You Hate Me. As the realization dawned on me I started to move away, but she was already on top of me, one hand on her cock and the other with a firm grip on my neck. "No Rach please don't do this I won't tell anyone I prom--" I groaned as she pushed the head of her cock inside of me. My ass felt empty as she slowly slid the cock back out. I tried to scream, beg her to stop, anything, but all I could feel and think was her cock. I couldn't focus my thoughts, all I could feel was my submission, the way she was using my body.


Thawing the Ice Queen

first-time GrampyWriter 2017-12-02

As he was mouthing these endearments and gazing into her eyes, he was teasing her by lightly brushing the tender skin on the inside of her thighs with the back of his hand. When she opened her eyes, Forest held his right hand in front of her like a trophy. If you don't mind me saying so, that's about as pretty a thing as I ever seen, and you do seem to know how to charm her, like a good horse handles a steer, so to speak." "Oh, that's great Forest, I see you've already gotten to know my half brother Clint; did he tell you he plays for the Steelers?" And Forest felt the hand tighten...

Bad Teacher Ch. 10

first-time Itheswag 2017-12-02

I broke the kiss and moved around the couch and as I looked at my best friend's mother, she reached with both hands, grabbing the bottom of her top and proceeded to pull it up over her shoulders and head. The sensation of her hand on my cock turn it into a huge solid throbbing pole and I could feel how my pre-cum started to flow and Carmen smeared it around the head with tender touches. My rock hard shaft moved in and out her pussy in a tremendous pace and Carmen's cunt muscles once again began gripping and releasing my shaft as she experienced numerous orgasms, one right after another and it caused her body to writhe and twitch with incredible pleasure.

When a woman needs a woman - Part 2

first-time Honeybabe 2017-12-02

One day she phoned in sick to work and after she’d done the school run drove to the station and took the train to town. Arrival in London, taxi to the Dorchester Hotel, checking in (she was sure the concierge knew what she was doing… she felt so guilty) and then in the lift clutching the key to Room 342. She was ready for the night of her life and so with a final squirt of Must de Cartier and grabbing her handbag, she headed for the lift down the softly lit corridor, her heels sinking into the deep pile of the carpet as she walked, her silk dress slinking against her legs.

Living Life with Faith Ch. 01

first-time triplehigh 2017-12-02

"She doesn't have anytime for us man, nursing majors don't have a life," John sarcastically said while making his way to the bathroom, "I'll see you tonight then?" Flashing a smile and walking away she said, "I look forward to seeing you then!" With that, she was through the doors and walking outside amidst flurries of snow. Sending a text to John letting him know he was on his way, Reece walked along the snow covered sidewalks for a while before coming to Cynthia's house. Faith, looking closer at Reece was slow with the reply. Still dragging him forward, Faith looked back and replied, "There is this little corner mart up the street that sells cheap stuff, come on."

That afternoon with Lisa

first-time section777777 2017-12-02

As i picked up my bag and books and heading towards the door Lisa looked up from her desk - i had never really talked to her in the last few years of school, she was kinda one of those girls who kept a low profile but was cool. Lisa step towards me her hand undoing my zipper - feeling her slide into my boxers and grabbing my rock hard cock was out of this world. Her panties was so hot and wet under her skirt - rubbing my finger over the outline of her little lips while catching her swollen clit each time i could tell she had been thinking about my cock that afternoon.

Love is Blind

first-time maanmathan_playboy 2017-12-02

Her soft hand made me even harder and I was longing to push my pulsating cock deep inside her wet quivering pussy as soon as possible. I was standing right in the middle of a boat getting wet in the rain as the girl obediently took my hard cock in her mouth and started tasting it. But, my throbbing thick cock had no empathy for the young virgin and when I pushed it hard into her virgin pussy, Asha screamed which echoed within the boat house. "I love you." Bending down, I took Asha's lips into mine one more time for a deep kiss as I continued to fuck her unexplored pussy with maximum vigor.


first-time qrystofer 2017-12-02

notice Nicole's legs as her skirt rode higher up her thighs every time my way up her thigh Nicole held my wrist and said, "you first." She Taking my cock in her hand Nicole looked me in of my body jerked and danced I clenched a handful of Nicole's hair to Nicole moaned loudly as my fingertips circled her ass hole. Nicole stopped to remove her panties then took my hand from her pussy Nicole slid off the couch and knelt between my legs her mouth throat young man," she purred as she gripped my ass cheeks and mouth she pulled me into her and held me there, my cock buried my cum still on her tongue Nicole stood and put her mouth to mine

John & Jessica

first-time daddysgirl1988 2017-12-02

The woman, who John guessed to be Jessica's mother, asked him to come into the living room and have a seat. Jessica and John sat at the table and began to study. In his mind's eye John saw Jessica on the table, her beautiful legs spread, his cock thrusting in and out of her tight wet slit. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick the head of John's cock. "Oh, Jessica," John moaned, a little louder this time. Jessica continued to suck her tutor's huge cock. She sucked John's cock harder and faster, each motion making her tutor moan, which made her wetter. John put his hand on Jessica's head and pushed down. "Mhmm," Jessica said with cock in her mouth.

Gentle, Be Gentle

first-time Nakod Apa 2017-12-02

Finally I could wait no longer, the time had come for her to know the joy of having a man inside her. Wriggling her hips to get her cunni centrally placed over my cock she started to rise and fall, giving a grunt each time she hit bottom and a sigh every time she nearly let me slip out. Stepping close she wrapped it in one slightly trembling hand, gave a short nod and said, 'Yes. That's what I want.' She was breathing in a series of deep, throaty moans, her head rolling slowly from side to side causing her lush white boobs with their rosy, tip-tilted nipples to sway back and forth across her chest.

my first cock experience (true story crossdressing

first-time dickissogood 2017-12-02

He said it was time to see if I did do it , I took off my shirt and knew bra was loose but he stuffed it for me and said I looked nice , I was nervous to pull shorts down but I already changed so there was no going back , I waited until my Dick went down before I pulled shorts down , and Instantly saw his shorts grow , he said I looked sexy and my cock once again grew out of thong , I felt great and we layed down talking not next too each other but close enough to have sexual tension , he kept looking at me deep and he got closer , we were both virgins as far as I know, just curious, he asked if he could grab my ass and I said yes , as he squeezed my ass I had my eyes closed and felt his lips on mine , he placed my hand on his throbbing cock and I naturally stroked him for what seemed forever.

Julia's First Time

first-time Berotica 2017-12-02

A few weeks earlier, he had taken a bag of groceries from me and his hand had brushed my nipples, causing them to stand to attention immediately and unseen by Jessie, he had flicked a finger under my crop top and stroked my little pink bud just once, causing a small moan to slip from my lips and a flush to snake through my body. I could feel Jack's cock suddenly jerking and his balls tightened up and with a moan he shot hot creamy salty ropes of cum into my mouth, and it spilt over my lips and onto my nipples, where the heat of the liquid on my sensitive taut buds made me gasp.

My first time

first-time evildead1987 2017-12-02

We carried on exchanging texts, at which point she told me she had a week off work and asked if i'd like to go round for some fun. I moved between her legs, i'm now assuming she wanted oral or for me to just cum on her chest but i moved over her and kissed her then went to slide my cock into her pussy. I said of course it was, took a deep breathe and felt her tight juicy pussy swallow my cock. She wasted no time in forcibly pounding my cock, trying to get me inside her as deep as possible, which wasn't entirely possible considering how tight she was.

Mature Aunty With Young Boy..

first-time 2017-12-02

Then I grabbed her once again and gave one huge kiss and said “I like your big boobs and round shaped ass.” Afterwards she came on my way and told me, “I also like you very much but I am afraid of people.” I promised her this will be a secret between you and me. But I put my finger in her asshole and started in-out, she get enjoyed my finger-fuck, after that I put my two fingers in her asshole and told her “see my dick is sufficient to enter in your asshole”. My 95% dick was inserted in her Wet pussy and giving her heavy strokes, pressing her big boobs, eating it and kissing her all over, enjoying full night.

The Youth Pastor

first-time areaman04 2017-12-02

Her dirty blonde hair goes down past her shoulders when she lets it out (which rarely happens, due to the fact that she always seems to be coming from or going to a lacrosse game or practice), and she has beautiful brown eyes, cute little nose, and thin pink lips. I pulled her back to a standing position and turned her to face me, kissing her long and deep as I gently pushed her back so she was leaning with her ass against my desk. I kept my hands on her hips as I began moving toward her left breast, eventually kissing in increasingly smaller concentric circles, getting closer to her nipple with each one.

Gangbang with my new Master

first-time klammer 2017-12-02

Through these sensations I hear the same masculine voice tell me: "Take it bitch, you need it." The head of his cock repeatedly pins my throat and makes me feel so overwhelmed and powerless. "Take it, slut!" the younger voice tells me, as the speakers hands hold my hips so he can bury his cock deeper and deeper in my sissy ass. "Keeping looking at me slut, and keep your mouth open"' he commands as he moves a little closer, the head of his cock directly before my eyes. He easily enters my asshole, lubricated from the other guys cum and starts to fuck my unresisting sissy ass slowly.

The Walking Orgasm Ch. 04

first-time Amyfriend 2017-12-02

"Yes, change quickly Ron. But I don't mind soiling this dress, in fact you can use it for wiping as well." I said, as he broke away and took his bag to the bedroom then quickly changed into a pair of boxers and an old tee shirt. "Mmmm, you're good at that too Ron, oh that's so nice." I said as he sucked on my nipples and rubbed my wet pussy with his fingers. Oh my god, what an incredible feeling as his hard cock throbbed and pulsated while his pubic bone rubbed over my clit every time he thrusted inside my wet pussy. I've never had such an intense orgasm before, but I think we both need a break, so lets just relax." I said as I kissed him then slowly wrapped my arms around him and closed my eyes.

Tommy and Mrs. Harris

first-time licksit 2017-12-02

Tommy's body was sending exciting messages of sexual pleasure to his brain as he sucked and stroked Mrs. Harris's breasts. Tommy kissed the crotch of her panties passionately, then, he pushed his now stiff tongue upward along the center of these delicious bikini panties, licking appreciatively the sexual juices that filled the crotch of Mrs. Harris's panties. Mrs. Harris put her hands on his head, stroking it, letting her fingers play across his scalp, down his cheeks, a finger touching lightly his lips.She arched her back, raising her hips, pressing her pussy against his mouth. Mrs. Harris sighed, her thighs squeezing Tommy's checks, her fingers playing with his scalp and face, as she lifted her hips to press her pussy against his mouth.

little s****r

first-time slyfox666 2017-12-02

She was wrecked when she bounced on my bed, telling me she was sore from so much dancing. She laid cross ways on the bed & I started to massage her feet. I poked my fingers into her university pussy, she moaned a couple of times, THEN she said: I licked her pussy, then she spread HER legs again, and told me..I am d***k, do what you need to do me! After a few dozen pokes in her soaked pussy, she told me..I want on top. She fell off me, collapsed beside me, and looked over telling..thanks big b*****r, within seconds she was snoring. I looked at her laying there, and telling myself, she was a good fuck, but I cant believe what we just did.