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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Beth - My First mature

first-time hulosayla 2017-12-02

I asked if she knew about that and she said that Sally tells her everything so I admitted I had fingered Sally quite a few times and even had my cock in her pussy but never really felt that I’d fucked her properly. Beth then just leant her head back and lifted her hand over her shoulder and slid it up my loose shorts leg immediately gabbing my cock and started stroking gently. I was hard again by now and I just sat and looked at her laying back on the floor – so totally abandoned to sex and I never thought until that day how sensual an older woman could be but it started me on a lifetime of enjoyment of mature women.


first-time klammer 2017-12-02

I felt his fingers slide over my butt cheeks, and he began to stroke my tight little hole. His cock was now hard and I wrapped my lips around it, i pulled the skin back and ran my tongue along it as it took him deep. Then he sat back and slid his hand up my dress and pulled at the clips of the suspender belt, releasing the tights, he pulled the soft fabric down my smooth leg, kissing it as he slid the bundle down. he pulled my cheeks apart and pushed his cock back into my tight and warm hole, stretching the laced thong to the side.

A Night Along the River

first-time Susscrofa 2017-12-02

Being a rather skinny, awkward young man of barely 18 at the time, I shrank back a little at being undressed by this girl who I barely even knew, but she reassured me by saying, "You feel nice - I really like the way you touch me." Judy moved my hand back onto her breast and then undid my belt and unzipped my fly, then bent over and pulled my jeans down to my knees. Judy's tongue worked a circle around the crown of my cock before taking it from her mouth as a final tease, and she stood up and said "Wow, I thought you would never ask..." with a care-free laugh, unbuttoning her tight, tattered jean shorts, dropping them to the ground, and kicking them aside, her white sneakers still on.

Thorny Rose Ch. 02

first-time JayDavid 2017-12-02

Dad said, like he was working through an idea out loud, "You know, when you want a reporter to bury a story, you have to offer him something in exchange." His parents were horrified at Sam's insistence on hurting Rose, but also took some shots at Rose's and her mother's "immorality." Mom and Dad tried to calm things down, and I sat there, my head spinning, and Rose bawling away on my shoulder. Mom and Dad offered to take everyone to Cookie's for dessert and coffee, but the Cruz's apparently had other, likely less delicious, plans for Sam, and Rose just wanted to go home.


The Riding Lesson

first-time opels 2017-12-02

Victoria had pestered him continuously about letting her ride his horse and he had adamantly refused, coming close to losing his temper more than once. As they rode back to the house, Dawson noticed that Victoria seemed lost in thought and kept raising her fingers to her lips. Dawson's hands curled into fists at his sides as he closed his eyes, taking a deep shuddering breath as her touch enflamed his senses. Victoria thought she was going to lose her mind as her legs thoughtlessly wound around Dawson, her fingers threading through his hair, holding his head to her breast as he suckled and nibbled at her nipple. Gently pushing his hands aside, Victoria undid the buttons and as Dawson raised his hips she tugged the trousers down.

Jess & Me

first-time Wonderotica 2017-12-02

A month and four days ago, I was at the cash register, between customers, when Jess came up behind me, put a folded sheet of paper on the counter, and giggled before dashing off. Then I went to pick Jess up - for this night, I'd insisted on picking her up gallantly, rather than having her drive over - and we came back to my apartment. Jess didn't seem surprised; how hard can it be to get a second erection when you're faced with a horny hot thing like her? Not just the vagina slicking and tightening around my shaft, but her boobs and nipples on my chest, our lips and tongues joining, my hands feeling her ass, the electric chorus of our moaning and gasping.

Erotic encounter ( Aunty )

first-time 2017-12-02

I enjoyed the touch for a long time, since her height was lesser than me it gave me a full advantage of being in control of the situation, she was looking so small and yet so sexy, I was sure that I can do anything to her without any fear, I was caressing her nice firm ass globe for a long time, then I started pulling her sari upward, it was not easy task, though I was comfortable about mami, I was scared also, as my mummy was sl**ping just 5 feet away from me,

Desires Pt. 01

first-time MrSolo 2017-12-02

It didn't show in that picture, well it showed but it was just there, just hanging there as it did, all surrounded by black curly hair but, whilst the photo reminded her of that first swim, it hadn't been like that on that first day standing looking at the pool before they'd got into the water. It had been lovely sitting there, legs over his shoulders, his face buried deep in her sex, his tongue moving with purpose, looking up at the so blue sky and simply letting Jerry bring her off—and he had done, she'd shuddered as she stared at the blue, blue sky, revelling in that lovely tingling orgasm feeling and the pleasure of holiday anticipation.

Better Than Before: Charlie & Mike Ch. 02

first-time juanwildone 2017-12-02

Physically, Charlie’s mouth was sliding slowly up and down the length of his cock as her tongue pushed against his glans. Charlie alternated between looking up at Michael and feeling this was the best decision she’d ever made and closing her eyes. She felt his cock swell and prepared herself – this too would be a first, allowing a guy, no wanting Michael, to cum in her mouth. She felt a finger rub along the seam of her cunt and she instinctively opened her legs wide. Charlie pushed Mike’s mouth away from her and looked at him with wild eyes. Charlie looked at Mike’s hard cock – she was ready. Charlie spread her legs wide and held out her arms to Michael – welcoming him into her.

I want To Get Laid

first-time Ashson 2017-12-02

Andrew took a step closer, put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me back until I was lying on the bed. Andrew pushed me back to lying on the bed again, but this time the rotten sod pressed me back with his hands covering my breasts. Well, I guess I was sure, in that I'm pretty certain I was expecting and wanting his cock, but I just didn't know what it was going to do, other than come inside me. The playing with my breasts felt nice, but it faded into insignificance compared to feeling Andrew inside me. "And besides," said Andrew, smiling, "if you're in my bed, Cathy won't be offering you to Simon as a sacrificial lamb.

Something I have thought long and hard about

first-time BeckyInLove 2017-12-01

I know that Michael is going to see this by the time he gets back home but maybe some of you can help me and write some things to let him know this is my idea and I am not thinking about it just because Kelly did or that I think it is what he would want me to do. I really liked Kellys idea of having 24 guys and let them know that each one can have a total of two hours with me and they can break it up anyway they want to as long as it equals 2 hours.

The Train Journey – Part 1

first-time yachtmasteruk 2017-12-01

It is two days later……….I arrive in a rush as the train is about to leave the station, and dive into the last available seat in the carriage, the rearward facing seat in a pair of a face-to-face table seat. “Hi…… are you?” the reply comes from the same attractive dark-haired lady with whom I had shared a carriage two days previously. We drift into the same teasing flirtatious conversation that had existed between us during the previous journey we previously shared, until with a sigh of barely restrained lust, I ask if she would like a drink, take her order for a small gin & tonic, and wander off down the aisle to find the bar.


first-time Ashson 2017-12-01

The girls enjoyed themselves, showing of their bikinis and flirting generally, Clarice's enjoyment not impaired by having Anthony there. Clarice was too shocked to even think of trying to cover up and just stood there, looking at Anthony, of all people, looking at her. Anthony simply reached for it and tugged, releasing the bow and letting the top fall away, freeing Clarice's breasts. They came together, Anthony's mouth coming down and finding Clarice's. Anthony continued pushing forward, finding Clarice lifting her hips until their groins were rubbing against each other. Clarice gave a horrified moan and darted towards the water, Anthony following more slowly, struggling into his shorts as he came.

Just You and I - Sam's Story Pt. 01

first-time CoventinaNyx 2017-12-01

When we got to the corner where we would have to go our separate ways I said, "I have to go this way, but I watch until you get into your house." She looked up at me with those incredibly blue eyes for a very long moment, then she tugged on my arm. I pulled back quickly, reading the disappointment in her eyes, and cleared my throat, "You better get out of those wet clothes and into a bath," I said, 'You'll get sick." I couldn't stop myself, I reached out and stroked her cheek. After answering my query as to when the parents were leaving, she announced she was getting out of the pool and gave me a nice view of her bathing suite clinging to her pussy as she pulled herself out of the water and sat on the wall, her legs spread slightly.

Lady Next Door

first-time LynnGKS 2017-12-01

I had persuaded Susie to do this a couple of times but Gail's mouth was hot and her tongue working on the head of my dick felt like nothing I had ever felt before. I thought I was going to come but she raised her head and moved one leg over to straddle me and taking my hard cock in her hand she positioned it between the lips of her pussy and settled down on me and started to hump. If you're good, then she's gonna start spreading her legs for you so you can get at her pussy better and when she does, remember, keep that damn dick in your pants."

Unexpected Liaison with Katie

first-time caseyjones67 2017-12-01

Jack said "Katie, what are you doing?" Katie replied "Auntie told me that you used to kiss her and touch her when you were growing up. Jack started to wonder how this night was going to turn out, but said to Katie "If you want I could touch you like I used to touch her, but you must not tell her. He circled his fingers around the black satin making ever smaller circles until he could feel Katie's hard nipple. As they kissed Jack slipped his finger under her bra strap and pulled it, along with her cropped top, off her shoulder. Jack took his fingers out of her pussy and held onto her thighs with both hands while he continued to lick her pussy.

A Good Year

first-time Pajman 2017-12-01

In my sleep I began to dream of Derrick and of his hand on my thigh, I let out a soft involuntary moan. I felt him push his cock in deeper, pushing against my cherry and I considered keeping my eyes closed and letting some mystery man take my virginity. I tried to lean my head back and open my throat, I pulled my lips over my teeth so I wouldn't bite him and then I wrapped my hand around the base of his warm cock so I wouldn't have to swallow the whole thing. Just before I fell to sleep I promised myself I would fuck someone else soon, and this time I wouldn't let them leave until I came by their hand (or cock or tongue-or whatever!).

Her Mom's Hot Friend

first-time bbw4youngercocks1 2017-12-01

While Julie's outside relationships were few and far between, Robert had little trouble attracting both men and women with his 6'1 muscular frame, green-eyed dark looks, and an eight-inch thick cock. Robert didn't give her much time to recover before he kissed and licked his way back up her body, pausing to suck her breasts, and then took her mouth with his, letting her taste herself on his tongue. He placed his large hands on her waist and showed her what to do.It wasn't long before she picked up a good rhythm after Robert lifted her body and pulled her down on his cock a few times.

Weekend With Friends

first-time 2017-12-01

A couple of months ago the 4 of us decided to spend a long weekend in Nassau to celebrate our health and to enjoy some much needed time away from the daily stresses of work and life. Rachelle and Shelly were really cutting loose, taking Mike and I by the hands and leading us out to the dance floor. Soon Rachelle and Shelly were teasing us with their dresses, pulling them up quickly to give us guys a quick flash before continuing to dance. See if I can feel your finger on the scar.” At this point, I knew that Rachelle wanted to fuck Mike. Then, Mike mounted Shelly and shoved his cock balls deep into Shelly’s ass in one big push.

My Friend's Mom Part 2

first-time johhnywack 2017-12-01

I consider myself average, 7.5 inches, but my dick looked even bigger in her hands. I just looked at her with her eyes closed and mouth wide open from moaning I couldn’t help myself. I felt the washing machine move and shake especially when I pulled out, that really got me going. She jumped at the cum gushing into her pussy and then she tightened her muscles all over my dick. After about ten minutes of kissing my dick began to go hard. When she finally pulled them up all the way, I patted down my semen into her pussy. After what seemed like forever she pulled it out of her mouth and began stroking it.


first-time dewdrop 2017-12-01

This actually turned Erin on knowing Jake would have to watch her tight, wet,warm teen pussy get fucked by a huge man cock. tell Kurt you want it." he said and she begged like a young litte bitch and he then slowly slid his massive grown man cock into her hot hairless teen pussy he gasped and then moaned out "OH FUCK...OH...OH..FU..FU..FUCK YES." as he began to pump her. Then stoked hard one more time and buried balls deep his cock inside her and said "FUCK GONNA CUM IN SIDE YOUR BARLEY LEGAL TEEN PUSSY!!" this of course was almost hard to make out because he moaned,cried,mumbled and whimpered as his cock began to shoot inside her young pussy and fill her with cum.

Sarah’s First Time–at 19

first-time TommyTells 2017-12-01

Sarah admitted that back when she was about 19 that she'd started to masturbate on a regular basis and often fantasized about Stephanie's boyfriends and other guys: what it would be like to kiss them and have their hands on her tits and her pussy and be able to touch and feel their dicks inside her cunt. But if she knew no one was around in the house, she'd sometimes take off her skirt or shorts or pants and her panty and stand in front of her bathroom mirror spreading her long legs and very slowly massage her fuzzy, blonde pubic mound, and stroke the full length of her pussy lips and watch them get pink and swell in the mirror, and then insert a finger or two of one hand into her cunt while she diddled her clit with the other hand.

Beyond Expectations

first-time onlyinadream 2017-12-01

I'm only in town for a short time," he said, hoping he didn't sound like a nervous eighteen year old, which he was. Drinks in hand, they walked to a small table, where Howard pulled out a chair for the woman, who shook her head slightly, as if in disbelief, and then sat graciously. She leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips, to Howard's complete shock. Renee moaned with pleasure, and feeling much encouraged, Howard reached down between her legs and cupped her sex with his open hand. His fingers began gently teasing her nipples, flesh finally meeting flesh, while his mouth placed soft kisses against her stomach.

1st gay fuck

first-time rickk1 2017-12-01

“All my pleasure.” The man said reaching out and pressing his hand on my ass taking a little squeeze that I realized wasn’t necessary a few seconds later as it registered on my intoxicated brain. As he fondled my cock and balls which didn’t seem to be responding but still felt oh so right to me, his other hand began to rub along my crack and pay even more attention to my asshole. Taking both hands he spread my cheeks as far as possible and fucked my asshole hard and fast with his tongue before pulling away and rubbing his hard cock on smy slippery ass hole. Pulling me around so he could reach between my legs he fondled my hard cock with one hand while finger fucking my still slick cum leaking ass hole.