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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wendy and Max

first-time storytyme 2017-12-01

Wendy finds it romantic that Max allows her to hold his hand without complaining or trying to pull away. Taking Max by the hand, she starts walking further into the house and says, "Let's go sit on the couch and watch some TV." Max waits until his sister is gone then gives Wendy a big, passionate kiss that lasts for seconds. Max walks her to the front door, giving her a long kiss and grabs her butt cheeks just before she leaves. She places her hands along his jaw line and gives him a long, passionate kiss then tells him she has to get home.


Adaeze Ch. 01

first-time obcy 2017-12-01

The classmates parked at disco TipTop, left their cars, and before entering the local they got together outside Adaeze was the only one to park at the edge, where there was but one other car only. Stuart stopped walking, which made her stop too, and he looked at Adaeze: "I was with tens of thousands of women, and we never-never did it in a public restroom. It takes no time, Stuart said, and he cleared another square foot of bush under fifteen seconds. The customer-like a sprinter from starting blocks-took off up and at Stuart again, to do a better job this time.

Foot Fetish Fantasy Finally Comes True!

first-time lovesfeet2 2017-12-01

We were just getting ready to leave when Alice asked Sarah, if she could come over for dinner for that evening. On the way, Sarah talked to me, and started the conversation by saying, "I noticed you were looking at her feet when Alice came up to us at the store." Little did she know, I wanted to play with Alice's chubby little feet as soon as I had seen them at the shoe store, even more than my girlfriend's. All of a sudden I saw Alice's feet start playing with my dick. I didn't want to cum at first, so I tried hard to hold it back, but Alice's feet smelled so good, and Sarahs pussy was so tight.

Dorm Room

first-time Tess_Stevens 2017-12-01

Jackson eagerly bent down alongside Alice and put his mouth on the shirt right over Patricia's left nipple. Then, she watched with interest while her mother pulled on Jackson's cock as she'd seen her do to Patricia's brother so many times over the summer when she was teaching Patricia how to jack a guy off. He explained the situation to Alice, who reassured him that, if fucking for the first time hurt a little, it really felt good more than it hurt, and that Jackson could control when he came. Thinking he was hesitant, Alice took his cock and started tapping one of Patricia's nipples with it. Jackson followed her instructions, but he felt cum shooting out as soon as that tight, fresh pussy closed over the head.

Simon Pendleton Ch. 04

first-time zef4600 2017-12-01

Jodi woke swiftly when Simon's face suddenly turned into a pillow. "Baldy, huh?" Simon ran his hand along his shaved head, "Once again your wit and acumen astound us all, Evan. "What exactly is going on here!?" Mrs. Patterson, Simon's counselor, was standing just outside the school doors. Evan cast one last hateful glare at Simon before walking through the school doors. "I'll leave you two alone for a moment while I speak with the coach and the principal." Simon nodded over Jodi's shoulder, still hugging her. Because I've seen you practice and it doesn't look like it to me." Simon scowled, glancing back at Jodi. "Besides," Simon continued, "I saw Mrs. Patterson walking towards us before Evan swung.

Cheating College Girlfriend with 12 inch BBC Part

first-time luvdemwhitegirls 2017-12-01

I walked in and was greeted by a fine white girl saying “You must be Trey, my name is Marley.” The session went well and we made arrangements to meet up twice a week for the rest of the semester. “You love my cock don’t you Marley.” “Yes I love your fucking huge black cock…omg I cumming again.” “Marley you want me to cum inside you.” “Yes Trey please cum inside me, I want your cum…I am cumming again” That was enough to send me over the edge as came deep inside her pussy.

Cold October rain

first-time silkstockingscarol 2017-12-01

Finishing our drinks, one of the girls said good night and got up to leave, she was soon back saying how hard it was raining, she in a t-shirt like most of us ask me if my friend might take her across the road to her car as he said he would, another girl offered to go with her. A short time later, he was back, soaking wet, looked to our table and said, "Next?" Several more left the table and took Denny's offer for a shuttle to their cars, even the ones with jackets. It was by this time almost three in the morning, I didn't want to go home and see my husband right away after sucking and fucking Denny so he let me stay and take a nap in his bed until six.

I want to be a Model

first-time Ashson 2017-12-01

When the two girls bailed me up Barbara was all modest smiles, standing in such a fashion that I got a good look at her figure, not so demurely clad in shorts and shirt that might have been just a tiny bit tighter than they should have. The first few shots of the tomboy look went OK and then I told her to undo another button as I wanted a touch of cleavage and a bit of bra. When I infuriatingly failed to watch her change she even stopped turning around, just whipping off one outfit and putting on the next while I fiddled with my camera – and got a few impromptu shots of Barbara in her undies.

The Tutor

first-time rachel1973 2017-12-01

You know how it feels to need to come?’ He nodded and I began to rub my clitoris furiously and I pushed two fingers deep inside my pussy. To my delight he began to kiss the insides of my thighs again and then he leaned over me and sucked my nipples when he licked them with his tongue I came almost immediately with a loud moan of pleasure. I kneeled up tall so that he could see my breasts bouncing up and down while I stroked his cock inside me and I reached around behind me as I took his balls in my hand and began to stroke him he moaned with pleasure.

The first time is not always planned.

first-time banichi42 2017-12-01

Seeing this, my wife (yes, I know that it would be better to use her name, but she wouldn't like it and I don't want to call her by another) looked me strait in the eye as she reached over and started to rub his cock through his pants. All were gone, she seemed totally at ease and as soon as Mike got close enough, she grabbed him to her, pulled his cock from his pants and started sucking him, rubbing it on her face, licking it up and down. About a minute after the light was out she said, "Mike let me french kiss HIM" and we all started laughing and she told him how I wont open my lips kissing her after cumming in her mouth.


first-time Heller55 2017-12-01

Heller went into her room, it was hot. He quietly walked over to her bed and sat down at her sl**ping next to Tanya. She lay there topless, her nipples were pink and were excited. Heller slowly removed her panties and spread her legs, lay on it and tearing the hymen, abruptly walked into the vagina ...

Hawaii Exchange

first-time eagelwolf 2017-12-01

Gwen Yoshimura and her lover Hawk Detrick go to the Honolulu Contemporary Museum of Art. There they meet Kira and Emiko Kokura, an attractive Japanese couple from Tokyo. "They would like to take us out to dinner at their hotel as payment for the good time we've shown them," I said to Hawk. "We tried one more time with the internet but it failed again so we just gave up." She went quiet for a few seconds then leaned in and said very softly, "Would you and Hawk like to 'wife swap?'" We both crave new things but don't want to sneak around." She caught my eyes and said, "You and Hawk are very nice." She looked away from me and looked at her wine glass.

In Deep

first-time Alex De Kok 2017-12-01

He thought she probably intended just a friendly peck, but he'd desired this woman since he'd begun cleaning her pool two years earlier, and he couldn't help letting some of that want into his end of the kiss, so that it deepened, her lips parted, and there were two of them kissing, in a kiss that went on forever, until she broke it, stepping back, her eyes wide. I've kissed girls, I've touched one or two, but never 'there', if you know what I mean." His face was burning, but Eleanor took no notice, a thoughtful look on her face, her bottom lip caught between her teeth.

Slightly, Once Ch. 10

first-time Balrog 2017-12-01

Tonight I want to share my body, spread my legs wide and wantonly, take a hard cock and fuck it all night long. Tonight I want to feel completely vulnerable, to give my body to a man who will give me sex until I beg him for mercy. Tonight I want to shed the old Kim and enter into a new one that does nothing but crave cock, and beg to be fucked again and again. It feels sooo good!" Brian pushed up to look down at Kim's body, and saw himself penetrating her. Kim had her legs spread wide, holding them apart, hands gripping knees as Brian pile-drove his huge dick into her.

Joy of a BBC PT2

first-time 425olds 2017-12-01

"I've been admiring this beautiful lady from the end of the bar, and I just had to view her splendor up close." Jim was at a loss for words at the man's bravado, and finally stumbled out a "Thanks for the drinks." Jessica stared, enthralled, into the man's eyes, and could feel her body tingling. Marcus leaned close to Jessica's left ear, ran his tongue around the inside and whispered, "Hot women wear sexy lingerie. As he turned away, Marcus placed his left hand on Jessica's leg and ran it from her knee to the lace border of her stocking. As Jim turned to the bar to order the drinks, Jessica dropped her hand, capturing Marcus' hard rod.


first-time alexcomfort 2017-12-01

We now approach a point where delicate matters must be broached, since addressing the realities of the female bottom in the flesh becomes necessary to our disquisition, just as they confront the master who, holding the cane in his hand, is about to administer punishment. When, in continuing, the young lady is required to bend over, the prospects will of course change in significant ways (and we shall address these later), but a master of the cane will always view the bottom bent over as an aspect of the bottom upright, just as he will be able to see in the upright bottom the possibility of that proffered aspect.

Let's Start from the Beginning Ch. 01

first-time AdmiralZombie1852 2017-12-01

The start of my senior year in high school, freshly legal at 18 and wild; I bought the aforementioned vibrating pleasure devices during the summer time and was forced by circumstances to leave the plain brown box which contained the illicit toys closed until that afternoon. Tony must have thought it better just to comply; his shirt hit the floor with a tiny wet pat his hand reached into the basketball shorts that held all of my ire and pulled out his purple tipped cock, it was lined with thick veins that made his bronze cock seem like live stone work. I studied it stroking the same way Tony did from base to tip; I could feel its heat and the pump of his heart beat, frantic beneath his skin.

High School GF in the Library

first-time CDarwin57 2017-12-01

I was minding my own looking out of the window when she turned towards me pulled my head in and kissed me square on the lips. I gave her a deep kiss and she pulled away and told me to hang on a second. After what seemed like years staring into her eyes, but was probably only a minute at most, I went back to kissing around her right breast. When I reached her inner thigh where it connected with her pussy I pulled out, sat back and picked up her right foot. I knew I was good with my kisses, but I had read stories just like this one and had asked a few girls.

Who Is This Girl? Ch. 04

first-time jallen944 2017-12-01

"Because you'll like it," Charlie said, as she uncrossed Dorothy's legs. She slid her hands up Dorothy's thighs and pushed her skirt up to her hips, exposing her dainty pink panties. Dorothy squeezed her head in her thighs and put her hands on Charlie's head and pulled her tight against her crotch. Dorothy's ass rose and fell off the seat, rubbing her pussy against Charlie's face. Charlie and Dorothy were seated at the opposite end of the train car from Jeff and Tom. Fortunately, they were allowed to get up and move around once the train was away from the station. Charlie made it back to her seat beside Dorothy while Mrs. Vanderpoole and the other chaperons were counting kids in the train car.

Party House

first-time 2017-12-01

You know how I feel about you," Dave repeated for about the fiftieth time. Then Dave began kissing my neck. I reached down and grabbed for Dave's cock I squeezed it for a moment over his jeans. Dave planted little kisses on my breasts and teased my protruding nipples with his tongue then began moving down to my belly. Dave put both hands under my ass and lifted me off the ground as he dove into me. Dave slowly slid in and out of me as he massaged me and kissed me on the lips. Well that is the end of this story but wait till you find out what happened the next time I ran into Dave.

First Encounter

first-time ChefChip 2017-12-01

"I know you are a little apprehensive, just come into the room with me, Jen your up" Jen drew a Card and it said "You Are at the Mercy of the Men, for now!" Connie took me into the room and told me to lie down on the bed. "Sure" she said and quickly got up on her hands and knees facing the mirror at the head of the bed, "I want you to watch my face" Connie winked. Connie's mouth opened wide and I saw her eyes roll back a little in her head, she let out a loud moan and then a series of short gasps as she rocked back hard, almost knocking me over backwards.


first-time curvynbusty 2017-11-30

I went to the sink and washed my hands, then pressing my body against his, I took his huge cock out then started to suck on it...It was kinda naughty cause the door was open and customers was coming and going.. He put his cock back into his pants when a customer come intot the shop, has he wss serving the customer I was playing with my pussy getting it all wet.. Has Paul walked come into the back room he come across and lifted me up onto one of the big shop freezers, wed fucked for ages has I moaned with pleasure..When we finished I got tidied up and then left..

f***ed to cross dress on Halloween

first-time lokokolo 2017-11-30

I fit the outer plastic ring around his balls and base of his cock while grabbing the cage, a new chastity toy I’d purchased recently which we’d had the not so nice pleasure of experiencing a few times before. Once he did manage to put both feet in, while keeping his balance by holding on to me, I slid the satin panties up his stocking-covered smooth legs until they were high enough to keep his new cage concealed. I thought of the cage keeping him trapped, the butt plug reminding him of his new position and the lockable French maid uniform covering it all up.

Two Bennington Blind Dates

first-time Longstretch 2017-11-30

Fran soon had Chris with her on the edge of the top bunk while David, Margaret, Sarah, and I were sitting on the floor in the middle of the room. Soon Chris and Fran disappeared from sight and Margaret motioned to David to move with her to the lower bunk. "When I told Margaret and Fran about how you saved me from that Branford creep, they said 'you owe him big time.' So when you called I asked them to help me out, at least go to the concert with Chris and David. About ten minutes later Margaret said to Sarah, "You and Peter sounded like you were having fun." "Fran had been listening and she came down to take David over while Margaret and I went up to Chris.