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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Trip To The Lake

first-time emersonbosworth 2018-11-02

It was my dad, mom, their friends, Harry and Millie and their son Joe and daughter Mary Lynn, and I. It had started getting dark and looked like Mom had dozed off in the front seat while Dad had some soft music playing on the radio. I then pushed my hand inside of her panties and slid my finger down and rubbed her clit. She then raised up and pulled my head down and gave me a great big kiss, running her tongue into my mouth and sucking my mouth at the same time. The folks and Harry and Millie would sleep in the bedrooms, downstairs and the loft was where Joe, Mary Lynn and I would sleep, as there was three full sized beds up there.

Wedding Jitters

first-time amandariley 2018-11-02

Standing, Gary walked Vanessa over to the only couch in the room and had her bend over the arm so that he could continue taking pictures of her ass. Ignoring the sound of metal on metal as the teeth of a zipper slowly came apart, Vanessa cooed, “Do you think Shane will like this?” She chanced a quick look over her shoulder to see Gary tugging on his massive cock. Before she could respond, she felt his tongue against her wetness as the hand on her ass pulled the thong to the side, so hard she thought it’d snap. Vanessa had no time to adjust, as Gary inserted a second finger, digging into her core while continuing to suck on the sensitive skin between her clit and the rosebud of her ass.

When we meet

first-time fuckedsilly 2018-11-02

As I tighten and begin to orgasm, I start to moan louder than you have ever heard before and combined with the tightness around your cock, sends you over the edge and you fill my pussy with your cum. Your arms move around me and slowly start to make their way up until your right hand cups my left breast. Then one of your hands makes its way into my hair and you gently turn my head so that you are able to kiss me. I start moaning as you make your way down to my breast, taking one nipple into your mouth and massaging the other in the palm of your hand.

Something Strange in Iowa, Part One

first-time BrassRing 2018-11-02

They had been married for almost twenty five years now, and Cain had enjoyed watching his wife's younger cousins grow up and have families of their own. Ellie had a twelve year old sister that was pretty as well, but Cain thought that her beauty wouldn't bloom until her twenties. Twenty five years ago, she had been lovely enough to catch Cain's eye at the reunions and Sunday dinners that they had with Ernie and Ethel then. Cain knew that he wouldn't sleep well, no matter what, so he gave his sleeping bag to his wife for extra cushion and sat in one of the arm chairs with his feet up. Inside the room, Cain saw his wife's young cousin, Ellie, lying on the couch, trying to keep warm in just her denim jacket.

The Flickering Flames of Lust.Ch.01

first-time vatsyaya 2018-11-02

“Are you awed seeing my LING?” The old man said as he held his cock with his left hand and began stroking it. “Yes,” Jamuna said without moving her eyes of the old man’s cock. Jamuna opened her eyes at once and was stunned immediately to see a muscular, young and handsome nude man standing where Seshadri stood just a few seconds ago. As their eyes met, Jamuna innocuously jerked her shoulders back, letting her breasts to jump as though she was daring Seshadri to have another look. "Do you want me to hold your cock?" Jamuna looked deep into his eyes and asked. Jamuna couldn’t resist a smile as she watched Seshadri enjoying her with eyes partly closed.

A Summer That Three Best Friends Won't Forget

first-time mter100 2018-11-02

Let’s keep playing.” Erin shouted out as Eric gave the bottle a hard spin. A few seconds later Erin began to cry out, “Oh god Eric! “You got a pretty big cock, Anthony!” Erin said to him as she began to stroke on his cock with her hand. He shot his cum halfway across the tree house as Erin milked his cock with her hand for a good thirty seconds. Erin began to push Eric off her in just a nick of time as Eric’s cock began to explode all over her stomach. He then pulled his cock from her wet pussy a short time later as he began to cum extremely hard all over Erin’s back and ass.

Thanksgiving, oh how he was so thankful.

first-time Troian 2018-11-02

Her hair fell into loose long curls which looked so lusciously shiny that I wanted to run my hands through her beautiful head of hair. Not that I'm bad looking; tall, bright blue eyes, light brown hair and in good shape. I couldn't help but watch, as her tight little dress moved its way up her thighs, getting shorter and shorter, as she continued to climb. I just want to see," she said, placing her small hand on my thigh. The sensation of her soft little hand and the thrill of her looking at me, almost sent me over the edge. I've never even kissed a boy before, let alone a man and certainly not this" she said looking at her hand which was still stroking my penis.

The Point

first-time Poison_Ivy91 2018-11-02

As the sun began to fade the cool air suddenly appeared all around us making my arm hairs stand on edge, Billy wrapped his big strong arms across my back holding me closely as I wriggled underneath them and made my way up to kiss him. ''Look babe, this will be here as a reminder forever.'' He kissed the back of my head as he ran his hand across my stomach, turning me around and pushing me against the tower. ''Billy and I had planned to get married two months ago, but little bump made us postpone the ceremony until he was born.'' I told Devlin on the drive home, as I rubbed my belly.

The Education of Cassie Parks Part II

first-time crazychica 2018-11-02

Do you want me to do it first or should we let Mr. Smith lick it for you?” Jill whispered in Cassie’s ear, “ I bet he would like to taste your virgin pussy juices.” Cassie pointed to Jill and without hesitating she went to work. Tell me how you like it and I will make sure she is ready to take your cock in her first." Jill proceeded to fill her well rehersed seductress role, " I just need to know if you like your girls to fuck you hard or do you like to be in charge?" Jacob was taken back by her explicit offer, " I can ride your cock like a whore if you want or do you like to be on top, take your time teasing me with it until I am begging for it."

A True Story

first-time Grizzleebare 2018-11-02

Seaman was telling her how he would like to see me licking her pussy as my fingers worked her velvet tunnel, while she sucked on his ridged man bat, watching her lick the pre cum that formed on the tip his cock, looking like a little pearl nestled in the crease of his dick. Seaman and Laurel had been going back and forth for about a half hour by now and he was telling her how he was stroking his cock and wanted to shoot a thick load of cum for her, filling her baby maker. Now she was telling Seaman how close she was to cumming, imagining his cock was in her and ready to fill her with his jizz so I could fuck her after he came inside her, so I could feel his sperm in her and fill her with more!

A Lunch Hour to Remember

first-time Jasmine_x 2018-11-02

He explained my duties and roles at the company, which weren’t that exciting, just helping the people in the office with their work loads, like photocopying. I guess they didn’t like the thought of a pretty, young, blonde girl walking around the office, been eye candy for the men. I managed to beat the massive swarm of college students into the place, and ordered my usual of a Spicy Italian on Honey Oat bread before making my way back to the office, sandwich in hand. I began to tug on it pretty hard, making him groan and gasp, feeling my young hand on his meat. He pulled his finger out of my now soaked pussy and placed them to my mouth and asked me to suck the juices off.

Working with Sanya Chapter 2 of 3

first-time Kinkybrian 2018-11-02

I didn't bother wearing underwear to this job, so without any trouble her little hand reached in, pulled out my boner, and before I even realized what happened I felt a hot silky vice sliding down my cock, as she lowered herself back down in my lap, with my cock hidden inside her tight virgin pussy. The only thing that looked better than Sanya with clothes on was Sanya all bare, with her legs spread out and my dick going in and out of her puffy virgin pussy. She had to practice it a bit but pretty soon she had a real nice grind going, she looked and felt like a professional call-girl only better.

Black Women Still Love Black Men

first-time Samuelx 2018-11-02

I sometimes wonder why so many young white women think all the black men on the planet are into them. With so many sexy black, Asian and Hispanic women out there for a tall, good-looking and college-educated brother like myself to choose from, why bother with some silly white bitches? Lots of young black men are into white women. It sounds like a good thing but more than once, someone has told me that I only got into SMTU because they wanted to increase the number of minority males on campus. The funny thing is that most of the young black men on campus had white or Hispanic girlfriends. They turn their backs on the black community because they think white men and white women love them.

Country Bumpin'

first-time Master_Jonathan 2018-11-02

It took about five minutes or so to paddle to the island during which time Bobbie Jo, facing backwards towards Tommy, let her hand slip into the water and splashed a little on her chest and neck to cool her off. Tommy began licking and sucking and gently biting on the tender bud and Bobbie Jo instinctively reached up and ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his head down harder on her throbbing nipple. As his mouth and tongue worked on her nipple, Tommy's hand wandered down between Bobbie Jo's thighs and began rubbing her young pussy through the fabric of her very short cut-off blue jeans. Bobbie Jo sighed as she felt Tommy's hand slide across her stomach and curl around her side as he pulled her in closer.


Father Moss

first-time harbour 2018-11-02

An intense wave of pleasure hit me hard when he began to caress my tongue with his and I moaned softly into his mouth as his lips crushed mine, his fingers entwined in my hair, pulling me to him. Then he leaned over me and put his mouth so close to my ear that I could feel his lips form the words, “You’re a naughty little cock tease, Elisabeth North. His proud manhood slid home like a key into a lock again and again and he turned my face to his to taste my mouth while I squirmed and wriggled about beneath him, relishing the feel of him inside me.

Lover's Rock

first-time MindSparks 2018-11-02

As we finish dinner Julia asks me if I’d like to come back to her flat for a bit, as she just has to get me to listen to some Irish band called Stiff Little fingers who she says influenced Green Day. Since there is nothing for me at home, I consider it a moment, then nod. With the wine blurring my senses and the tingling sensations I’m feeling over most of my body, I quickly give up trying to figure out why she is making love to me like this and just let myself go, as she sneaks up my pale, thin thighs and starts to lick me.

The geek and the escort

first-time tommie 2018-11-02

I’d never sat so close to a beautiful girl like her, let alone talk to one. “Aw, sweetie, that makes me feel so special.” She took my chin in her soft, smooth hand and turned my head towards her. She jerked her head back a little at the sudden flood that invaded her mouth, but she kept her lips tight around my cock, taking in all of my hot virgin cum. I must be doing something good here, I thought and ran my tongue another time slowly over her pussy lips. My hips thrust up to meet her slurping mouth; it felt like I wasn’t in control of my body anymore.

A Helping Hand

first-time Banes1 2018-11-02

Trish smiles and pulls my trunks down slowly, exposing the circumcised cock head. “Mmm, lovely.” Trish says, as she pulls the trunks further down, until my hard, pulsating cock is in full view. Her eyes looking at mine as she takes a handful of water, letting it cascade over the mushroom head and down the pulsating shaft of my cock and finally washing over my scrotum. Trish dunks herself with the tube of lotion in hand and when she comes up, I watch the water flow over her. Trish slides her hand slowly up and down several times, spreading the lotion over my shaft and cock head. Putting my trunks on, Trish asks me to wear a tie tonight and I can only imagine why as she stands there licking her lips seductively.

I Receive The Ultimate Gift

first-time Trainman2k 2018-11-02

Maybe it was the wine, or the mental closeness I felt with you, or the physical desire to enjoy your body, but something made me start spilling out a confession like I was a chicken-shit mobster being interrogated by the cops. There was one part of me that had more quickly awakened; which was a fact I was oblivious to until I stood up and felt it's familiar straining as it pushed against the fleece of my sweats Instantly I knew that you couldn't have helped but seen the tent pole I surely made with my erection pointing straight upward under my sweats as you walked up to the sofa. We continue to explore and enjoy each other and I soon feel my hot flesh pressing through your silk doorway to the untouched heaven I have dreamed of for so long.

The Bonfire

first-time imtoohorny 2018-11-01

I politely declined a beer and reached for a cherry coke, my eyes still focused on Max, who, seemingly embarrassed, had turned away when he caught my gaze. I turned when I heard soft footsteps, my eyes lying onto Max. He slowly lowered himself beside me. After we ran out of topics, both of our eyes began to focus on the ocean swarmed with lustful teens, some swimming, some playing, some making out. Max gently laid me onto his clothes, his green eyes smiling beneath the wisps of black bangs. I screamed as he thrust his giant cock inside of me and began to pull in and out, all while massaging my clitoris. “No!” Max redirected my hand to his balls, and I began to massage them.

Trial By Sperm

first-time jallen944 2018-11-01

Staring at the fat head, Faruza nodded and licked her lips. She opened her mouth wide, closed her lips around the end and moved her head up and down. She let out a deep breath through her nose, and her wet, puffy lips slid about midway down his cock and back up to the head. "Why didn’t you tell me you were gonna do that?" she said, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. With her mouth clamped on his, she raised her ass in the air, reached down between her legs and angled his cock to her cunt, rubbing the head along her slit, trying to find the opening. "Oh, Dan," Faruza sighed, and lowered her head to kiss him. "Faruza?" Dan said in a low voice.

Never Met You

first-time Hiddenbad314 2018-11-01

I started twisting one of my nipples, as I got faster on my clit. He sucked my nipples then started to nibble at them, I let out soft and long moans. He started thrusting inside me slowly and moved forward to kiss me, I held onto him as he got faster and harder. He grunted and I screamed, it stopped hurting not too long after and started to feel better than anything my body had ever experienced before.  I lifted one of my boobs up to my mouth and licked the nipple, he watched and then he got some of his cum from the other one and put that in my mouth.

Housekeeping Refined

first-time Oscuro78 2018-11-01

The next three weeks went by like normal with Damian at school and Rosa cleaning the house along with doing the occasional shopping. His dad had company in the bedroom and they could hear them fucking the night away which did not help Rosa and Damian. She buried her face in the pillow so his dad wouldn't hear her while Damian was pounding her from behind.  Damian was like the energizer bunny and this went on for around 45 minutes and Rosa had cum so many times her mouth was leaking. She had sex many times before but this was something a little bit different for her as this was the first time in a while tht she felt satisfied.

Summer's End: A Loss Of Innocence - Part 1

first-time michk111 2018-11-01

“No!” Steven said but didn’t pull his hips away from the pressure I was starting to apply to him. I’ve never had sex before,” I said while still grinding my hips against Steven’s hard cock. I started to rub the cum off my body and looked back at Steven lying on the beach with his chest heaving. With wet stringy hair I looked up from my hands and knees right at Steven’s now flaccid cock. “I don’t want to be accused of cumming on a beautiful girl twice without having given her a proper kiss,” Steven said as his lips closed against mine. After a few minutes of Steven’s soft lips caressing mine and my hand stroking his cock Steven tensed.