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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Surprised at Gloryhole

first-time ggg50 2017-11-30

Not know wtf is gonna happen made my dick harder.i seen no one but doors were closed so i guess they were some in the booths So i walked around to check out the gloryhole place. I am drooling and sucking in a good rhythm and then he tenses up so i know now ...".I am cummmimg" he says so i try to take it all in my mouth it his the back of my throat hard i gag and then just jerk him off until he finishes .He is still moaning as i jerk him off.So i put his dick back in my mouth and he can not take it.


first-time john1195 2017-11-30

See Dad's a big, macho kinda guy and My Dad on the other hand was a big time stud. Mom left right before the Fourth of July and Dad and I began to reshingle work all day and after I'd cooked supper and we'd eaten Dad would go into It went like that for about two weeks; Dad and I just taking it slow in the walk each way and the time it took to do whatever he needed. Mom had been gone about a month, and it was a week and a half after Dad's Dad raised his head just enough to look at me, making eye contact. reached out and wrapped my right hand around the shaft of his cock.

Cool Big b*o

first-time jaymz76jaymz 2017-11-30

I turned around to go back to my room where I was going to relieve my hard dick while thinking about what I just saw when I heard my b*****r yell my name. I went at it the same way I saw my b*****r do it, but this time it was me doing it and I was looking right down at her huge tits bouncing as I fucked her. Only this time I was balls deep into a naked girl and I was cumming in her pussy instead of my right hand. Since he had just cum, my b*****r lasted for about 10 minutes and I couldn't count how many time she came but it was alot.

Oddball Ch. 02

first-time JimBob44 2017-11-30

George had said on more than one occasion, if it were not for Mary, he would have told Leah where to go, and what to do once she got there. Mary thought she was going to faint; right in front of that mean Miss Hebert, that nasty woman that was always saying ugly things about her and her parents, Thomas was holding her hand. "Um, Mama, um, he, Thomas asked if it would be all right if he took me out to dinner tomorrow night?" Mary begged. Theresa and Jim Kowalski sat on the couch and listened at Thomas described the game, then taking Mary home and kissing her good night.

On The Boat Ch. 02

first-time uvlas45 2017-11-30

I looked at the girls sitting round the table, trying to visualize who's who; who was the most scared of falling into the trap and who was the most likely contender who would love to continue where Olympia had left. She tried to pull herself away from me, but I held her tight, her back and her ass pressed against mine, still squeezing on her nipple while pushing my hand against her swelling wet pouty lips, of her virgin vagina, then I turned her round, our eyes met and then our lips. I was just feeling her movements and looking at her sweet slightly small pussy, her swollen pouty lips and that perfect open crack, just centimetres away from my prying eyes.


first-time ThatStudJD 2017-11-30

"I did wresting and I guess I got ripped, I don't know." Judy says, scrunching her eyebrows like a child causing Imharia to laugh. "And I can kiss your neck too, right?" Imharia genuinely asks, looking closely into Judy's big brown eyes and listening to her giggle. "Goddamn, I cant wait to cum for you." Imharia moans, letting her hands slide down Judy's abs, knowing it'll turn her on more. "Imharia, I love you, ok." Judy assures, letting her finger press at her clit and watching her eyes fall shut as her breath hitches in her throat. "You think your so great, always getting what you want." Imharia says, watching her shrug and rest on the head board, laying a hand on her abs.

hot mom -4

first-time stif266 2017-11-30

Dane's voice was starting to hoarsen with lust as he said, "Well, she played with my cock, just like you're doing, and she told me how she loved my dad only he wasn't around often enough. Jodie sucked hard and loud on her son's creaming cock, sucking up the hot salty fuck-juice from his piss-hole. Once again Craig's cock tried to tear its way out of his pants as he listened to Jodie's hoarse pleas for orgasm, and knew that he could have been giving her that orgasm if only he hadn't been so stupid. He watched in an agony of longing and frustration as Jodie's son slowly and deliciously eased his long, hard cock into her famished, hot cunt, till only his balls showed.

Big Purple Toy

first-time 2017-11-30

Well this is about me trying my two new toys. My recent ex was a huge lover on anal toying and she always tried getting me into it. Rather than investing in new toys i used the usual household stuff and started to develop a really love for the feeling. Im not shy to pain or experimentation so i went all out and bought two new arge toys for my collection. The feeling was just so intense, the final pop as the head is sucked into my tight ass and the extreme orgasm as i slide down it taking as much as i can. Never realised how amazing an anal orgasm can be. Please wait out for when i try the tall black one xxxx


first-time bradyp95 2017-11-30

We went to walmart, which is where our band teacher always took us when we were on trips. We wandered around walmart, trying to find the rest of our class. I wanted to know why she hated my guts. She said she didn't really, she just didn't want to admit she liked me. Neadless to say, i said yes. We moved to the closet where she began to jack me off in earnest. Fuck, yes!" She reached down, and put my cock in her pussy. We started to fuck in earnest, and soon, she had an orgasm. "Fuck!" I said, panting. We went back out into walmart, and called our teacher to tell her she had left us.

Giving Up and Giving Into Innocence

first-time RedHairedandFriendly 2017-11-30

A warm puff of breath slipped from Brad's lips as he moved away to leave small kisses on her neck. As Kara slid her hand over her husband's arousal, she blinked away the nervousness she felt; calming breaths were taken in as she eased the zipper down and opened the material of his slacks. Moans of want and arousal bubbled up from both of them as he guided her back to the mattress; soon Kara lay on her back, her hands moving to cover her chest and sex. Her body felt hot and yet she shivered at the touch of her husband's hand moving down to the soft curls of her pussy.

Uni day

first-time Labouroflove 2017-11-30

Oh boy, I din realised how delectable those looked previously.( By no means that she wasnt good looking, but I had up to then, always focus on her eyes) I licked her tits and her started to moan a little, I cupped her left boob while sucking on her right. As she sucked my dick, her hand guided mine to her zip, she unzipped her dress and removed the nipple tape, as I squeezed her boob, she started to licked my balls, rubbing my shaft with the other hand. Turning around, she hugged me and we kissed again, this time my hands went down to her breast, cupping it and playing with her tits, she wriggled a little as I sucked her tits.

Seducing Jennifer Pt. 05

first-time jacktar48 2017-11-30

After a time we switched positions and she returned the favor, finishing up by thoroughly exploring my cock and balls with soapy hands and even slipping a slender finger into my clenched asshole. "Now Jack, I'm starting to wonder if you may be a bit too much for me," she said, turning me to face her and holding my rampant cock in her hand. Time seemed to stand still as she slowly increased the tempo, and when I suddenly realized that she had worked two fingers into my ass, and was taking nearly my full length into her mouth at every stroke I knew I was at the point of no return. Her fingers worked my asshole expertly as burning wads of come blasted onto her face, only to be washed away by the shower spray.

First Time

first-time dave_emtp 2017-11-30

Looking her in the eye I figured the hell with it, I would tell her the truth and said, "Honestly, Jenny, it makes me horny as hell. Jenny leaned over and put the palm of her hand on my cheek, "that has to be rough to deal with every time we go out." Her hand felt like flame on my cheek, I nuzzled into it, enjoying her touch. Her hips began pumping into her hand and I noticed her eyes were still glued to my cock. Jenny then leaned over and took me into her mouth after licking my hand, she wanted all of it. Jenny had enough muscle control to make it feel like she was milking my cock as she moved.

My first gay experience pt.1

first-time 2017-11-30

When i came back, there he was all naked in my bed, nice big dick pointing to the side with a blushing smile. Man he tasted so good, i've kissed girls before but when i kissed him i felt electrified. I got hard as a rock and our hands found their way onto our dicks. It was the first time i ever had a guys dick in my mouth and he was enjoying it. I loved the way he felt up on my ass running his fingers through my crack and tickling my balls. I went down on him again and this time i gave his balls a squeeze as i sucked. He gave me a big smile and he kissed me again.

An uninvited encounter

first-time smallcock 2017-11-30

The wife was out at work, as I had about four hours to myself I thought I'd spend some time on xhamster, I was looking through the new videos and finding some that really suited me was getting quite turned on, so I was sat there, jeans round my ankles, slowly rubbing my 6" erect cock, having a nice leisurlly wank. As he moved his head up and down my cock, flickering his tongue over my piss hole, he started to fondle my ass, then he pulled my buttocks apart and slipped his finger into my ass, I told him I wouldn't last much longer, but he just carried on.

Sophie's First .....

first-time russ007uk 2017-11-30

Did you enjoy cumming in my mouth, Master?" she asked, rising to her feet and cupping one of her breasts through her Basque, slowly running her other hand over her pussy. Sophie was moaning, telling her Master how good it felt to finally feel his hard cock inside her. As her orgasm took her she moaned and moaned and as she came down from the high she turned her head to look at him and said to him, “Fuck my ass; I want you to come inside my ass Master.” "I remember Master and no I don’t want you to stop," Sophie gasped, feeling even more of his cock press into her ass.

Jodie Pays Off Her Debt

first-time 2017-11-30

"I love having my pussy licked," moaned out Jodie while the tip of my tongue went up and down her slit tasting her sweet pussy juices. "I want some cock," said Jodie and she pushed my head away from her pussy. "You're good," I moaned out loving the feeling of Jodie's warm mouth over the head of my cock. "Yes, suck my cock, baby," I said then I grabbed the sides of Jodie's head and started fucking her mouth. "Feels good," moaned out Jodie while my tongue ran up and down the crack of her ass. "AHHHHHH!" cried out Jodie while she had another orgasm at the same time my cock started spurting out my hot cum into her pussy.

The Diary

first-time lhleroux 2017-11-30

Or I should say he asked Steven if he wanted to have his girlfriend come over for dinner on Saturday. "Did you see the sweater Steven bought for my birthday?" I almost wanted him looking at my breasts again. I jumped when his hands touched my waist, his voice soft and reassuring in my ear as though it was Steven, not Michael. My hands clutched into fists at my side as I felt the first touch of his large fingers on the side of my breasts. Though he might love the feel of cashmere beneath his fingers, that didn't stop him from slipping his hot hands underneath the sweater. I jumped when the door shut, but Michael took his time, slipping his hand out of my sweater slowly.

Marcy's Playground 3 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2017-11-30

But of course I wouldn't be able to find a book on it between the time I got off work and had to be at Evan and Heather's house. After a while that conversation died out, and Jean-Luc looked at me and said, "So Evan tells me you've never actually been inside Melody's." I was looking from Jean-Luc to Evan to Heather trying to control my panic. "Evan and Jean-Luc are definitely ass men," she said. "God Evan, she's adorable," Jean-Luc said. "Listen, I know I'm young, but like Jean-Luc said, I have to start somewhere." "Any time you don't like it, we'll stop," Evan said softly, petting my hair.

My Time Alone With Her <3

first-time milli214 2017-11-30

I watched a fine looking girl who looked around 18 or 19 fuck the crap out of her 20 year old boyfriend. Rubbing my cock vigourosly, I imagined Delaney's fine pussy bouncing and thrusting against my cock and I closed my eyes, jerking off harder now and a squirt of cum spat out. She stared at me, cock hanging out of my jeans, orgasm all over my desk and the porn video was still going. Sitting down on the front of his bed, she pulled off her tank top, revealing her huge round breasts and grabbed his cock, placing it between her tits. We just got started." He grinned and she sat right on his cock as it rubbed against her pussy and she lifted up, inserting it.

Karen My Best Friends s****r

first-time bigcityguy 2017-11-30

Karen was now sliding down my body and her head was now in front of my hard rod inside my shorts. Karen pulled her mouth off my head and said “If you cum now can you still get hard to fuck me with that big stick? As the head of my cock slipped pass the outer lips of her hole Karen was moaning with pleasure. Karen was quick to say “Don’t you dire pull that rod out of me before you cum, I want your hot seed to cover my box!! With the tits now in full view she slipped my cock into her cum filled hole and began to fuck my onto style.

Older s****rr and Younger b*****rr Shower

first-time savita009 2017-11-30

He stuck two fingers inside of her and started to finger fuck her, she tossed and moaned in pleasure but was still fast asl**p. "You gotta cum too, little b*o" she said, "I plan on fucking for at least an hour so you gotta let out one so you can go longer." She was still massaging his long shaft with her nimble fingers while complimenting him on his big cock. "Oh fuck yes!" he said, "Your pussy is so fucking....ugh, god-damn tight!" She had just gotten pass the head when she started moaning in pleasure "Oh fuck yeah! "Yeah Jonas, you fuck my tight wet pussy!" After doing that for half an hour, they changed again.

A night turns into glory hole fun

first-time 1superhornyguy 2017-11-30

Without blinking I pull my dick out and start to stroke it while the guy and the girl take turns sliding his cock all the way down their throat. Knowing that I excited him that much and that this strangers cum tasted good I stopped stroking him and I placed the tip of his massive cock into my warm and eager mouth. Finally after minutes of hard cock sucking and gagging I realized I wasn't going to be able to get this monster all the way down with out his help. I could taste cum in the back of my throat and figured with how he was pumping his cock into my mouth he was ready to empty those big balls.

Mom's Special Offer 2

first-time 2017-11-30

A loud 'plop' noise was made from Lauren's air tight mouth as she pulled away from her son's cock. Tom gentlemanly held out his hand for his mother to help her up, which she gladly accepted and got back on her feet. Then, as his mother spread her legs further, he felt his cock touch the flesh of her vaginal walls and he pushed. Then after a long period of having i****tuous sex with each other, Lauren's body hinted at it's tell tale signs of having an orgasm, as the muscles in her legs and feet began to stiffen. Tom suddenly felt a flood of his mother's wet orgasm flow onto his cock.