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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

He wants More Pegged!

first-time 425olds 2017-11-30

She pulled me on all fours and got behind me and spread the cheeks of my ass and started to lick all around my anus. I am going to fuck you hard and deep until I come inside you" She was really bouncing up and down on me now and it really felt like her clit was penetrating me. Why don't you go to one of those sex shops and buy me a strap-on dildo so I can really fuck you good." I couldn't believe it, I was getting hard again listening to this. She kept it up for about 10 minutes and was really fucking me hard and fast when she finally started to shake and scream "I love fucking you, it feels so good to have my hard cock buried inside you, I am cuuuuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnnggg!

Nymphos Are Best

first-time zimabean 2017-11-30

I figured I had the house to myself so I kicked off my pants and grabbed a pair of Mikey's mom's dirty panties and started to watch the video and get some much needed alone time with my cock. "That's what I love about you young guys, lots of cum and always hard." Kat said as she started to fuck me. "Okay, what about your husband?" I asked pretty happy that this woman just told me that I could fuck her anytime I wanted. "Well you need to take that wonderful cock of yours and fuck as many women as you can, life is short and sex is fun, enjoy it while you can" Kat said.

The Schoolgirl's Dirty First Time

first-time CatherineFox 2017-11-30

Slowly, at first, as I imagined him stripping off my clothes or grabbing me from behind while his hard cock pressed into my back, then fast and hard while my brain flashed between images of him holding my ass and plunging himself into me or using my mouth as his hard-fuck toy until he blew his load down my throat. He began kissing, sucking, and nibbling around my clit, making my hips jump and my throat moan in little bursts. He thrust again and again, sucking my tits and pulling my hair and giving his little grunts while I moaned and bucked my hips and tore at his back with my nails.

How I lost my virginity an older woman.

first-time griffen1 2017-11-30

lovely blonde hair, big rounded tits, and a trim waist tits looked lovely and full inside her crisp white She looked at me as I blushed and she said, "Right," as One Saturday morning in July my dad told me to go work Margaret would now touch my hand, and put her arms Margaret said, "Come on then, let's go upstairs." I'd She told me to take my time as she started to undress of my cock in two hands and told me that I should be what I was told and began to suck her clit, I also raging hard on she told me the time had come for me to She gently guided my cock inside her cunt and began to

Fuck in Front Seat Fuck

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-30

Right before my son got sick, one of my clients asked me on a date, a right on time driving a 2011 Ford truck, it was beautiful. like to do next, I told him that I hadn't been in the arcade in years, We pulled into the lot and I noticed a few more cars up there. We were making out like 2 high school k**s, it was kind of fun. He got on his knees on the truck floor, pulled me where I could see what looked like a guy's ass moving up and down in I got dressed and told Todd what time it is. son got sick, so I haven't fucked since that night.

A Castle love story

first-time 2017-11-30

After they had been playing for awhile, Javi paused the game and said, "I think I have a better idea of something we can do." Ryan felt his heart start to race and his palms became clammy. Javi slid the head into his mouth and slowly went down on Ryan's throbbing dick. He grabbed the big, furry balls and squeezed them as he sucked "Fuck yeah...Take that thick Irish dick." Ryan said as he placed his hands behind Javi's head. "Make me your bitch,"Ryan said with a growl, "I wanna feel your hot load in my virgin ass." "Fuck yeah b*o," Javi siad with an evil grin. "Don't let it drip out." Javi said as a little slowly came out of Ryan's throbbing hole.

The perfect night

first-time bbwmilflover18 2017-11-30

I was sitting on my bed when there is knock at the door and then a beautiful girl in the sexiest knee high leather boots and then stocking with suspenders and then a sexy black bra with a red bow she then grabbed my arm dragged me into the living room she then threw me onto the chair and then slowly started to give a lap dance moving her body so slowly and seductively her oo so perfect body is in my face , I go to touch her and she slowly moves my hand and guides it down her flawless body past her perfect round tits with the hardest nipples that you have seen she then continues to guide my hand down to her pussy which is dry but not for long as she releases her soft grip and I then continue to rub her clit and she is getting so wet and she lets out a scream of pleasure she then kneels down in front of me and then she slowly undoes my belt then my trousers, my cock is throbbing and so hard.

Getting Ditched

first-time ShatteredPortrait 2017-11-30

I spread my legs just a little bit, and ventured my hand down, sliding my fingertips along my thigh moving closer and closer to my soaking pussy. My hand pushed back the sleeping bag just a little so I could touch myself again, the soft pressure of my fingertips against my clit through my soaking panties made me moan a little louder. I felt the sleeping bag get pushed a little farther down my legs and I looked over at him nervously. I slid my hand down pushing my fingers into my cunt fucking myself as he came in my mouth. I dug my fingertips into his shoulders and moaned "I'm cumming." He pounded into me harder and faster and I felt my cunt clenching his cock.

First Time and First Mate

first-time Naturalista 2017-11-30

Craig must have sensed that I was not going to last much longer so he started dragging his tongue up and down my clit and then circled the tip until I was moaning and breathless and pushing my hips to meet his glorious tongue. "Then I'd better untie you, because I want to feel every inch of you when I'm fucking you." He quickly untied my hands and led me to the couch where he turned me around and was now behind me so he could expertly play with both my breasts and my clit. I placed my leg on the couch so he could get deeper and cried out "Harder, fuck me harder!" So Craig obediently placed his hands on my hips and got to work driving into me deeper and deeper.

Birthday Present

first-time Osiris18 2017-11-30

Rachel's grinds start to slow as she orgasms and the juices pour all over my face and bed. Let's see how well this cock works!" Rachel lets her long hair down from its tight bun, flowing down to her ass like a wave of molten gold. This time with out her friends' help Rachel throws her leg over me, shoving her pussy down on top of my cock as if it were a saddle of a horse. Rachel lets out a long load moan, "Girls, come here now!" The girls stop kissing me to go to her side. Rachel slides my hard cock out of her wet pussy and starts untying my arms and legs.

The Night Rider

first-time Isabelle22 2017-11-30

Then his fingers were parting my slit and I felt hi tongue stroke up the length of my pussy, ending up just at my clit. He parted my ass cheeks with the rest of his hand, and I felt his wet tongue licking around my asshole. He looked at me and said, "Are you ready?" I nodded and he pulled his other hand down, leaving his weight all on me, and started rubbing my clit. The last thing I heard him say was, "Isabelle, I'll be working same time, same place tomorrow." Then I started my car and drove the few miles to my empty house.

“Joe, is that making love?

first-time adel5000 2017-11-30

Kari was cleaning up, I got a beer and asked Cassie what she’d like, I wanted to talk to her, she said, “A beer’d be nice.” She felt Joe lift her legs, over his shoulders, he pushed her thighs back toward her chest and took her, deep, all the way in on the first thrust, smooth, liquid velvet, he stroked, filling her sweet vagina, pumping her pussy, giving pleasure, taking pleasure, God the sensations he was getting, he pumped harder, faster, urgently, he was ready,

She Works Hard for the Money

first-time man_next_door 2017-11-30

If you like the story, please tell me...I have plenty of ideas for Jenny Lee...not to mention a HUGE surprise later down the road. Billy Jean, whose parents had an obvious Michael Jackson fixation, was starting to get a little irritated after Jenny Lee had been there for three months. "Look, Jenny Lee, I told you that you were welcome here as long as you need to be, and I'm not backing away from that. Jenny Lee looked down at her body. A week later, Jenny Lee found herself putting a robe on, having just finished her first photo shoot. And I don't mean on the outside world, sweetie." Jenny Lee could feel his eyes all over her.


first-time bobsmart 2017-11-30

Her first experience of a man's fingers going down the front of her knickers, and of her masturbating herself when she got back home after eventually stopping him from having full sex. But I already know the real Bethany is the same as her Mum. A Mum who was always stopping Angie from having sex in the house - she even used to try to stop the two of us from masturbating. Now that I know from my step-Mum what my Dad likes in the bedroom : petticoats, pantyhose, tying her wrist to the bed posts, and putting his cum over her nipples, I guess his life with my Mum can't have been too different.

Sexy cheating ex

first-time micalogical 2017-11-30

The first time we fucked - under a bridge. I wasnt sad when hearing the news, just waisted that i didn't even get to fuck a slut i talk to every night. Since ANYTHING was the way to keep her the obvious next step is fuck this bad girl once and for all. Of course I had to kept her mood up, taking her to a beautiful night scene with the moon glaring over the waters. I took her to the bridge where she could gaze at the water with the moon and stars glaring. She was starting her love mood again and i was ready to fuck her brains out. The second i inserted into her pussy it was melting butter.

Losing It!

first-time smilodonwriter 2017-11-30

It pissed down that evening so I arrived at her place looking like the sole survivor from the ‘Wreck of the Hesperus.’ Of course, I was too young to drive and the finances didn’t stretch to a taxi. You smell like a wet dog.” Now it may surprise you to know that that isn’t the most romantic thing that’s ever been said to me. Looking right at people makes me, sort of, I don’t know, cringe a bit, inside.” “Why?” I asked her. The looks that Sarah was getting in that incredible bikini made me feel really proud – and it wasn’t just the boys who were casting envious glances her way.

I Don't Care

first-time billstew 2017-11-30

I knew what the 18 year-old beauty wanted when she broke off the kiss, looked up at me, and said "Do you think I'm a c***d?" When we got back to my place things got hot and heavy fast. As I was unbuttoning her jeans she said "I don't want to get pregnant," and I assured her we had plenty of condoms. I pulled out and sure enough there was just a little rubber band of shattered condom at the base of my cock. As soon as I pulled out she said "Why did you stop?", and when I told her the rubber had broken she said "I don't care just get it IN!" A month later she told me she was pregnant ...

My First Experience Of A Mature Woman

first-time ltfcouple 2017-11-29

When I was about to cum, she took her hand from my mouth and grabbed my cock, holding it tightly and not allowing me to do so. "Are you ready for something wild?" I wasn't sure at that point, but she said she would be right back, leaving me to watch more of the video. And again she took my cock into her mouth What I didn't know was she had taken the slick vibrator from her ass and started to place in in mine. He likes to play too." Then turned to him and said "Come on, why don't you be a good little slut and taste what I have inside me."

Sexual Adventures: My First Love Ann

first-time julz4320 2017-11-29

So I came up on her and started up some conversation, after a few moments of looking her over I took her hand in mine and told her how pretty she was and that I liked her, I always had a way with words and girls but this was proving to be somewhat difficult. She told me when we got into close to our stop that we were heading to a party being hosted by her friend and to expect other people from school to be there. So we got on the train and headed to my house I told it was a bit of a walk she said fine just as long as I held her hand so she wouldn't fall.


first-time Tasoka 2017-11-29

The ice cream came in many flavors: cum, pussy butter pecan, cream cum vanilla, chocolate anus cream, peachy pussy, hard core nut, and dreamsicle. "Here it is, hard, tasty with a cream filling" said the man, who had been behind the counter, but was now standing in front of her with a large, hard cock sticking straight out from his muscular body. This turned her on and she continued to suck him, wanting the cream filling the menu had promised was inside the dreamsicle. She gasped and then resumed her sucking until finally he gasped and the sweet cream came spurting from the end of his cock. Right as she came, she felt him pull out and she turned her head to see him over her shoulder.


Jenny's Journey Ch. 01

first-time Naughtybutnice 2017-11-29

Looking over my shoulder, I saw Jenny turn and head back into her room too. I heard Jenny go downstairs after a while and I had thought of just staying in the bedroom and facing things in the morning, but I decided that not only would they not be any easier in the morning, but that also my chances of getting much sleep that night were almost zero. I was still imagining Jenny wanking me off, at this moment in time, there was nothing I wanted more, than to feel that hand back around my dick, slowly rubbing, slowly stroking. Slightly shocked, Jenny stopped and pulled her hand away, looking at my juices, most of which had splashed across her track suit bottoms.

Missed oppportunity

first-time dlcalguy 2017-11-29

He turned his head and looked at me. As I lay there, my thoughts went back to the alluring young man I had encountered and I felt my cock stirring. I fantasized about what might have happened if I'd admitted to him that I had been looking at his ass and hips and body as he passed me. What his cock looked like. And as I lay there with two fingers going down into my mouth, I thought about sucking that boy's cock. And I went to sl**p hoping that the young man took a regular walk along the promenade each morning, because I was definitely going to be there tomorrow, in case he passed by.

Across the Tracks

first-time BigCoreySKR 2017-11-29

He walked out the garage doors to the driveway entrance and looked down the street to see a little '92 Dodge Neon sitting in the road smoking under the hood. Ariel gulped and resisted the urge to lock her doors as he walk towards her and got bigger and bigger. Ariel was amazed at how easily he pushed her car alone, and they covered the distance to the shop in no time. Ariel watched as he walked back out to her car and explained the boss was busy and he'd be happy to look at her car. For the first time since his father died when he was 13, Otis got nervous working on a car.

Only Time I Was Caught Masturbating, Ever

first-time cumpstonst 2017-11-29

I don't remember what I was fantasizing about, but in any case, just as I started to orgasm the door opens and it's his mom. Never got caught by his mom again, either, but she continued to do the braless thing, the bikini's when it was hot. Also as I got older and began to learn how women think about sex, I started wondering if she thought of it when she masturbated, the staring at her beautiful tits, her catching me ejaculating all over myself, her walking around that house with hard nipples, braless and me constantly looking at her tits, I still to this day wonder if that was all a turn on for her, or better yet, if those things crossed her mind when she got herself off.