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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Marriage, Divorce, or Sex? Ch. 01 (The making of a

first-time magas911 2017-11-29

"Tonight I'm finally going to do something I've wanted to do since my wedding night," Nicole said as she looked me straight in the eye, seeing me at the top of the stairs. I was amazed at his staying power when I noticed Nicole swallowing; she took his softening member in her hand and applied loving kisses, licking up and down the underside including his balls before engulfing the whole thing one last time. "I feel like a drowning man grabbing at straws sitting here trying to understand what went wrong Nicole, can't we work this out?" even as I asked I wondered why I would want to keep this whore in my house.

My Hot Shrink (1/2)

first-time Loperr 2017-11-29

Rebecca: John, I've been working with you now for the last 7 months, and while I've definitely seen some great improvements, I get this vibe that your often distracted during our sessions. John: Oh well Rebecca I dont know, Ive been really stressed at work lately and the misses and I have been having fights now on a weekly basis, and I'm trying to work through all this but its extremely difficult. As she got off my lap, she turned around, leaned over and started slowly pulling off her tight, blue panties right before my eyes. From then on it was pure ectasy as she sucked the fuck out of my cock and I started to feel up her wet pussy.

Wife's Cheating Delimma Chapter 2

first-time mandawg 2017-11-29

that Snake Lady had given her pussy (with it's little plan: I wanted Snake Lady to fuck my wife take the damned huge thing as Snake Lady adjusted My little wife hardly stirred since Snake Lady Snake Lady had opened the Vaseline and stood The idea of this huge black cock that Snake Lady possible, and Snake Lady was right, I had bitten small pussy, the Snake Lady grasped it in one could to get the dildo in, the huge headed crown cock and drove the huge head into the lips of my The Snake Lady had locked my wife’s Snake Lady said "Damned Wildman, I’m going to Snake Lady then said "You know what, I have

Learning from mom

first-time 2017-11-29

I took a big gulp and said I like the way your clothes feel and when I seen those tapes I wanted to be the woman more than the man. My mom said well this may be more confusing about that time the black lady pulled her panties down and she had a big black cock. Then looked at her red lips as she said this is what you want I'm going to teach you now do what that woman was doing, come on suck it put those pretty lips on this cock. By this time I had already cum and she finally notice and said that's a good girl that was your first lesson but I have so much more to teach you.

My first penetration. As always....very true.

first-time anywhichway2014 2017-11-29

If you may recall, many months ago (and in one of my other reports) I had let my suck buddy Dave rub my arse hole with his hard cock, and cum over my back, which excited me greatly, but never felt the desire to let him enter me. Dave took off his shirt, then removed his shorts, setting free what to me looked like a huge cock, bigger than I remembered, and heavy cum filled balls. I stopped for a second, and put my hand around Dave's heavy balls between my legs, and feeling up to where his hard cock entered me, the skin around my hole stretched taught, but it felt so good.

Catholic Corruption Ch. 01

first-time Irish_Dude 2017-11-29

I stop bouncing for a minute with his penis still fully inside me and lean forward to give him a long, intimate kiss. I want to feel it inside me for the rest of the day!" With that, I feel the Principal's penis swell up to an even bigger size and ejaculate its first load of semen. I later confirmed with Principal Voyeur that he had not had sex since his wife left him, so I had just taken 6 months worth of semen! When his penis finally stops pulsating inside me, I am so happy I am beaming, and I now care for Principal Voyeur more than ever.

Thank u for being there

first-time juslookin21 2017-11-29

Now years went by and my s****r was now old enuff to come around and hang out with me at my house, So I am not sure how the topic was touched but I got to see her Nipples. Next day she comes back and I asked to see her nipples again, and with no protest she took them out . After 2 mins she willingly took her pants off and I started to eat her Pussy. She started to suck my cock nice and slow and my Fone rings. It was a girl that I have been after for 3 years, and I spoke to her enjoying my s*s suck my cock, that the girl on the other side even asked me, IF I WAS BUSY!

Next Door

first-time sparty_party 2017-11-29

From the eyes of a 18 year old boy, soon to graduate from high school (that was me), our next door neighbors on the south side of our house were elderly. I found myself walking around with a hard-on as I glared at all the young girls around me imagining them sucking my dick with the determination and rhythm I had just experienced a few weeks before. Her tight short-shorts and low cut T-shirt was providing me with lots of views as I pulled out my dick and started to masturbate while staring at her through the window. Walking home from school on a pretty warm day, I noticed my neighbors front door was open and a fan was running in the window.

Which (bisexual / gay) acts do you think about, an

first-time tygreg12 2017-11-29

But, which of these bisexual / gay acts have you fantasized about and which of these have you actually done? I'm curious if most guys just fantasize about these things or if they actually follow through with their desires. There is no judgment here as to whether these acts make you bisexual or gay, this is just a way to see what other people think and have done (let's leave labels out of this). The list includes a variety of acts, ranging from masturbation with others, kissing, cumming, and anal play. For everything that you have actually done, add up the points for a reality score (ranging from 0 to 30). (#16) At the end of anal sex with another man, he came inside you +3 points

wife surprise 2

first-time stretch58 2017-11-29

after a short sl**p her friend left tellingb us she would be back in a few weeks for another shave. I have asked bith women if i can take pics of their pussys before and after the shave hopefully they agree and i can post these with the next adventure.

Beach Fun

first-time newtydreads 2017-11-29

We spread the beach wrap out and sat down; there was a moment of awkwardness, quickly banished, before both Dominic and I started to caress Ann. She responded by taking each of our cocks in her hands and started to slowly slide them up and down our shafts. After a minute or two I suggested that Ann give Dominic a suck, something I know she actually loves doing (as opposed to just going along with it just to keep us blokes quiet), and the sight of her tongue running over the end of his swollen shaft nearly had me coming on the spot.

First time but not the last

first-time stuff_9 2017-11-29

 I looked down at my cock and put my hand around it and started to stroke it slowly like him from the base to the tips slow and soft.  I moved in close thinking we were going to pick up where we left off, but when he turned around I started to reach out to grab his cock again but he got down on his knees.   The warm wet feeling was amazing, he reached up and grabbed the back of my ass and started to suck my cock nice and slow.  Each time going just a little deeper, after a couple of sucks he stopped and pulled my rock hard, now wet cock out of his mouth and asked if I liked it.

At The MoviesXXX

first-time virginblood 2017-11-29

The guy on the left moved in closer he sat one seat away from me his cock exposed, it was a nice size he stroked it slowly. I turned around I saw Lori Sucking another guys cock and she was stroking the other one her panties were on the chair in front of her so i guess one of the guys were fingering her. He didn't say a word to me he opened my jacket tore off my panties pulled up my shirt sucked my titties and rubbed his cock on my pussy he got his cock good and wet and he slammed it in.

Grandpa's Lessons - Part One

first-time jayke1981 2017-11-29

He lived on a farm outside of smll town and he was willing to take her in.It was summer but she would stay there till she graduated and if she got expelled this time she was looking at military school. Sobbing she desperately tried to close her legs but couldn't as her grandfather sunk down between her legs and stuck his face betwee her lips and began lapping at her. Even with the gag in her mouth her screams could be heard as he hunched forward and in one swift thrust he buried his cock deep into her, a good eight inches and two inches thick, rock hard for an old man.

My Comfort Zone

first-time midnightfalcon 2017-11-29

But I don't think I want to spend my life with just women either, and she understood when I told her that I needed someone who wasn't just for themselves, but someone who was tender and caring, sort of like a woman is. I mean I wanted to, you know, go all the way, but then they seem so experienced and I didn't want to look like a dunce, so I sort of make up an excuse and, well yeah, I never did it really." I'm a pretty good swimmer, and thought I could probably beat him in a race, but surprise, he moved like a fish thru the water and by the time we got back to the dock, I was panting and trying to catch my breath.

Mother and daughter anal gangbang

first-time analadmirer 2017-11-29

the black guys now has Elisa on the floor with her dress up around her waist fingering her wet cunt and asshole. I want you two to fuck the sh*t out of my asshole." Elisa then looked over to her daughter and asked " So do you like being fucked in the ass baby?" Bibi replied " Yes mom, it hurt like hell at first but once I got used to it I really like it. Maybe I can take two cocks in my ass just like you mother." With that the other two black guys who had been jerking off came over to Bibi. The white guy took his cock out of her ass and squirted some more anal lube into her now open gaping asshole.

The Stepmother (Fm, mast, cons, first)

first-time Spectreofhell 2017-11-29

Jason pushed his shorts down as he sat on the toilet and wrapped his hand around his cock, thinking of his stepmother. Moaning softly, Iris began to rise and fall, fucking herself on his cock. Her orgasm announced itself in stages, harshly whispered moaning escalating into grunts and barely suppressed whimpers until she went stiff, trembling, her pussy pulsating around his cock. He had to bend at the knees a little, but his cock slid home into her pussy without having to be guided. They managed to kiss over her shoulder, and she turned to him as his shrinking cock fell from her pussy. They kissed again, and Jason knew that he was going to be cumming inside her alot.

Home From The Hospital

first-time cowboywired 2017-11-29

I then in mid stream of all this asked her “You been thinking of my nurses titties baby you want them again don’t you” “You liked sucking and tasting her milk and you want her again don’t you baby” she replied back “Yes baby I want to taste her milk and I want to eat her pussy while you watch me do that to her and with her” “Damn baby I want it badly please let me have it baby” all I could say was “Yes baby you can have it all you can have her” she stopped sucking my cock and straddled it and lowered her wet pussy down on to my throbbing hard cock.

slow sunday

first-time fitscouse 2017-11-29

she sat me down in the middle of the park - i knew what was going to happen she dumped all her shopping down next to her and excitedly got to her knees....she rubbed my cock thru my jeans ...d***kenly im looking around to make sure we are alone...she is not concerned... still kneeling she lifts herself up to were i had been sitting and i walk behind her i fuck her hard and fast grabbing her jacket and clothes to help ride her ..shes moaning what seems so loud for us being outside but i just need to come i fuck her till i feel my dick shootand blow my load inside her.


My first real fuck

first-time 2017-11-29

I gave a shove and it went straight in and she wrapped her legs round me, heels on my bum and told me to fuck her; in fact her language got worse as I was doing it until she was telling me to fuck her cunt and shoot my spunk deep inside her hot pussy. Fuck it you are lasting well, haven’t had a shag like this for ages, slam that cock into me and let it cum, shoot your load inside me again, let me feel your hot spunk spurting into my cunt”. When I pulled out she flopped down exhausted so I thought I’d push my luck and knelt over her and told her to suck my cock clean so I didn’t get spunk in my pants.

Lesbian Lust

first-time lonlymeem 2017-11-29

I will keep you sceaming to be fucked harder and harder." After a long time of finger fucking me she pushed me back on my back and pushed her face to my pussy and began to lick and suck every inch of my pus. I am going to fuck that ass till your cunt cums many times." She then spit on my ass and rubbed the spit into my ass and poked a finger up my hole. If you don't eat me good I will whip your ass with my cane till you bleed." My ass was already sore from the spanking and I knew she had a great cunt so I began licking and sucking and tonguing till I felt her cum leak out.

College Campus - Virginal

first-time anythinghewants 2017-11-29

The rules included a detailed list of requirements on appearance including: long skirts, uncut hair worn styled up on our heads, not hanging around our faces; long sleeves, no bare skin showing on our legs, high necklines, and nothing that fitted tightly. A male and female student were otherwise not supposed to be off campus together alone, but instead of going on "dating rules" we just included at least one other student on our outings or occasionally managed to meet up somewhere. It wasn't long before I got in my car, and he climbed in next to me, lifted my skirt, unhooked my bra, and began to alternate between rubbing my clitoris and gently twisting my very alert nipples.

Lucy Ch. 04: Double Ecstasy

first-time txgent101 2017-11-29

Me: "Same here Lu. I find myself wanting you all the time we are apart." With that I began to trace her face with my fingers, wandering to her mouth. Me: "Lucy I don't want to hurt you, we will need to train you some more before you take this monster into your throat." I pulled back a little. I could tell there was a "Fuck me John" in there, and then "God don't ever stop." As her excitement and lust boiled over, I could see her hands clutching at the sheets, her head twisted from side to side. I shouted as my climax roared from deep inside my body, up through the length of my cock, and peaked in a frenzy of motion into her pussy.

An Unexpected Christmas

first-time LiamHDunn 2017-11-29

"Wait, there was a 'Starship Troopers 3'?" Ensign Amy Moore felt herself being yanked from that private place in her mind to the jarring, stark white light of the office she shared with the rest of her cadre. Ensign Moore rested her arms on the edge of her desk, "Holiday plans, Williams?" she asked the young petty officer. "You're out of uniform, Williams," Gunny said flatly barely looking up, sipping his coffee and paging through the hard copy reports spread out on his desk. Ensign Moore moved to lock her desk safe, "Make sure everything is secure before we head out," she prodded, glancing around the room before as she logged out of her workstation.