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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lessons In Love Ch. 02

first-time velvetpie 2017-11-29

Let's split up into teams: Helena and Seth, Archer and Gwennie and Grant, you can be with me, okay?" "Why do I get the old bird?" Helena looked like she was going to cry for a moment at Seth's harsh words. "Please leave." Sunny's words wiped all other sound from the room and every eye focused on Seth, who sat with his mouth hanging open. It took him a few minutes before Seth was able to calm himself and look across to Helena, who sat wiping her eyes. Helena moved across the room to Seth and Grant turned to face Sunny. "Unbutton your shirts, take off your clothes and touch each other." Sunny paused when she noticed that no one but Archer and Grant were obeying her words.

Piano Lessons

first-time Hangdog90 2017-11-29

Sit and play.” He needed no taunting this time around, as her naked flesh nuzzling him from behind and the sides was enough to set everything ablaze, and in the mix, even she herself started to get a warm rush down below. He managed his music even better this time, and his reward came once he finished playing, and she placed his warm hands on her breasts, encouraging him to let them run all over her, for a few minutes. And if you need a reminder before you play, take your breaths, and just before you start, whisper to yourself, “Don’t cum, just play”, then imagine me kneeling naked between your knees.”

inspired by: "lesbian cop f70" (part 2)

first-time f70fan 2017-11-29

She took her belt and put it behind my head as an improvised collar or leash and pulled my face toward her crotch. But I heard her sigh heavily and felt her pelvis pushing into my face so i figured I must be doing something right. She pulled her panties aside and I dove in to her pretty little pussy. As competing thoughts bounced around my head the officers thighs bucked against my face and I could tell she was about to cum. She pulled me up and kissed me, with her pussy juice still all over my face. I pulled it back down from the back with my handcuffed hands while the officer calmly and matter-of-factly dressed herself.

Sweet Girlfriend becomes Cruise Ship Slut

first-time meme252 2017-11-29

Continuing to slide my finger in and out until her body relaxed again, I looked up at her, and she said “I need you inside me.” Sliding on top of her, my knees pressed into the soft moss, I held her head in my hands kissing her my lips still wet with her juices as I pushed myself into her slowly. The next time we were fooling around I noticed her taking charge a bit more than she'd done in the past, pushing me down on the bed of my small cabin and pulling off my pants and boxers, “Just lay back and enjoy,” her sweet voice contrasting the dirty smile curling across her face.

My b*****rS BIG COCK

first-time bifun4u 2017-11-29

I was really enjoying this and I was hoping he would do even more...thats when he opened his mouth and I felt it lower over my now hard little cock! I felt myself start to tense up and thats when I had my first orgasm without using my own hand to do it..LOL I shot my young load in his mouth and I heard him gag a little but noticed that he kept his mouth over it and he must have swallowed the load! That night, He put on yet another porn flick and this time, we both sat on the sofa, butt naked and played with each others cock and balls and took turns licking and sucking each other.

Free Fall

first-time ZacNeuman 2017-11-29

“Ohhhh, Baby, anything I can do to help out,” and he began to pump his pelvis, shoving his now hard cock down her throat, “I wouldn’t want you a bundle of nerves going up in the air.” When he looked down at her bobbing head he could see that she was already into her panties and fingering her clit, getting herself nice and wet for him. She reached out and took hold of his cock through his jump suit, “I’m nervous and need something to chill me out, NOW!” She began to rub him and she could feel him getting hard to her touch.

Good Friends

first-time 2017-11-29

My boyfriend worked away from home two nights a week and i found myself constantly attached to my phone replying to Alex, when my boyfriend was home and when he was not. It got to the point that i would put my phone on silent and turned all the notifications off just so my boyfriend wouldn't ask me who i was constantly texting. One evening i'm lying in bed texting Alex, we're having a conversation about his wife and he says that they'd not had sex for more than 6 months. Alex: Rub your clit for me, slowly, imagine that's my tongue, licking you and as i do so i slip a finger inside you.

She loved him and he loved her

first-time fotisampini 2017-11-29

Jake pulled Greg up from the ground and laid him on the couch. “You have to let go of the things you love,” said Jake, getting up for a glass of water. She doesn’t love you , you cant make her have feelings for you, it was her choice,” Jake said calmly. Jake got up from the couch and grabbed Greg's coat. “Tell her that I will always love her and miss her,” Greg said trying to hold back tears. “I’ll do that,” said Jake , smiling and patting Greg's back. “I love you , Katie,” Jake said resting his head on top of hers. “I love you too, Jake.” she said as she kissed his chest.

My First Time with Olga

first-time zeebiz 2017-11-29

She had me stand up and, kneeling, she removed my clothes, and began sucking on my penis, fondling my testicles, and running her hands over her breasts and between her legs as she sucked on my dick. Whenever I stopped kissing or sucking her breasts, she would grab them in her hands, squeeze them, and pull on her nipples or roll them between her finger and thumb. All this time, she WAS giving me a blow job, sucking on my dick, which was dripping cum and covered in the juices from her pussy, and fondling my balls, running her hands over my butt.

A day for our special time together.

first-time kyguy2790 2017-11-29

The bubbles are filing the tub and you quickly turn out the lights and light a few candles then undress and slip into the hot water letting the sensation just melt you away. I gently help you lay down across the bed getting you comfortable then begin to apply the massage oil in my hands to warm it up. As my hands continue to apply the oil and work down your back you feel the stress and tension just melt away from you. I quickly slide down your body, help part your legs and in no time you feel my breath on your wetness and nibbling at you through your panties.

Cadogen Street Car Park - Part 1

first-time picturepainter1 2017-11-29

Vanessa wasn't that much bigger than me other than in the breast areas and I had often spied on her with my cock in hand and feeling it shoot hard as I watched my own s****r dressing and undressing. The underwear was already dirty so it’s not like I felt bad for wanking myself off to the strongest orgasm of my young life and filling her panties with load after load of my own cum. Soon the dominance that I so craved began to show itself as I felt his hands push my head down, making me take all of it into my hot wet mouth.

Author of Love Ch. 01

first-time Darknessreignsbeauty 2017-11-29

Honey, now you tell me how someone who is as hot and as young as you can still be a virgin?" Rachel toyed with the prongs of her fork while waiting for Gwen's reply. Rachel gave a sympathetic smile and took Gwen's hand in hers. Gwen smiled softly and gave Rachel's hand a soft squeeze. Rachel grabbed Gwen's hand as they pushed past the oiled up men and the swooning woman. As Gwen turned to move her head away, Cole caught her face between his hands and gave her a soft melting kiss. "Well, Rachel asked me to take your virginity.." Cole left the sentence dangling in the air as Gwen was at a loss of what to feel next.

night before my weddig

first-time 2017-11-29

i was just sitting watching t.v my step son was in bed only 7 at the time and there was a knock at the door it was our brides maid the wifes best friend she had come to ask for a lend of some money for the night time do after the wedding she had ben to a friends house and had had a few drinks she asked what i was doing just in the house by my self and i said just having a few drinks then a early night.


first-time maturemancock 2017-11-29

He came in with a tray carrying our drinks, and as I stepped to the side he turned around and saw me with a massive erection and Donna laid on the bed with her tits out, Donna got up and came over to me and started to suck my cock, I knew she'd be wet with the expectation of what could happen, I motioned for the barman to feel her tits and he did. She laid on the bed and I lifted up her skirt and started to finger her wet pussy, she was stroking the barmans cock thru his trousers, and to be honest he was quite hard, I removed Donnas panties and spread her thighs and started to lick her clit, she got the other guys cock out and was slowly sucking his 8 inch cock, and I could tell he was loving it.

Fall From Grace

first-time Anais Dahl 2017-11-29

Catherine knew that the respected priest would be at D’Amissi this day, and she vowed to help her Mother Abbess to properly welcome the convent’s guest. At dinner, Catherine served the Mother Abbess and her guest, Father Hellarti. Then she saw what the Abbess held in her hands; several ripe red tomatoes and a bit of lace that Catherine had fashioned into a ribbon for her hair. Catherine felt cool, long fingers push into that passage that Father Hellarti stretched open with his thumbs. Rump pushed into the air, and her head low to the bed over Father hellarti’s lap, she could see nothing but the bed linens, but she felt the invasive fingers of the Abbess, probing inside her, first one finger, working in small circles inside her, pushing into the tightness.

A Night To Remember

first-time JANAMARIE 2017-11-29

I had been wanting to lose my cherry for a long time and now that I was this close to it with a beautiful cock like his there was no way I was going to stop him. I eventually got exactly where he wanted me and he had the head of his cock against the lips of my vagina when I felt him pull me back to him and at the same time push himself towards me. It wasn't but another few minutes of his tongue working my clit to death before the heat came over me and I reached down to hold his head right where it was as I had a massive explosion.


first-time thetemplar46 2017-11-29

Sue stepped forward and took the big teapot I was carrying and went over and passed it to the women standing at the side listening to what was being said with great amusement. Jenny and Chele took the overalls off my shoulders, and Sue pulled them down and off of my legs. I reached out and cupped her breast; it barely filled my hand, but felt good, soft yet firm and her nipple was like a tiny hard button against my palm. "Sue and Chele said I had to taste it in case I want to suck your cock another time." She said with an impish grin and then licked her hand covered in our cum.

My First and only Gay Experience!! (updated with p

first-time cherrybombslam06 2017-11-29

I fantasized over it, watching porno, imagining what it feel like to have a big lump of cock in my mouth. I went on an AOL chat group (do you remember that?) and found a gay men of Tampa group and began talking to people, pretending to be interested in a fucking but I never actually met anyone. That was until I met Ken. Ken was the one and only guy who didn’t ask to fuck me within the first few minutes of talking. Ken started sucking on my balls at the same time. Ken makes his way on top of me, still in the 69 positions and started licking my ass. Ken pulls out of my ass, strokes his dick a few times.

Measuring My Cum - pt3

first-time griffen1 2017-11-29

desperate to cum, but I didn't want mom to see me like "I think I need to cum mom," I said, a little I think mom realized I was looking at her boobs and "I think I'm ready now," I said to mom whilst she was started to get semi-hard thinking about mom's body Like before, waves of cum filled the semen beaker as mom "Sure, mom I said" turning around from looking at my Mom had seemed to want to look at my butt a I made sure mom got good look at my naked back and ass manner, mom looked at me and said. "You've got really nice boobs mom," I said, trying to


Lori Ch. 01

first-time LoriisaDirtyGirl 2017-11-29

I was a little worried that my best girlfriend and I had ruined our friendship with that kiss so I decided to act like it had never occurred on Monday and hope that Lori would be able to let it pass. This time he kept asking me questions about Lori like "Why was she was pissed off at me?" and "Had I noticed how weird she had been acting all week?" I evaded his questions with vague answers the best I could until he asked if I thought she would go out with him. I stood up and walked to my door, making sure it was closed then I returned to my bed in time to see that Lori had just sent me a text 'don't look at the next message I'll call you in a minute.

Doctor Knows Best

first-time eagleyes 2017-11-29

Dr K then asked him to sit up as she needed to do the normal check on the heart and chest area she proceeded to use her stethoscope ever so slowly all this while Kar could not contain his excitement and it was showing in his enlarged cock which he was trying to hide with his hands, Dr K being the understanding Doc she was realized this and comforted him by saying that it happens to all her male patients and she has a way to relieve the discomfort in time.

Hoshi Services Malcolm's Weapon

first-time XXXNoBounds 2017-11-28

Malcolm activated the holo-program again squeezing Hoshi's hand with her as she fired, however now that she was standing with her ass pressed into his balls every time she turned to track the target she grinded into his cock more and more. Malcolm laughed, "Yeah baby not like your Asian boyfriends I bet." Malcolm couldn't believe that this sexy ensign was kneeling in front of him with her massive tits hanging out, he reached forward to start squeezing her big breasts, massaging them back and forth playing with the nipples, feeling just how hard his dick got at the feeling of her tit flesh in her hands. "I bet you love having a lieutenant's hard cock down your throat, Your probably dripping wet right now just thinking about how much of a whore you are senior officer's." Hoshi couldn't speak now.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 09

first-time riverboy 2017-11-28

"Oh Nicki," Chrissy said, looking relieved, "I'm not usually like this. "I know he is," Nicki said, looking at me with a hint of young lust showing on her face. "It's perfect," Nicki said, and her eyes twinkled as she hugged Chrissy. There was a pause in the conversation while we enjoyed the food and wine and then Nicki, with her eyes twinkling, looked at Chrissy. I guess it was the first time Nicki had heard me call Chrissy by her 'new' name, and she looked at me with twinkling eyes. Chrissy's hand was slowly exploring Nicki's tits, and their eyes were locked together. I reached for Chrissy's other hand and we stayed that way for a few minutes in silence until Nicki opened her eyes.

Just One Night With My Ex!!!!!!!!

first-time SEXCRAVING123 2017-11-28

And we got a little d***k then he pulled me in and that is when things started.So first we made-out a little then he took his and my shirt off and they both dropped on the ground then he took off his pants and so did I but I was wearing a skirt.And then he shoved his big 9" cock in my pussy it felt so good that went on for about 30 minutes but it was sooooooooooooo good and now we are back together and he broke up with the other woman and it turned out he wasnt even the father of the baby so...........