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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Love of Johanna Ch. 01

first-time Epmd607 2017-11-28

"Then join the cross country team, you can see me every day after school and even on the weekends." I played football when they were running around the woods. "That's me, Johanna, I'm some high school archetype that you know nothing about, feel nothing for -- just give me a football and a cheerleader and that's my senior year." It looked like she felt bad about what she said, but that didn't last long. She works at the University in the admissions office, says cross country looks good on a girl's application." She went on as we warmed up with a jog, stumbled a few times because she wasn't paying attention to the trail. I told the cross country coach that we should run right after school, that I'd just go to football practice late.

A husbands dream fulfilled

first-time McMuff 2017-11-28

My wife, Sue, said she wanted to go for a walk on the beach before dinner. I headed to the window and saw her walk past the pool and on to the beach. By the time I got down to the beach I just managed to catch a glimpse of them heading over the sand dunes behind some bushes. He was moaning and believe me I know what he was feeling because my wife can suck cock very well. I was stroking my own cock now while watching this stranger fuck my wife. I heard her say she could feel the head so deep in her pussy and instantly came on his cock, screaming with delight she did.

Old Enough to Vote But...

first-time blackstroker 2017-11-28

As he stared lustily and unabashedly at my pregnant body I felt like hurling the spade at his old ass, but that feeling of hostility was fleeting for it was quickly replaced by a sweet blast of nostalgia, brought to life by the combination of strong wind, the whistle and my billowing cotton dress. I felt a pleasurable tingling; so instead of throwing the spade I threw a pleasant smile and a little wave of hand at the old guy who continued on his way, shaking his head in a manner that suggested he was regretting his age and longing for younger days.

Best friends bitch and the ride home.

first-time bitchsplitter 2017-11-28

I was going to stay for a week, I asked him to make sure there were some decent bitches around, but to my dismay he told me he was in a committed relationship and that I was on my own in that area. As we made our way to the parking area, he mentions that he is driving a fucking 1980 something Fiat and that his bitch was going to have to sit on my lap for the hour and a half ride back to his place....I was thinking bad shit was going to happen. She adjusted herself in a way that he could not tell I was inside his girlfriend as we drove the hour and a half to his house.

Our MMF Fantasy That's Gonna Cum True...Part

first-time 2017-11-28

Slide that thong down past her ass…yes use your tongue all over her tits…” he realized only after he had put his hand between his legs that nick was stroking himself while he watched Jordan wriggle with pleasure under Dan’s touch. She almost looked like she was ready to squirt all over again so nick leaned over and started licking her the same way he felt Dan’s tongue on him. Nick made sure she was nice and wet and although it was the last thing he wanted to do, he slid Dan’s mouth off his cock and gently guided their very good friend into his wife’s waiting wet pussy…

About last night p 5

first-time bluelatina 2017-11-28

He didn't say anything but only breathing and he was hard, his cock had to be at least 7 to 9 inches. In my head i wanted to just say ( Im gonna call the cops ) but i was still feeling honey and by looking at his cock, I went up to my window and said i never had a white cock before, why don't you come over here and help me out, he stopped, turned and at a good 2 minutes he was ringing my door bell. I opened my door and their he was, his name was Paul, 58 and was an european who came to america with his parents, he was a quite man who i guess haven't had alot to say.

The pretty girl with her thumb out - Part 2

first-time need2try 2017-11-28

They wasted little time getting on the path to the pool and Chris looked like he was about to panic. When he wrapped his hand all the way around my cock Chris finally spoke saying something about how it didn't feel like holding his own. Opening a bit wider he allowed the entire head info his mouth reminding me how good getting sucked felt; how the warmth and softness surrounding my cock made that special feeling grow. Every time Chris reach high up my back I felt his hard cock against me. Finally Chris gave a hard thrust as far as he could go and I felt the pulsing as his cum erupted onto my back and into the water.

First train sex

first-time henson 2017-11-28

I move my lips closer to your knickers, and I can sense the change in moisture, the smell and the way that you move yourself towards my mouth signals that you want me to go further. But you have other ideas, and you pull my head into your crotch, my tongue pushing into you, over your clit, the frenzy of my tongue matched by the thrusting of your cunt against my mouth. I can sense you are close to coming as your thrusts become more frantic, your breathing more rapid, and your cunt is flooding, until you moan and with one more thrust I feel you climax, flooding my mouth with your juices.

Samantha Falls for Internet Bad Boy

first-time yuckyuck 2017-11-28

I did want alone time but John was so new, and my Mom was home, and we just met and there was Steve. John stood behind me as I faced my father's desk and before I could turn around I felt his hands on my shoulders rubbing them. I was bent a little at the waist by the force of the movement and I looked back over my shoulder at John, eyes wide in a bit of a panic and anticipation of what was going to happen next. John took this opportunity to bury his face in my neck and kiss, lick, and suck while his hands were down at my ass trying to move my body for me.


Project Pussy!!!

first-time thrill1 2017-11-28

Wow. She slowly walked over to me and put her ass on my hard dick.. she stated as she grinded her ass on me for 6 songs we all sweaty, tounge kissing and smelling like we just had sex. She whispered in my ear " You got a big long dick". By song 8 I popped and nutted all in my pants and she popped her booty against my long hard dick..""UGGHHHH< UGHHHHH!!! She was nasty clapping her booty same time she sucking my dick. We fucked for 6 hours all sweaty, hot and funky her squirty about 15 times in this funkying hot project room smelling like fish but i love it and it kept me hard.

Fuck at Lunch

first-time 2017-11-28

Turns out her hotel is round the corner from the pub and shes walked passed the place without noticing. She grabs me by the t shitt and pulls me towards her and we kiss full on and she starts rubbing my cock through my jeans. After a couple mins i throw her on the bed take off her tights and short skirt and start licking her pussy, tongue fucking her and fingering her. She produces a condom slips it in me and go on all fours and i do not hesitate in sliding my cock in her dreipping wet cunt and bang her hard, my balls bouncing off her as she screams the place down with passion.

My surprise black Friends

first-time 2017-11-28

I could see everyone looking at them including me with this awww in their faces it was out of this world really what was happening,, I then assumed then that they were gay because they were walking together with nothing on,,, I could see them looking at my breasts, because I was the only one down by the water topless!!!!I started to walk up to me sun-bed, when the two of them started to walk over to me,, I couldn't believe what was happening I was literally out of this world at this point, I couldn't help but look at their cocks as they made their way over to me, It was crazy what was going on, Their penises were so freaking big,, My boyfriend is 5" when erect ( I measured it before) so this was nothing like I had seen before..

If only this were true lol

first-time Squirt_Luver 2017-11-28

I was heading out walking over to the store having a smoke on the way. ahead walking towards my direction was this beautiful brunette in a tanktop and short skirt. being the nice guy i am I said yes and handed her a smoke. she thanked me but said she didnt have any money to repay me. she then said "how about I suck your cock in return?" I was shocked since I've never had a BJ before and as I was about to say something she grabbed my hand and lead me behind a bulding saying "come on, I'll suck your cock," she pushed me up against the wall of the building and squated down and undid my pants and pulled my cock out. I thanked her for the BJ.

Straying for the First Time

first-time MellisaPutain 2017-11-28

I bit my lip as he asked if I wanted to take this back to his room and answered with "are you close?" He signalled the barman for the bill, then taking my hand and leading the way. After a few hard sucks, I felt his hands grab the back of my head. A few seconds later he pulled out and came, completely covering me in it, I sat up and sucked his cock clean before he grabbed my hand and lead me to the shower. I answered while I kissed my lover goodbye, turned and walked away while the boyfriend asked what I was up to and why I had missed his calls.

Holly Ch. 02

first-time Maddog14 2017-11-28

"How do you propose I keep him interested?" Holly asked and added, "He is not going to be satisfied with hand jobs for very long and after the mess last night, I don't think I want to either." "Now we got a problem," Billy said, "The girls are coming over and I told Holly we were working on the van. "Yep. We got going real good and Mark made me feel soooo good that when he asked, I said yes. "Thank you, but I don't think I will need these anytime soon." Holly wasn't about to tell Molly that she was on the pill, but the condoms might come in handy sometime.

College Experiences Ch. 01

first-time patience90 2017-11-28

We flirted back and forth for a couple of emails...more like he told me how much he wanted to suck on my lip as I continued to grow more and more wet at the idea. "I have been with a lot of April babies, and everything about you points in that direction." "Like what?" I asked him. But Paul had already said that we could phone-fuck any time I wanted. Mm...Yeah...Nice and slow..." By now, I was breathing so fast, rubbing my fingers on my clit as hard as I could. "Mm, yeah...Let me suck on those nice tits, baby...Mm, just like that." I moved the phone to my dripping pussy, and continued to rub my swollen clit.

Ladies who lunch

first-time trindriver121 2017-11-28

Standing in the hallway, Cindy felt a soft moan escaping from deep within her, then she felt Jenny’s mouth open slightly, Jenny’s tongue began to probe Cindy’s lips, which parted slightly, soon their tongues met, the passion of the kiss was increasing. Jenny’s kissing and sucking on her thighs and legs, was soft, her hands gently caressing her lower body, as Cindy could feel her sexual excitement begin to grow again. For several minutes, Jenny’s mouth caressed Cindy’s lower body, each time Cindy felt Jenny’s tongue close to her warm pussy, gave her a rising sensation. Slowly Cindy’s hand reached Jenny’s upper thigh, and she could feel the soft satin of Jenny’s panties, a dampness was leaking on to the soft material, as Cindy gently felt the mound between Jenny’s legs.

After sport footing

first-time DeuxEx 2017-11-28

He started looking at her, and noticed that her mind was foggy, she couldn’t quiet think clearly as lack of sl**p was affecting her perceptions, so he started flirting, and slow began with his touches, he caressed her hand, sliding his fingers between hers, than look at her, getting her horny with his piercing gaze, she was in fact affected by his charm and attracted to him as he was a boy with some good speech skills, he knew how to talk and charm a girl, as he continue pleasuring her ears with his words, she was getting hornier, and couldn’t quiet think about how’s and why’s at the moment as her mind wasn’t working due to her lack of sl**p, he approached her and kissed her lips quickly then he stood up, and kneeled closed to her legs.

It started with a message

first-time letmedothework80 2017-11-28

I hop in the drivers seat, she turns and putting on leg over the back of my seat, spread wide open I begin to finger fuck her, starting with just two fingers, and working digit after digit deep inside her, once I get my fourth in, she’s spread wider than ever before, I work them in and out of her, soaked as she cums, and cums hard, soaking my seat , I drop down, and tongue her clean, sliding my tongue in and between her lips, licking her clean, I then start sucking and licking her to another round of orgasm, this time her juices cover my goatee soaking me.

Filming our first honeymoon night.....

first-time vanita 2017-11-28

I was feeling a bit shy when Rahul was caressing me and embracing me and pressing me against him in Ravi's presence.Though Ravi always pretended to look somewhere else, when Rahul's hands were playing with my body.. I could feel Rahul's cock all getting hard and stiff in his pants as I was lying on the cot with my head resting in his lap. Let me capture the slow entry of the cock properly, in her pussy to pop her cherry." Ravi said. Rahul had also held me tight with his hands and I could feel his cock had entered deep in my pussy. I could feel it becoming very stiff and vibrating and felt his hot seed getting deposited deep inside my pussy.The cock spilled all it's milk deep inside.

Innocence Lost

first-time strangerwithcandy 2017-11-28

He senses her welcome and tightens his hold around her waist, pulling her sharply and snugly against himself, feeling the long curls of her hair brushing against his arm even as his other hand continues to stroke her burning cheek and push the short, soft curls away from her temple. Seeing her nervousness, he cups one finger under her chin and smiles at her before lowering his head to kiss her again, this time drawing her lip between his own teeth and nibbling softly before sliding into her mouth again. She pushes the shirt back and glances at his face, meeting his eyes for a brief moment before dipping her head and using the pink tip of her tongue to tease across his nipple, wanting to know if he will like it as well as she did.

Discovering BareBack Gay

first-time 425olds 2017-11-28

She made Jack leave the door open and soon after he left, with all the excitement, and the cum running from my ass down my legs, I was not able to fuck for long. With my blow jobs, by time I am finished, Jack's crotch is covered from his big mushroom head to that spot between his ass and his balls. I kissed Jack, tasting my own load, his cock was still glistening from the sloppy blow job I had given and I reached over and touched it, feel it was still slick and lubed.

watch wife fucked as i hide

first-time nudes 2017-11-28

Terrell, now in the chair, spoke up "baby no need to worry, if that load I shot in ya ain't already knocked ya up, you ain't ripe tonight!" "Either you is already got a black c***d in that sweet pussy or you ain't getting pregnant this evening, so you just relax doll!" Chris threw his head back thrust forward and released a flood of sperm into my wife's over worked pussy, he kissed her shoulders as he collapsed on to her from above. Chris was the first to cum, Amy sucked him long and hard as deep as she could and it was not long till he moaned "Come on baby, make me come, you know what you want, that's it, that's it!" Amy's head continued to bob on his cock but she also took one hand began to jack his cock off as well while she sucked eagerly on his black dick.

Love in Black and White Ch. 01

first-time MeredithEighty8 2017-11-28

Ryan was a tall white, ruggedly good looking man, well built, with a shaved head and the deepest shade of blue eyes I had ever seen. I turned and saw Ryan coming through the crowd of people, "Ryan, I'm sorry, I know these are your friends, but I don't feel comfortable here, would you please take me home?" I dreamily looked about the room and saw several people (including the couple who were initially fucking on the blue sofa) watching raptly as Ryan roughly took me from behind like a big dog. When I couldn't contain it any longer, I gave in and let the orgasmic pleasure overtake my body as Ryan drove his cock deeper unloading his hot, thick cum inside me.